I seal you in the Mother’s Love

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 28, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I too have come to seal you in my Mother’s love, providing the Omega polarity to the Alpha polarity of Maitreya. I have already expressed to you the gratitude of God the Father and the Mother of God for your service and for your Oneness at this conference. But I want to tell you that we of the ascended masters have gained a new sense of hope from seeing your willingness to come together in Oneness. There truly is nothing else that can turn the earth around than a critical mass of people who decide to follow Jesus’ teaching on turning the other cheek and understanding the true depth of that teaching. Thereby refusing to play the dualistic games of the ego that set brother against brother in a meaningless struggle that never ends.

And thus, you have proven that you are willing to look beyond that struggle. And I want you to remember that concept of reaching beyond the struggle – the outer differences – reaching for the Spirit of Oneness, the Spirit of Truth, seeking Oneness, seeking to be right with God instead of being right among men.

For my beloved, did not Jesus say “What shall it profit a man that he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?” So what shall it profit you if the entire world thinks you are right, but you are not right with God and therefore the Conscious You cannot be reborn. For you are not willing to let that old sense of identity die, to give up the ghost of that sense of identity, so that you can be resurrected after letting that mortal identity die on the cross, as Jesus described.

Thus, I give each one of you a portion of my mother’s love. It is a portion that is adjusted to your willingness to look beyond outer appearances. And thus, I give you no more than you can handle. But I give you enough to disturb you a little bit and thus prod you to reach higher and come to the next step of the sense of Oneness. Whereby you overcome the sense of division and conflict that can only spring from the ego and the forces of this world—that have long ago determined not to come back to God and would like to drag you with them into their self-created hell, even the hell on earth that you see in so many places where the Mother Light is misused, as it is misused here in the United States in the base chakra that I shall visit shortly.

Thus, receive that portion of my love, if you will, and carry it with you as you leave this hallowed place. Use it to connect yourself to the Oneness so that you do not fall for the temptation that you will surely meet to reengage in the dualistic games of the ego. Remember that Jesus fasted in the wilderness to establish his inner sense of Oneness with God. And have you not also fasted in this place that, although not a wilderness, still has been a place set apart from the world and the consciousness of the world.

So be aware that as you leave, the devil in some disguise will be there to tempt you into re-engaging in the duality consciousness and the ego games, whether they be of your own ego or those of the people that you know around you, who might feel threatened when they sense the light you have that you carry with you. And thus, they will seek to tear you down or steal that light to use it for selfish ends. So I say to you, guard the light, guard the love and above all guard the sense of Oneness that is the open door for both light and love to stream into your being.

Thus, be sealed in the infinite gratitude that is mine this day. You are worthy of that gratitude, each one. And if you will give me your sense of unworthiness and accept my gratitude for your presence in this world, then you will feel how the sense of unworthiness can melt away and be replaced by a sense of gratitude for being alive, for being given the opportunity to be part of this magnificent tapestry of light that is unfolding on this planet behind the surface appearances that might seem to be anything but spiritual.

Yet, behind it all is the River of Life, which is surely raising humankind to a higher level. And thus, when you let go of the sense of unworthiness and reconnect to that River of Life, you will feel the gratitude for being alive, for being on this planet, for having the opportunity to watch events unfold, and having the opportunity to share your God Flame with all life. Thus I seal you – each one – in the infinite gratitude of the Divine Mother. It is sealed this moment in time and space. Thus, it is manifest.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels