18. Why good people commit evil acts

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In this chapter we will take an in-depth look at why people commit selfish – or evil – acts and why they can actually believe such acts are justified, necessary, beneficial, for a higher good or their only option. This is truly the central mystery of human existence, as it has been known on planet Earth. And thus, understanding this mystery is one of the master keys to attaining spiritual freedom. We might say that feeling forced or compelled to commit evil acts or doing so without realizing it is an obvious violation of your spiritual freedom. I have already given you the keys that are needed in order to put together the big picture:

Everything is made from the Ma-ter Light.

The Ma-ter Light has consciousness, or rather, it is consciousness.

A self-aware being has the ability to imagine an image or belief and then use the power of the mind to superimpose that image upon the Ma-ter Light. Because the Ma-ter Light has consciousness, it can take on any form imposed upon it.

A self-aware being can construct mental images by using either the consciousness of Christ or the consciousness of anti-christ.

An image based on the consciousness of Christ will uplift all life by helping it become MORE, and this is the purpose of life itself. Such an image is sustainable because it is in oneness with the forward movement of life, the River of Life. An image based on the consciousness of anti-christ will cause all life to become less, which goes against the basic life force. Thus, such an image will eventually be broken down by the contracting force of the Mother that is built into the Ma-ter Light.

We now see that when an image is superimposed upon the Ma-ter Light through the consciousness of duality, that image will not instantly be erased. It will continue to exist for some time, which has the purpose of giving beings an opportunity to learn by experiencing the consequences of their creative efforts. Thus, whatever you co-create, you will inevitably experience. However, we now need to take this one step further and understand that because the Ma-ter Light has consciousness, what beings create can take on a life of its own.

To explain this, let us look at the creative process that I described earlier. We have seen that there is the spiritual realm, in which there is no room for darkness or evil, and there is a sphere that is set aside from the void but still has a mixture of light and darkness. The lower sphere has entered the process of ascending, leading toward that sphere becoming part of the spiritual realm. In other words, in the past some of the spheres that are now in the spiritual realm were in much the same state as your sphere is in today. As the intensity of light increased in those spheres, the beings in them began to face the initiation I described earlier, namely that they had to overcome their innocent ignorance and begin to consciously create a higher sense of identity based on the Christ mind. Some of these beings refused to do so, and instead they entered into a state of willful ignorance that they justified by using the duality of the mind of anti-christ. These beings refused to come into oneness with the purpose of life, and instead they insisted on maintaining a separate sense of identity as being outside the process of life itself—what I have called the River of Life.

From the beginning of creation, self-conscious beings have always had free will, and thus they had the opportunity to go against God’s vision by using the mind of anti-christ. Several spheres had ascended without anyone using this option, yet there did come a point when some beings for the first time chose the mind of anti-christ. When that happened, the mind of anti-christ was simply an option that had never been expressed. In other words, nothing had been co-created through the mind of anti-christ. Yet as the first beings made their choice, they started creating something through the mind of anti-christ. And because a number of beings used the mind of anti-christ, they created something that was bigger than themselves. In other words, the whole became more than the sum of the individual contributions. How can this be?

The explanation is, as I have already described, that the Ma-ter Light has a built-in evolutionary force that pulls on any organized structure, urging it to become more. So what actually happened was that the initial group of beings created a structure out of the consciousness of anti-christ. When this structure reached a critical mass of complexity, the evolutionary force built into the Ma-ter Light gave it a separate state of consciousness, a sense of awareness as a distinct being with certain qualities (as defined by the beings who created it). In other words, the beings actually created a new state of consciousness, a new mind, a new entity. And this new “mind unit” inevitably became subject to the evolutionary force, causing it to develop a basic level of consciousness. This does not mean that this new entity was self-aware, but it does mean that it had a basic sense of identity that gave it a survival instinct. Part of this survival instinct was the drive to propagate, the drive to grow, to evolve.

At this point, I am aware that the more perceptive students might think I am contradicting myself. I earlier said that the contracting force of the Mother will break down any structure that is not based on the Christ mind. Yet I am now saying that the evolutionary force – also built into the Mother Light – will cause any complex structure to evolve—even structures based on the mind of anti-christ. So let us now take a closer look at the basic forces of life, as this will open your understanding to your true role as a spiritual being on Earth.


As I explained earlier, the world of form in which you live started when the Creator defined a boundary and then withdrew itself into a singularity in the midst of a void. In that singularity, there was no differentiation whatsoever—there was nothing expressed. Yet the purpose of life is to give self-conscious beings an opportunity to grow, and for this to happen, they must start out as separate beings and then grow into oneness with their source. Obviously, for anything to be separate, there must be differentiation. The Creator started this differentiation by projecting itself as two different but complementary forces, namely the expanding and the contracting force, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Everything else – everything between the beginning and the end – is created by the interplay of these two forces.

The two forces are manifest as the polarity of Spirit and Ma-ter, which I have also called Father and Mother in order to tie it into a traditional religious terminology. Spirit is represented by self-conscious beings who impose images upon the Ma-ter Light, which then takes on expressed forms. A linear – and thus incomplete – illustration of this would be the figure eight, with the upper half representing Spirit and the lower half representing Ma-ter. Spirit also represents the spiritual realm and Ma-ter represents the sphere that has not yet ascended to Spirit.

