Exposing the forces that want to keep your door shut

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, October 1, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master, Archangel Michael.

We are grateful that you have given us the opportunity to address so many of you, in this conference on how to be an open door for planet Earth. Now, there may be some who look at this topic and they focus on the door, the word door. But, the reality is that you already have the door. You have a physical body that is anchored in the physical octave on earth. You have an emotional, mental and identity body. You have seven chakras. You have an I AM Presence. And so the door is in place. In other words, the actual practical, technical, we might say aspects of being an open door are already in place. So, the key word in being an open door is not door, but open. You have the door. The question is, is it open, or is it shut? And that, of course is the main topic we will be addressing at this conference, how to open the door and maintain it open.

Now, as was the case with our webinar on relationships, it is my role to give a somewhat sobering and somber message, about what you are facing when you are in embodiment on earth, and especially when you attempt to be an open door for something higher.

Naturally, you have all been brought up with at least some awareness that there is energy in the world. Most of you have not been brought up with a full awareness that everything is actually energy. But you have at least been brought up with the awareness that there is energy, that energy is something that usually moves, that usually streams, that flows. If you were to take the consequence of this knowledge, which has been available now for over a century, it simply is not rational, logical or consistent, to believe that there is nothing beyond the material world.

You will see, when you look at much of the modern world, that there was a period where the thinking of people was dominated by religion, whether it was an Eastern religion or a Western religion, most people’s thinking about life and the world and how the world works, was dominated by a religion. Many religions have actually had the concept of course, that there is a higher realm, a heaven world or a spiritual realm. Some of them have even had the concept that there is a lower realm, whether you call it hell or whatever else it has been called, but there is a realm where there are demons that are forces dedicated to darkness. Then there was a heaven world where there are angels, or other beings dedicated to light. This is the model of the world given by many religions.

But, what you see in many of the more modern nations, is that after the rise of not just science but specifically the religion of the ideology of scientific materialism, many people have begun to lose their belief in this world view of the world that was divided into three realms, a lower realm, the actual world that you live in and then a higher realm. This, of course, is the result of what we might call propaganda from those who have promoted the ideology of materialism. Because, when you look at the teaching, the reality, the fact that everything is energy, there is nothing inconsistent in the traditional religious view. Energy is vibration, energy vibrates at different levels, frequencies, amplitudes, wavelengths. There is nothing inconsistent in saying that there is a continuum of energy vibrations. There could very well be energy vibrations that are at a lower level than what we normally call the physical world, or the physical realm – the material realm, and there could be energies that are of a higher realm. In fact, science has measured such energies already. It has simply not been recognized for what it is, because the propagandists of materialism have had such a stranglehold on the thinking of many nations, many modern nations.

This does not mean of course, that we as ascended masters are advocating a return to the traditional religious worldview. Certainly not the traditional Christian worldview, that has now become prominent in many parts of the world, including Korea and Asia. It is not necessarily that the religious view is completely wrong or out of touch with reality, but it is a very simplistic view. It needs of course, to be refined and expanded upon, which is why we have over the years through this and previous dispensations, given many teachings on this. What I wish to give you here, is a new teaching that should not be considered the full and final teaching about the topic. It is an attempt to give a teaching that appeals to the linear mind, and gives you a certain perspective that we feel can be helpful at this time.

Now, there are some that have wondered, we have said that the physical octave is the lowest or the most dense of the four octaves, above it is the emotional, above it is the mental and above it is the identity level. We have said that energy first streams from the spiritual realm into the identity realm, then into the mental, then into the emotional, and then into the physical. This is not an incorrect view, but it is not the full view either.

It of course leaves out the question, of how can there be what we have traditionally called part of the emotional realm, that has a lower vibration than the physical, and therefore corresponds to the images that many people both in ancient times and in modern times, have seen as a hellish world, a hellish realm. In previous dispensations, we talked about the astral plane as being a division or a part of the emotional realm that had a lower vibration than the emotional, and therefore had these hellish manifestations, these very dense manifestations. This of course, left somewhat of a question of how this can be, if the physical is supposed to be the lowest, the most dense, then how can the astral plane be lower in vibration than the physical?

