16. How spiritual evolution occurs

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

If you take an honest look at current scientific theories, including the Big Bang theory and evolution, you will see that there are a number of questions that the theories cannot answer. The biggest one is obviously why the process started, which some say is outside the scope of science—claiming science is better at explaining “how” than “why.” Yet there are also many “how” questions that science cannot explain. How did the chemical elements evolve in the first seconds after the Big Bang? How did ordered structures begin forming out of a totally chaotic explosion, instead of the energy simply expanding outward in eternal chaos? How did solid matter appear from vibrating energy? How did organic life appear from inorganic matter? How did primitive life make the move from the oceans to dry land? How did primitive life make the leap to vertebrates? How did monkeys make the leap to humans? How did a random process produce sustainable and increasingly complex life forms, instead of reinventing single-celled organisms over and over again? And how did an unconscious process produce a species that is conscious of its own existence and has the ability to consciously alter its environment, its behavior and even its genetic make-up? With that many unanswered questions, one must wonder why these theories ever gained acceptance as scientific facts and why some people have elevated them to the same status of infallibility as some religious doctrines.

We can now answer these questions. I have earlier explained that everything in the world of form is made from the Ma-ter Light. I have said that the Ma-ter Light has a built-in consciousness, even intelligence. It is aware that it is not complete in itself and it has a longing for wholeness, meaning oneness with its source. The Mother Light has a built-in longing for oneness with the divine Father. However, while the Ma-ter Light is conscious, it is not self-conscious, it is not self-aware. Even though it has the potential to take on any form, it cannot take on form by itself.

Imagine that you are watching a far-away planet through a telescope. You assume the planet has a gravitational field, but you cannot tell by looking at it. You can tell only if you observe an object being pulled in by the gravitational field. We might say that gravity is an inconsequential force until it has an object upon which it can exert a pull. Likewise, the life-force built into the Mother Light needs something to pull on before it produces an effect. Compare this to a blanket of snow on a hillside. The snow simply sits there and does nothing. Now imagine you compress a bit of snow and start rolling it into a snowball. There will come a critical point when the ball is big enough that gravity can pull it down the hill. From that point, your intervention is no longer needed, and the laws of nature can “keep the ball rolling,” as they say.

This is similar to the process that led to the existence of the physical universe. The Ma-ter Light could not have started this process on its own. But once the process was started and had reached critical mass, the life-force in the Ma-ter Light could take the process forward to a higher level of complexity. The exact form of this complexity was determined by the design principles defined for the physical universe, what scientists call the “laws of nature.” It was spiritual masters who defined these principles, and it was the seven Elohim who started the creation of the Earth, thus setting the evolutionary process on its track.

Spiritual masters also started the initial expansion that scientists call the Big Bang. In reality, the expansion did not start in a single point but started in a huge number of points that appeared in a spherical shape. When scientists give up the idea of creation starting in a singularity and look for a spherical beginning, they will get their mathematical equations to work. Yet that will also require them to acknowledge that the original points did not appear as the result of a materialistic process. They appeared because an image had been imposed upon the Ma-ter Light from a higher realm. This image was also infused with a surge of high-frequency spiritual energy that started the expansion. This infusion is continuing to this day, and it is what drives the physical universe to keep expanding (the continued expansion of the universe is another fact that science cannot adequately explain). In other words, the universe is not driven by the initial burst of energy but by a continuous infusion of energy from the spiritual realm.

After the Elohim had started the process of concentrating physical matter and having it form into planets and solar systems, they withdrew and let “nature take its course.” In reality, this was not an entirely unguided process because it involved conscious (but not yet self-conscious) beings, often called the “elemental builders of form.” However, for the sake of simplicity, we will simply say that the process continued without direct intervention from the masters in the spiritual realm. You might compare this to Jesus’ parable about the talents, where the master withdrew after giving the servants their talents. Jesus’ parable illustrates a universal principle, namely that more evolved beings start a process and allow less evolved beings to build upon it.

When the process of revolutionary jumps and evolutionary changes had produced the Earth and taken it to a point of being able to sustain life, the masters from the spiritual realm again stepped in and provided the surge to jump from inorganic matter to organic life forms. When this process had reached critical mass, the masters again withdrew until their intervention was needed to take life to the next level. Thus, what biologists call the missing link between monkeys and humans is missing because it was not a physical link. The missing link in evolutionary theory is the intervention of masters in the spiritual realm, beings who have the vision and the power to accelerate the evolutionary process into a revolutionary jump.

It has long been known from the fossil record that evolution is not a smooth or constant climb toward more complex life forms. It starts with a revolutionary jump, followed by an extended period of gradual expansion, adaptation and complexification. Then another revolutionary jump occurs, followed by another evolutionary phase. This process is undeniable from the fossil record, but it has largely been ignored, mainly because materialistic scientists can find no material cause for the evolutionary leaps. Let it be known to those who have ears to hear that there is no material cause, only a spiritual one.

