Forming the Circle of Oneness

TOPICS: In the Aquarian age, a spiritual movement must be based on oneness

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Ascended Master Presence of Oneness, July 3, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

The key to manifesting God’s kingdom on earth is to have oneness between heaven and earth. It is earth that is separated from God’s kingdom but it is only separated in people’s minds because they see themselves as separated from their source and thus see themselves as separated from each other.

Thus, the key to manifesting God’s kingdom on earth is that people come together in a true Spirit of Oneness, whereby they set aside for a time all outer differences, all outer differentiations and conflicts. They come together in one place, and that place is first of all a place in mind. And they come together, and they are of one accord. And Jesus said that when two people ask in his name, meaning that they ask in oneness, in unison, then it shall be given unto them (Matthew 18:20, John 14:13, Acts 2:1).

You have come together in one place. You have been willing to set aside the egos, the habit patterns, the thoughts, the outer things that pull on your attention. You have established a greater union and you can establish an even greater union and oneness. And when you have that oneness here below, you can be one with all life Above, even the Presence of Oneness that I AM. And thus I encourage you to, right now, stand, form a circle, hold hands and ask of God to have the abundant life manifest for all life on earth.

In the Aquarian age, a spiritual movement must be based on oneness

Your oneness here below forms a chalice, and that chalice is the Holy Grail. Ah, so many people have sought the Holy Grail. Throughout the centuries they have pursued this dream, and some have seen it. But I tell you, it is not an individual quest, for the Holy Grail is the cup of Christ and Christ did not come to this earth for his own gratification. He came to unite all life with their Father, with their Source.

And yet that union can only happen when people come together in oneness. And that is why Jesus did not walk around alone, but called his disciples, hoping to establish that oneness among them that would eventually become the catalyst for the Oneness of Christ to spread through the entire Body of God on earth.

And thus you saw that the disciples, 2,000 years ago, could not hold that vision and that balance. And that especially Peter and Judas could not remain in the oneness but did their respective things that broke the Circle of Oneness. And thus the challenge in this age is to reach beyond, to reach higher than the disciples did 2,000 years ago, and to establish that oneness here below that becomes the Holy Grail, whereby Christ can pour in the water of life that will give the abundant life to all people.

And that can be done only when you are fully aware that you must overcome both the enemy within and the enemy without. So many spiritual organizations have gone the way of the power struggles of the human ego and the forces of this world. Your challenge in the Age of Freedom, is to remain true to that oneness, that oneness that is greater than any differences you can have.

And rest assured that we do not want you to become carbon copies, to fit into a mold. We do not want you to set aside or lose your individuality. That is not the oneness we talk about. That is indeed the oneness of the fallen angels and their mechanization concept, who want to turn everyone into robots who are blindly following the blind leaders. We want you all to be individuals, to be the individuals you are. And when you know that your individuality is an individualization of God, then you know that the individuality of your brothers and sisters is also an individualization of that God. And that is when you can have a greater oneness, the oneness that is not Satanic, but the oneness whereby all transcend and become more, because when you come together you become so much more than any of you could be alone.

And thereby you share and you magnify and multiply, you multiply your talents by putting them together and that is the true abundant life on earth—that all freely receive from Above, freely give here below and thus the abundant life spreads like rings in the water, spreads out from the nucleus, from the sun Center that you form here today. And thereby it becomes the light that shines in the darkness. But I tell you, in this age, the darkness will begin to comprehend the light (John 1:5) and therefore more people will be awakened than ever before in earth’s history.

And thus I commend you for your willingness to participate in these rosary vigils because whether you realize this or not, everyone around the world who has participated in these vigils have come together in a spiritual oneness that forms a nucleus, a sun Center, that will truly enlighten the earth—as long as you continue to allow that flow from Above to flow through you, and even expand that flow through your own individual attainment and through your combined attainment of coming together and being One, being of one accord in one place. And thus I seal you in that oneness and I say, “Let your light shine before men (Matthew 5:16) and let it be the light that enlightens a world. And start right now!”

[Audience stands in a circle, each person holding out the left hand with the palm up and the right hand with the palm down. They join hands this way to form a circle in which the energy can flow freely (you receive energy through the left hand and give it out through the right hand). The audience then makes calls (aloud and silently) for the manifestation of the abundant life in specific situations.]


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