Roles of Men and Women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, October 5, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I wish to speak on a topic that I have spoken about before, namely the interaction between men and women. Sisterhood is essential for the growth of this planet, but sisterhood cannot be just among women. It must include men, as well. This, of course, requires men to be open to a different kind of interaction with women than they have had in the past.

Now, I have given many teachings on this topic and I have said that, basically, the masculine energy is outgoing, or expansive; whereas, the feminine energy is ingoing, is balancing. However, what you see is that because of the long history on this planet of suppressing women and suppressing the feminine energy; these roles are not as clearly defined anymore. And that is why you have a situation today, where when you look at the planet, and especially the Western world, you will see that women are much more open to the new spiritual ideas that can bring the planet forward.

You see in so many spiritual movements, and in society in general, that it is women who are open to new ideas. Whereas, men, in general, are much more conservative and closed-minded towards a change. This is, of course, unnatural and very unfortunate. And it requires, first of all, that the men who are spiritually inclined and who are considering themselves to be part of the spiritual growth, the spiritual movement of this planet, change their attitude so that they realize that in this day and age they need to allow the feminine to take more power, more precedence in society. This does not simply mean that women must come to the foreground; although, it does mean that. But, it also means that men need to discover the feminine energy in themselves.

I have, of course, taught that men are not exclusively masculine and women are not exclusively feminine. In fact, the main problem on the earth is that both sexes have become imbalanced and many women have too much of the feminine energy in the sense of the contracting aspect of the feminine energy. But, when this is taken too far; then you limit yourself and your ability to take part in the growth of society. And this is what you see in many nations where women have been suppressed. The women have accepted this suppression and have, therefore, suppressed the positive qualities of the feminine energy. And have, instead, taken on this desire to control their immediate environment, especially their families. This has, in many cases, caused women to become far too focused on the little things, the daily things, and not open to the larger ideas of society; which they traditionally should have been, if the suppression of women had not taken place.

So you see, my beloved, it is not only men who are open to new ideas. There is an aspect of the feminine energy that is always open to new ideas. But, you also see, of course, that men have taken on a role where they have suppressed the positive qualities of the masculine energy; which is also an openness and a willingness to experiment. And instead, what you see in so many nations is that the men are the ones who hold onto the old traditions, the old ways; who resist the fact that the roles between the sexes is changing and that the old religions, the old world views, based on a patriarchal culture, simply must go for the new age to come in.

And so you see that instead of embracing the change; too many times, both men and women are resisting change in different ways. And that has one overall effect. Namely, that in most nations it is very, very difficult for men and women to communicate openly and trustingly and to have the acceptance of each other, based on a recognition of the fact that both sexes are essential and that both have positive qualities.


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