What are some of the implications of this? Well, for starters, we now see that materialistic science is correct in describing an evolutionary process but incorrect in postulating that is has a material cause. In fact, the evolutionary process is a consequence of the spiritual purpose for the physical universe, namely plausible deniability. The universe is designed to give fallen beings from the spiritual realm an environment in which they can find plausible reasons for denying the existence of God. These reasons are only plausible and not absolute, so as to give these beings an opportunity to grow out of the need to deny God and get back into the River of Life. Great care has been taken to design the universe in such a way that there are plenty of opportunities for beings to rediscover the reality of God. That is why a growing number of scientists are beginning to realize that scientific theories, especially the Big Bang and evolution, raise questions that cannot be satisfactorily answered by looking only at materialistic causes. Internally consistent answers can be found only by incorporating the existence of intelligent beings who give the impetus for the revolutionary jumps. Now for the real reason why I brought up the process of evolution.


Let us return to the timeline developed by science. For the sake of simplicity, I will ignore the reality that time is non-linear and refer to the official timeline. The Earth was created 4.5 billion years ago and life emerged 3.8 billion years ago. So after the revolutionary leap that created the planet, it took 700 million years for the evolutionary process to bring the Earth to the point of being able to support life. I earlier said that the first intelligent life appeared 2.6 billion years ago. In other words, it took 1.2 billion years to take life from its initial stages to the level where a species with a human-like intelligence appeared. It follows that it took 1.9 billion years from the creation of the Earth until intelligent life could inhabit the planet.

Science will disagree with this timeline because it will be argued that the process of evolution simply could not have produced intelligent life in a mere 1.9 billion years. In reality, this is correct, given that the mechanical process of evolution could not have produced life at all. As I have said, there is a built-in process in the Ma-ter Light that can drive the evolutionary process, once the revolutionary leaps have taken place. Several such leaps were necessary to produce intelligent life, and that is why it took “only” 1.9 billion years to produce such life.

The entire purpose of creating the Earth is to create a platform for intelligent life, and the evolutionary process was given a lot of help in order to produce intelligent life much faster than if it had been left alone. In other words, it would have been possible to produce intelligent life with much less assistance from above. It only took a minimum of seven evolutionary leaps to produce humans, but in reality more were given in order to compress the timeline. My point being that the Earth has been a platform for two parallel evolutionary tracks:

The fast track is the one that was given maximum assistance from above. It did produce intelligent life 2.6 billion years ago, so for that long of a time span, spiritual beings from above have been descending into human-like bodies, as I described earlier. Obviously, this has been an important part of the Earth’s purpose, and it has given growth opportunities to countless beings.

The “natural” track is a track that was given only the minimum assistance from above. In other words, this track has produced intelligent life with seven revolutionary leaps, and then the rest has been due to the evolutionary force that is built into the Ma-ter Light and directed by the laws of nature (of which not all are currently known or correctly understood by science). Obviously, as science is correctly pointing out, this track will take much longer to produce human life. In fact, the timeline that science currently gives for the emergence of modern humans is not too far off the actual timeline for the natural track.

Why is this important? Because it describes the origin of another group of beings that are currently embodying on Earth. You will notice that so far I have only talked about beings who originated in a higher realm and who descended to Earth by merging their energy fields with the energy field of a human body. Such beings are individualized extensions of spiritual beings that were originally created by the Creator. In other words, they are part of a spiritual hierarchy that has descended from higher realms to lower realms. Obviously, many of these beings started out their journey on the Earth and can then ascend from there. Nevertheless, they did come out of beings from the higher realm and thus can tie in to their spiritual “family tree.” They can draw on this for guidance and even for spiritual energy (when they attain some measure of Christ consciousness).

Yet because of the built-in intelligence of the Ma-ter Light, there is a parallel track of beings who have evolved from below. As I said earlier, the Ma-ter Light cannot create by itself, but once a certain critical mass, a critical complexity, has been created, the evolutionary process can and will bring it toward greater complexity. Thus, this process has taken over after the initial revolutionary leaps and has produced intelligent beings from “nothing,” so to speak.

It is only within the timeline that science gives for the emergence of modern humans that such beings have attained the complexity that gives them not only human intelligence, but even the ability to grow beyond the material realm. In other words, such beings have now attained the opportunity to rise above the material universe and work their way up through the emotional, mental and identity realms, until they can actually ascend to the spiritual realm and become immortal spiritual beings.

This is a complex process that I will not here describe in detail. What I will say is that everything is created out of the Creator’s Being, so when an individual being, evolving from below, reaches a level of sufficient complexity, it can receive a conscious self, whereby it awakens to the reality that it is out of the Creator’s Being. In other words, such a being must earn a conscious self, whereas a co-creator starts out with one. You currently find a large number of people on Earth who can trace their origins to this process. Many of them have a deep sense of how the Earth works and they have a great mastery of their physical bodies. Many of them also have a great love for this planet and are more sensitive to it than some of the beings coming from higher realms. Some of them still embody as so-called native peoples around the world, but many are found in all areas of modern society.

In a spiritual sense, these beings are generally less evolved than those who have descended from above. Thus, they tend to join religions in which they can follow leaders who have descended from above. They need to imitate those who have spiritual attainment, often for many lifetimes, before they themselves can receive a spiritual spark that makes it possible for them to transcend from within themselves. My point is that a being who has descended from above has a built-in ability to consciously self-transcend. Beings who evolve from below must earn this ability. Beings from above can lose it, and in that case they must also earn it back. There are actually some beings from above who have descended far below the level to which many of the beings from below have evolved.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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