Living with what you cannot live with

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, November 30, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and it is my great joy and my great privilege to open this conference and welcome you, those who are here physically; those who are connected via the internet. The topic that was originally proposed for this conference was: “How to help people in Eastern Europe be at peace,” but we felt that it was not just a matter of people here in Eastern Europe who could benefit from the teachings we wanted to give. Surely, people everywhere have trouble being at peace with being on earth. My beloved, what we desire to accomplish with this conference is to give you some teachings that are not just for avatars, not just for ascended master students, but in the long run can be for all people on earth, even the original inhabitants of the earth or those who have come here from other planets that have fallen below their natural level.

Rethinking what is normal

Naturally my beloved, you have grown up on earth and most of you have grown up with an image that perhaps earth is the only planet in the universe that has any form of life. Perhaps it is a very important planet for God—if you grew up in a Christian environment. Perhaps you have grown up thinking that you are an evolved ape and the chances of life occurring are so small that they probably only happen on very few planets. Because you have grown up with this view that earth might be the only planet, you have, without realizing it, come to accept a lot of the conditions that you see on earth. This does not mean that you have accepted them as good but you might have accepted them as normal, as natural or as inevitable, as unavoidable. “This is just the way things are.”

This, of course, relates to the teachings we have given you over the years that once you are trapped in a dualistic state of consciousness, you cannot get out of it unless you have a frame of reference that shows you that there is something outside of that state of consciousness, there is a different way to look at life. My beloved, it is natural, when you have grown up in the current environment on earth, that you have not been given such a frame of reference. You have not been told, for example, that there are natural planets where many of the phenomena you see on earth are not manifest, are not occurring. You have grown up feeling that there is no point in even questioning what is going on, on earth because that is obviously the way things are. What you have to do is just find a way to live with it.

Adaptability is a blessing and a curse

You see my beloved, here we are touching upon a topic that is, in a sense, both a blessing and a curse. It is, of course, something that relates to some degree to what the evolutionists talk about, how a species adapts to its environment. Even though there are many evolutionists who always champion the credo of the survival of the fittest, if you actually look at evolutionary history, you will see that the fittest are actually not the strongest, not the most aggressive, as some of these evolutionists want you to think. No my beloved, the fittest are the most adaptable. The reason human beings have spread to all corners of the earth and have, at least from an evolutionary standpoint, been the most successful species on earth is that human beings are more adaptable than any other species that you see on earth. Now, why are human beings more adaptable than any animal species? Because humans are not animals. You are not actually one step up from the apes, as the evolutionists want you to think. You are a quantum leap above the apes because you have self-awareness, and it is precisely this self-awareness that makes it possible for human beings to adapt to so many different conditions.

An animal species is largely programmed to behave a certain way. This means that the animal, if it finds itself in a hostile environment, cannot step back and say: “How do I need to change my behavior in order to survive in this environment?” Nor can it, for that matter, step back and say: “How can I change the environment so I can survive in that environment?” An animal species does not have this ability. Human beings do, which demonstrates to anyone who is willing to look at facts that human beings are not animals. You are not further evolved animals because you cannot find an animal that has this ability to a lower degree than humans. I know some will come up with examples but the reality is that you cannot find an animal species that has a lower degree of self-awareness than humans so that from the level of awareness that the animal has, you can gradually evolve to the human level. In order to get from even the highest animal species to humans, you have to make a quantum leap because you have to be given that self awareness from a higher source—it cannot evolve.

The adaptability of human beings is a blessing in the sense that you can adapt to many different environments. It is also a curse in a sense that it is this ability that makes it possible to look at the current conditions of earth and decide: “Oh, I just have to live with it. I can’t possibly change it. There’s no point in even questioning it. I just have to make the best of it.” Therefore, human beings have, over the course of history, adapted to many conditions that they actually could have changed if they had the awareness that this was possible, the vision of how things could be changed and the willingness to implement it. It is precisely this ability that the fallen beings have used to control the population over and over again, in civilization after civilization, even going far beyond current history. What you currently see as history is, of course, a manipulation of the fallen beings where they do not want you to know the past history of civilizations that have disappeared and that were more highly evolved than the present one.

The reason for this is, again, they do not want you to have the frame of reference that there have been civilizations in the past who were far more evolved than the current civilization but they collapsed because of the influence of the fallen beings. Therefore, it is also possible for your civilization, not only to evolve further but it is also possible for your civilization to decline—if you do allow the fallen beings to continue to run everything. They do not want you to have that frame of reference, which could actually be given to you if you knew the history of past civilizations. They want you to believe that you are a species with a very short lifespan, whether it be the few million years recognized by science, or the 6,000 years recognized by fundamentalist Christians or the also very short lifespan recognized by most religious people who believe in the Old Testament and think that God created the earth not so long ago in its present form. Naturally, God (as the highest being in the universe, what we call the Creator) did not create the earth in its present form because God surely could have envisioned a planet where war, mayhem, torture and all of these other things do not occur.

