The revolutionary aspect of your Divine plan

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 20, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. What I wish to discourse with you on is the concept of evolution versus revolution. Now, the previous masters have attempted to give you the concept that your Divine plan is not some far-flung, unattainable goal that is beyond your reach. Certainly, this is a very important concept for you to internalize.

Evolutionary and revolutionary phases

You need to recognize that there is an evolutionary aspect of your Divine plan, an evolutionary phase of your Divine plan. We have talked about the work phase of your Divine plan, we have said that there is a certain phase where you are starting to go into expressing your Christhood but you do this in the situation you are in, you do this in small increments and small steps. This is what we will call the evolutionary phase of your Divine plan. In a sense, this evolutionary phase will continue for the rest of your lifetime. There will always be an evolutionary element of your Divine plan.

Nevertheless, what you need to recognize is that there comes a point where you begin to go on to the higher stages of Christhood, the higher stages of the path. There are certain points, certain key points in your life, where you cannot get to the next level up in an evolutionary way by taking smaller steps. You cannot even get to the next level by being in the evolutionary state of consciousness.

It is necessary to know this at those levels—not at the lower levels where you do not need to worry about this. Let me step back a minute and say that for many of you, for many of you who will find this teaching, you are still in the evolutionary phase. What I will give you here will not apply to you now. It may not apply to you for some years but there will come a point, if you are an advanced lifestream who has the potential to manifest a high level of consciousness in this embodiment, where you cannot go further by taking these small steps.

In a sense, there is a contradiction in what I am telling you because, naturally, we have given you the concept of the 144 levels. We have said you cannot skip steps so even if you are at the 123rd level, your next level up is the 124th and in a way the step from the 123rd to the 124th is not such a big dramatic step—it is not really a “revolutionary” change.

What I wish to give you here is the concept that you are still walking the path, going through the different levels of consciousness, but my beloved, running parallel with this gradual, evolutionary path, there is the potential that you can go through a shift in consciousness, a shift in attitude, a shift in the way you look at life. This brings you from the level you were at before, to a level that is so decisively higher that it really must be seen as a revolutionary step.

Many of you have experienced such shifts in consciousness. Many of you can see that there was a time where you had no spiritual teaching. Then, you found your first spiritual teaching and it was a dramatic shift that brought you up higher and it changed the way you look at life. You may see that you have had other steps like this where you suddenly had an insight, you suddenly experienced something that was a revolutionary, a more dramatic shift in consciousness.

Being balanced about a revolutionary shift

What I am giving you here is that there comes, at the higher levels, a point where you need to actually recognize that parallel to the evolutionary change, there can be the necessity that you go through a more dramatic, a more revolutionary shift in consciousness. This can only be brought about if you are willing to make such a shift, if you are making the decision to open yourself to the insight that you are now ready for.

You cannot do this until you are ready. That is why I need to, again, look back at previous ascended master dispensations and point out to you, how there were many, many students that would say that they went through a revolutionary change in consciousness and perspective. Now, they became what Master MORE called “very determined, very blue-flame, very blue-ray, don’t let anything stand in your way, mow down the opposition and any other people who stand in your way and just walk towards that goal.”

There is, of course, the joke that was told in previous dispensations where El Morya and Kuthumi were given the task to go up to a mountain and get a message from a spiritual master. El Morya walked straight up the mountain, got the message and walked straight down. Kuthumi took his time, looked at the birds, smelled the flowers, but when they came down El Morya had forgotten the message and Kuthumi had retained it. This is the same thing with many of the spiritual students because it is possible, my beloved, to go through a revolutionary shift in awareness but you still have so much of the primal self, so many separate selves, left that you do not interpret the experience correctly.

What I am saying here is that there were many students in the previous dispensations who did have a genuine mystical, spiritual experience. They saw a higher state of consciousness, but then their outer minds interpreted this in an unbalanced way. They took on this very unbalanced reaction and now they became what they would call “determined” but what in reality was “blind.” They put on blinders and they were looking only at that one goal. They were actually, in a way, saying to their intuition, to their Christ self, to the ascended masters: “Don’t bother me now, I have the vision of where I need to go, don’t disturb me by giving me any other insights. I don’t need you until I get to the goal.” Of course, they could not get to the goal without getting the insights but they had pushed that out of their minds.

Seeing your higher potential

What I need you to recognize here is that when I am talking about a “revolutionary shift,” this cannot happen until you have used the teachings about the primal self and many other teachings we have given on the ego and traumas and you have healed your psychology to a certain level. There is a need, when you have received this healing, to recognize that you have come to a level where it is no longer the right step for you to make an incremental change, but where it can be necessary to make a decisive shift in the way you look at life. Of course, this applies to many things. It can apply especially to: What does it mean for you to be the Christ in action? What is the highest potential of your Divine plan that you can bring forth?

Now, to use a practical example here, this messenger first heard about the teachings of the ascended masters in 1984. He followed a previous ascended master dispensation, studied the teachings, applied the teachings, took all kinds of courses, went to psychologists, worked on his psychology. Then, in 2002 he came to the realization that he had followed the path partly based on a human ambition of doing something important, making a decisive difference, feeling that his life was worthwhile. This was, in essence, part of his primal self, part of his birth trauma but not all of it.

It was part of what all of you might feel because you came to earth to make a positive difference and you have not been able to make that difference so you have this inner frustration. He saw this, and then he was able to realize that he needed to make a decisive, dramatic shift to let that go, to let go of that ambition, to surrender it completely. He was able to do this and that is when he, then, felt the Presence of Jesus who asked him if he wanted to start the website where people could ask questions and get the answers from Jesus.

If you look at the messenger’s history, from 1984 to 2002 he had grown in an evolutionary way. Gradually, step-by-step, he made quite a bit of progress in that amount of years but it was still increment by increment. In his world view, he had up until that point never seen himself as having the potential to be a messenger for the ascended masters. He had never been dissatisfied with the previous messenger, never been envious of the previous messenger, never had any thought that he could do better or that she was doing wrong. He was just taking advantage of the teaching. He saw himself as an ascended master student and that he would continue to grow incrementally based on using the ascended master teachings that he had.

What I am saying here is that the step for him to move from being an ascended master student to an ascended master messenger was not an evolutionary step. It required a revolutionary shift in consciousness. This is not to say that all of you are now going to think that you have to do the same and become messengers for the ascended masters. What I am saying is that for many of you, you have the potential (at some point in your life, maybe not now, maybe not until later), but you have the potential as part of your Divine plan that you can step up to a higher way of looking at life, looking at yourself, and accepting the higher potential you can bring forth. You cannot do this in an evolutionary way.

It is not so, my beloved, that all ascended master students are meant to gradually evolve until they become ascended master messengers. An ascended master student can incrementally evolve until you are ready to ascend. Even though I would say that in order to really be ready to ascend, you also have to go through a number of revolutionary shifts in consciousness. There is no evolutionary path that leads increment by increment from being a student to being a messenger, it requires a revolutionary shift. Likewise, many of you will need to come to that point where you sense: “There is something more. I can’t see it right now—why can’t I see it?”

It is because you have not made the decision that you are willing to see it, no matter what it is and no matter what changes it requires of you. Once you have this revolutionary shift, certain things might have to change. There is always the ego that fears change, there is always the dark forces who want to keep you within certain boundaries and you have to overcome that gravitational pull. There is also the primal self that does not want you to step outside of the boundaries where it feels you are safe.

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