No woman is free until all women are free

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I wish to continue what has been said by other masters and build upon this by giving you some thoughts about how the fallen beings have managed to take away the freedom of both men and women. Now, as we have explained, the fallen beings took the basic creative forces, the expanding and the contracting forces, and turned them into dualistic polarities. They perverted them because once you have turned something into a dualistic polarity, you can pervert it beyond what it originally was.

Let us look at the expanding force first. How have the fallen beings perverted it? Well, the expanding force wants to expand. Now, as we have said, there is no point in expansion because the purpose of using the expanding force is to create some form that is sustainable for a time. If there was only expansion and nothing balancing expansion, no form would be created, no form could be upheld. You may have some form created for a fleeting moment, but then it will be gone or transformed into another form the next moment. What the fallen beings have done is they have taken this drive to create, this drive to expand, and they have perverted it by saying that there should be no rules and no restrictions to what you can do with your free will. If you really have free will, you should be able to do anything you want. Therefore, there should be no rules, no restrictions, no consequences and no repercussions for anything that the fallen beings do.

Rebellion against the mechanics of the universe

We have explained to you that there was a point where certain beings in an unascended sphere had refused to transcend their state of consciousness so that they were not ready to ascend when the rest of the sphere was ready to ascend. These beings (who had not yet fallen) had set themselves up on certain planets as having a very high degree of power. When they were confronted by the ascended masters with the need to transcend their mindset and ascend with the rest of their sphere, they rebelled against this. They refused to let go of this mindset because they thought that if they really had free will, they should be allowed to do anything they wanted for as long as they wanted, and there should be no ascended master who could come in and upset the apple cart and disturb their sense that they had all power on their particular planet. When they were confronted by the ascended masters and they realized that they did not have all power, and that free will does not mean you can do anything you want for as long as you want, and that there are consequences for what you do, then they rebelled against this. They refused to transcend themselves and therefore they fell into the next sphere that was created.

We have said before that the fact that your choices have consequences is not a restriction of your free will. As we have explained, you live in a world of form that was created with a certain matrix, a certain Christ matrix, a certain density of matter and energy.  You start out as a co-creator who is creating within that matrix. Once you ascend, you can keep rising until you can define your own matrix. You start out as a co-creator, and as a co-creator you have free will, but you do not have what you might call an unrestricted free will. Because you are co-creating within the parameters defined by those who are above you, those who are ascended beings and who are one with the whole and therefore will not set parameters that will damage some beings and elevate others to a privileged position. We have also said that if you did not see a consequence of your choices, how would you know you have made a choice?

The purpose of being a co-creator is not to create a particular creation and stay with that indefinitely. The purpose of being a co-creator is to create something and when you experience what you have created, you have the opportunity to transcend the consciousness from which you created it so you can move forward. That is the purpose of life and that is what the vast majority of beings in an unascended sphere are engaged in. Now, the fallen beings refused to transcend the consciousness through which they had created these privileged positions for themselves, for on an entire planet with billions of lifestreams, a handful of fallen beings had set themselves up as the leaders who had absolute power and absolute privilege. Basically, the other billions of beings on that planet were just slaves, working for the benefit of the elite, very similar to what you see on earth in the current situation, and what you have seen in the past.

The denial of responsibility and the power elite

This is one of the perversions of the expanding force of the Father when it is pulled down to the level of a dualistic polarity. It makes people think that there should be no restrictions, that they should be allowed to do anything they want, and there should be no consequences. You will see this in the world, how there are people who believe this. You will see how this has even given rise to some belief systems. For example, you will see that in the Christian religion, especially with the formation of the Catholic church but even before, there was a denial of reincarnation, a refusal to incorporate reincarnation in the official Christian doctrines and this is basically a denial of consequences. People are denying that they can have consequences that can, for choices they have made in this lifetime, come back to them in a future lifetime, or that certain things that happened to them in this lifetime are the result of choices they made in a previous lifetime. In other words, one perversion of the expanding force is that people deny responsibility. They refuse consequences and therefore they think that whatever happens in this lifetime was not the result of choices they made in a past life, it was just a result of conditions beyond their control and they deny that anything they do in this lifetime could have repercussions in a future lifetime.

Now, you also have scientific materialists or communists who also deny reincarnation for much the same reason. Many, or at least some, of the primary philosophers behind materialism also refuse to take responsibility beyond this particular lifetime. Now, of course you can look at the planet and you can see that there are certain men that are affected by this mindset and they often form a certain power elite. They are men who believe they have a special authority, a special ability, especially the ability to be leaders, to rule over others and therefore they tend to, in any society, set themselves up as the elite who has power. This can be in the government where they will, if the opportunity is there, set themselves up as dictators. It can also be in a democratic society where they attempt to be elected leaders, but then attempt to take on more powers and in a sense, undermine democracy. This is what you see in some nations. You see it for example in Poland with the current government. You see it in Russia with Putin and you have seen other examples of it, including Churchill in England during the war and of course Hitler. You can debate whether he was democratically elected or not, but at least there was an election that brought him to power.

This is one way, but it is not only in government that these people will set themselves up. You can find it in the business community where they attempt to become owners of these large businesses where they set themselves up as the monopoly capitalists to attempt to gain a monopoly. They can attempt to become CEOs of businesses who, then again, act basically as if they were the dictator of that business and they have all power. You also see an intellectual elite, it can be philosophers, it can be people in educational institutions, especially in the universities, who set themselves up in a position where nobody can really object, nobody can protest against them. They are the ones who define what is true or not true. You see this in terms of certain people who are promoting a materialist agenda, and who are basically holding the educational institutions of the world, especially in the modern democracies, in an iron grip of materialism and will not allow any kind of research or theories that question the materialist paradigm or the materialist gospel, as we might say.

You find this of course in all areas of society, but especially in the areas I have mentioned. Of course you have the religious area where they will also attempt to set themselves up, not necessarily as the ones defining a new religion, even though that happens as well, but even as the leaders of an ancient religion such as the Pope who has, seemingly, all power in the Catholic religion, and a small group of clerics in Islam who also have tremendous power there.


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