Freedom of will on earth

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Ascended Master MORE  through Kim Michaels, October 9, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE. Why is the First Ray the Ray of Will and Power? Or we might say, why is the Ray of Will and Power the First Ray? Well, we have told you that you are co-creators with God and that you co-create by formulating a mental image, projecting it upon the Ma-ter light, projecting energy and awareness through that image, so that the Ma-ter light takes on form. But in order to decide, to formulate an image and project it, you must first decide that you are willing to co-create. You are willing to co-create.

Co-creation on earth is an experiment

Now, what is co-creation? It is that you use your present state of consciousness to formulate an image and you project it with that state of consciousness. Now, when you are a new co-creator, you do not have the awareness to know exactly what is going to manifest as a result of your projections. That means what? It means co-creation is an experiment. Even on a natural planet, it is an experiment for a new co-creator. As you become more experienced, more mature, you discover how the material realm works and therefore, you can know ahead of time what will manifest when you project an image.

Here you are, you are a mature co-creator on a natural planet and now you look at earth and you formulate a decision: “I want to experience what it is like to co-create on earth in that kind of environment.” But now, when you find yourself in embodiment on earth, you might think that you should be able to co-create the way you did on a natural planet so that you know ahead of time exactly what is going to manifest when you project a mental image. But you discover very quickly that on earth that is not the case. You are in a sense back to square one because the environment on planet earth is so chaotic that you cannot know ahead of time what will manifest as a result of your projection. There are so many factors that can interfere including the collective consciousness at all four levels. You are back to where co-creation is an experiment and this can be difficult for an avatar to experience.

This really is not what we have called your birth trauma, this really is not something you are being exposed to by the fallen beings or the people on earth. It is simply that you find yourself in embodiment on earth, you project through your mind and you discover that what you project is not what manifests. Now, you may not remember, in most cases we do not remember, what it was like to co-create on a natural planet. But we do have some sense as avatars, that we should be able to manifest what we envision.

The shock of co-creating on earth

Why can you not do this on earth? Well, partly, as I said, the collective consciousness, all the disturbances, all the dark forces, the demons and entities. But also, because when you descend to earth, you descend at the 48th level of consciousness. You do not have the creative power that you had on a natural planet. What you are projecting out is not as powerful, the vision you have to formulate the image is not as clear. And at the same time, you have this very chaotic environment that works against the manifestation of what you are projecting out. This is a shock. It is not necessarily a trauma, because you are not being exposed to it from the outside. But it is a shock. We all go through it, we all experience: “What is wrong here? Why is it not manifesting what I am projecting out? What am I doing wrong?”

If you are an original inhabitant of the earth, you will not have the same feeling that something is wrong, that you are doing something wrong because it was so long ago that the earth descended into duality, that you cannot consciously remember a time when manifestation was easier. But as an avatar, you do have this sense – something is wrong here. This might lead to all kinds of attempts to explain this, that the universe is against you, it is an unfriendly environment, the Ma-ter light is against you, other people are against you, the dark forces are against you. You think that something must be against you, since you cannot manifest what you feel you should be able to manifest.

Unrealistic expectations

What you need to consider here is that now that you have been on earth for a long time, you have had many different experiences, you have most likely studied the teachings we have given on avatars, that you can now make a shift. You can make a shift of acknowledging the tremendous difference between a natural planet and earth. You can acknowledge that you came here without fully understanding that difference. Partly because it cannot really be understood, it must be experienced, as we have explained before. You can acknowledge that you actually carried with you an expectation from a natural planet that you should be able to do on earth what you could do on a natural planet and then you can take some time, perhaps if you need to, to ponder this and you can acknowledge consciously that your expectation was unrealistic, because earth is a very different environment than a natural planet.

What do I mean when I say you can consciously acknowledge that your expectation was unrealistic? Well, I mean, of course, that you can make a decision to accept that your expectation was unrealistic. This is an act of willpower, of will. The first act of co-creation is willpower. You must make a choice. First, that you are willing to co-create. Second, what you want to co-create and then third, once you have formulated the image, the willingness to project it out with as much power as you can, as you deem necessary.

How free is our will here on earth?