We now need to understand that although there are two distinct polarities, each one representing one of the basic forces, we still find both forces within each polarity. In other words, Spirit represents the expanding force because this force is the primary or strongest force in the realm of Spirit. Yet Spirit also has a contracting force, and the interplay between the two forces is as follows:

The expanding force of Spirit is the force of self-transcendence that drives all life to become MORE. The drive to become MORE is what gives rise to differentiation, becau-se it drives co-creators to express their individuality and in so doing build on to, complexify, that individuality. If this was the only drive, all life could become scattered and the differentiation could soon become self-destructive. Co-creators could define their respective individualities in ways that conflict and thus break down each other.

The contracting force of Spirit is what ensures that while life is differentiating, all life is pulled into a oneness with the Creator’s purpose. This oneness is not sameness, and this ensures that all life grows in the same direction so that differences enhance each other instead of canceling out each other. We might say that the expanding force gives life the drive to become MORE and the contracting force concentrates or aligns that drive so the movement of life becomes a coherent stream, what I have called the River of Life. The stream moves all life toward becoming MORE rather then becoming less.

The basic interplay of these two forces gives rise to a cyclical movement, namely what some spiritual teachings have called the in-breath and the out-breath of God. It is essential for you to understand that this does not mean that God creates a world in an out-breath and then – after a certain time – obliterates that world in an in-breath, repeating the cycle indefinitely without getting anywhere. In other words, God does not go back and forth between creation and destruction. Instead, God has created an ever-expanding movement, namely the River of Life. A world is not destroyed in the in-breath—it is accelerated to a higher level so that it transcends its former state. To give you a crude illustration of this, consider the drawing above.

It depicts a zig-zag line that can represent the out-breath and the in-breath, creation and destruction. Seen from this perspective, it seems to go back and forth, creating a world and then destroying it. Yet life is not a two-dimensional line. The zig-zag line is simply a spiral seen directly from the side.

When seen from a different angle, you see that what seems to be a back-and-forth movement actually forms the coils in an upward spiral. The back-and-forth movement now forms an ascending movement, where one out-breath and in-breath form the foundation for a continued growth to a higher level. In other words, nothing is wasted, for every cycle sets the stage for a higher cycle. With this in mind, let us look at how the expanding and contracting forces work in the realm of Ma-ter:

The expanding force is what I have called the evolutionary force. It will bring life toward greater complexity, but it can do so only within a certain level or range. For example, once vertebrate animals had been created by a revolutionary leap, the evolutionary force caused such animals to evolve toward greater and greater complexity, eventually producing primates that have many human-like features. Yet it took another revolutionary leap to bring life to the human level, and such a revolutionary leap can only come from Spirit. The expanding force in the Ma-ter realm is evolutionary and cannot produce a revolutionary leap on its own. It needs the influence from the Spirit realm to make a revolutionary leap.

The contracting force in Ma-ter has the effect of making sure that any structure which does not – after a cycle moves to the next level – make a revolutionary leap is broken down, so that the Ma-ter Light is not permanently trapped in an imperfect form but is returned to its original purity. In other words, when a revolutionary leap has occurred, the evolutionary force is allowed to work for a certain cycle—the outbreath. Yet when a new cycle – the inbreath – begins, any structure that is not raised up by the next revolutionary leap will become subject to the contracting force and will begin to break down.

On Earth (and in any unascended sphere), you have to add to this that God has given dominion over the Earth to the beings who embody here. So these beings can create structures based on the mind of anti-christ, and for a cycle they will be allowed to not only exist but even to evolve in complexity. Yet when the cycle ends, the beings who created such structures should ideally transcend their limited state of consciousness and thus become able to create better structures—meaning structures that are more in alignment with the Christ mind. The beings themselves will erase the imperfect structures they have created and create better ones instead.

If the beings refuse to do so, their structures become subject to the contracting force and will eventually be broken down. Due to the nature of space and time – the density of matter – this will take some time, and the beings can delay the process, as we will discuss later. Yet the final outcome is inevitable. Everything is created from the one source, which is both the beginning and the end, meaning that the end is guaranteed from the beginning. Thus, everything that is not part of the River of Life will eventually cease to exist, as the river reaches the ocean of the Allness.

I earlier said that a new co-creator had a long time to experiment with its creative abilities but that it eventually had to face the final exam in the cosmic schoolroom. We might say that the experimental phase was the outbreath in which a co-creator had freedom to do anything it wanted. Yet the final exam represented the start of the inbreath in which a co-creator needs to come into oneness with its own higher being. Likewise, when a new sphere is created, the beings in it have a long time to experiment, and this is the outbreath. Yet when the sphere starts ascending, the inbreath starts and this is when all beings associated with a sphere need to face the initiation of selflessness.

Can you begin to see the ingenious design that causes the evolutionary force in matter to inflate everything? I have talked about the need to multiply the talents, which means that you use your co-creative abilities in alignment with Christ truth. When you do this, your own higher being and spiritual hierarchy will multiply what you have created, but the effect of this is to raise your consciousness. In other words, this multiplication makes you MORE than you were before. If you co-create by using the mind of anti-christ, the reason is that you have been blinded by duality. Thus, you are unreachable for a spiritual teacher and you cannot see that what you are doing is limiting for all life. Because of free will, you cannot be forced to see this, but the expanding force of matter will multiply what you have created so it becomes more of the same thing. Instead of becoming more than, you become more of. The effect is that the limiting consequences of your creation become more pronounced and easier to see, hopefully awakening you to the fact that you need to change the way you use your mind’s abilities. The Bible talks about those who sow the wind but reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

As a side note, the four categories or forces described above do correspond to the four elements of Father, Son, Mother and Holy Spirit mentioned earlier.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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