The enigmatic decision: Letting go and accelerating at the same time

TOPICS: Everything is created by decelerating light – A society progresses through accelerating the collective consciousness – Why you cannot solve other people’s problems – You each have your unique viewpoint – The cause of most human conflicts – What happens in Serapis Bey’s retreat – New thinking is needed on the fourth ray – The trap of the ultimate understanding – The potential for Europe to transcend old patterns – Give each other space – The words are fohatic keys –

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, November 26, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at an event in Sneek, Holland.

Serapis Bey is the name I have used, when speaking to the evolutions of earth from the Ascended realm. I AM, of course, more than any name can convey. For what am I? I am – as you have heard the concept – the Chohan of the fourth ray. And many of you are familiar with the traditional portrayal of the fourth ray as the ray of purity, the ray of the white light of the Mother. Yet there is, as I have said before, another aspect to the ray of purity. Namely that it is the ray of acceleration.

Everything is created by decelerating light

For, you will know from your studies in physics in elementary school, that if you send white light into a glass prism, it spreads into the colors of the rainbow. And the symbol is, of course, that the white light is the light of acceleration—where all of the other colors come from a deceleration of the white light.

As you also know from physics, if you look at Einstein’s equation E = MC2, and change the equation around by dividing with C2 on both sides, you see, that you get a new equation that says, E divided by C2 equals M.

And so, the realization is that everything in the material universe is created out of energy that vibrates at a rate of vibration that is far beyond any vibration found in the material realm. Nevertheless, the material realm is created out of this higher energy, because various forms of deceleration factors have been applied to the higher energy, so that it now splits, first into the white and then into the colors of the rainbow.

And so, when you understand this, when you ponder this, you realize that everything that you see in the material world, is created out of spiritual light that has been decelerated in vibration. And that also helps you understand, that the key to purifying any condition in the material world, is to accelerate the energy beyond its current level of vibration.

There never has been, there never will be, a way to truly solve the problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem. This was Einstein’s own insight, but it is an insight that all spiritual people can benefit from pondering. Because you who are the spiritual people, if you can internalize this concept, can not only use it to set yourself free from any condition – whether it be a material condition or a psychological condition – but you can also, then, become the open doors for helping society see, that there are certain problems we cannot solve at the same level. And therefore, we need to accelerate ourselves – our society, our understanding, our insight, our state of consciousness – to a higher level.

A society progresses through accelerating the collective consciousness

This may be, at first, a foreign concept to many societies in the West. But it is only foreign because you have not realized, that society has been doing this literally for centuries, if not for millennia. How does a society progress to a distinctly different level? It happens in only one way.

First, some people among the population begin to accelerate their individual consciousness beyond a certain level of consciousness. And then, as a critical mass is reached, then there is what physics calls a phase transition, where suddenly others start falling in line with the people who are the forerunners. And now, there is a shift in the collective consciousness. Surely there may still be some that are lagging behind, but there has been a shift in the collective consciousness. And suddenly, what was seen as an insurmountable obstacle a short while ago, is now seen for what it really is: just another condition, that we can find a way to overcome.

Look at your modern societies. Compare them to societies, how it was 200 years ago, 500 years ago, a thousand years ago. Project yourself into the mindset that people had back then. Realize that there were so many things they looked at as the insurmountable obstacles. And today, you look at the same conditions and you take it for granted, that you can go beyond those obstacles.

Just consider, as one simple example, how you have all come to this event from some distance. Then consider how 200 years ago, how long it would have taken you to come from your homes to this particular location. For some of you it would have taken weeks, and now you could accomplish it in a couple of hours with an airplane or in a few more hours with a car or a train.

Can you see, that what you take for granted today, seemed like an insurmountable obstacle for the people of not very long ago. And then, can you not also project yourself into the future and realize, that if history is any example, then humankind will continue to raise its awareness, to raise its consciousness. And there will be a time, where some of the obstacles you consider insurmountable today, will be seen as quite simple problems, that nobody even worries about anymore.