What we aim to give you here, is a slightly different perspective. We have given you the teaching, that there are 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth. This teaching is correct, in the sense that each of these levels of consciousness corresponds to a certain spectrum of vibrations. Now, if you expand this a little bit, you realize that we can now say that the total energy system that makes up planet Earth, is made up of energies, vibrations that vibrate at 144 different levels. This means that in the total energy system, there are 144 different possible levels of vibration. Now, regardless of what may have been given earlier, the teaching we want to give you here is the following.

There are 144 possible levels of vibration in the earth energy system. The question is, over which of these levels does the physical world, the physical realm span? In other words, there is a range of vibrations that make up what you call the physical material world, but where is that located on the scale of the 144 levels? In other words, imagine there is a vertical scale of 144 different levels of energies. There is a range, and as an example let us simply say, that this range is 48 levels and this range is the physical octave. But does this necessarily mean that the physical realm is the lowest of the 144 levels. In other words, that the physical realm is from the zero level to the 48th level. As we have talked about there are levels of consciousness.

The reality is, that there is no direct correspondence here that says that the physical octave, the physical realm, has to be at the lowest of the 144 levels of energy. In fact, the reality is that this is somewhat of a sliding scale. As we have said, when the collective consciousness is raised on earth, there can come a point where the entire scale of the 144 levels shifts upwards, so that what used to be the lowest level is no longer allowed on earth, it is no longer part of the energy system on earth. What used to be the 144th level now has another level above it. But still, even within these 144 levels, the 48 levels that make up the physical realm can also shift up or down. And what has been happening now for a long time on planet Earth, is that there has been an upward movement of the collective consciousness.

This means that this range of the physical octave has been shifting upwards on the 144 levels of consciousness. What that means, is that there are now certain levels of energy, certain levels of consciousness that are below the range of the physical octave. This means, first of all, that these levels are at a lower, a denser vibration than anything in the physical, and this is what makes hell such a dense place. This is what causes people to have seen it as a fiery place, because the density of matter creates more internal friction that puts everything in a state of fire. Almost like you see molten lava, where the actual pressure inside the earth is what causes the rock to melt, and therefore rise again as magma that might spew out of a volcano.

And so, there is now a realm that is below the physical octave, and this is what can be called hell or the astral plane. This requires us to be willing to go beyond the teaching given in a previous dispensation, that the lowest aspect of earth is in the emotional realm. This is not a matter of saying the old teaching is incorrect. It was what could be given at the time, we evaluated based on the understanding we had been giving in general. But it is now time to take that leap and say that hell or the lowest realm is not really part of the emotional. It is still so, that what primarily connects people to hell is their emotions, it is their emotional body that makes them open to the lower vibrations in the hellish realm or the lowest realm, but it is not really part of the emotional realm.

So, this now gives you a new view of how the energy flows. It flows into the identity realm, into the mental, into the emotional, into the physical. Then only from the physical level of vibration can the energy be lowered further, until they are down to the vibrations of the hellish realm. This means that there is a pure or correct flow of energy through the identity, mental, emotional and physical realm, and only from people in the physical realm can these energies be received from above and lowered to the lower levels. They do this primarily through their emotions, grant you, but it still does not mean that the hellish realm is really part of the emotional realm. We advise you to contemplate this, and shift your focus, those of you who have pondered this, so that you realize that the emotional realm is actually purer than the hellish realm. It is, of course, polluted by various fear-based emotions but nevertheless, it is not so that there is anything inherently wrong or unhealthy about your emotions, or the emotional realm in general, as students in previous dispensations have often considered.

