The importance of any event is what people learn from it

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, March 5, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I will take this opportunity to talk about what it means that the planet for this coming year will be going through the initiations of the Fourth Ray. We have called it the ray of purity and you have already seen, in many areas of the world, how things that have been hidden have come up to the surface where they can no longer remain hidden. There is also an aspect of the Fourth Ray that has to do with acceleration. Of course, you will see throughout this year that things will be accelerated greatly, both good and not so good.

We have spoken before of the facts that a year can be divided into the four quadrants. The first quadrant corresponds to the identity level, the second to the mental, the third to the emotional and the fourth to the physical. Therefore, you will see that in the last three months of this year there might be an accelerated return of humankind’s karma, in terms of certain more dramatic events that will capture people’s imagination. Not that there cannot be such events before that, for as I said, things will come to the surface.

This will be of special importance for the United States because it is this year in which you are choosing a new President. It is not a good year to be running for President if you have hidden “skeletons in the closet,” as they say, for they are bound to come out.

What I would like to focus on today is the American people’s intention for choosing a President. What is it that you, the spiritual people, desire to see in a President? Do you desire to see someone who is unbalanced, who takes black-and-white viewpoints, who seems to go for the easy, dramatic solution? Are you interested in a person who is basically a political animal and will say anything required to get elected? Or are you interested in someone who has a higher intention and a higher vision?

You may say, as the spiritual people: “We are too few to influence the outcome of the election. It is already a given which two candidates will be nominated by the two parties. Therefore, the choice has already been made.” My beloved, this may be true at the physical level but you are the spiritual people and we are looking for you to realize how we, of the ascended masters, look at any event. There are many times where we can see that the karmic wheels are turning a certain way, which makes it almost impossible to avoid a certain physical outcome. We also see that the way that physical outcome is perceived by people can vary a great deal. In other words, the same physical outcome can cause people to learn a small lesson or no lesson. Or it can cause them to learn a big lesson. We would be grateful if you, who are the spiritual people, will focus less on who becomes nominated and who wins the election but more on what the American people will learn during the process of the election and what the process of the election will expose, not only about particular candidates but about the American political situation and political system.

There have been mentions already by certain candidates of a new vision that is higher than what most of the mainstream candidates can grasp. You, who are the spiritual people, can help hold the vision that the American people will come to realize that they want something higher in a President than someone who either caters to a narrow elite, or who will say anything in order to capture votes. There is a need for an awakening where you realize that America has lost its vision. It has lost its intention for what it means to be an American. This, of course, is something that Saint Germain has spoken about a great deal. Therefore, you can also hold the vision that Saint Germain’s message, given now since the 1930’s, will become known by a greater number of people.


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