J07. How to Free Christianity from Anti-Christ

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

Why am I giving you these teachings about the forces of anti-christ? My goal for this book is to give teachings so that those who have ears to hear and eyes to see can recreate Christianity as a religion that actually teaches the true teachings of Christ rather than the teachings of anti-christ. How can you free the Christian religion and your own view of the Christian religion from the consciousness of anti-christ unless you realize what the consciousness of anti-christ is, and that there are forces who are doing everything they can to keep you and every other human being blinded by, entrapped by, the consciousness of anti-christ?

I came 2,000 years ago to set the captives free. Free from what? Free from the power elite whose members have embodied the consciousness of anti-christ to a very high degree and who are using it to enslave the majority of the people on earth. How will you be free unless you wisen up, unless you become as I said: “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves?” The first step is to become completely and utterly non-violent because you will never free yourself from the power elite by fighting the power elite. This is a trap set by the power elite, set by the false teachers of this planet, the fallen beings on this planet.

Violence is never justified by God

There are forces in the emotional realm who are completely focused on themselves and focused on manipulating and even destroying human beings in order to milk them of their energy. These are the forces who use open violence and open force. They seek to take over human beings in embodiment and get them to use violence and force against others. These are forces that are completely controlled by their selfish desires, by their very short-term selfish desires.

What you need to recognize is that there are those in the mental and identity realms who are actually using the forces in the emotional realm to keep people trapped in the duality consciousness. They have done this by creating various thought systems that say it is justified by God, it is necessary for the fulfillment of God’s plan, that you use violence to destroy the forces who are openly evil.

These are the ones who create the division that some people are working for an evil religion, an evil empire or an evil ideology. It is justified that the “good” people seek to force the other people into compliance, or even kill them if they will not comply.

You cannot become truly harmless as a dove unless you see through the illusions used by the serpents, those who have embodied the consciousness of anti-christ and become so sophisticated that they can use it to argue for or against absolutely anything, absolutely any idea expressed on earth.

Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis

There is a philosopher, named Hegel, who came up with the observation that there are certain forces that shape the evolution of this world. The common interpretation of this is that any idea forms a thesis but it creates its own anti-thesis. The interaction between thesis and anti-thesis creates a new idea, namely a synthesis. There is truth to this observation but what you need to add is the consciousness of anti-christ.

As I have explained, the consciousness of anti-christ is separated from oneness, which means that it must have at least two divisions. Furthermore, the divisions in the consciousness of anti-christ cannot be complementary forces; they must – by their very nature and the very nature of anti-christ – be opposing forces.

If you have a force, an idea or a thought system that is based on the consciousness of anti-christ, it will have an opposite. It will feel threatened by the opposite, which means it cannot peacefully co-exist with the opposite. It must oppose it and seek to destroy it. Those who are not wise as the serpent, and even the serpents themselves, do not realize that one of the opposing forces that spring from anti-christ can never destroy the other. The two polarities of anti-christ appear at the same time, they appear only in relation to each other. They are defined in opposition to each other and they can only exist in relation to each other.

If you managed to destroy one polarity, you would at the same time destroy the other. You cannot actually destroy any of them. You might suppress one and make the other superior in power for a time, but this can only last for a time. Anything

you do from the consciousness of anti-christ has an opposite reaction, also from the consciousness of anti-christ, and the two will eventually break down each other. What you need to do is become wise as serpents so you realize that it is not a matter of destroying one and elevating the other, it is a matter of transcending both aspects of the consciousness of anti-christ.

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