The reality here is, that as we continue to raise the collective consciousness, the physical octave will shift upwards. But it will not only shift upwards, it will also be expanded, so that gradually more and more of the 144 levels of energy will be encompassed by the physical realm.

What will this mean? Well, this will mean that matter as you call it today, will become less dense, more liquid. This means that you will move back towards the state where you have a natural planet, where matter is much more pliable by the mind. In other words, as we move further into the Golden Age of Saint Germain, matter will become much more pliable by the collective mind, by individual minds, and you will see much more mastery of mind over matter. This is partly what it means to be an open door for earth.

The reason I am giving you this model at the start of this conference, is that it has a bearing on what all of us want to talk about, but also what I want to talk about in this release. You see, the question is, here you are – you are in a physical embodiment on earth, you recognize there is a spiritual realm, you recognize that energy flows from the spiritual realm. You recognize that you have higher levels of your mind, which makes it possible for you to connect from the conscious level, through the emotional, mental and identity realms with your I Am Presence or with ascended masters. Therefore, you can receive ideas, you can receive insights, you can receive experiences. What does it mean then to be the open door for planet earth? Well, one aspect is that you receive energy, you receive high frequency, love based spiritual energy that you express on earth through your activities. Even daily activities – not necessarily just spiritual activities, but all of your activities, you are expressing this spiritual energy, you are qualifying it with whatever is in your three higher bodies. You are nevertheless expressing energy, and the more energy that comes into the energy system on earth, the more of a positive effect it will have in terms of raising the collective consciousness.

There is an old saying, promoted by Master More that, if people knew better they would do better, but what does it take for people to know better? It takes that they see better. If you take the earth as it is today, you could say that the physical octave can be likened to an underground cave. You might recall Plato’s cave, the allegory of Plato’s cave, and you might look it up and see what we mean with this. So, the earth is a cave, it is somewhat dark, this means that there are many, many things people cannot see. But, if you increase the amount or the intensity of light in the cave very gradually, what will happen? Well, people will naturally start to see things that they could not see before, because these things were hidden in or veiled by the darkness, as the darkness recedes, more and more will become visible.

You can look at the progress that has been made – scientific progress and in other aspects of society over the last thousand or two thousand years, and a big part of it is the increase of light that simply makes it possible for people to see something. This is what we have talked about many times, where suddenly there is a shift, and people see something they did not see before and they see: “Oh, but this is obvious, this is what needs to change.” And so this is a matter of increasing light.

Then, of course, you can look for example at the progress of science, and see that this is based on increasing knowledge, increasing ideas – ideas about how the physical world works, how it is possible to change things in the physical octave, how it is possible to take a substance that was considered worthless in the past, and now turn it into a major source of energy for example, or in other ways improve people’s lives through technology, this is mainly ideas, understanding, knowledge.

But, even if you take all of the ideas that have been brought forth over the last thousand years, they alone cannot explain the change that has happened in society. There is a third factor, and that third factor is what we might call a general raising of awareness. It also ties into what we have talked about, people connect to the basic humanity, or the essential humanity where people first of all realize that, if I treat other people well and they treat me well, then we all have better lives. This is, essentially (you might say), the basis for many of the modern democracies. Where you – instead of having a society where might is right, you consider that all people have rights, that all people should be treated a certain way by the government, that the people should treat each other a certain way, and when they do, the entire society becomes more pleasant to live in and also more prosperous.

This has been proven by the modern democracies, including South Korea and many others. You can look at how people live in South Korea today, and you can compare it to how people live in North Korea. I very sincerely doubt that there is any person in the entire world who would prefer to live in North Korea, rather than South Korea. And this proves to you, that as there is a raising of this basic humanity, that there are certain things the government cannot do to its own people, which is exactly what the government is doing in North Korea, then society prospers and becomes more pleasant.

