M05. The Imperfect Myth of the Perfect Guru

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Guru Ma, and I come to give you more information, more details, about the guru-chela relationship. As I have explained, there was a point before you descended into physical embodiment for the very first time where you were in a protected environment. This may not have been here on earth, but it was before the first time your lifestream descended into the density of what corresponds to the physical body you are wearing here on earth. You were in this protected environment along with a spiritual being who served as your personal guru, your personal teacher.

The only reason you left that environment, and now find yourself in the unascended state here on earth, is that you chose to turn away, to walk away, from the teacher. Before you can ascend, you must overcome the decision that caused you to turn away and come back into oneness, either with your original teacher or with another ascended teacher. There is no way that any being can ascend without coming into oneness with a guru, a genuine ascended guru.

Because of what I have explained about the fallen beings and their desire to prove God wrong for giving free will, it should be clear that the fallen beings, the false hierarchy impostors, have done everything they can to sabotage the guru-chela relationship. When you look upon earth, you will see many, many schemes that are deliberately created by the fallen beings, by the false hierarchy, in order to make it impossible for people to find a guru or follow a guru. This is what I wish to give you more teachings about so that you at least know what you are dealing with on this planet. You can make choices based on knowledge rather than ignorance.

The challenge of finding a valid guru

The first line of defense, so to speak, for the fallen beings is that they try to make it impossible for you to find a true guru. In the Western world the primary tool they have used, now for almost 2,000 years, has been the Christian religion. As Jesus has explained himself in his magnificent book [What Would Jesus Say about Christianity?], the biggest tragedy about Christianity is that it destroyed both the lower and the higher path, the outer and the inner path, that Jesus attempted to give to humankind.

Christianity portrayed Jesus as a savior, not as a guru. Therefore, Christianity has destroyed the guru-chela relationship that people could have had with Jesus. They have even destroyed the concept of a guru-chela relationship, the concept of a spiritual guru. You will see that before the emergence of Christianity, there were, even in the Western world, many religious or spiritual movements that had the concept of a guru or a path of initiation in some form. This was all squashed by the Catholic Church, and therefore it has virtually been eradicated. Scientific materialism has carried this even further by denying that there is a spiritual side to life.

Most people who have grown up in the Western world have grown up without the concept of a spiritual guru who can help you pass a set of initiations before you pass the final initiation and ascend from earth. In the East, especially in India, the situation has been slightly different. India has a long tradition of having gurus, and there have been many gurus in India who have been true gurus. What do the fallen beings do in a country where there is a tradition for having spiritual gurus who take on chelas, or students? The fallen beings send their own representatives to set themselves up as gurus. You now have a mixture of true gurus and false gurus, as opposed to the Western situation of no gurus.

The vast majority of the gurus who have appeared in India, and who still today appear in India, are false gurus. They are not sponsored by the ascended masters, they do not recognize the ascended masters, they do not have a mantle from the ascended masters. A mantle is a shield of energy extended by the ascended masters in order to seal the guru, to seal the messenger, from the lower energies in the material realm, making it easier for the messenger to tune in to the ascended realm and receive accurate directions or messages. A true guru has some form of mantle of guru, or mantle of messenger, from the ascended masters.

There are always at least two ways whereby the fallen beings can sabotage any endeavor. One is that you do not even know about gurus or there are no gurus available. The other is that there is a mixture, with the majority of the gurus being false. Your chances of picking a true guru are therefore much smaller.

There is indeed an Indian Black Brotherhood of false gurus who have a very tight grip on the collective consciousness of the Indian people, sending false guru after false guru. In recent decades, where you have seen a growing awareness of the spiritual side of life in the West, many of the false gurus of India have come to the West to parade their wares to those who are unawares of the potential that gurus can be false. You have also seen a few genuine gurus come to the West.

This is, so to speak, their first line of defense – or their first line of attack – to stop you from finding any kind of guru, any kind of path or to stop you from finding a true guru, preferably even getting you to blindly follow a false guru. You will see that many of the gurus in India want their students, want their chelas, to follow them blindly. This is a very old tradition. Now, again there is some validity to this, which I will talk more about later.