And so, can you not then realize, that the step, that could help both you personally and society, would be if people would realize, that we have already been accelerating our consciousness. But if we focused on this consciously and learned to do it more consciously, then we could speed up the acceleration rate.

And therefore, we could very quickly accelerate our societies out of some of the conditions that we currently think are a threat to those societies—be it the financial crisis, be it unrest or unpeace or conflicts that we think are insurmountable. And truly, they ARE insurmountable, when you look at them through the filter of a certain state of consciousness. And that is why you will never see the solution, when you look through the filter.

You can only transcend the problem by accelerating your consciousness to a higher level, where you can now see what you could not see before. And now, with your new awareness, your new vision, the solution suddenly becomes obvious. And this is the power of the fourth ray, when you understand the true inner aspect of it as acceleration.

Why you cannot solve other people’s problems

I am not thereby saying, that you yourselves can at any moment accelerate yourself beyond any condition in your psychology. For as many of you have experienced, it takes time. Many times, it takes time to work on a condition in your psychology. It may take years!

My beloved, this is not because you are deficient. Those of us who have been in embodiment on earth, have gone through the exact same process. You have been so programmed to look at spiritual teachers – such as Jesus, or Mother Mary or the Buddha or other gurus and teachers – and think that they must have been fundamentally different from you, because they did not have the problems you had.

Well, it is true that some people in their last embodiment before they ascended, did not have some of these problems. Because they had worked them out in previous lifetimes. But do not fall into the trap of thinking, that any ascended being has ever had an easier road to the ascension than you yourself are experiencing. We all had our difficulties, and do you not understand, that the difficulties that Jesus faced were as difficult for him as your difficulties are for you? And why is this so?

Because Jesus looked at his difficulties through the filter of the same state of consciousness, in which he had created those conditions. And you, of course, are looking at your own difficulties through the same state of consciousness through which you have created your difficulties. This is why you have the universally observable fact, that it is so easy for you to solve other people’s problems, but so hard to solve your own.

This is not because you are deficient, but it is because you are not looking at another person’s problems through that person’s state of consciousness. This means two things. In some cases you do actually see the solution that they don’t see. However, in other cases you do not see a viable solution, for although you may think you see the solution for them, you are not seeing that they cannot apply your solution, because you are not actually seeing the fullness of the problem as they see it from the inside.

And so you see, regardless, the fact is simple: You cannot solve another person’s problems for them, and in most cases they cannot solve their own problem by applying your solution, your vision. They need to come to a point, where they see a solution, based on their state of consciousness.

You each have your unique viewpoint

It is in most cases impossible for you to come up with an understanding, a reasoning, or an argument that will help them see what you see. Because you see, my beloved, they are not meant to see life through your perception, through your viewpoint.

Do you understand, that one way to look at a human being, or an individual lifestream, is to realize what you can see from your physical bodies. You are each sitting here in a circle, and if you think about this, you realize that each of you is looking at the exact same room, but you are looking at the same room from a slightly different angle, a slightly different perspective, a slightly different vantage point.

What you are, as an individual lifestream, can be described as a self-aware being, looking at the universe from an absolutely unique vantage point. And so is everyone else. This does not mean you cannot share your observations, but it does mean that it is not useful – helpful – for others if you try to force your vantage point upon others. For the person sitting next to you is a unique individual, created by God. He or she is not meant to come to see life from your vantage point. He or she is meant to follow his or her individual path from that particular vantage point. And you are each meant to expand your vision from the point where you started. But it is still a unique point.

Do you see, my beloved, there is a common consciousness found in many religious movements, and even in many spiritual movements, that there is only one truth, one right teaching. And if everybody accepted that truth, they would all look at life the exact same way. But this is only something that you need to believe at a certain stage of the Path. And when you grow beyond a certain stage of the path, you need to consciously acknowledge, that this is a dream that is not God’s dream.

