04. The purpose of this universe

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

Now that we have set an adequate foundation, we can go into a more direct discussion about the nature of God and the purpose for this universe. The purpose of this discussion is to expand your mental image of God so that – if you are willing – you can avoid having your mental image block a direct experience of God’s Presence. In other words, it is my hope that I can expand both your understanding of God and your direct perception of God. As an ascended Being I perceive the reality of God. I can describe my perception of God’s reality, but I have no desire to have you settle for my description. I want you to have a direct perception of God’s reality. Yet as we have discussed, this requires you to purify your mind of fixed, or graven, images that block your perception. Thus, let us consider the differences between how you – as an unascended being on Earth – and I – as an ascended being in the spiritual realm – perceive the level of reality in which we live, move and have our being.

As I have said, the material universe is made from the same basic substance as the spiritual realm. Yet the light in the material universe has been lowered to a different vibrational spectrum. We might also say that the lower vibration makes the light less intense, and thus it is not – yet – able to fill the material universe with light. That is why the space between solar systems and galaxies appears to be empty. It appears as if there are huge areas with no light and that only certain localized areas – your sun being one example – radiate light from within themselves. We might say that there is still more darkness than light in the material universe. The effect is that you cannot see energies above a certain vibration, and thus you cannot see that physical matter is actually made from finer energies that stream into the material universe from a higher vibrational spectrum. We might say that there is an observation horizon beyond which most people cannot perceive with their current level of consciousness.

The density of matter makes it possible for people to create and maintain the illusion that there is no God or that they are separated from God by an impenetrable barrier. This sense of separation from God inevitably leads people to see themselves as separate, independent beings. People can see themselves as being separate from other people, which gives rise to the illusion that you can harm other people, other forms of life and even the physical planet, without harming yourself. This, of course, is the essential cause of all human conflict and atrocities, for if people knew they were hurting themselves by hurting others, most of them would modify their behavior accordingly. Only a few very disturbed people would deliberately hurt themselves, but in reality, even they do not fully understand what they are doing. We might say that the purpose of life in the material realm is to overcome the limited perception of reality, so that you can experience directly that you are not a separate being but an extension of your source, of your Creator.

In contrast to the material universe, the spiritual realm is made from energy of a higher vibration, and thus a higher intensity. Even in the lowest level of the spiritual realm, there is no empty space. Everything appears filled with light, and you see yourself as moving in an ocean of light. You perceive directly that everything is made from light, meaning that it radiates light from within itself or allows light to shine through it. Thus, you perceive that you too radiate light from within yourself. If you care to look more closely, you will see that the light in your vibrational spectrum streams into your world from a higher realm. And if you follow the direction of the light, you will see that it originated as the pure light that was created by the Being who created this particular world of form. Thus, you will know that there is a God and that “without him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3), including yourself.

Your direct perception that everything is light and that light comes from God does not take away your free will. In fact, it gives you true freedom of choice. A Being in the spiritual realm can still choose to go against the Creator’s laws and creative intent. Yet it cannot do so based on ignorance, it cannot do so without knowing that by hurting others it is hurting itself. On Earth, it is harder to have a direct experience of God’s existence, and thus it is more likely that beings can choose to go against what they do not understand or do not believe to be real. People can believe they can hurt others without harming themselves.

Imagine that you come to a fork in the road and you have to choose which way to go. You cannot see that one road leads to an abyss and another leads to a hospitable kingdom. No one is forcing you to take either road, but can you really make a free choice when you do not know where both roads lead? If you do not know or fully understand the consequences of your choices, can you really make a free choice? Thus, can those who violate God’s laws or deny God’s existence without perceiving God directly really be said to be making free choices? If you have not perceived God, or at least God’s light, can you really choose freely whether you will follow or go against God’s intent for creating this universe? That is why the Bible talks about a way that seems right to a human being, but the ends thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12).


The reality of God is not linear but because the human mind is so programmed to think in linear images, let us look at a linear representation. Let us start with your perception of the material universe. Science has already discovered that there is something beyond the material universe and that the human mind has an ability to perceive something beyond the material universe. Yet few scientists have been willing to put the two together and recognize that when people see something beyond, they are not – at least not always – hallucinating. They are seeing something that is really there. Science will one day recognize that one of the major characteristics of the mind is the ability to perceive and that the mind’s perception is far more sophisticated than perception based on the physical senses. Most people have been brought up to direct the mind’s perceptive ability exclusively through the physical senses. That is why they see nothing beyond the material universe—or rather, they do see it but their minds filter it out as unnecessary information before it reaches the conscious level. Yet the mind can be retrained to direct its perceptive abilities beyond the senses. Intuition is the first step, but others can follow. My point being that your mind has the ability to perceive all of the spiritual realms created by your Creator. You can start by perceiving the lowest spiritual realm and can gradually work your way up to perceiving the highest level of the world of form. You can even take a step beyond and experience the Creator itself.

Many people have already done this, although few have the ability to perceive details of the higher realms. Yet most people who are spiritually interested have the ability to sense that there is something beyond the material universe, and thus they know – through direct experience or inner knowing – that the spiritual world is real. Likewise, you can have a direct experience that there is a Presence, a Being, that is beyond even the highest spiritual realm. Thus, you can know that God exists.

Once you have the sense that something is real, you can use another of the mind’s abilities to increase your understanding of that something, even though you do not perceive the details directly. This is the mind’s ability to imagine, to conceptualize, that which is not perceived in detail but only as “something real.” This ability is – or should be – coupled with the ability to rationalize, whereby you can extend your understanding beyond what is directly perceived. This, of course, is where spiritual teachings have a function in terms of helping you develop a more detailed understanding of the spiritual world. In other words, outer teachings can assist your growth by clarifying your direct experiences—as long as you do not use an outer teaching to block the experience.

Let me now ask you to imagine that you travel up through the various levels of the spiritual realm until you reach the highest level. This is the level described in the Bible as God saying, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending” (Revelation 21:6). This is the highest level of the world of form, because it is the first level of the Creator expressing itself in form. The Creator starts by expressing itself as two polarities, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the expanding and the contracting forces, the out-breath and the in-breath, the Yang and the Yin. On the human level, these forces are often seen as the Father and the Mother or the masculine and feminine, although they are far beyond human sexuality.

The point is that as the first level of expression, the One Creator expresses itself as two polarities. These are not opposites, and they do not cancel out each other. They are complementary forces that supplement and enhance each other. When they meet in a balanced manifestation, they multiply each other and become more. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and thus a new expression of life is created. This is how all the succeeding levels of the world of form are created, as we will later explore. My point here is to show that the One Creator manifests itself as two polarities, yet beyond the highest level of the world of form there is still the One Creator. In other words, there is only One God, and although “without him was not anything made that was made” the One God never ceases to be One, the indivisible whole.

Many religions on Earth talk about this One God, simply using different names and slightly different descriptions for the same reality. Yet before we can go any further, we need to address a misconception that has crept into several religions. This misunderstanding states that there is nothing beyond the One God, that this superior or ultimate God is all there is to God. This is partly due to a lack of perception and understanding of anything beyond. Yet it is also caused by the human ego’s need for superiority. Many religious people have a need to feel that their religion is the only true one and is superior to any other religion. And if your religion is the only true one and is the only one worshiping the ultimate God, then it must be the best religion on Earth—or so the ego reasons. This war of religions has prevented the Ascended Host from releasing a higher understanding of God on this planet. Yet a critical mass has been reached, and we have determined to release this higher understanding for those who have eyes to see.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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