The question now becomes when you exercise will, it of course implies, what we have generally called free will. You have, ideally, the free will to choose – that you want to manifest, what you want to manifest, and what power you are wanting to project it with. But the question now is: How free is your will? How free is your will on earth, compared to what it was on a natural planet? I am not saying you do not have will on earth, that you cannot make choices on earth. But the question is: How free are those choices? On a natural planet there is nothing that opposes your co-creation, your manifestation. You have attained a high degree of oneness with your Higher Self, with your spiritual guides, with other people, with your environment. You are in alignment with the forward progression of all life and so are all other people in your environment, even if they have not reached the same level of attainment that you have, so there is nothing that opposes your co-creation. You are co-creating to raise the all, why would the all oppose that?

What you are used to on a natural planet is that there is no opposition to your co-creation. Therefore, you can make a free choice, as you see it. Of course, that choice is still dependent on your level of consciousness, your vision, the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence, and the individual self you have built on a natural planet, the sense of self, the sense of who you are. Within that context, you are making free choices. They seem free to you and they are, but of course, they are somewhat affected by who you are, what your makeup is. As we have said before, you cannot choose an option you cannot see. Even on a natural planet, if there is a vision you cannot formulate in your mind, you cannot choose to manifest it but there is not anything in your mind or in your environment that opposes your co-creation.

Illusions limiting our vision

Now look at earth. You come here at the 48th level. What have we explained before? How do you descend to the 48th level? Well, you take on all of the illusions that correspond to the levels from the 144th to the 48th level. For each step you go down the ladder of consciousness you take on an illusion. This is not your personality. This is not the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. It is not the individuality you have built on earth because you have not built anything on earth yet, you have not embodied here before. But you take on these illusions about what life is like, can be, should be on earth.

Already there, by descending to the 48th level, you have less freedom to formulate your vision than you had on a natural planet because you can only formulate the vision of what you want to manifest based on the 48th level of consciousness. At the 48th level of consciousness on earth you are much lower than you were on a natural planet. You still, as we have said, have a sense that you are connected to something outside yourself, or as we have said at this conference, outside your mind. Your mind is not a closed system but you do not have anywhere near the vision that you had on a natural planet. You have, in a sense, forfeited the attainment you gathered on a natural planet in order to descend to the 48th level on earth. This is a sacrifice you make, a decision you make. You do not fully grasp what that means usually, most of us did not. Because again, you just have to experience it. As the popular saying goes, you have to be there.

How we co-create on earth

When you formulate your vision of what you want to co-create, you do not have the freedom of will that you had on a natural planet, because there are so many illusions that prevent you from seeing what you could manifest. And you cannot choose what you cannot see, so already there you are limited. But now you formulate a vision, you are in your first embodiment, you are not really used to this environment. But based on what you see in the environment you are in, at least when you reached a certain age of adulthood or teenage years, where you become able to formulate a vision, you formulate this vision and now you are projecting it out from your mind. As we have said, when you project something out from the conscious level, it has to cycle through the emotional, mental and identity realm and to go up and then it has to cycle back down through the identity, mental, emotional and into the physical before it can manifest. Now, on a natural panel there is no opposition in this process. But on earth there is tremendous opposition from other people, from the collective consciousness, from dark forces, demons, discarnates, entities, fallen beings, what have you.

What is it that actually happens when you are projecting out a creative impulse? Well, there is, first of all, the vision and then there is the energy behind it. What happens is that this energy impulse meets lower energies in the emotional, mental and identity realms. The energy is somewhat dissipated. It also meets a certain interference with the vision of other people or other beings, so your vision might be somewhat distorted. What reaches the identity realm is not exactly what you send out and it has dissipated in strength. What can be multiplied is only what reaches the etheric realm, and so you have a weaker impulse coming down, but as it is coming down, it is also being interfered with and weakened.

What is it exactly that enters the physical octave and can manifest as a physical manifestation? Well, in many cases, it is not what you send out. It has been distorted and weakened. Sometimes nothing comes back and this can be the greatest shock of all for us. We are used to, we have a sense, that we should manifest something. And if nothing comes back then it is a shock: “What do we do? What did we do wrong?” You see, even though as an avatar, we have little awareness of who we were on natural planets, what our individuality was, how the co-creative process works. And we also at the 48th level, have little awareness of what kind of environment we are in, but we can still carry with us a sense that we should be able to manifest what we want and when we cannot, almost all of us reason: “I must have done something wrong. Why is this not working? It should be working. I should be able to do this.”

