Taking Sex to a Higher Level

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, February 8, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I am happy talking about sex. We, in the ascended realm, have no reluctance to talk about a topic that is so important for so many people and that is so important to the dark forces who seek to manipulate you and steal your energy.

Let me give you a hint, my beloved. Anytime there is a topic that is important to people but that they are reluctant to talk about, you can be absolutely sure that the dark forces have manipulated that situation. There is nothing they like better than creating a situation where there is a problem between two groups of people and then setting it up so that they are not able to talk about it. Therefore, they can never solve the problem, or can never even become conscious of what is involved in the problem.

What has been going on in the Western world is that more and more people have become more conscious of the topics of relationships and sexuality. This is, of course, perfectly good. Of course, the dark forces have not just sat back and watched this, whatever you call it, sexual revolution. They have attempted to guide it in the wrong direction and they have done so in many different ways, too many to list here.

I can assure you, my beloved, that one of the ways they have done this, is to create a situation where the greater openness about sexuality, that replaced the very closed attitude that you had before, has been taken advantage of by, not so much men, as the forces who are using men. Many men may think that they have been liberated sexually and that they now have a free license to have sex with as many women as possible. What they do not realize is that this comes at a very heavy cost, energy-wise.

You cannot disassociate your feelings from sexuality without having your energy stolen by dark forces. It cannot be done. If you are having sex and you have no deeper feelings for each other, whether you are a man or a woman, your energies are being stolen by dark forces. This will cost you in the long run. You will see that there are people who have lived the sexual revolution, and also the freedom of experimenting with drugs, who look ten or twenty years older than their physical age. If you could see the energy fields of these people, you would see that many of them have become empty shells that have no vital energy within them.

If you want, as spiritual people, to transcend this pattern where you are being manipulated by dark forces, you need to have respect for yourself and, of course, for you partner. There is absolutely no way that you can avoid having your energy stolen, if you have sex based on a superficial, sexual, physical desire. It cannot be done, my beloved. It cannot be done! I can assure you.

You need to decide, as a spiritual person, that this is not the way you want to live. You do not want to be a cow that is milked for your energy by these dark forces, who have no respect for you, or any other human being. This then, necessitates that you get serious about a spiritual path. I am not here telling you not to have sex. I am telling you to take it to a higher level where you do not disassociate it from love.

There is really no spiritual meaning in having sex unless there is genuine love. What most people do, when they seek sex from a lower motivation, is that they seek to cover the emptiness inside themselves. This is precisely what the spiritual path is all about, namely discovering your true inner essence so that you do not feel empty inside because you know who you are, as a spiritual being. Therefore, you no longer need to have sex in order to cover emptiness. You can have it without having a deficit and you can have it in a much higher way that would be much more enjoyable and fulfilling to both parties.


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