Grasping the progressiveness of revelation

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 22, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, or as I have been known in previous dispensations: El Morya, Master M, Bapu or just Morya, so I am a man of many names. I am more than a name, and therefore I try to stay ahead of the students who attach a certain idolatrous image to a particular name. I am fully aware that many students will and already have rejected anything I say today because I have changed the name from El Morya to Master MORE. This is, however, as it should be, for there are students who should reject what I am saying for they are not part of the mandala, the dispensation, for which I am saying this. Yet there are some students who can, if they are willing to open their minds, benefit from what I am saying.

Each time we sponsor an organization, and we have sponsored more than you know of (most of you), then there is a certain group of people, a certain mandala of people, for which we sponsor that organization. There are others that are not meant to be part of that organization. When we then move on to a new organization, it is fit and natural that those who were part of the mandala from the previous organization do not move on with us. Yet, there will always be in an organization some people who are not part of that mandala for which the organization was created and who, therefore, are free to move on with us when we move on.

The spiritual path then and now

Now my beloved, I would like to start by talking about the question that was asked last night about how we presented the spiritual path in the previous dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse, even going back to the I AM Movement. I will talk about the contrast between that and how we present it today with these latest teachings based on how to express Christhood but also the teachings on the primal self, the Conscious You, being a co-creator, expressing your creative potential—the teachings we have given over the last few years. As the messenger pointed out, there is no inherent contradiction but if you look at it from a certain perspective, there will be a contradiction. You understand that the previous dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse was created primarily to help a certain mandala of people pass certain initiations that for them were critical initiations.

It was critical for their personal growth that they would pass these initiations and it was critical for the planet that a certain number of people, a critical mass of people, would pass these initiations. The Summit Lighthouse attracted many more people than were part of that mandala. They benefited from the Summit Lighthouse, they added much to the organization, they added much to the momentum and actually ensured that we got more of a return from that organization than we could have gotten from the people in the mandala. There were also many spiritual people that did not come into the Summit Lighthouse, partly because we did not direct them to come into it. These are some of the topics that I wish to discuss here.

The last dispensation of the Piscean age

We begin with the fact that the Summit Lighthouse was, as Jesus has expressed previously, the last dispensation (or at least the last public dispensation) we could sponsor in the Piscean age. This does not mean, as some interpreted it to be, that it was the most important, final or absolute teaching on the Piscean age that was given. The Summit Lighthouse was created for a variety of purposes but the purpose I am discussing here, of the original mandala for which it was created, was a very specific purpose. It was to help a certain group of lifestreams pass the initiations of the Piscean age that they had not passed during the Piscean Age.

You could say it this way: When the planet moves into a new spiritual age, when the planet moved from the previous into the Piscean age, then there is a certain group of people that, from a certain perspective, we could say that they are driving the planetary growth for that 2,000-year period. In other words, they are at a level of their personal growth where they have the potential to pass the initiations of the coming age. Therefore, by taking embodiment in that age, they can drive the spiritual growth, the growth in the Christ consciousness for that age. However, for them to drive the collective consciousness, they have to pass the initiations of the age, the foundational initiations of the age.

Each age has certain foundational initiations. Two thousand years ago Jesus inaugurated the Piscean age; he set the foundation for the Piscean age. In his complete, original teachings he gave the initiations. Even in the public teachings preserved in the scriptures you can find at least a critical mass of these initiations described, sometimes between the lines and sometimes in a more direct manner.

I am not here going to say that the scriptures about Jesus’ life and words describe these initiations in their complete form, they certainly do not. But Jesus did give a certain matrix that could have been developed into the kind of movement that he envisioned, a movement that was based on the Holy Spirit, based on the Living Word being spoken. This could have driven the Piscean age, the growth in the collective consciousness.

People did not pass the Piscean initiations

As it happened, there were not enough people among that original mandala that were able to pass the initiations in the early centuries of that age. That is why it was possible for the fallen beings to step in, turn the Christian movement into the state religion of the Roman empire and from that moment on Christianity was basically damaged beyond repair. This meant that there was no public teaching available for how people could pass the initiations of the Piscean age.

This was, of course, not the original plan but as we always do, we respect free will (and I am saying “we” as the ascended masters because, obviously, during the Piscean Age I was not myself an ascended master, so I was not part of these deliberations). The ascended masters always look at how people respond to the initiations. No matter how people respond or do not respond, we always seek to come up with something that can help them come up higher.

During the Piscean Age there was a certain inspiration and sponsorship for certain organizations. These were during the time when the Catholic church was persecuting all “non-believers.” They were secret organizations: the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons have been mentioned among others. We also sponsored initiatives and organizations in other parts of the world where the Catholic influence was not so strong. I do not want you to limit your view of this to think that there were only these few organizations that we worked with. We worked, as we always do, with many individuals and groups of people who are open to our teachings at some level.

Nevertheless, what I wish to make you aware of here is that as we came closer to the end of the Piscean Age, it became clear that there was not a critical mass of that original Piscean mandala, there was not a critical mass of those lifestreams, who had passed the initiations of Pisces. It was determined (and this time I was part of the deliberations, as I had ascended) that we would start another organization for the primary purpose of helping these lifestreams master the initiations of Pisces. When you look at the Summit Lighthouse, it was primarily set up to give this particular group of lifestreams the initiations they needed at the end of the Piscean Age.

Was I myself part of the mandala at the beginning of the Piscean Age? Yes, I Was. So was Kuthumi, so was Saint Germain, so, of course, was Mother Mary. Mother Mary ascended very quickly, Saint Germain took longer. Kuthumi and I formed the rear and took a long time to ascend but nevertheless we ascended. Therefore, it was determined that I would be the main sponsor of the organization of the Summit Lighthouse.

You realize that the entire purpose (or at least the primary purpose) was to look at this specific mandala of lifestreams, those who had not passed the initiations of Pisces. This was, if you want to use a modern terminology, a form of crisis management. In other words, we were nearing the end of the Piscean Age, the sand in the hourglass was running out, these lifestreams had not passed the initiations. I am not saying that all of the lifestreams in that original mandala of Pisces had to pass the initiations during the 2,000-year period. I am saying that a critical mass had to pass them and we had not reached that critical mass at the time. As a form of crisis management, we deliberated and determined what could we do to help these lifestreams (at least a critical mass of them) get over the hump and pass the initiations of Pisces. Those deliberations were the foundational matrix for the Summit Lighthouse and basically everything that took place in that organization in some ways relates to this purpose.

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