The question now becomes: “How do we deal with this shock?” And what we, practically all of us do, is we seek to come up with an explanation. This is also something we carry with us. We are used to, from a natural planet, that not that we can understand everything when we start out as co-creators on a natural planet, but we are used to that we can raise our consciousness and come to a greater and greater understanding and when we fully understand something, we can formulate a precise vision and therefore, we can manifest what we desire to manifest. We are used to that understanding is a key in our co-creation. We do not necessarily realize why when we come to earth, but we have this sense that it is important to understand.

What we basically do on a natural planet is we come to understand our environment. As we have said, natural planets are quite different. Each natural planet is created based on a certain matrix. And as we come to understand that matrix, we, of course, can co-create based on that matrix and therefore, manifest more precisely what we desire. We have this sense that: “I need to understand my environment better. There must be something I do not understand about my environment.” And this is valid enough, we do need to understand our environment better in order to co-create better. But remember, which we do not remember at the time, remember that we are at the 48th level of consciousness. Remember, we are on a very dense planet. We cannot increase our understanding as easily or as quickly as we do on a natural planet. Yet we carry with us the sense that we used to have a higher understanding, we are supposed to have a higher understanding. What has gone wrong? Why do we not have that understanding? And now we can go into a state of frustration with ourselves that we cannot manifest what we want. We cannot understand our environment the way we want to understand it and this can create what Jesus called a spiritual modus operandi in how we relate to earth.

Creating our modus operandi

We, each one of us, makes a decision as to how we look at earth, how we look at our interaction with earth, and how we look at ourselves in this environment and this can set a tone. It does set a tone for our life on this planet. Then, comes the point where we are exposed to this attack by the fallen beings. This trauma, this birth trauma as we have called it. And now the decision we made about how we relate to earth sets the tone for how we react to this birth trauma, what kind of primal self we create, what other selves we create based on this. You now have a process here, where we have barely gotten started being in embodiment on earth. But we are already locked on a track and what does that mean? Well, it means that from a very early stage of our embodiment on earth, our will is less free. As I said already, by descending to the 48th level, our will has become less free because we have taken on these illusions. But now, we create this reaction, this modus operandi, and that limits our will even more. We think that: “This is what the earth is like, this is what I am like here. This is what I can manifest and what I cannot manifest.”

Even before the birth trauma, we are sort of in a deficit state of mind where we are dissatisfied with ourselves. We feel that there is something we are not understanding, there is something that we are not doing right and this is a deficit attitude to ourselves. We may also reason that there is something wrong with earth, since we cannot manifest this. There is a deficit attitude to our environment. Then, when we experience this birth trauma, that deficit attitude is intensified, takes on a particular direction depending on the birth trauma and our reaction to it and we are locked on a track. Our will is not free anymore. We can still make choices, but only within certain very narrow parameters for what we can see at that 48th level of consciousness.

Now, the question really is: “How do we react to the birth trauma? What kind of decision do we make based on what we are exposed to?” And the real question here is: “Do we look out or do we look in?” Do we, as a result of the birth trauma, feel that: “I am the one who reacted to the outer circumstances, and I need to look at my own reaction?” Or do we feel: “They were the ones who exposed me to this that should not have happened so it is their fault. I need to make sure that this will never happen again in this environment.” Now, if we look in, we are also making the same: “I need to make sure that this inner experience can never happen again.” But there is a difference, a subtle difference there. Are we looking at ourselves and our own psychology in order to avoid having that experience? Or are we looking out thinking we have to change other people or our environment?

Going deeper into duality

This is not to in any way, blame anyone. Many of us have had to go below the 48th level of consciousness, and have a certain experience with going into duality, defining that some people are enemies, and that: “We are here to free the earth from these people who are abusing power and hurting the people on earth. We are the Crusaders. We are here to be the heroes on the white horse who come in and free the earth from these beings, these dark beings who are manipulating and abusing people.”