I am not thereby saying that there is not room for improvement in all of the modern democracies – of course there is. But, it is very difficult to deny that there has been a rather considerable improvement over the last couple of generations in all modern democracies. And so this is an increase of the level of awareness. And as this increase continues, people become more aware that we are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings, and we have a far higher potential than we have been brought up to believe, based on our society’s definition of what it means to be a human being.

These are the general ways in which a planet is raised, and in which the entire physical octave shifts upwards on this linear scale of 144 levels. Again, the question now becomes, here you are, you are in physical embodiment, how can you become an open door for the energy, the pure energy that is simply increasing light, for the ideas that are increased knowledge of how to do things, and for the awareness that raises people’s acknowledgement of basically the oneness of all life and therefore, what we do to others affects ourselves?  How do you become an open door? Well, as I said, the question is: “How open is the door?” This means we now can take a look at some of the forces that are closing the doors for most people, and seeking to keep them closed.

Of course, this is my specialty, because I am the Archangel whose task it is to defend people. Traditionally in Christian mythology, this has been seen as that I am the Defender of Faith. But faith is really not a word, you will notice that we are using anymore, certainly not in this dispensation. We are not asking you to have faith in anything. We are asking you to go within, to use your intuitive faculties, to have direct experiences, so that it is not a matter of believing something, it is simply a matter of experiencing and therefore your consciousness shifts. You are not shifting intellectually, you are not reasoning yourself into that: “I should shift because this is the right thing to do.” As you, for example, see many people in the debate today, such as the climate debate who are saying; “we should start doing this because it is the right thing to do,” but there is not really the intuitive grasp behind it.

And so again, the question now is: What are the forces that want to keep your door shut? This is where we have a tremendous challenge in the people on earth in general. I am not talking about primarily ascended master students, but you realize that we need to give some teachings here that could appeal to a wider audience, than just you who are our regular students. When you look at humanity today, you see that you still have a section of religious people who believe that there is a hell, there are dark forces in this hell, there may be a devil, there may be Satan, there may be some demons that are seeking to prevent them from going to heaven. But these people have very little understanding of how the dark forces can influence them, they see them as an external force. They might be afraid of them, but they also think that if they cling to their faith and if they pray, then they will be protected and they will still go to heaven.

Well, this is a very primitive view that is all that could be given in previous times. But as you know, as ascended master students, there is much more that can be given. What we see is that many of these religious people who recognize that there is a lower realm, they are absolutely closed to the idea that there could be something in their minds and their attitude, that could open them to the dark forces. They are absolutely unwilling to look at the beam in their own eye and consider; “what could I change?” Now, for example, there are of course many religious people who know that it is wrong to use drugs or alcohol, according to their religion. And so they try to force themselves to avoid it. Nevertheless, there are many, many religious people who give the outward expression that they are good religious people, who go to church, but they are still closet alcoholics. They are not willing to see that it is something in their psychology that makes them open to the forces that pull them into alcoholism.

Likewise, you have for example, many Christians who are very, very judgmental towards those who are non Christians. Or even to other Christians who are not living up to the standard that they feel they should be living up to. These people would be very unwilling to acknowledge that their judgmental attitude opens them up to some very powerful demons (what we have called collective beasts) that are pulling them right into this vibration of death and hell, because judgmentalness, the judgmental attitude really comes from death and hell. You see here, there is tremendous opposition from religious people to acknowledging that dark forces can only influence you when you open yourself to them. This is what they will not acknowledge. They believe, because they have been brainwashed to believe, that if they are faithful to their religion, follow its outer rules, if they pray and have faith, the dark forces will not touch them. But the dark forces are influencing them. They have their hooks in many, many of these people. In fact, if you look at Christianity worldwide, more than 95% of those who call themselves Christians have some entity from the lower realm that have hooked into their auras, primarily through their emotions.

There is tremendous opposition from religious people towards acknowledging the dark forces that are deliberately seeking to keep people’s doors closed, so they cannot receive new impulses from the spiritual realm. Then you have a large group of intellectuals, of materialists, of atheists, of agnostics, who consider the entire idea that there could be a lower realm as simple superstition, medieval superstition, something that belongs to the Dark Ages that they need to scoff at and ignore completely. Of course, this is the same as if people when bacteria were discovered, have said: “all this is pure superstition, this is not something we need to worry about.” Because everything is energy, if you were to undertake a scientific study of people with mental illness, you would see that there are many people with mental illness, where the explanation that they are possessed by certain forces from a lower energetic realm is actually more logical, more rational, and more useful in terms of helping these people than a blank denial of the existence of such forces.

At the very least, it could be recognized that there are lower energies. It is possible to measure that people who are open to such mental illness, that they have lower energies in their energy fields. This can be measured by existing instruments. There will be many, many psychologists who realize that the only way to really help certain patients, is to treat this as if there are certain spirits that you can make go away from the person. Again, there is a tremendous segment, a large segment of the population, who have this absolute denial, absolute resistance towards acknowledging that there are non material forces that are seeking to prevent people from being the open door for anything new.

Now, we then have another segment of the population, which is the New Age segment. These are people who may not call themselves New Age, but they are open to a form of spirituality that goes beyond traditional religion.  Many of these people will call themselves spiritual but not religious. They consider themselves to be open to the spiritual ideas and the existence of a spiritual realm, but they are not in the traditional religious category. One aspect of this is, that they often consider the idea of hell or a devil to be medieval superstition. In other words, these people have a mixture of openness to spiritual ideas, but at the same time the intellectual denial of certain ideas.

You find a large segment of these New Age people who have the attitude that “it is all good,” that we should not focus on anything negative because what we resist persists. What we focus our attention on we give power, and therefore we should not focus our attention on anything negative. But my beloved, if you believe that by focusing your attention on something, you can give it power, then are you not at the same time acknowledging that it exists?

In other words, you are actually believing that there are lower forces. You just believe that the only way to deal with these forces is to ignore them and hope they leave you alone. But is not that the same as saying: “we should ignore the existence of bacteria because if we leave them alone, they will not invade our bodies and make us sick?”

Well, there are many New Age people who would object to this. Because they believe that their ignoring the dark forces has caused these dark forces to leave them alone. And my beloved, they are absolutely right. If you are a spiritual person, and you ignore the dark forces, they will in most cases leave you alone. And why is that? Because you are not a threat to them and their control over planet Earth.

You see, the very simple reality here is, that when you look at the earth there are 144 different levels of consciousness. We have said that there is a dividing line at the 48th level of consciousness. People below the 48th level of consciousness are so trapped in their personal psychology, their psychological wounds, their hang ups, their reactionary patterns, that they are not able to bring forth anything new, their consciousness is simply so focused on themselves that there is very little openness for new ideas.

Then you have a range of consciousness from the 48th to the 96th level, and most of the spiritual New Age people on earth are somewhere in that range. This is the level where you can make gradual progress in raising your consciousness. You can have some openness to new ideas, but you are not really at the level where you start manifesting the higher levels of consciousness, what we have called personal Christhood. At this level, you are not as severe of a threat to the dark forces. Therefore there is a limit to how much they will oppose you, especially if you have subconsciously made the vow that you will not raise your consciousness beyond a certain level in this lifetime. There are many New Age people who have done this. They do not realize they have done it but they have essentially said: “If you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.”

What does that mean? Well, you look at Jesus and you look how he challenged the authority figures in the physical octave. But he also challenged the demons, cast out the demons, challenged the dark forces. There is nothing that is a greater threat to them as we have said many times before, than a person who starts going beyond the 96th level of consciousness and starts manifesting personal Christhood. This is the greatest threat to them. If you as a New Age person have subconsciously vowed you will not go there, you will not attempt to manifest Christhood, well then, the dark forces will in large part leave you alone. They may still siphon off some of your energy, which you barely even notice because you think that is just the way it is. But you can feel very, very comfortable in your state of consciousness, in your outer activities being a spiritual person.