Where it comes from is in this particular case immaterial, but many of you will know exactly where it comes from. It does not come from God. For God wants to raise up the individualizations of itself to the fullness of their individuality. God does not want to erase individuality—the divine individuality. And so, you are each meant to find your own unique vantage point, based on your divine individuality, and then grow from there in your own unique ways.

If you have a hundred ascended masters who have gone through the ascension, each of them have followed a unique road. There will be a point, where their roads begin to converge, so they have many things in common. But they are still unique individuals, who have slightly different views of life and the universe. That is why we, as ascended masters, retain some individuality—although it is not the individuality that most of you see on earth. For that is the human individuality, and it is indeed necessary to leave behind the human individuality.

The cause of most human conflicts

But you see, my beloved, what causes most conflicts on earth is precisely the consciousness that people fall into the trap of thinking, that the way to overcome human conflict is to erase the human individuality, by forcing everybody to have the same human individuality. This is the dream that you saw in communism, where you attempt to create a system that from early childhood programs children in a way that destroys and discourages their unique individuality, and seeks to make them all the same, to make them like automatons, who are like computers running a program rather than making individual decisions.

Of course, you can look at the West and realize, that you are doing the exact same thing, just in a much more subtle way. I am not trying to say that the governments of the West are deliberately seeking to brainwash people, as the communist governments were indeed planning how to do. But I am saying that there is a programming going on that is sub-conscious, because as you grow up in a society, you simply cannot question what that society is not questioning. So, you take over so many things, that you accept as not needing to be questioned. And this, then, is often what limits you.

So you see, the way to solve human conflict is not to go into the state of consciousness that: “Because I am in this religion, or because I belong to this political party, or because I have this superior philosophy, it is my role to go out and in subtle or forceful ways seek to get everybody else to accept what I accept. Because once we all accept the same things, we will be able to get along.”

You might be able to get along, if it was possible to erase people’s individuality. But you would not fulfill the purpose of life, which is to grow in your individuality. But you actually see, that even in communist countries who for 70 years programmed children to be “good communists,” there were many, many people who simply would not respond to this; they would not allow their individuality to be erased.

And that is why you saw the countries that were occupied by the Soviet Union for 50 or more years: as soon as there was an opportunity to throw off this yoke, they immediately took it. And there were people who stepped forward and were willing to express their individuality in helping their societies transcend the communist past. So, not only is it impossible to make everybody the same, but even if it was possible, it would be counterproductive to the very purpose of life itself.

What happens in Serapis Bey’s retreat

And so, my point for bringing this up is to help you gain a deeper understanding of something that has been released before, namely that when students come to my retreat at Luxor, then they are first put into groups with other students with whom they have clashing personality, karma, astrology, whatever. They are put in groups with people they have the greatest potential to clash with, and then they will stay in those groups until they fulfill a certain condition.

And I want to describe that condition more deeply for you, that you might understand it and take advantage of it. You see, my beloved, you have to reach a certain point on the path, before you are ready to enter the retreat of Serapis Bey on the fourth ray. You have to have gone through, to some degree, the first three rays and gain some mastery on those rays. Yet it is entirely possible to go through the initiations of the first rays and actually, in the process of doing so, build a stronger and stronger individuality. This is often an ego-based or a separate-self-based individuality.

Now again, you must understand, that when you start the spiritual path, you are very much influenced by the mass consciousness, which does seek to erase individuality and make everyone follow the lowest common denominator. So it is necessary for you, in the beginning stages of the path, to actually forge a stronger individuality, so you can pull yourself above the mass consciousness. And this is what you do on the first three rays.