Many of us have gotten into this, not all of us but many of us have. The question, then, is how long of a sojourn do we take going below the 48th level of consciousness? Now, for each step we take down from the 48th level, we limit our will even more. The question is when do we, as avatars, come to the point where we feel like we are in a straitjacket and we cannot move anymore and then we realize that it is actually in our mind that the straitjacket exists. We are limiting ourselves. And then, we turn around and move back up. There is no avatar that has moved to the lowest levels of consciousness on earth to the level of the fallen beings but some have moved further down than others. But the point is we come to a point, where we turn around, and now we start looking at ourselves as some people did from the beginning and we start moving up the ladder of consciousness again.

Freeing up our will and vision

What can you use this for at your present level of the spiritual path? Well, you can realize that your life on earth, your outer circumstances are, at least to some degree, the result of your co-creative efforts. They are not entirely a result of your co-creative efforts because of other people, the mass consciousness, the dark forces and so on, but they are, to some degree, a result of your co-creative efforts and if you want to change those circumstances, you need to refine your co-creative abilities. And what is the basic foundation for doing this? It is to make your will more free. Because only when your will is free, can you change your present situation. Your present situation was based on the level of freedom of will that you had or that you have right now. Because it is through that, through the options you could see that you chose to manifest what you have manifested. The only way to change it is to free your vision so you have more options you can see and therefore, can make a different choice, a higher choice than what you made when you co-created your present circumstances. You can say that the spiritual path is about freeing up your will and the essential question is: “How free is my will?”

And this means you can now look at: “What is it that limits my will, my ability to choose freely?” I have said, it is a matter of what you can see. But there is more to it than that because what you can see is determined by all of the matrices, beliefs, ideas, and separate selves that you have in your emotional, mental and identity bodies. The contents of those three higher bodies determine what you can see and it is only within that context that you can choose. And there are, of course, many things in those three higher bodies as we have talked about many times. But what I point out to you here is that part of what is in those three higher bodies is something that we have called them separate selves, we have called them matrices. They have been called other names in Buddhism. And the point is that you have these creations, we might say, in your three higher bodies and they make you look at yourself, other people and your environment in a certain way. You see your environment a certain way and this limits what you think can be done and what you think cannot be done.

What did Jesus say? “With men, this is impossible.” What did he mean? He meant that with the consciousness that most people have, it is impossible to create outside of certain boundaries defined by that consciousness. “With men, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” Well, what does that mean with God? It means when you are free of the vision of men and you have the vision of your I AM Presence of what is possible, then things can be done that could not be done with a consciousness of men because your will is more free. It still does not mean that anything could be done on earth because there is the density of the environment, the collective consciousness and so forth. But many more things can be manifest than what you can see with the consciousness of men.

The initiation on the 96th level

What we have given you, through this messenger, is the Course in Self-Awareness, self-transcendence, the seven steps under the seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan, that is designed to raise you from the 48th to the 96th level and as you do so, your will becomes more and more free. But then, you come to the 96th level, and now you are faced with that fateful decision. Will you continue to focus on your own growth? (And it has been right of you to focus on your own growth between the 48th and the 96th level) Or will you step up? Will you make the decision, that act of will to go beyond the focus on yourself and say: “It is not about myself”.

Now what does this mean: “It is no longer about myself”? Well, it actually means that you are beginning to separate yourself from the sense of who you are, the sense of identity you had built in all of your previous time on earth. You are beginning to separate yourself from this and you are beginning to say: “But it is not about making this self more and more powerful so that I can manifest on earth what this self wants to manifest. It is a matter of transcending that self, so I can lock in to my divine plan, to my I AM Presence, to the ascended masters and say what is it that I want to manifest when I am not limited by that self that I had built?”

Again, there is no criticism here. We all build a self. It is the only way we can take embodiment on earth but do you see what I am saying here? As you are growing towards the 96th level, you are freeing your will, you are freeing your vision, and thereby you are, in a sense, increasing your co-creative powers. You can manifest more and more. But the question is: How will you use that? Will you hold on to the vision that your separate self had when you found the spiritual path? And will you use your attainment on the spiritual path to manifest that vision whatever it is, so that you can manifest the conditions, the circumstances that your outer self wanted? Or will you transcend that and say: “It is not about manifesting what this outer self wants. It is about manifesting what I really want when I am not limited, when my will is not limited by that outer self”.

