How War Can Actually be Removed

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 27, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary! I know that for some my first two discourses have been highly shocking, perhaps even beyond what they were willing to bear. I am not seeking to reach everyone with this book and with these discourses. My purpose is to reach those who have the potential to act, to do something actively about the issue of war.

The effects of previous lifetimes

Why do you have this potential? Is it just something that happens? No, it is not. It is a result of a process that you have gone through. For most of you, you have not gone through this process in this lifetime. You have gone through it in previous lifetimes. Perhaps it has taken you many lifetimes to reach the level where you have the potential to be a forerunner for banishing war from this planet.

You cannot fully understand life and what is happening on this planet without understanding and accepting reincarnation. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand what is going on in your own psychology, but neither will you be able to understand why you so often see history repeating itself. You may look at many ages and see how there has been war upon war. You may see that the same old arguments have been used again and again and again to justify the killing of other people. Why are these arguments used, you might ask yourself? Why not go even further and ask yourself why these arguments can continue to appeal to people? The simple explanation is that it is the same people they are appealing to, only in different lifetimes.

People will, in this lifetime, believe what they believed in the last several lifetimes. This will go on until they reach a turning point where they begin to see that the arguments simply cannot be true. They cannot make sense. They cannot be rational. People experience over several lifetimes that the arguments do not lead to the end that they claim to lead to. You come to a point where you experience that killing other people will not bring about peace. You realize that the outer excuses that justify killing cannot be real, cannot be true.

Awakening from the mindset of war

I have said in my previous discourse that there are forces in the astral, mental and identity realms that you cannot reason with. I have also said that such forces can overpower the minds of individual human beings. If human beings in embodiment have had their minds overpowered by forces in the three other realms, then you cannot reason with these people in embodiment. It is not so that all human beings in the world have had their minds overpowered by these non-material forces, but there are those who have had their minds overpowered by them over several lifetimes. For these, it can be a matter of taking things to such an extreme that they finally begin to awaken.

Some have had to go to war time and time again and take their warring to such an extreme level that they finally woke up and realized that this cannot go on, that they cannot continue to live their lives this way—or to die and be killed this way. There are, of course, others who have always known that justification for killing is not real, and they have not gone into warring themselves. However, these people have often been the victims of war, and this can also cause you to open your mind to certain entities in the higher realms because these entities are very clever (especially some of the ones in the mental and identity realms) at making you believe that you have to fight for peace, fight for a good cause.

This may not mean physical fighting in the sense that you kill other people, but it may mean that you take certain aggressive measures. Many people have been fooled into, so to speak, fighting for causes that may seem worthy causes, but the means they have used have not been worthy means. You will probably know that back in the 1960s there was a big movement of young people who were actively working for and demonstrating for an end to war. This, for example, took place during the war fought by the United States in Vietnam where many people throughout the world demonstrated against this war.

Soldiers are not the main reason for war

There was even a song that came to be somewhat of an exponent for this so-called peace movement, and in the song, there was a line that said: “He is a universal soldier, and he really is to blame.” The idea was that it was the soldiers who fought in the war who were the driving force behind war, and if you could make the soldiers refuse to fight, then those who were the leaders had no one to fight for them.

This is not necessarily untrue in the sense that most of the human beings in embodiment who have initiated wars would not have gone out and fought themselves. They were dependent on having those who were willing to be the cannon fodder and go out there and actually fight the war. Nevertheless, you should not think that the soldiers are the cause of war. You should not think that this is a viable way to bring peace to the world: to blame the soldiers and to start demonstrating against the soldiers.

What I aim to show you here is that both the soldiers who went to war thinking they were fighting for a good cause and the people demonstrating against the soldiers were blinded by the consciousness of the entities, demons and fallen beings in the three higher levels. There are fallen beings in the identity realm who are very, very clever at coming up with argumentation that seemingly justifies taking action against other people. The characteristic you will see is that they always use the us-versus-them mentality. They separate humankind into easily-defined categories. For example, there were the soldiers and those demonstrating against the soldiers.

The duality consciousness as the foundation for war

Those who were demonstrating were thinking that they were peaceful people because they were not going to war and they were not using violent methods in their protests. They were simply going out on public places and sitting down and letting themselves be arrested. Without realizing this, these people had also been affected by fallen beings in the identity realm. The entire so-called peace movement was affected by these beings and the mentality that there were other people, such as the soldiers, who were to blame for war. When you have this mentality, this us-versus-them mentality, you are not serving to actively remove war from this planet.

This may seem shocking, but it is a reality. Why is it a reality? What is war? Consider what war really is. It is the extreme outcome of a certain state of consciousness. What is the state of consciousness behind war? I have said it is the us-versus-them mentality, but what is behind the idea that there is us and there is them? Behind it is a state of consciousness that divides reality into separate compartments. This state of consciousness looks at humankind. It then looks for certain characteristics that set one group of people apart from another group of people. It uses these characteristics to define a division between the two groups. It applies a value judgment, saying one group is doing something wrong. The other group is doing something right, or it must do something right to compensate for or stop what the first group is doing.

This is what we have called the duality consciousness, which always has two opposite polarities: good and evil, right and wrong, God and the devil. It uses this to create the idea that there is an epic struggle and that some people are on the wrong side of the struggle. Those who are on the right side must take various measures to force these other people to stop what they are doing.

My beloved, science has now proven that there is no such thing as locality, as separate compartments in the universe. This has been proven through the most advanced scientific measures. Locality, the idea that the universe can be divided into separate compartments, is an illusion created by the human mind, especially by the outer senses and the mind that runs the body. It is an illusion that goes all the way up through the four levels of the material realm. For most people, it has become part of their sense of identity.

Once you go into this duality consciousness, you see yourself as a separate being. You are separated from your God, from your source. You are separated from the nature in which you live. You are separated from the other people, except, perhaps, those who belong to the group that you identify yourself with and that you think is right in some epic sense. This state of consciousness is the very foundation for war.

In its extreme form, it makes you believe that you can kill another human being without affecting yourself. You may even believe that you are affecting yourself positively or affecting some greater cause. You may even believe you are promoting or working for God’s cause by killing other human beings. The idea that there is a heaven and there is a hell is an outcome of the duality consciousness. The reality is that there is only one continuum of vibrations. There are certain divisions, layers or realms in this energy continuum, but they are not separated by impenetrable barriers.

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