But then, when you come to the fourth ray, you cannot go any further with this. And that is why those who have not already understood the need to let go of this outer personality, they are put in groups with other people who are in the same frame of mind. So that by clashing with each other, they are acting out this outer personality in more and more extreme ways. And I can assure you, my beloved, that if you ever watched the soap operas made here on earth, I can assure you that some of the things that students in my retreat do to each other, are not all that different from what you see in the typical soap operas.

It really is sometimes, that I, Serapis Bey, feel like taking a bar of soap and washing out their mouths, when I hear what these students – spiritual students – will say to each other in their attempts, my beloved, to get other people to accept the view of life and spirituality, that they have built on their path so far.

Do you not see, if you take an honest look at spiritual movements, that you see the exact same pattern? There are people who have used a spiritual teaching to raise themselves to a higher level of consciousness. This is perfectly commendable; this is what you need to do. But then, there are people that come to the point, where they feel that now they either have some superior truth or they have attained some higher state of consciousness or some higher status in the outer organization. And now it is their role to be teachers, and the way they conceive of the role as a teacher is that you get other people to see the spiritual path the way YOU see it.

So that they can follow their path the way you have followed yours, because you think, that this is the only or the superior way. This is precisely what happens to people, when they come to my retreat. Many of them have the sense: “But I have followed a path, I have raised my consciousness beyond what it was. And therefore it must be a valid path I have followed. And therefore, if it is a valid path, it should be the path that everybody else should follow, because then they would experience the same progress that I have experienced.”

But you see, my beloved, your path IS a valid path—for YOU. But it does not mean, that it is equally valid for others. I am not thereby saying, that you have not gone through certain universal initiations, that everybody else must also go through. Surely, you can inspire and help other people by sharing with them your experiences. But you see, what happens to so many people in spiritual movements, is that instead of sharing their experiences, they are seeking to project their viewpoint onto other people.

When you are sharing, my beloved, you are coming from a non-aggressive vantage point. You are simply saying: “Let me tell you what worked for me.” And then you are setting the other person free to take that any way he or she wants. But when you are coming with the intent of projecting a certain view upon others, you have an intent to change them. And therefore, you are not setting them free.

But you know, my beloved, what Jesus has said? What you do unto others, you must first have done to yourself! And this means, that subconsciously, in most cases, you are not setting yourself free. And do you understand what this means? It means that so far you have followed a path that has taken you to a higher level than that from which you started, but now you think that you have to continue to follow that path and that it will also take you to higher levels. But when you come to the fourth ray, that is no longer true!

New thinking is needed on the fourth ray

The path that took you through the first three rays, will not take you beyond the fourth ray initiations, because you need to accelerate yourself to an entirely new level in order to get past the fourth ray initiations. And so, if you keep trying to do the same thing, to strive to approach the path with the same state of consciousness, you will stay in the groups where you are constantly arguing and reasoning and bickering with other people, who are trapped in the same state of consciousness. And you will stay there for as long as it takes.

For I, Serapis Bey, may be known as a disciplinarian, but there is a point where discipline cannot work. For these people will not hear what you are saying. Do you see, why we talk about the school of hard knocks? It is when people will not hear what you are saying. They cannot – they will not – hear the spiritual teacher, so they must have experiences, until they have had enough experiences and finally say: “I have had enough of this; there must be something better, there must be something more.”

When people have gone through the first three rays, we do not throw them back out into normal life, where they have to learn from physical experiences. So I give them something in between, where they can sit in these groups and create their own experiences amongst themselves, of trying to always convince somebody else and projecting that the other person is wrong if they don’t see things your way.

And at that point, no amount of discipline will help them. They simply have to have the experience until they feel, they experience; they know: “I have had enough. I have finally had enough! I am ready for a better way. I am ready to explore if there is a better way.” And at that moment, I can then present to them – again, as I have done many times before – the better way. But now they can begin to at least see aspects of it, that they could not see before, because their eagerness to project out blocked their ability to take in.