The myth of the perfect guru

What is their second line of defense-attack, their second attempt to sabotage you following a guru? The second line of defense very much springs from the way that the fallen beings have portrayed God. There is the graven image that God is the angry, judgmental being in the sky. Implicit in this image is that God is judgmental because God is perfect and we human beings down here in embodiment are imperfect.

How do we gain access to this wonderful kingdom of this wonderful God? We have to live up to some superhuman standard of perfection. If we do, it will be thumbs up and God or Saint Peter will let us in. If not, it will be thumbs down and we will burn forever in hell. Quite a tough situation, I would say. If you do not live up to a superhuman standard of perfection, the only other option is that you burn in hell—forever, and ever and ever.

Based on this image that God has to be perfect, there has been created another mental image that is very much floating around in the collective consciousness. It says that anyone who claims to be a spiritual teacher – a guru, a messenger from God, a prophet or having any kind of spiritual office or mission – any person who makes a claim like that had better be perfect. My goodness, how I experienced this when I was an embodied messenger and guru.

It was absolutely fair that I experienced this. As I was growing up, I did have the image of the judgmental God, the punishing God. I believed that nothing bad would happen to me except God would allow it to happen. God would only allow it to happen if I deserved punishment for having done something wrong. I believed in the image that in order to be acceptable to God, I had to somehow be perfect. When I heard about ascended masters, I believed that ascended masters are perfect.

Here, again, we have one of these subtleties. The ascended masters are perfect, but they are not perfect according to any standard defined on earth because any and all standards you find on earth are defined by the fallen consciousness. This is one of the ways whereby the fallen beings have attempted to prevent the people on earth from reaching out and asking for assistance from God or the ascended masters. They want you to believe that unless you live up to this superhuman standard of perfection, you are not worthy to even ask for God’s help. The superhuman standard of perfection is defined by the fallen beings, and it is defined in such a way that no one could ever live up to it.

This is what I did not grasp, even when I became an adult. I transferred the image of the judgmental God to the ascended masters, including to my beloved El Morya. I thought that the masters were perfect, and in order to be a worthy messenger, a worthy representative of the ascended masters, I had to be perfect—or at least I had to strive for perfection.

This was clearly an unbalanced state. I see this so clearly now. Could you have made me see this while I was still in embodiment? Not in my early years. I may have been more open to it after we went through the so-called shelter cycle and I received so much negative press that I realized that my public image was beyond salvation. Thus, I needed to actually surrender my attachment to my public image.

Before that happened, I very much had created my own mental image that I did live up to some standard of perfection. That is why I had been chosen as a messenger, and that is why I had been anointed as a messenger and had received my mantles and was continuing to live up to those mantles. I would not have been open to hearing otherwise because it would have been detrimental to my ability to carry out my mission.

Here you, again, have the consideration I have given earlier that there is a period where you are navigating the turbulent area of the Sea of Samsara, and you need a boat that is closed off so it does not take in the water from the raging waves. I needed this image in order to carry me through. This does not mean that this was the only way a guru or a messenger could have navigated his or her personal Sea of Samsara. It does mean it was the way that I could do it, and this was perfectly acceptable because this means that I then became the guru that represented that state of consciousness. I attracted the kind of students who were ready for the kind of guru that I was.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and the teacher that appears to you is the teacher that corresponds to your state of consciousness. I did and said certain things that portrayed the image that I had reached a high state of spiritual development and therefore deserved to be a messenger and deserved my mantles. Many of the students who came to me needed and wanted that kind of a guru, and they not only accepted what I had said, what the masters had said, but they embellished upon it and created their own mental images of me.

What I was unaware of in my conscious mind was that the image of a perfect guru is a complete fallacy that you need to overcome before you can ascend. This means that I, in my position as a guru, needed to overcome the image that I had to be perfect. It also means that my students needed to overcome the image that I had to be perfect.

There were some of my students who thought that I could not possibly fail my ascension because I was an anointed messenger. I had all these embodiments, I had balanced my karma, I had done this, I had done that. I could fail my ascension because I was no exception to the rule; God is no respecter of persons. It does not matter how high of a position you have here on earth. It does not matter how many people revere you as the perfect human being. You are still subject to the Law of God, and you cannot ascend as long as you have one single illusion left in your being.

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