That is the fateful decision. Many people, avatars and original inhabitants have come to that point where they have said: “Aha, now I have the power to manifest what I wanted, what I, the separate selves, have always wanted. I am going to do that”. Now again, free will is free will. You can, you are allowed to do this. If you need that experience, you are allowed to do it. But depending on the vision you had with a separate self, going all the way back to when you first took embodiment and experienced that shock that there must be something wrong here on earth, the potential here is that this can take you into a downward spiral that can even, in extreme cases, lead to what we have called black magicians, who are seeking to gain some power in the physical realm in various ways and this then becomes something that can be very difficult to extricate yourself from, until you have spent a very long time pursuing that path and finally come to the point of seeing the futility of it.

What you realize here is that when you have this awareness, when you have this knowledge that we have given you about the separate selves, you have the foundation for stepping back, looking at yourself and saying: “What is my modus operandi on earth? What is the way I look at earth, I look at my environment, I look at myself in that environment? Has this created certain desires in my separate self, to see certain things manifest on earth? And how has my birth trauma affected this?”

The desire of being the Savior

Now, I said that many avatars come to earth with the sense that we are here to do something positive and be the prince on a white horse, even the savior, and when we then experience that we cannot be this, what is our reaction to it? Do we hold on to the sense that we should be the prince on the white horse or can we gradually begin to question it and transcend it separating ourselves from it? If we have held on to it, then when we come to that 96th level, it becomes very, very difficult for us to choose to transcend the outer self, we are instead making the decision: “I want to use my power to manifest that vision and be the savior, be the prince on the white horse, do something important on earth, make a difference”. In other words, we think: “I can of my own self do something”. And we go and do it.

Now again, when you are at the 96th level, you do not have the full creative powers that are possible on earth. You have not actually started to manifest Christhood, that only comes after you make that decision to look beyond the self. You can have some success in manifesting what you want but you are still on earth, you have a limited vision, you have the opposition from other people, from the mass consciousness, from the dark forces, so you will never actually manifest what you desire with a separate self. You have a vision of what you would like to see happen. We have sometimes called it delusions of grandeur. We have seen many ascended master students who have had these visions that they would be able to manifest these phenomena that people could not deny or they could go into a room with thousands of people and they would fall over in the Spirit and they could walk to the stage and be acknowledged as the ones who had the Holy Spirit. Many people have had various dreams like this. Again, I am not finding fault with it, I certainly have had my dreams in my previous embodiments.

But the fact is, these dreams can never be manifest. Even though you have greater power, greater vision at the 96th level, when you decide that you want to try and manifest these dreams of the separate self you are putting yourself into a cycle of frustration. You will be frustrated because you cannot, in an environment on earth, manifest this, it cannot be done. It is too dense of a planet. Besides the fact that your vision, of course, is not based on the Christ vision, is not in attunement with the River of Life and therefore, it has no chance of being manifest, it is an unrealistic expectation, just as your expectation you had when you came to earth, that you could manifest what you could do on a natural planet, was unrealistic.

The fateful decision

The question is, what will it take for you to see this? Do you have to go through a certain amount of experiences of frustration, trying to manifest your delusions of grandeur, before you give them up, before you look at yourself and say: “Is it my expectation there is something wrong with? It is my mental image, my desire, that is not the highest, instead of focusing on what is wrong in my environment, so I am not getting my way.” When do you come to that turning point, give up these expectations and say: “Not my will, the separate will, but Thy will be done, the will of my I AM Presence and the Conscious You before it came into embodiment and had greater clarity, what is my divine plan?” This is the fateful decision that you have to make there at the 96th level. We, of course, all want you to get past this hurdle, as quickly as possible, with as little pain and frustration as possible and that is why we have given the many teachings we have given.

In essence, you could say that all of our teachings are aimed at helping you pass that initiation and move into the levels of Christhood and continue to move on until you can ascend. What is the recognition you can come to here? It is that there is a difference between the vision of the separate self and the vision that the Conscious You can attain, by stepping outside the separate self and going into a neutral state of mind. The separate self will always have expectations, opinions, and therefore, it becomes a closed box, a closed system, a self-reinforcing, self-validating system by filtering out anything that contradicts its expectations and vision. We have given many teachings on this. Saint Germain and Jesus have given many teachings at this conference.