You cannot look both forwards and backwards at the same time. If you are projecting an image out upon other people, you cannot take in a higher vision from a spiritual teacher. It is really that simple, my beloved. You cannot take in, if you are constantly projecting out. Nobody can do it!

You may think you are different, but you are not. This is one of the wonderful lessons of the material universe. Gravity works the same for everyone, no matter what you believe. No matter how high and mighty you think you are in a society, it is, as they said of the kings of old: “They still put their pants on one leg at a time.”

There is a value in this leveling factor, where you realize that your way of looking at things is not superior to anyone else’s. Your way is unique, and in uniqueness, comparisons and value judgments simply have no meaning. And this is what happens to students after they – sometimes for a very long time – have been going at each other, always trying to get the upper hand, always trying to be right, to prove the others wrong, to project at them that they are wrong, that they should change and why they should change.

At some point, they come to this point, where they just suddenly fall still. And you can see how something in their being just relaxes. It just relaxes, and for the first time in a very long time, you as the teacher can see: “Ah, now the student is ready. Now I can appear, because now the student can actually see me.” Whereas before, they saw only a mental image in their mind. And if I did not conform to that image, they would reject me and anything I said.

And that is the moment we look for. Many of you will know on your own path, that you have had these experiences, where something jolted you out of your normal state of consciousness. Suddenly, there was either a stillness or there was an openness. You were open to something new, and then suddenly the new appeared, as if out of nowhere. Many of you have described how you found the AskRealJesus website in seemingly miraculous or mysterious ways. But there was nothing miraculous or mysterious about it. You had come to the point, where there was an openness.

The trap of the ultimate understanding

But then, my beloved, do not fall into the trap, that so many other spiritual people have fallen into, of thinking: “Ah, now I have found the ultimate teaching. Now I just need to study this teaching and do these outer practices, then I will make it.” No, my beloved, you will only make it if you continue to allow yourself to have this openness to the inner direction. There is no outer direction coming from heaven, that can take you through the Ascension Spiral. There is no mechanical way to make a being ascend. This was the dream of Lucifer, to force people to be saved. But it cannot be done!

It must come from within, and it is not a correct view – as so many in traditional religions have – that God sits up here and has some infallible will for how you should follow your path—and it is just a matter of locking in to this will. You cannot actually ascend by following the advice of an external teacher. You must come to the point, where you are not always seeking advice from someone outside yourself. For you are willing to make decisions!

You do not ascend by making the decision to never make your own decisions, but to always do what this supposedly infallible spiritual teacher tells you to do. That is not how you ascend. Following a spiritual teacher can help you get through the first three rays, but it cannot help you pass the initiations on the fourth ray. For on the fourth ray, the only way to pass the initiation is to come to the point, where you are accelerating your consciousness from within.

This is not done by human power, but it is done by acknowledging: “I have an opening in my own mind to the spiritual realm. And therefore, I can allow spiritual light to flow into my mind from within.” Not from an external source, not from a guru who is God in embodiment, not from somebody who has more light than I, not from the ascended masters outside of myself—it comes from within. But to get to that point, you must make a decision to accelerate your consciousness to the point, where you are open to this light.

There is a value in surrender, because there are many things you must surrender and let go of. But surrender alone cannot take you beyond the fourth ray. Surrender is actually more valid on the fifth ray, although it is also required on the first three rays. But the fourth ray is the center of the spectrum of the seven rays, precisely because this is the point, where you have to make a decision to accelerate—to accelerate your consciousness. It is not, my beloved, as so many people think, a matter of understanding something.

You see the people who sit in their groups and argue amongst themselves, they think it is a matter of coming to some ultimate understanding. And when I have the ultimate understanding, then I will somehow magically take the next step. But it is not so; it is not understanding! It is a decision; it is a decision that “I will not continue to go around in these endless circles on this endless treadmill. I am deciding, right now, that I am accelerating myself beyond my current level, and I am just letting go of all of the things that are holding me on that level.”

