Seek the Buddha in the stillness that makes movement possible

TOPICS: The Thoughtform for 2012 – The Alpha and the Omega of the Buddha –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at an event in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Buddha I AM. Gautama is my name. And I shall address you, not in my customary sitting position. For I wish to take you beyond the image of the Buddha – that has been put into the collective consciousness of humankind now for almost 2,500 years – that of the Buddha sitting quietly in meditation, seemingly being oblivious to what is going on in the world. Instead, I wish to give you a different image of the Buddha.

There was once a Buddhic teacher who said: “If you meet the Buddha in the road; kill him!” And the meaning is, of course, that everything is the Buddha nature and that you have the potential to manifest your individual Buddhahood. Thus, if you identify the Buddha as someone outside yourself, it is better for your own growth that you kill that someone—so that you can stop looking for the Buddha outside yourself.

This, of course, was not necessarily bad advice. Yet I wish to take this to a higher level. For I would say: “If you meet the Buddha in the road; kill him—if you can catch me!” For you first have to catch me, and that might not be as easy as you think. For the simple reason, that if you identify me as being outside yourself – a distance away from you – then you will first have to come to me, before you can catch me.

But you see, as you approach me, I will move away—and why is this so? Because you will never find me, you will never reach me, until you realize that I am everywhere—for everything is the Buddha nature. So if everything is the Buddha nature, how can there be a distance between you and the Buddha? So as long as you think there is a distance, there will always be a distance. And thus, you will never catch up; you will never reach me.

The Thoughtform for 2012

Do you see, my beloved, this is indeed the thoughtform for this coming year of 2012, the Year of the Holy Spirit? The thoughtform I wish to give you is that of a mighty, rushing stream, that flows through the mountains, around and over the rocks. And anything that comes into that stream, will be carried along with the current. There is no standing still; there is going to be no standing still in the Year of the Holy Spirit.

Those who will pass the initiations of this coming year, are those who do not seek to stand still, who do not seek to hold on to the old, but who are willing to move with the rushing stream of the Spirit. Yet, the thoughtform I give you is that at any point in the [stream of the] Spirit, there is the Buddha; there I am.

The image that I can only be in a serene, meditative setting is the image you must let go of, in order up to pass the initiations of the coming year. You must seek me everywhere in activity—whatever you are going through, whatever the activity may be: seek the Buddha in the midst of whatever experience you are having. Whether it be your daily life, or whether it be some kind of turmoil or crisis.

There is no crisis in which I cannot be found; there is no circumstance in which I cannot be found. The entire idea that the Buddha can only be found in a serene, remote setting is what needs to go. You cannot have the image that I am not found in your daily life, that I am not found in stressful situations, that I am not found where there is movement—but I can only be found in stillstand.

This is not so, my beloved. I AM everywhere. And thus, I am the Buddha wherever I AM. I am the Buddha in the midst of the most intense turmoil you could ever experience. And indeed, that is where you need to seek me. Whatever you experience in this coming year, whatever the world experiences and goes through in this coming year, seek me in the midst of activity. Do not seek to find a place of silence, do not seek to control the environment and silence it or calm it down. Seek me instead in the midst of movement; seek the stillness that is the very foundation for movement.

For my beloved, do you not realize that as the Buddha, as the Lord of the World, I hold the balance for space itself? And it is only because there is space, that there can be movement. If there was no space, how would you ever move from one place to another? Yet precisely because I am the Lord of Space, I am also everywhere present in space. Yet I am still the Buddha, I am still the stillness in the midst of movement.

And this is the image that I give to you, the thoughtform for 2012. There may be great turmoil in the outer world, and there are many who will tend to think that they simply have to ride out the storm. And then, when the storm has passed, they can again seek the Buddha. But I say to you: seek me in the midst of the storm, see the storm as an opportunity, as a challenge, to look beyond the outer turmoil and find the Buddha that holds the space that makes the turmoil possible.

Then, you will look beyond the turmoil. Then, you will see me sitting there; not in my customary position with closed eyes, but as you see me now:* with open eyes, looking at you—not with my usual detached, Buddhic smile but with the joyful smile, where I welcome you because you have found me where I AM.

And where am I? I am wherever you are—there I am. For I am indeed with you always. And it is only when you realize that I am with you always, that you will truly know me; not only as the Alpha aspect of the silent, meditative Buddha, but in the Omega aspect of the active Buddha, who is everywhere in the midst of the flow that is made possible by space.

The Alpha and the Omega of the Buddha

Thus, I have both the silent quality and the dynamic quality. And I encourage you, in 2012, to seek the dynamic quality of the Buddha, to find me in the midst of activity. And there, you will truly know the two aspects of the Buddha, the Alpha and the Omega of the Buddha, the Buddha and the Mother, the Buddha in the Mother, the Buddha that makes the Mother possible by holding the Flame for space itself.

That is who I truly am. That is my flame, my Joy. And I look forward to greeting you in this coming year, that indeed we may attain the oneness of hearts, the oneness of minds, so that you can be the extensions of the Buddha and hold the balance for the world in 2012 and beyond. So that you can hold the balance for the many people on earth, who do not know the Buddha, who cannot find the Buddha in the midst of activity, who will indeed be swept away by world events, who will be overpowered, who will be blinded, and therefore cannot find stillness, cannot find harmony.

Yet, you can be in the midst activity, and you can find the stillness within you, the point of stillness that Saint Germain has talked about. And therefore, you can be the ones who can hold the balance for the rest of humanity, even for the physical planet, in this coming year. So that planet earth may continue its ascending spiral, and literally flow with the streams of the Spirit. So that there will not be mass destruction and upheaval, but instead the entire planet will be liquefied, as we talked about yesterday, with a frozen river that breaks up and then starts flowing with the current towards the ocean of self.

For indeed, the turmoil that might come in this coming year, has the potential to very quickly take society and humanity through the narrow canyons, where the current is strong, until the river starts widening out and eventually flows into the ocean itself, flows into the ocean of self.

And so, hold the vision that in the midst of the current, you find the Buddha. But beyond finding the Buddha, you ARE the Buddha. And you are flowing with the current, while experiencing the stillness within. That stillness I am, the stillness in the midst of activity. That is the dynamic aspect of the Buddha.

And thus, with this I thank you for manifesting your physical presence here, that has made it possible for us to manifest our Presence. Thus, I seal you, I seal this gathering, and I give you now the opportunity to walk in a line before the messenger,** and we will give you each one a blessing from the specific master that is closest to you, and a blessing that is adapted to you and your current state of growth; that will accelerate you the most, and prepare you for this year of 2012. Thus, it is sealed.


* When taking a dictation from Gautama Buddha, the messenger is normally sitting with closed eyes. During this dictation, the messenger was standing and had his eyes open much of the time.

** After the dictation, the participants formed a line and one-by-one walked in front of the messenger, who put his right hand over the person’s forehead and his left on the person’s shoulder, allowing the masters to transfer a more direct measure of spiritual light to each student. Through the return current of the left hand, the masters would also take from each student whatever burdens of misqualified energy that would assist the student’s growth. This action was entirely controlled by the masters and adapted to each students state of consciousness plus their demonstrated willingness to rise above old momentums. It was beyond the messenger’s conscious awareness.


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