I give you the tools to overcome a spiritual crisis

Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels.

Archangel Michael I AM, and I AM the Presence of the LORD who can withstand the onslaught of any force on Earth. Thus, I come with a special dispensation for those people on Earth who are burdened by negative energy by the mass consciousness, by their own momentums of the past, or by those dark forces that have manifested themselves on this planet for eons.

You are those who know that you are facing a spiritual crisis, for you have come to the point of being willing to admit that you are being attacked by forces outside yourself, forces that seem to be beyond your control. Thus, you have taken a step that most among humankind have not been willing to take, for they are not willing to acknowledge that there are such forces in the world.

Thus, my beloved, my concern for this particular release is to help those who can be helped—because they are willing to acknowledge that they have a problem, that they are attacked by forces beyond their immediate control. And so, I come to give you my assistance by giving you a part of the momentum that I AM, the momentum of God’s Will, the momentum of God’s protection.

But, my beloved, I need you to understand the reality of an archangel, for I must tell you that regardless of how angels and archangels have been portrayed by various religions, I must assure you that I, Archangel Michael, am not locked in a dualistic battle with the devil and the demons and the forces of darkness. For I am not in duality, I AM above and beyond all dualistic consciousness and that is precisely why the power of an archangel is beyond any force on Earth. And therefore, no force on Earth can prevail against us when we manifest our Presence in the full power that we are.

So you see, my beloved, why are we not simply manifesting our Presence and wiping all darkness from the Earth? Well, it is because the Law of Free Will mandates that the people who are in physical embodiment on Earth are the ones who determine what is allowed to remain on the Earth and what is allowed to manifest on the Earth in the form of Light.

You, my beloved, are facing a spiritual crisis. You feel like you are powerless, you feel like you are paralyzed, you feel like you are being attacked or weighted down by burdens and forces that you cannot prevail against with the strength that you have with your outer mind and being. And while this may be so right now, I must tell you that it is all an illusion. And the bottom of this illusion is that you are the one who must be in control of your forcefield.

My beloved, the essential difference between an archangel and the forces of darkness is this: I will not violate your free will, whereas the forces of darkness will violate your free will. But you see, my beloved, they can violate your free will only to the extent that you use your free will to allow them to do so. And that is why, my beloved, I cannot step into your forcefield and banish the darkness from your Being—I must be invited. But I must be invited in a profound way, where you understand that you are the one who has to choose to let go of the darkness before it can be consumed by my Presence.

Do you see, my beloved, the equation here? There are many ways that you can invite the forces of darkness into your being, and many of those ways are even unbeknownst to you, for this world truly is so saturated with the subtle serpentine lies that many people invite the forces of darkness into their beings without knowing what they are doing. Yet I must tell you that there is always a choice made somewhere, and ultimately you cannot be free of darkness until you undo the choice that allowed them to enter and allows them to remain.

So you see, my beloved, you must be willing to awaken – to come up higher – and ultimately to move towards the point where you can take full and final responsibility for yourself, your own being, your own path in life, even your own salvation. For you see, my beloved, the forces of darkness do not simply enter through activities that you see as clearly dark, such as drug and alcohol abuse or other forms that are clearly dark. They often enter through seemingly innocent means, even religious activities that portray the eternal lie that you need an external savior in order to be saved because you cannot save yourself.

Thus, my beloved, you must awaken, you must take responsibility before my power and my Presence can enter your being. For if you do not, then my Presence in your being will only increase the tension—for you will be fighting not only against the dark forces, but a part of your own being will be fighting against my Light because it will want to hold on to the darkness.

Do you see, my beloved, the essential equation here? If you could let go of the darkness – if you could consciously let go of the illusions that allow the darkness to remain in your being – then my Presence could enter and the darkness would be banished. Yet until you let go, there will be a part of your being, a part of your ego, that holds on to the darkness because, in reality, your ego is comfortable with the dark forces because they do give it some sense of power or control over you.

And thus, my beloved, I cannot – as has been portrayed by so many traditional religions – simply walk into your forcefield and banish all your darkness, even based on a simple prayer to do so. There must be the equivalence from you of the willingness to take a look at why you invited the forces of darkness in in the first place.

And I know, my beloved, that when you are truly burdened and feel paralyzed, it is almost impossible for you to contemplate that you could ever have allowed this darkness into your being voluntarily. And in many cases, as I said, it was not a conscious, voluntary decision. It was a seemingly innocent decision that was made, but nevertheless I am telling you that unless you are willing to look at the decision and consciously undo it, you cannot be ultimately free.

What I can do for you, what I will do for you, is that through your listening to this dictation, over and over again while giving my special rosary for this purpose, I will manifest as much of my Presence in your being as you can withstand without being thrown into a conflict that is worse than what you are experiencing right now.

So what I offer you is a gradual path, my beloved. And on that path I require you to do several things. I require you right now to open your heart and give from within or aloud, a simple prayer to invite me into your being and to banish the darkness that is burdening you so you feel like you cannot take another step higher.

Thus, my beloved, when you make this simple request, I can manifest a certain amount of my Presence that will allow you some relief from your current burdens. But, my beloved, this offering from my heart will not work if you use that relief to say, “Ah, now I don’t need to worry about my burdens, now I don’t need to look at my illusions, I can, after all, suddenly survive so I will simply go on.”

My beloved, this cannot work, for there will come a point where you will again be burdened by the darkness, and you will again feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. And thus, I need you to be the wise workman who will do what Jesus said and multiply the talents you have been given. My beloved, only by multiplying it will I be able – according to the Law of Free Will – to give you further and further protection and relief—as you warrant it by your own willingness to keep doing my rosary, to keep listening to this dictation, and to keep studying the teachings that you need to study in order to take command over your own psychology.

And my beloved, the teachings that you first and foremost need to study in order to overcome any spiritual crisis, is the wonderful book by Mother Mary, Master Keys to the Abundant Life and also the book Master Keys to Personal Wholeness. Thus, I recommend these two books for everyone who faces a spiritual crisis and is willing to do some work, is willing to look for the beam in their own eye to overcome that crisis.

My beloved, why am I stressing the need for you to do something? Well there are two reasons for this. My beloved, traditional religion portrays you as the passive recipient of the Grace from Heaven. And thus, you have been conditioned to think that if I really am an archangel and have all power in Heaven and on Earth, then you should be able to ask me to relieve your burden, and I should immediately step in and do it for you. This, my beloved, is false religion, promoted by the forces of darkness in order to give them an inroad into your being.

And that brings us to the second reason. You see, my beloved, it is the very belief that you are passive, and that you have no power on your own, that makes you vulnerable to the dark forces in the first place. So do you see, that if I did something to confirm that belief, I would actually prevent your ultimate freedom from those dark forces? Surely, I could – on a temporary basis – relieve your burdens. But it would not permanently relieve those burdens until you take charge and say, “No, I must be responsible for my own household, I must be responsible for my own path in life. And thus I must be willing to look at the illusions that I have come to believe, the conditions I have set up, the expectations of life that I have. And therefore, I must be willing to see what is unreal, let go of what is unreal, and instead accept the truth of Christ that will make me free from the unreality.”


NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Master Keys to Personal Christhoood or in the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit and here. 

Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels