Why the power elite wants to suppress women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 1, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I wish to continue the remarks made by Astrea on sex because there is more to be said about the topic. What you see in the world today is that sex has been turned into something that, if we look at the Fourth Ray of purity associated with the base chakra, we can say that sex has become a very dirty, a very impure activity in many cases. You see perversions of sex, degradations of sex, you see how the entire concept of sexuality has been pulled down to a much lower level than it was a generation or two ago. I am not saying this is purely caused by the sexual revolution, but it should give pause that it has accompanied the sexual revolution. Supposedly, the more free people have become to express their sexuality, the more “dirty” the expression of that sexuality has become and the more abusive it has become, especially towards women.

Why is this? Well, you cannot understand this unless you understand that there are some very narcissistic, self-centered, insensitive beings who are manipulating everything on earth to the extent that they are able to do so—to the extent that they can get human beings or the population to go along with this manipulation or to not be aware of this manipulation. The fallen beings have deliberately done everything they could to pull sex down to, first, being a purely physical activity, then being a lower activity that most people will see as something impure. Many, many people around the world can see that many of the sexual activities that are being promoted out there are impure.

Why has this happened? Well, it has happened for two main reasons: One is actually that the more impure an activity becomes (the more base, the more gross, the more primitive it becomes) the more addictive it can become for at least some people. Of course, the more impure an activity becomes, the more it can force people who engage in the activity to release energy, to release light through that activity. We have said before, for example that one of the most (we might say) efficient ways to force people to release light is through torture, which is obviously a very impure activity. The fallen beings and the collective entities in the emotional realm have absolutely no sensitivity to life, no compunctions about forcing people to release the energy that they need in order to survive and in order to do what they want to do.

The other thing that is part of the entire phenomenon of sexual addiction is that the fallen beings want to detract people from their higher goals in life. The fallen beings want to control the population, and they can do that best if the people are not activating their higher chakras, from the heart chakra and above. These are the chakras that primarily express the higher qualities, what you might call the more spiritual or creative qualities. You have the teaching given by Astrea that you have the seven chakras on a vertical line, and the lowest of the chakras is the base chakra and the energy descends first to the base chakra.

There is actually a reason for this, and it is that the base chakra is not only the center of the sexual function and the sexual organs, but of the life force that is needed to drive the physical body, to keep the physical body alive. When you are in a physical body, you might say that the basic need that you have is to keep the physical body alive because that is the foundation for your spiritual growth. That is why the energy first descends there; it upholds the physical body, upholds the nervous system, upholds the brain. Then, when these basic functions of the physical body are taken care of, the energy that is left over can rise up through the higher chakras, first the heart chakra, then throat, third eye, and crown chakra. As these centers are activated, people become more aware, they become more spiritual, they become more connected, more intuitive, more connected to the whole.

The fallen beings want to stop Christhood

This is what the fallen beings want to prevent because people who are spiritual and who are walking the path to Christhood (which you can only do when all seven chakras are activated) are a threat to the fallen beings. They cannot be controlled by the fallen beings and they might show people a way out of the control. They want to get as many people as possible to concentrate the energy in the base chakra as a diversion so there is not enough energy left over to rise up. When a man is addicted to sex for example and spends most of his attention on sex and his time and energy engaging in sex or fantasizing about it, then this pulls his energy out through the base chakra and there is very little left to rise up to activate the other chakras.

There are of course many agendas that the fallen beings have. You have the entire concept, as Astrea said, that some religions believe that it was sexual activity that caused the fall of man. You have today, where you see sexual activity becoming more and more dirty, and all of this works together to create an attitude that is very much out there in the collective consciousness, but often is unspoken or not written down. You can find it written down in some specifically eastern religions and also in the Christian religion, and it is that sex is contrary to your spiritual growth, is an enemy of your spiritual goals, the limitation of your spiritual growth. You can therefore find the whole ideal that you see outpictured in the Catholic church where priests are not allowed to marry and they, therefore, supposedly should not have sex, which of course you all know is largely a lie. At least some priests do manage to be celibate for a lifetime. You have many eastern religions, gurus, the whole concept of monks and nuns and sages and spiritual people who are living a life of renunciation. They are living as recluses and they are abstaining from sexual activity and many other physical activities.

