Material Gain through War

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 1, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to discourse with you on another cause of war, which is war caused by the desire for material gain. This is a complex issue. There is not just one but many undercurrents. Beginning with the most simple one, you have throughout history seen many cases in which wars, or at least aggression on a larger scale, has been caused by the desire for physical plunder. You have seen many groups of people, from the Vikings to the Huns to the pirates, who have waged war or aggressive acts in order to physically plunder those who had greater wealth.

This has to some degree been fed by or spun off from the warrior culture. There has been this culture of educating young men to be good warriors. What did they do with their skills when there were no nations where you could have wars between nations? The warriors would sometimes go out and use their skill for material gain. This is the simplest cause of war over material wealth. There is a direct, visible link between the act of war and the plunder.

In the modern world, things have become much more complex. There is no longer always a direct, physical link – or at least not a visible link – between an act of war and the gain of material wealth.

Exposing the industry of war

On a more complicated but still fairly visible level, we can talk about what has been called the military-industrial complex. It is quite obvious that there are large corporations around the world that make money out of making the technology used for war. The so-called defense industry is huge. It has enormous political power in many countries. It has enormous power, either directly or through somewhat indirect means, in that it provides jobs for people. It also has enormous hidden power where it has bought influence through lobbying, bribes or whatever.

This needs to be exposed. It needs to be stopped. When you have a defense industry where the industry itself, the profit of the shareholders, the jobs of the employees, are dependent upon making war materials, then the industry wants to continue making war materials. Not only that, it wants to increase its profits by making more war materials, more sophisticated, more expensive weapons. This ties in with what I have already said, namely that there is no ultimate weapon that could ever be developed because everything has a counter measure.

There are many examples of how the military-industrial complex has presented a new weapons system to the politicians of one country or one side. They have deliberately only presented this weapons system, but from the very beginning that they developed their weapons system, they already knew

what the counter measure would be. They had plans for that also, but they are presenting only the one weapons system. They are presenting that this has some ultimate capability compared to existing weapons systems. They get the politicians to buy it because they think that this will give them an edge, perhaps, that it will give them the kind of superiority that might prevent a war.

Sometime later, the industry, perhaps through other companies with which they have no obvious connection, starts developing the counter measure. Now you have an arms race, whereas the promise of the first system was to end the arms race. This takes place over and over again, all in the name of profit. This, I trust, is easy to see. Companies make money on making war materials and other forms of technology used in war, and they sell it to the governments who are responsible for the armed forces.

This is an industry with many branches. There are companies that make money by providing food to the soldiers in the armies or cleaning the toilets on the army bases or doing a number of other things that are not directly related to building and selling war materials such as weapons. You see how big this industry is. You also see, I trust, that when we reach the goal – and my beloved, we will reach that goal – of ending war on this planet, then this entire war industry will disappear.

There are many people in today’s world, both those who are directly involved with the war industry but also the politicians who see that the jobs of their constituents depend on the war industry, who cannot even conceive of a world without such an industry. They will say: “Where will the jobs come from? How will we even survive without this industry?” I will, therefore, tell you how you will survive.

Prospering through the Law of Multiplied Return

I have talked about the cosmic mirror. You project out something, and the cosmic mirror reflects it back to you multiplied. The very simplest illustration of this principle is that you take one grain of wheat and put it in the ground. It grows to become a plant that provides twenty or more grains of wheat in return for the one you planted. This is the principle described by Jesus in his parable about the servants who were given talents. Two of them multiplied it. One of them buried it in the ground and did nothing with it. This describes the eternal principle of how the spiritual beings who have taken embodiment interact with the matter realm, the Mother realm.

You are the co-creators. When you take an action that is aimed at raising up the whole, then the matter realm will by law multiply your action. When you take an action that is not aimed at benefiting the whole, then the matter realm will also multiply your action. I know this can be difficult to understand, but you simply need to make a switch in your consciousness. Whatever you send out, will be returned multiplied.

If you send out something that is aimed at producing more for everyone, then you will get back a return that gives more to everyone. If you send out an impulse that is aimed at producing more for the few and producing less for the many, then you will receive back an action that actually takes from the whole. When you take a positive action, such as planting wheat in the ground, the matter realm will multiply this by producing many more grains of wheat than you put in the ground. There will be more grains of wheat available on earth. When you take an action that does not multiply, that does not benefit the whole, then the total sum of what is available on earth will be lowered.

Decreasing the total amount of wealth through war

If you have an industry that is aimed at producing goods that are not war materials but have a positive purpose, then that industry will create a return from the material universe that will increase the total amount of wealth available on earth.  If you have an industry that is aimed at producing war materials, then that industry will not generate a positive return from the matter realm. On the contrary, it will generate a return that will deplete the total amount of resources. You have heard the very old statement that, after having waged war for a time, people realized that it was enough, and they beat their swords into plowshares. When you produce plowshares and use them, you are increasing the total amount of wealth. When you produce swords and use them to kill, you are decreasing the total amount of wealth.

There are entire nations or states in the United States where the politicians believe that their nations or their states are dependent upon the military-industrial complex, the war industry. They will say: “How can our economy survive if we do not have this huge defense industry?” The reality is that the defense industry is not producing something that increases the total amount of wealth on earth. It is producing something that decreases that amount of wealth. When the war industry is redirected at spending its resources and ingenuity on producing something that is good for the whole, then the economy of that nation or that state will actually grow. There will be more jobs and more wealth produced when you abandon the military-industrial complex.

I know that this will be difficult to see and accept. I know that there will be a transition period that will seem somewhat chaotic. The fact of the matter is that the military-industrial complex is only producing jobs on a temporary basis. It is not producing an upward trend. If you look at the world today, you can see that there is much more wealth in the world than five hundred years ago. What can account for this increased wealth?

It is the fact that, through the increase of knowledge and understanding, people are now able to produce much more life-supporting activities than they were able to five hundred years ago. It is not the man-made production itself that has increased the wealth; it is the return current from the universe. With men, this is impossible, but not with God, for with God, all things are possible. When you put one grain in the ground, twenty is returned. When you take a simple action aimed at benefiting the whole, the return is much greater than your action. This is simply a natural law. There is no beating it. There is no circumventing it. You can create the illusion that you have circumvented it, but this will only be on a temporary basis.

The connection between money and war

This leads me into the topic of one of the more subtle connections between war and material gain or, rather, monetary gain. Many of you will be aware that there is a connection between war and money, but very few people on this planet understand this connection. The reason for this is simple. The people who understand the economy generally do not have a sophisticated spiritual understanding, and the people who have a spiritual understanding generally do not have a sophisticated understanding of money.

You cannot fully understand money without having a spiritual awareness. You cannot understand money and the role of money, and especially the connection between war and money, if you do not incorporate the existence of fallen beings who are not thinking rationally but have other motives, other ways of thinking.

Money has always been linked to profit. Most economists tend to think that people are acting rationally when it comes to money. When they spend money, it is because they want to make a profit. If they do not make a profit, they will not continue to spend money, or so the economist reasons. This is not the case with the fallen beings because they are not necessarily spending money to make a direct profit. They are often spending money for some other goal that cannot easily be understood in terms of rational thinking.

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