07. Understanding the cosmic growth process

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In the preceding chapters I have given teachings that give you the big picture for the entire world of form and all beings in it. I will now focus specifically on helping you understand your situation as a human being on Earth.

Let us begin by summarizing the process of how a sphere is created. The first step is that a sphere is set apart from the void. Masters from the higher spheres create certain structures in the new sphere and, within the larger framework of the laws defined by the Creator, they define certain specific laws for the new sphere. Self-aware beings are then created to help the new sphere ascend, either by working from the spiritual realm (angels) or by helping to co-create it from within (co-creators). As the sphere reaches a critical intensity of light and organization, it “ascends” and becomes a permanent part of the spiritual realm.

When a sphere ascends, it becomes so filled with light that there is no longer room for the illusion of separateness. The beings who were sent into the sphere started out with a separate sense of identity, yet by transcending themselves they helped raise up their sphere. When a critical mass of beings reach the mastery of oneness with their source, they have brought their sphere to the point of ascension. As one sphere goes through the process of ascending, a new sphere is created by being set apart from the void. The ascending sphere is becoming so filled with light that the illusion of a separate identity cannot be maintained by the beings in that sphere. Yet in the newly created sphere, there is still such a low intensity of light that darkness or shadows can exist, and thus the illusion of a separate existence is possible. A new “generation” of beings is born and sent into the new sphere, beings who start out with a limited sense of identity and an awareness of themselves as separate beings.

I have explained that the very first sphere was created by the Creator itself. Thus, the beings who were sent into – or rather created in – that sphere were created directly by the Creator. The first sphere was designed in such a way that the structures in it were less defined, more fluid or less dense than what you see in the material world. We might say that the Ma-ter Light out of which the first sphere was created vibrated at a higher level and therefore everything in that sphere was more transparent than matter in your sphere. The consequence is that although the beings in the first sphere started out with a separate sense of self, it was far easier for them to overcome separateness than it is for the beings in the material universe. The first beings could easily see that there was something beyond their sphere, that it was created by a Being beyond themselves and that it was sustained by a constant stream of spiritual light that originated with the Creator and was stepped down to their level of vibration. They knew they were not alone and that there was something or someone beyond their own sphere. In other words, it was relatively easy for the first beings to ascend and attain the mastery of oneness with their source.

When the next sphere was created, the beings who had attained mastery in the first sphere helped create the second sphere. It was the Creator who set the second sphere apart from the void, and he also defined the laws for that sphere. Within that framework, the masters from the first sphere designed certain structures that could serve as a platform for life in the second sphere. These structures were more specific, more defined, than the structures in the first sphere. The masters from the first sphere used their own experiences to design these structures. It was part of the Creator’s plan that the structures in the second sphere should be more defined, more complex, more dense, than in the first sphere. In this way the second sphere would be one step further removed from oneness, making it more challenging for the beings in the second sphere to overcome separation.

If the beings in the second sphere had been created as the beings in the first sphere, the density of the second sphere might have been difficult for them to overcome. It would have been similar to taking a group of children and asking them to run a country. Yet the beings in the second sphere were created out of the consciousness of the masters from the first sphere. Thus, these second generation beings were designed based on the experience of these masters, meaning that they had a basis for overcoming the greater separation. This equipped them to deal with the density of the second sphere, making it possible that the Creator – through the second generation beings – could experience a greater sense of separation while minimizing the risk that these beings would become lost in separation. This is somewhat similar to the school system on Earth. Students start out by learning addition and subtraction, which gives them a basis for learning multiplication. This in turn gives them a basis for learning more advanced math, eventually leading to the university level.

The plan of the Creator is that the spheres are created as a continuum from less dense to more dense, from closer to oneness to further removed from oneness, from less complex to greater complexity. The specific structures in each succeeding sphere are designed by those who attained mastery in the previous sphere, but beings in all previous spheres are involved in the design of a new sphere. This means that each new sphere becomes more sophisticated, more specific, more expressed, which necessitates that the Ma-ter Light has a lower vibration. Greater complexity means a greater variety of different forms, and only light of a denser vibration can give rise to greater differentiation. We might say that the matter that makes up the material universe is more dense than the “stuff” in the spiritual realm. Matter is so dense that you cannot see that it is made from vibrating energy, that it is made from spiritual light that has been stepped down in vibration. You cannot directly perceive – at least not with the state of consciousness that is currently considered normal on Earth – that there is something beyond the material universe.

The higher density makes it more challenging for the beings sent into the new sphere to overcome separateness and come into oneness. Yet in their striving to overcome separation, they can lean on the beings who have gone before them in higher spheres. Thus, any given being is not truly separate – no man is an island – but has access to the entire hierarchy of beings that have gone before it and out of which it is the latest expression. It is somewhat like a family tree that gives you access to the experience of all previous generations, giving you the option of learning from the mistakes of others so you do not have to reinvent the wheel or repeat the same mistakes.


We will later consider that people on Earth started out their journey from many different points of origin. However, what I want to do here is to give you a universal description of how beings first descended to this particular sphere and eventually came to be in embodiment on the physical Earth. By describing this process, you will also gain a greater understanding of how you can ascend from this sphere and win your immortality as a spiritual being.

As I have explained, the material universe is the most dense part of the world of form, even the most dense part ever created in the world of form. The density of physical matter makes separate forms appear fully separate, which also makes self-conscious beings appear fully separate. Thus, it is more difficult for such beings to overcome the illusion of separation and follow the Path of Oneness that leads them to a higher sense of identity that is based on oneness with all life.

When a being enters a physical body on planet Earth, it will generally forget that it had any existence prior to this particular lifetime. I earlier explained that when the Creator created the first self-aware beings, it did not want to throw them into a vacuum with no sense of identity or continuity. Thus, it was not the original plan that any being would start out its journey in this sphere by being sent directly into physical embodiment. Beings were meant to start out in a protected environment in which they were offered the guidance of spiritual teachers who had attained the greater oneness with the All. Thus, beings would enter this latest sphere through a kind of cosmic or spiritual schoolroom in which they were offered a structured program to help them anchor themselves firmly on the Path of Oneness.

Such a program has existed in all higher spheres, and it has been successful in raising new beings up to a sense of oneness with their source. As I said, all beings are created as extensions of higher beings, forming a Chain of Being that reaches back to the Creator. Thus, the key to attaining oneness with your source is to begin by attaining oneness with the beings who are right above you in the Chain of Being. Obviously, this is far easier for a new lifestream than attaining oneness with the Creator who is far above it.

Once you are in a physical body, it really does not matter so much where you came from. What is truly important is that if you are to attain immortality, you have to follow the Path of Oneness that leads you to overcome the illusion of separation. Yet most people are not born with any awareness of this path, and there is hardly any religion on Earth that teaches the path. We must therefore conclude that on the physical Earth, knowledge of the Path of Oneness has been lost. It is important for you to understand how and why this happened, so that you can overcome the effects of this loss and rediscover the true path to eternal life. We will consider this topic in the coming chapters.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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