You have this ideal that has been created that spiritual growth means that you have to not have sex. What is one of the purposes of this? It is to prevent as many people as possible from following the spiritual path so they do not become a threat to the fallen beings. The fallen beings have at the same time sought to inflate the sexual desire of most people, both men and women. People are forced with this choice, they think, between giving up sex, having sex or pursuing the spiritual path. In other words they think they have to give up sex in order to really pursue a spiritual path, so many people do not want to pursue a spiritual path. They either do not know about it or, if they are confronted with it, they do not want to give up sex in order to grow spiritually.

Sex is not inherently anti-spiritual

The first thing I want to address here is that, from a spiritual, ascended master perspective, there is nothing inherently impure or anti-spiritual about sex.  You are in a physical body on earth. One of the activities you can do with this physical body is to have sex. There is, from an ascended master perspective, nothing inherently impure about many bodily activities. Now, this does not mean that I say sex is always pure because, as I have said, sex can become one of the most dirty and debased of human activities, but that goes for any activity. There is nothing inherently impure about it. It is entirely possible to be sexually active and walk the spiritual path, including the path to Christhood or Buddhahood while being sexually active.

Why do you then have this ideal, going far back? Well, partly because of the fallen beings, partly because there is of course a certain reality here. As I have said, there is a certain amount of energy. Dependent on your level of consciousness, there is a certain amount of energy that descends from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. In order to make spiritual progress, there has to be some of that energy that rises up to the higher chakras and activates those chakras. The question simply is: How much of the amount of energy that you are receiving at any given time is used in what we might call physical, bodily activities in the physical octave, and how much of it is left over to activate the higher chakras? It is simply not necessary, as Gautama Buddha also discovered after living as an ascetic for six years, to renounce all worldly or physical activities in order to pursue spiritual growth. You have to find a way so that all of the energy you receive from your I AM Presence is not spent on physical activities, so there is something left over to rise to the higher chakras and activate them. This of course means that you have to look at the activities you engage in, and you have to look at how much energy you are spending on these activities and this includes sex.

It is perfectly possible, and in fact, we have said several times that the ideal for the Aquarian Age is not that spiritual people live an ascetic lifestyle, but that you live an active life in society (have a family, have a relationship),  but you are still pursuing spiritual growth. You need to evaluate then that you do not need to refrain from having sex, but obviously you cannot go into the extreme that men, who are addicted to sex are into, of spending most of their time and energy on sexual activity. Then, there is nothing left over. You need to find a more balanced approach to this and this is what you really can do only when you live in a committed relationship with one partner and you are dedicated to fulfilling each others needs, both sexual and otherwise. You can help each other with the physical needs and to deal with these needs, to take care of these needs, in such a way that you both have energy left over to rise up to the other chakras. In other words, this is simply a spiritual reality. It is so to speak the economics of spiritual growth. There has to be a balance between the money coming in and the money going out—basic economic theory.

This is what has then been perverted by the fallen beings into these ideas that sex is an enemy of your spiritual growth, will stop your spiritual growth, or even prevent it entirely, even prevent your salvation, which some believe. We are not saying that you cannot make spiritual growth by renouncing sex. For some people it can be the fastest way to make spiritual growth and they may still want to do it. What we are saying is that for the majority of people in this age and cycle we are in, it is not necessary to do this. You can actually in many cases make faster spiritual growth by living an active life in society, living in a relationship, because this brings out your reactionary patterns so you have a chance to see them.

There are people, both in the past and now, who have lived the life of a recluse where they sit in an isolated, controlled environment and meditate all day. While it can lead to some growth, it will not in many cases lead to the fastest growth because when you are in a controlled environment, what stirs up your reactionary patterns, your separate selves? You can very easily get yourself in a state of mind where you think you are spiritual, you think you are in harmony but it is simply because nothing stirs up your unresolved psychology so you do not see it. You believe you do not even have it. There are people who have sat there for years and decades in a meditative environment and made hardly any progress in that time. That is why an active life is what we recommend for most people in this age. There can be exceptions and you need to follow your intuition on this.

What I wanted to say here is this (just as a conclusion): sex is not in itself an impure activity, it can become a very pure activity. If two partners are dedicated to helping each other grow spiritually, they can purify their sexual desires, they can purify their base chakras, they can protect themselves, cut themselves free from these collective entities. They can resolve their separate selves relating to sex because all of you (all of us who have been in embodiment) will have such separate selves related to sex because of the manipulation that has been going on for so long. Once you do this, you can actually be sexually active in a way that does not detract from your spiritual growth.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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