You can realize that there is a vast difference and that if you make that effort, use the tools we have given to get yourself into a more and more neutral state of mind, then the Conscious You can see something that the separate self could never see. And that is when you can make that decision that: “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the Father within me, the I AM Presence within me who is doing the work, not my will, but Thine be done.” Not that this is some external God in the sky who wants to force you, but it is your higher self. It is even the Conscious You when you are neutral instead of looking through the separate self. You can come to the recognition that the Conscious You is always the Conscious You. But what the Conscious You sees depends on what glasses you are wearing, what filter you are looking through. Are you looking through the filter of the separate self, or are you in a more neutral state of awareness? Well, you are still at the 96th level of earth so even when you go into a neutral awareness, as we call it, you cannot see through all of the illusions above your level. That only happens as you continue to grow in those levels. But you can certainly see beyond your separate self.

The path to Christhood

And that is an important point to reach on the spiritual path. That is when you start the path to Christhood. Many people, many spiritual people, even many ascended master students who have been in an ascended master organization for decades, who have decreed, who have studied teachings, they have not made that switch, they have not made that realization. That is partly why I am giving this teaching, of course, because my desire for these people is that they will make that switch, they will understand this mechanism. And what you come to when you grasp this, when you experience it, is this realization: “It is not about me. It is not about me, meaning the outer self, the separate itself, the whole identity, individuality you have built on earth, it is not about that.” It is actually about transcending that. Until the Conscious You can fulfill the requirement stated by Jesus: “Only the man who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven.” Only when you are completely free of everything on earth, everything that you have taken on earth, can you ascend back, can you ascend to the spiritual realm.

You recognize that as you walk the path towards the 144th level of consciousness, your will becomes more and more free. There are choices you can make, there are options you can see that you cannot see at lower levels. When you reach the 144th level, overcome that last illusion, that is when your will on earth is as free as it can become on earth. That is essentially, when you have free will, at least in the environment of earth. And that is when you can make that completely free choice to look back at earth, to feel, experience within you, there is nothing that pulls you back here, then you turn around and walk through the gate into the ascended realm with no regrets, no looking back, no unfulfilled business, nothing you want to do, have to do, want to experience, have to experience, you do not have to be the savior, you do not have to be the prince on a white horse, you do not have to make a difference, you do not have to save other people or change the earth or save society. You just turn away from it and walk through that pearly gate into the ascended realm, completely neutral.

Phases of the spiritual path

I realize that for many this sounds abstract, for many this can be difficult to lock into. So, I will make one more attempt. There is a time, and for most people it is up to the 96th level, where people tend to be very focused on outer things. The outer conditions you are experiencing, the outer circumstances you are experiencing on earth, people are very focused on this. You can see in spiritual movements, how here is a person who has grown up in a non-spiritual environment, as most people do. Suddenly, that person finds a spiritual teaching, realizes there is a spiritual side to life, there is a path that you can follow, however it grasps that path at that level of consciousness, but it certainly realizes there is something spiritual.

But many people go through a phase where they are very focused on these outer things. You see some people who are very, very focused on finding some way that makes them special. They look at their astrology, they look at their numerology, they go to psychics or spiritual teachers that tell them: “Oh yes, you have this very special ability that you can develop, you have this grandiose vision in your divine plan of what you can manifest on earth and how you can help society.” All of these outer things that they are very focused on because they are focused on establishing a sense of identity, a sense of self-worth, and this is perfectly in order, I am not criticizing it in any way. But it is a focus on outer things.

Then you have people at higher levels, who shift their focus, it is not a matter of these things that you have no control over, such as your astrology or your numerology, it is a matter of what you can do: “What can I do?” This is when many people become focused on using a spiritual technique or exercise. We have seen many ascended master students be very focused on decreeing for hours and hours, as this messenger was for quite a number of years. Again, not a criticism, just an observation that you are again focused on doing some outer things. First, you are focused on just having certain things that are beyond your control, but now you are focused on: “What can I control, what can I do myself.” But for many people, they have still an expectation that when they do these decrees, certain results should manifest. If you give a certain number of decrees for the war in Ukraine, then the war should stop. If you give a certain number of decrees for your own growth, then you should grow, something should happen in your life, you should have money, you should have recognition from the world, you should have a position, you should have this or that. Again, this always ends up in disappointment, because the self that has this expectation can only be disappointed.