My beloved, what I am telling you here as spiritual people – as avatars, as those who are the original inhabitants of the earth who have started raising your awareness – is very simple. You have inherited from your species, from the collective consciousness, from your parents, from previous generations, this ability to adapt to material conditions, to accept conditions for what they are and find a way to live with them. This is an ability that in some ways has served humankind, but for you who are spiritual people, there comes that point in your growth where you have to take a look at this and decide: “I am going to raise myself above this collective momentum of adapting to physical conditions.” What is it we have been telling you throughout the years in our teachings? You are not here to accept current conditions and adapt to them. You are here to raise current conditions, to raise the collective and even to raise the physical conditions. You cannot do that if you are an adaptive animal. You can do it only when you recognize you are a spiritual being and you decide: “I am going to raise myself above this ability to accept current conditions and adapt to them.”

The condition you cannot live with

In order to fully understand this, in order to implement what I am telling you, you need to have the background that we have so carefully given you, starting even before but certainly at the conference here in Estonia last year with the teachings on the birth trauma and the primal self [In the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas]. Whether you are an avatar or whether you are one of the original inhabitants of the earth, there came that point where you were exposed to such severe conditions that you had that birth trauma, or earth trauma, as we have called it for the original inhabitants of the earth. Then, you created that primal self that is a reactionary self. What you need to begin to contemplate here is that whether you are an original inhabitant or an avatar, once you come to a certain awareness, you know within you that things do not have to be the way they are on earth. There is an alternative; things could be better. You may not be able to formulate this in words, you may not have even a clear conscious awareness of it but you have some frame of reference that the things that are going on here on earth are not the highest possible.

Now, the curious thing about this is – and it is most clear in an avatar so I will use this as an example – that as an avatar you come into your first embodiment on earth, and even though you do not retain the conscious memory of what it was like to be on a natural planet, you still have a strong sense that many of the things you encounter on earth are not the highest possible, that there is an alternative. Things do not have to be that way. Here you are, you are now, so to speak (because that is how most of us feel), trapped in this dense physical body in this dense physical world. You are surrounded by other people who also have physical bodies and who, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what you think, have the ability to hurt you, to use their physical bodies to harm your physical body.

There is nothing you can do about this once you are in the physical body. No matter what was done to you, even being in the physical body and looking at, experiencing, what is happening on earth, there is nothing you can do about that. We have said before that you can be an avatar who is looking down on earth and you decide that you want to take embodiment here and you can, of course, see that there are many conditions that are not right but you cannot experience those conditions from a distance. You will not truly experience what the earth is like until you are trapped, stuck in a physical body. Once you are here, once you are in that physical body, you suddenly experience what the earth is like. You even experience the energies that are here that are so dense, the collective consciousness is so dense, there is so much aggression, so much hatred, so much fear. You experience this in a way you could never even imagine as an avatar. The reality of it is that part of the shock that you experience is that there is a certain condition that most likely was one of the conditions, or maybe the primary condition, you looked at before you came to earth and you decided you wanted to help remove that condition from the earth. You now are in the body, you are experiencing this condition and when you experience how intense it is (how heavy it is, how difficult it is), then the reaction that you have is: “I can’t live with this. I can’t live with this condition being present on earth.”

It may not be as described in the My Lives book that you are personally tortured. Not all of you were exposed to this kind of radical personal attack. Some of you experienced a shock just by seeing how other people are living and how they are suffering. As an avatar you have never encountered this on a natural planet and you do not feel that anyone should ever be exposed to this kind of condition. Therefore, your reaction is: “I can’t live with this condition existing on this planet, I can’t live with being in an environment where this condition is existing.”

This is your reaction. You literally withdraw into yourself. You are so shocked that it is almost like you tried to pull your entire aura back inside to some safe spot where you can forget that this condition exists. Yet, you cannot do this because you are (as I said) stuck in the physical body. There is no way out of the physical body. As this initial shock begins to dissipate a little bit, you are faced with this very stark reality. Everything in your emotional body, your mental body and your identity body tells you: “I can’t live on this planet when this condition is here. I can’t live with this.” Yet, your physical body, when it gets hungry enough, tells you that you have to live on this planet and you have to do what it takes to keep the physical body alive.

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