This is the moment of decision, of decisiveness, but it is not an outer-mind decision. It comes from within! It is a very delicate process. You cannot force it with the outer mind.

Yet, if you do not use your will, it will not happen! You cannot sit and passively wait for it. No matter how long you wait for it, it will not happen. On the other hand, you cannot use the outer mind to try and force it, because the harder you try to force it, the more you push it away. So it is an enigma, but it can be solved. We have solved it, we have seen many students solve it. Some of you have already solved it, and all of you can.

But it is a matter of finding that point, where you see how you are trapped in an endless treadmill that really leads nowhere. And therefore, you know that you must consciously decide to reach beyond it, to accelerate yourself beyond it. It is not a matter of solving something; it is a matter of accelerating yourself out of that condition, out of that state of consciousness.

The potential for Europe to transcend old patterns

Why am I giving this teaching right here in Holland? Because Holland in many ways symbolizes where the western world is at right now. Certainly, many other countries are at the same point. But Holland is a very typical example of it, where you have created the welfare society, the material welfare society. But you are powerless to deal with the fact, that the more material welfare you give people, the more unhappy they are, the more psychological problems they have.

And you do not know how to deal with this, and it is because you have not been willing to acknowledge, that your current approach – based on a strange mixture of traditional Christianity and materialistic science – cannot take you to the next level. It cannot take you beyond the problems that you are creating right now. There is no way to solve these psychological problems, because they are not psycho- and they are not -logical. They are spiritual problems!

There is no logic here that can be applied. The only solution is to accelerate your consciousness beyond the problem. The ONLY solution! Therefore, you can continue to go around in circles, trying to find either solutions from traditional Christianity or solutions from materialism for how to solve people’s psychological problems. But you will never solve them, unless you recognize that people have a universal spiritual need.

You don’t even need to call it spiritual, but you need to recognize, that they have a need to go higher. They have a need to have a sense of purpose, a sense of direction, a sense that their life matters, that their state of consciousness matters, that they can raise and accelerate their state of consciousness, and that this helps them live more happy, peaceful and fulfilled lives. There is no other way than to show people a path of the acceleration of consciousness.

Call it spiritual or non-spiritual, if you will. There are many ways to express it, but it is a universal principle. If you do not accelerate your consciousness, if you do not see life as a process of accelerating your consciousness, you cannot be at peace, you cannot be happy, you cannot be fulfilled! And you will become a closed system, that will create more and more problems in your own consciousness, until you become more and more burdened by these problems and you simply cannot function anymore.

There is no other way. And that means, again: society, western society, in order to come to a higher level, must first become conscious of the fact that what we are doing now is a treadmill, that will never lead anywhere. And then, we must make a decision to accelerate!

Do you understand, my beloved, when you are going around in a circle, you can go on indefinitely? If you are at one floor of a building and you keep walking around in the circle, you will never ascend to the next floor in that building. But now take the movement you have in the circle, and give it a direction that reaches beyond the circle, and what do you create?

You turn the circular movement into a spiral, that leads upwards. And then, you can ascend to the next level on the spiral staircase, that you now realize life is—not the dead end that it seemed to be before. But you have to make a decision to go beyond understanding this, to where you actually have the momentum, the driving force, that turns your circular movement into an ascending spiral.

Do you not see, if you look at this honestly, so many spiritual and religious people, they have the understanding but they cannot seem to put it into action, they cannot seem to get out of these old momentums. And it is for one reason only. Their understanding has become a closed circle!

And there needs to be an acceleration factor, that turns the circular movement into an upward spiral. There is no other way. There never has been, and there never will be!

You can go after the false teachers who promise you the automatic path to salvation, the shortcut, the quick-fix, the way to ascend without looking at yourself and making a decision. You can go after them for as long as you want, my beloved. Because as long as you are going after these, you are not ready for what I can offer. And thus, I can do nothing for you. I am not thereby judging or condemning you; I am simply stating the fact that as a teacher, you can only teach those who are ready for what you teach!