The modus operandi taken from the natural planet

The question is, when do you overcome that focus and go to a higher level? What I would suggest here is this. As a mature spiritual student, who is close to, at or above that 96th level, you can make a conscious decision to switch your approach to life on earth. Most avatars who came to earth had reached a high level of attainment on a natural planet but what does that mean? Well, as they saw it, they had attainment because they could formulate a vision and they could manifest physical circumstances that corresponded to the vision and they considered this to be high attainment. Again, it is a certain level of attainment, but certainly not the highest that is possible, which I will not go into here.

You come to earth, with a certain focus on manifesting outer circumstances, co-creating. You think, without knowing this, you do not think this consciously, but you carry with you this sense that the purpose of you being on earth is to manifest certain outer circumstances, to co-create certain outer circumstances. Ah, yes. That is the modus operandi that we take with us as avatars. That is an expectation you have, it sets the stage for how you see yourself on earth, in this environment, and how you see the environment, because you think the earth should conform to your vision, your environment should conform to your vision.

Why we are here?

You think you are here to manifest certain circumstances, however you see it: saving other people, removing the fallen beings, manifesting certain conditions in society, manifesting an ideal society or whatever. You think that your reason for being on earth, what you are here to accomplish, is to manifest outer circumstances. But my beloved, it is not. The purpose for being on earth is the same purpose you had on a natural planet, your growth in consciousness. It is not about the outer circumstances. It is only and exclusively, about the effect that the outer circumstances have on your state of mind, your consciousness, your psychology. Earth is not about outer circumstances, earth is exclusively about psychology, your psychology.

When you can make that switch, that is when you truly start, not just a path to Christhood, but actually the path to Buddhahood, the higher levels towards 144th level. That is when you can attain peace of mind, you can make peace with being on earth, because you are not expecting or demanding of yourself, or of the earth or of other people or of God or of the ascended masters, the manifestation of certain outer circumstances. You are looking at whatever circumstances you encounter as an opportunity to look at something in your psychology, to overcome a reactionary pattern, overcome a separate self, overcome the illusion so you can rise to the next level and come closer to that 144th level. You are focusing entirely on the transformation of your own psychology. It does not mean you cannot manifest certain outer circumstances. It does not mean you cannot help other people, but you are not doing it in order to manifest those circumstances or help other people or save the world. Your focus is on the transformation of psychology.

“Being in a vacuum” phase

Everything else is secondary to that, everything else is just the consequences of what you are doing with your psychology and this is a paradox, for that matter several paradoxes, but the one I want to bring to your attention is relating to will. Because there comes a point, there is a phase where you have begun to separate the Conscious You from the outer self and the will of that outer self, the expectations, the desires of that outer self. And you will go through a phase where you feel like you are in a vacuum. It is like you do not really have any will anymore, you do not have a clear will of what you want to manifest on earth, what circumstances you want to manifest.

And we have all gone through it. We have all gone through it. It is a phase that you have to endure until you gradually begin to resolve it and then it is not that when you come to the higher levels of the path that now you have these supernatural abilities and now you can do the works that Jesus did and the miracles that Jesus did and all this or that. You might not choose to do something like this, this might not be the decision you make when you reach those levels of consciousness. Because again, having these supernatural abilities, this comes from the separate self and when you transcend that separate self, you transcend those desires and you do something that is based on that level of consciousness, which you may not be able to even imagine right now. But in order to reach those higher levels, the separate self has to die and for a time you will feel like, well: “Who am I? What am I here for?” You have no strong opinions, you have no desires, you have nothing that you think must happen, should happen.

Who are you, all of a sudden? You are not the separate self. But you have not yet fully decided who you want to be on earth and we have all gone through this phase. You may see it even in the life of Jesus. He spends 40 days in the wilderness. Even at the wedding in Cana he cannot really decide, is he going to turn the water into wine or is he not? But he spends 40 days in the wilderness as a symbol for being in that state where he does not really know what he wants to do at the higher level of consciousness he has reached, because he realizes that he needs to step beyond, not only the expectations of his separate self, but also the expectations in the collective consciousness.

