Interactions Between Men and Women

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 9, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and the topic of interaction between men and women is very close to my heart and my mind, for there is scarcely a topic that is more important on planet earth. You may look at world events and think that wars and the economy and other things are more important topics to talk about. I tell you that war starts in the relationship between men and women.

You will say, of course, that most wars have been started by men, and you are right, in the outer. What we have taught, now for a very long time, is that physical events are not caused by causes at the physical level but at the level of the three higher bodies, the identity, mental and emotional.Before a war becomes physical there has to be a conflict in the three higher bodies. This goes all the way from the emotional and mental to the identity body where both men and women have been programmed over thousands of years to have a distorted view of their own identity. This distorted view of the identity is precisely what comes through as the current conflict between the two sexes.

You have seen this at a very subtle level for a very, very long time. It actually goes so far back on this planet that you would barely believe me because it goes before recorded history. This is an engineered conflict because on a natural planet there is no conflict between men and women. On planet earth this conflict has been engineered by forces who want to create such a basic conflict that hardly anyone can raise themselves above it.

This is a topic that will need much debate in the more developed countries for the decades to come. When I say this, it is because I realize that there is no quick-fix to this problem. A problem that goes so deep must be resolved over time. Of course, you can do much already and much has already been done since the 1960s and even before, going back to when the women’s movement started to demand that women be allowed the right to vote.

Many women have done tremendous work to shift the perception of society. But many men have also done important work. I assure you that the shift that needs to happen cannot be accomplished by women alone, nor of course, by men alone. It must be accomplished by those who have stopped identifying themselves so much with the outer roles that they realize they are universal, spiritual beings, regardless of the sex of the body they are temporarily wearing on this planet. Only then can you avoid being trapped in seeing yourself as a man or a woman and seeing men as something that is in opposition to women, or women as something in opposition to men.

This is the fundamental shift that needs to happen. Once again, those who are the more spiritually aware people are the only ones who can bring this about. I assure you that even though progress has been made in the interaction between men and women in some of the more developed nations in the world, it still has not gone deep enough to even begin to look at the fundamental conflict.

The fundamental conflict between men and women ties in with what we have talked about concerning dark forces that are basically dualistic. Therefore, they will see that any kind of polarity becomes a conflict, a struggle between two opposing forces. There is at the spiritual level no conflict whatsoever between the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. We see each other as complimentary forces and we do not need to struggle to be one.


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