No one can teach everything, no one can teach everyone! I am the master of the fourth ray. I am not concerned about teaching people on the first ray, because I know that my beloved brother, MORE, is perfectly capable. I know that Master MORE is more than capable of teaching people, students, on the first ray.

I am not sitting up here and looking at Master MORE’s students and saying: “Oh why aren’t they getting it!” And then I go to Darjeeling and have a cup of tea with Morya and I say: “Can’t you see that you are not teaching your students the right way? They’re not getting it; you need to teach them my way then they will get it.” That is not the way we work, my beloved, because we have transcended this need. I teach what I teach, Master MORE teaches what he teaches, Lanto teaches what he teaches. And we know that what we each teach is perfectly enough, to get students to go to the next level.

We also know, that there is no perfect teaching that will take any student to the next level, because there can be no guarantee, because in the end it is up to the student’s decision. And we allow the students, we have infinite patience, to allow students to go through the experience that they need to go through, to come to that level, where they are ready to make the decision to take the next step.

Give each other space

Can you not, my beloved, look at each other the same way? Can you not see how, as long as you are projecting out and seeking to change other people, you yourself are going around in a circle! Because you are so focused on other people – changing their view, their decisions – that you have no awareness or no stillness, to go in yourself and make the one decision that will turn your circular movement into an upward spiral. Can you not see this, my beloved?

And then realize, that if you can let go of this consciousness of projecting, then you can rise to an entirely new level, where you can actually begin to teach people the only way you can teach—through your own example.

This is the vision I hold for the students worldwide at this particular level of time. This is also the vision I hold, that some of the wealthier countries in Europe can rise to that recognition of the need to make a decision to accelerate to a higher level.

The words are fohatic keys

And thus, as I have been speaking these words in the physical, the words have become fohats. A fohat is a word that does not just carry what you normally associate with words, namely a meaning that your mind can interpret. But they become cups of light, that carry light.

And so, this dictation has been a fohatic expression, where the light has gone out, not only through the words spoken by the messenger, but through each of your auras and chakras, as you have been individually able and willing to be the open doors. And so, wherever you have come from, there has been an arc of light from where you are now to your home country. And there has been a stream of light, and some of you will have noticed it, but be not discouraged if you have not, for there has still been that stream of light.

And thus, we have given both words, that the mind can do what the mind does—interpret according to its current state of consciousness. But I have also given a fohatic release of light, that for those who are willing can be taken in and used as an impetus to accelerate yourself.

But you can only accelerate, if you are willing to do your part, which is to make the decision to flow with the light. You are not producing the light, do you understand? No one can produce the light from within themselves, but you can get it from within yourself by opening yourself up to the flow of the spirit, the Holy Spirit.

But that takes a decision, because you have to be willing to let the light take you where it will take you, to take you beyond your current level. And that requires a decision. And it is, in a sense, both the decision to accelerate and the decision to let go. It is the decision to let go of the old, it is a decision to be willing to embrace the new and to never look back, to never again go into these old patterns, because you know that you are beyond them permanently.

This is the opportunity you have, and as the teacher I AM, I say: It is up to you whether you will accelerate, or whether you will come back to my retreat and go back into your customary therapy group, and continue to do what you have been doing for however long you have been doing it. I love you either way, I welcome you either way. Yet I can do infinitely more to help you, if you are willing to make the decision to accelerate along with me.

So thus, “Enough said,” as they say, for there is nothing more that can be said. There is no understanding that can be given. It is only a matter of decision, and the decision is yours, because I made mine a very long time ago.

Thus, it is finished; it is done, and I leave you with the infinite peace of the Acceleration Flame, that has no need to change anyone else, because it is flowing with the ever-moving joy of acceleration’s flame, going ever higher without being concerned about anything outside its own sphere of free will. Thus, Serapis I AM!


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels