Self-Actualizing by Self-Emptying

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, February 11, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray. It is not my intention here to in any way imply that what you have received from beloved Nada is not enough to prepare you for the course you will take under me and the Seventh Ray. However, I wish to give you some time to internalize not only what you have learned from Nada but a few additional ideas so that you can be prepared in the best possible way to receive the instructions I will give you.

My intention with the seven levels of initiation you will go through in my retreat is that I will prepare you to master what has sometimes been called the “Art of Precipitation,” or even what some have called “Alchemy.” It is the art of bringing into the physical what you desire to bring into the physical.

Now my beloved, there are books and teachings on this floating around in the world. There is a certain group of people out there in the world who are very focused on this idea that you can precipitate something. For many of them, this is based on a primitive vision where they think that precipitation means that you can manifest gold, jewels or money out of thin air, so to speak.

I know that not many of these people will be willing to go through the course that you have gone through under the previous six Chohans in order to prepare yourself to learn how to precipitate. Nevertheless, I do also know that among ascended master students most of you are still having some unrealistic expectations or ideas about what it means to perform alchemy or to precipitate. I wish to give you a few ideas here that can prepare you for the initiations you will go through as you join me in the Cave of Symbols for the final level of this course in self-mastery.

Monitor your waking dreams

Now my beloved, Nada has prepared you very well by giving you some of the teachings on the compensatory mechanisms and the escape mechanisms. I simply wish to direct what she has given you into focusing on a specific topic. It is my hope that you will use the time you have between completing Nada’s course to when you begin my course, to contemplate these ideas so that you can begin to internalize not only what I am saying but what Nada has been saying. Therefore, you can overcome some of the illusions that will make it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to follow the instructions I will give you.

When you take what Nada has said about the compensatory mechanism and about the escape mechanism, I wish to direct this to the topic of dreams. I am not here talking about the dreams you have at night. This is not a Freudian course in interpreting your dreams. I am talking about the dreams you have in your waking consciousness. Some may call them daydreams others may call them higher visions or more long-term dreams. They may relate to what kind of life you would like to have, what kind of life you would like to manifest, what are your spiritual goals, what is the goal you see for society even in the Golden Age of Saint Germain? These are the kinds of dreams or visions that I am focusing on.

Naturally, it should not be difficult for you to see here that many of the people who have focused on precipitating the kind of life they want, have done this based on a certain daydream that they had. If you will bother to look out there at what people say about precipitation, many of them are focused about getting rich because they think that this will solve all of their problems. Well my beloved, there are indeed some psychologists who have done some very scientific studies that show that when people do get rich, they do not actually get happier, at least not after an initial period of euphoria. What you quickly realize, as an ascended master student, is that many of the people out there who engage in this process of precipitation, whether they are using treasure maps or other techniques, they come from a very self-focused level of seeking to overcome a sense of lack.

Consider what you really want

Now my beloved, it is impossible for you to precipitate what you truly want if you are coming from a sense of lack. This is a statement that needs to be qualified. I know very well that you can go out there and find books and courses from people who have set themselves up as experts on manifesting the life you want, manifesting riches. You can find examples of people who are saying: “Well, I became rich by adopting a positive mental attitude and so can you.” If you have ever looked more closely, you will see that some of these authors who have written best-selling books about how to get rich, they have become rich by selling their books to those who are not rich but who are dreaming about becoming rich. Obviously my beloved, their scheme worked for them but it is not going to work for everybody because everybody cannot become rich by telling everybody else how to become rich. This I trust is obvious. It is in essence a kind of pyramid scheme and as all pyramid schemes, it can only keep rolling as long as enough people believe in it.

My beloved, the reality here is that many people begin the process of alchemy or precipitation with some very unrealistic dreams about what they want to manifest. I know you can find many people who have not set themselves up as experts, but are still saying that they created a treasure map, they put a picture on there with the exact house they wanted and within a certain amount of time that house manifested for them. I am not denying that this can take place but you need to recognize here that you are an ascended master student. You have followed this course for six levels, you have really made an effort to raise your consciousness.

Is what you really want to precipitate a fancy house and lots of money to travel or whatever most people dream about? I think not. What I am asking you to do here is that between you finishing the course under Nada and beginning the course under me, you consider your dreams, your visions. What is it you really want, what is it you really desire?

The hierarchy of human needs

Naturally, we have spoken before about the psychologist Maslow who came up with a pyramid, the hierarchy of human needs. You will know, I am sure, that at the very top level of the pyramid are the self-actualization needs. Many of the people that I talked about earlier (who have either written books or who have done treasure mapping), they will say that they are working on their self-actualization needs. In a sense, we could say that this is correct because there are lower self-actualization needs and higher self-actualization needs.

You understand, my beloved, that the physical universe is to some degree – to some degree – functioning as a realm of wish-fulfillment. What you see in some of the more affluent nations is that more and more people are acquiring a high degree of material affluence. If you could look back at these lifestreams, you would see that in many past lifetimes they had been very poor. Indeed, even a hundred years ago, the majority of the population even in these countries were very poor.

You could say that when you look at the evolution of a certain lifestream, you can see that if a soul has experienced being poor for many lifetimes, it actually needs to go through at least one embodiment (perhaps even more) where it has material affluence. You could say that this is a legitimate desire, a legitimate need of that lifestream and therefore it is part of the lifestream’s process of self-actualization. You could say that some of the books that are out there, some of the techniques that are out there, are not necessarily invalid. It is possible for people to use some of these techniques to manifest what they want, such as material affluence.

I do not want to in any way go into some criticism about the offerings that are out there. I only want to put out to you that you are an ascended master student. You have risen quite high in consciousness compared to the average person. The question is: “Do you still need to manifest material affluence or some other physical desire or are you ready to step up to the higher self-actualization needs?” You see my beloved, as even Maslow was well aware, self-actualization really is not about wish-fulfillment or getting everything you want in the physical world.

Self-actualization is about developing your “self,” which means, first of all, raising your consciousness. Maslow was quite well aware of this. He, of course, would not have used the terminology that we use in terms of the path to Christhood or rising towards the 144th level of consciousness and making your ascension, but he was quite aware of the process of personal growth. Of course, if you are ready to start the initiations under me on the Seventh Ray, then you are also ready to begin your higher self-actualization needs. Therefore, what I am asking you to do is to spend some time, before you start the course under me, to consider what remnants you still have of these lower self-actualization needs.

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