L02. Wisdom and Illumination

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM the ascended master Lord Lanto, and I come to give you the keys to understanding the initiations you go through at the second level after you start the process of being initiated on the retreat of the Second Ray. The first level is the level of using wisdom through the First Ray of power, and, naturally, the second level is that of using wisdom through the Second Ray of wisdom. This is then a double dose of wisdom. The initiation that you go through at this level is that you need to learn more about how wisdom can be used and misused.

Wisdom is not a competition

I have told you how we put people in groups and let them stay there until they are done using wisdom to overpower each other. At the next level, we again put people in groups, and now we have them take a particular issue, and then we have them come up with arguments for or against the issue. Again, it is somewhat amazing how eager many students are to show how wise they are, how good they are at arguing their case. You have been so programmed on earth to think that life is some kind of competition. If you are being initiated in the Second Ray of wisdom there must be a competition on who knows the most, who has the best argument, the most convincing argument. Yet, at the retreat of the Royal Teton, we have a different purpose. We are not seeking to teach our students how to come up with the best argument on earth. We are seeking to help them transcend the very state of consciousness that believes there is an ultimate argument.

Think how you have been programmed by the institutions of this world, especially the religious and the educational institutions. You have been programmed to think that somewhere there exists this ultimate wisdom, this ultimate standard, against which everything else must be measured. Anything that is not in accordance with this ultimate wisdom is false and should be judged.

The people who espouse this false wisdom should be judged likewise, according to whatever belief system they have chosen to accept. If, for example, you are a Christian, then you will say that those who do not agree with your version of wisdom surely must be the anti-Christ. They must be of the devil and they must deserve to go to hell. God wants them to go to hell. God at least wants them to get off the earth, and maybe God needs your help in killing these people so that they can get off the earth.

How many times in history have you seen this pattern repeat itself? How many places in the world do you see it right now where there are people who believe that they have a superior form of wisdom that entitles them, obligates them, to kill their fellow men? How many places in the West, where you are not seeing so many people willing to kill, do you still see people in the academic world who are willing to argue and argue and argue, seeking to literally psychologically destroy those who do not accept their wisdom as superior?

The second initiation on the Second Ray

What we do in our groups in the Royal Teton Retreat is that we let people argue until they get tired of it, until they have had enough of the argument. We watch our groups. We see when people on an individual basis begin to fall more and more silent. Instead of being eager to put forth their wisdom, they now fall silent. They sit there; they listen; they watch. We can tell that now their minds are beginning to be open. They are beginning to wonder how it can be that you seemingly cannot resolve a debate, a controversy. How is it that no matter how good of an argument that you construct, it is always possible to construct a counter-argument? How is it that people can become so attached to a particular argument that they will not see anything else? Is there, perhaps, something else to see beyond these arguments?

Ah, yes my beloved, this is when students begin to be open to the next level of initiation. What we then do is we take them aside. We leave those who are still willing to argue in their groups where they can argue, and they have new people, new lifestreams, coming in that they can argue with, and this can go on until they, too, tire of it. We take those who have begun to open their minds and we take them to a special classroom where we have the ability to use a large screen to display what happens at an energy level. We can actually show these lifestreams what happens in their energy fields as they engage in these arguments. We are able to visually illustrate how the light flows from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. We are then able to show also how we from the ascended realm can release a particular impulse of wisdom into the mind of an individual student.

We can show graphically, visually, what that impulse looks like and how it is made up of something that might be compared to the ideal forms taught by the philosopher Plato.

These are basic geometric shapes, not as simple as triangles and squares and circles, but more complex geometric shapes. When you see them visually, you see their beauty, their harmony, their balance, and you see how these geometric shapes can interact with any other geometric shape at this pure level without destroying it, without canceling it out, without creating a negative interference pattern. We can now show graphically what happens as this impulse of wisdom made up by these pure geometric shapes descends into the identity body of a particular student. We can make visual exactly what happens as the pure impulse of wisdom begins to interact with the geometric shapes in the student’s identity body. These shapes will, of course, be determined by the level of consciousness of the student. Because that level, by the nature of the student undergoing this initiation, is not so high, it is obvious that there will be an interference between the geometric forms in the student’s identity body and the forms of the pure impulse of wisdom.

This means that, already in the identity body, the original pure pulse of wisdom is partially blocked, partially distorted. What descends into the student’s mental body is barely recognizable compared to the original purity. We then show how what comes out of the identity body enters the mental body and begins to interact with the geometric forms stored there. Again, there is blockage, there is interference, there is distortion. We can now make visible what leaves the mental and enters the emotional body. Again, the impulse is diluted and changed and what finally enters the person’s conscious mind is so diluted that it has virtually nothing to do with the original pure impulse.

When students first see this, they are always shocked. They are shocked at their inability to transfer a pure impulse of wisdom through their four lower bodies and have their conscious minds grasp at least some aspect of the pure impulse. Our aim is not to shock the students. The shock is simply an inevitable fact of seeing how much your own mind actually distorts what comes from your I AM Presence and the ascended realm. At this level of the path, the distortion is extensive, and the shock factor is, likewise, quite dramatic.

We, of course, help the students deal with this sense of shock because we make it very clear to them that this is perfectly natural, that they are in no way standing out from the rest of humanity in a negative manner. They are in fact standing out in a positive manner because they are more open than the majority of human beings on earth. They are more open to having their mental box challenged and expanded.

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