Speaking out Makes a Difference

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, January 18, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I am gratified to be able to honor Dr. Martin Luther King on this day. You see, my beloved, we of the ascended masters have throughout the ages worked with many people on this planet. Dr. Martin Luther King was one person who was able to tune in to the ascended masters, even though he was not aware of this consciously. Many other people have done so, as well.

One way you can tell whether a person is in attunement with the ascended masters is very simple. They have a message, of course. They have a cause. But they are non-violent. My beloved, non-violence is absolutely essential for bringing this planet to a level where war cannot take place. You are not going to remove war from this planet unless a critical mass of people become aware of the entire dynamic of the dualistic mentality where there are always two opposites fighting each other.

So many times, a war is a war between two warring factions. In some cases they each claimed to be working for a worthy cause. Therefore, they each claimed that the means of killing human beings can justify the ends that they have defined as being so important.

Dr. Martin Luther King knew from the bottom of his heart that no cause can be so important that it justifies the killing of human beings. This is an absolutely magnificent example that he set. Especially for the American nation, which has a government that to this day believes that there are many causes that justifies the killing of other human beings. That is why this nation maintains the biggest military in the world, has the biggest military spending in the world even though there is no obvious enemy to justify the magnitude of the military spending.

This, therefore, can only be explained because there are certain people who are manipulating this nation for various purposes that are not beneficial to this nation or to its people. These are issues I address in my book by those who profit for war, those who manipulate the economy and use war to justify having a skewed economy that does not benefit the people.

You may think that we of the ascended masters are always spiritual and that being spiritual means being nice. I am not a nice master in my book about war, because I very directly address the issues that need to be addressed at this point. If you have not encountered the true energy of the ascended masters and the Divine Mother, then, I encourage you to study my book,  because it will give you an entirely new view of who we are and of who you are.

The most important conclusion that you can come to is a conclusion that Martin Luther King also reached, namely that, as an individual, you have the right, you have the authority on this planet to take a stand for a cause that is non-violent. You have a right to speak out, no matter what it takes.

Of course, we do not look for people today to sacrifice their lives by speaking out for if enough people speak out, it will not be necessary. I offer you an alternative to speaking out in public and that is that you speak out in the privacy of your own home by giving the very practical invocations provided in my book. If enough people will give these invocations, and at the same time make the shift in consciousness that I describe in the book, then removing war from planet earth is a realistic goal within the next few decades.

You may not be able to believe this. That is why you are not the next Dr. Martin Luther King. He had to believe that speaking out mattered. I can assure you that, regardless of what happened to him, it did make a difference for the entire planet, and especially for the United States of America, that he had the courage to speak out. And it will make a difference, if you do the same.


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