Because on earth, you are bombarded constantly with these expectations from the collective consciousness of how you are supposed to be as a human being. You are bombarded by the fallen beings and the dark forces, of how you are not supposed to be the Christ as a human being. You have to not only free yourself, your will, your vision, from your own separate self, but also from the collective, in order to be free to decide: “Who am I on earth. What do I want to manifest? Do I want to manifest anything?”

“Being the open door” phase

And there comes that point at the higher levels where there is not really anything that you personally want to manifest on earth, because you actually want to get out of here. But this does not mean you cannot be the open door for your I AM Presence, or for the ascended masters, or the Holy Spirit to manifest something through you, but it can take you some time to figure out how to then be the open door, not the partially open door, not the colored door, not the screen door, but the open door.

There is no standard way to go through this process. You need to decide based on your makeup, your psychological makeup, but you can make faster progress when you constantly monitor your reactions to circumstances on earth and realize every circumstance you encounter is an opportunity to see something in your psychology and resolve it: “It is not about me, manifesting what I want or think I should manifest. It is about the resolution of the me that thinks it should manifest certain things on earth. Until I see that, it is not about me as a separate being on earth because I am not a separate being anymore, I am part of the hierarchy of self-aware beings that are beyond duality, reaching all the way to the Creator. I am part of the ascended masters, I am an extension of the ascended masters, I am an extension of my I AM Presence, therefore, I AM the open door.”

It is not a matter of always deciding with the outer mind what you want to manifest, but being the open door for what the Presence wants to manifest through you. But you can still, up until the 144th level, make decisions with the identity you have based on what you want to manifest, what you want to experience and your decisions will become increasingly free as you move higher towards that 144th level.

The next phase for democracies

I have desired to give you a discourse that, from a certain perspective may seem to have nothing to do with the topic of this conference, The Resurrection of Democracy, but in a way, it has something to do with it because many of the more mature democracies are facing that kind of initiation. They have had a long phase where they attempted to manifest specific outer circumstances because they thought that this was important, this was a goal in itself or this would make people happy. And now they are realizing that it does not actually make people happy to have these specific material circumstances, so what do we do? Well, the shift is focused on psychology, the resolution of psychology. The purpose is not for a democracy to manifest specific outer circumstances, but to help people resolve their psychology and grow in awareness. It is, in a sense, the purpose to free people’s will and therefore, a society must free itself from whatever baggage it carries with us from the past, via traditions, via these subtle beliefs about what can or cannot be done.

As we have said, you take a man or a person who lived 100 years ago and they would not be able to accept or believe that the life you have today could be manifest. So, if you carry with you the vision of your grandfathers, well they will limit what progress you can make. You need to be willing as a democracy, to free yourself from this baggage, these limitations of what can or cannot happen, because as long as you think something cannot happen, then it cannot happen. It is the old saying: “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cannot, you are right” because you can only co-create what you can see, and what you can choose, what you have chosen.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you. I have very much enjoyed having this opportunity to give you this somewhat esoteric discourse. You may think that as a Chohan of the First Ray I am a more hands on down to earth kind of guy, but naturally, I have grown tremendously since I ascended and therefore, there are many more facets. We have given you past embodiments of some masters, so that you can realize that we have been in embodiment and we have not always been perfect human beings in our embodiments. In fact, we have never been perfect human beings, for there is no such thing. But realize one thing, will you please, you can look at the past lifetimes of an ascended master such as El Morya – Master MORE and you can say: “Well, Thomas Moore was like this, therefore, Master MORE must be like this.” But you need to recognize that when you ascend, you transcend the personality you had on earth, you let that last self die. You can perhaps gain some inspiration from the lives of, previous lives of ascended masters, but you cannot use the previous life of ascended masters to reason what the ascended masters are like in the ascended state. Because we transcend it in order to ascend and you must do the same.

With this, I seal you in the joy of the First Ray of Will and Power. There is joy in every ray as the underlying feeling, sensation, experience that drives the universe. If you do not feel joy, it is because there is a separate self that blocks it for it is the deeper reality in God’s creation.


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