You will see that many of these people have various compromises: “Oh, I can be a spiritual person and drink wine for dinner. I can be a spiritual person and smoke pot once in a while. I can be a spiritual person and take ayahuasca. I can do this, I can do that.” They have reached a level of where they are comfortable, they feel they are very spiritual but they are not a threat to the dark forces, so the dark forces will say: “okay, we will leave them alone and we will focus our efforts on those who really are a threat to us.”

And that is why, when you come to a realistic assessment of what it takes to raise your consciousness on earth, there is simply the stark reality that you cannot raise your consciousness beyond a certain level, if you do not acknowledge the existence of dark forces who will do anything they can to prevent you from raising your consciousness. It simply cannot be done. Nobody who has ever raised their consciousness on earth, has done so without acknowledging the existence of dark forces.

Now, it is perfectly true that what you resist persists, because when you resist something, you are giving it energy. But if you take the teachings we have given through this dispensation about dark forces, we are time and time again saying, you do not fear the dark forces, you do not fight them. You increase your awareness of how they influence your consciousness, and then you overcome the wounds and hang ups in your psychology that gives them a hook in your consciousness, and then you are free. We are not talking about resisting the dark forces, we are talking about learning what it takes to free yourself from their influence and then doing that. Once you are free, you do not really need to worry about the dark forces.

As part of becoming free you can make the calls, you can give the invocations and decrees. but another big part of it is of course, to see the separate selves, the reactionary patterns that cause you to be open to these lower forces. Once you do this, you can bring yourself above the level where they can pull at you. You need to be aware that they are there, but it is not something you go around fearing, and not something you spend a lot of attention on. You are, as Jesus said, approaching the point where the “Prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me.” Like the Buddha demonstrated under the Bo tree, you have no attachments, therefore the demons of Mara cannot tempt you into any reaction. If you do not acknowledge the existence of dark forces, then either you will not grow or you will be pulled into a reaction to the dark forces that can keep you trapped for a very long time.

Again, if you look at planet Earth, you see that there are parts of the world where there are groups of people that are constantly fighting each other, constantly battling each other. We have used the example many times of the Middle East, but certainly there are many examples around the world. Many of these people do not realize that their minds are almost completely taken over by these forces in the lower realm, we might call it the astral realm. They are trapped in the epic mindset, the black and white thinking, the dualistic struggle against an opponent. All they are doing is feeding most of their energy to the demons of conflict and war that exist in the collective consciousness and in the astral realm. This is simply how they spend their entire lives, perhaps even many, many lifetimes, simply fighting another group of people, giving their energies to the dark forces who become stronger and stronger, can take over more people and so forth.

So, you might say that, yes, part of what brings progress on earth is that you increase the amount and the intensity of light in the cave. But the Omega aspect of growth is that you diminish the darkness in the cave. And of course, you have the old saying, which many New Age people will immediately bring up “that darkness has no substance.” You cannot shovel the darkness into garbage bags and throw it out of the cave. You can only bring the light, and that is fine. But what does it take to bring the light? How do you become an open door for the light? Well, your door has to be open, and if your door is closed because of the influence of dark forces, how can you bring the light? How can you open the door, unless you come to see the very mechanism that caused you to close the door and therefore see how the dark forces managed to gain an influence in your consciousness, that caused you to make the choices that closed the door.

Strangely enough, I said that there are many Christians that are completely closed to the idea that they could be, and their mindset and psychology could be responsible for dark forces influencing them. But there are also many spiritual people that are closed to the same. They do not want to acknowledge that they have made certain choices, they have certain mechanisms in their psychology that make them vulnerable to dark forces, and it causes them to close their doors to the light. There is a certain segment of the spiritual people on earth, who are comfortable, who feel very, very spiritual, who participate in various spiritual retreats and conferences and seminars, who are seeking peak experiences and they think they are very spiritual, they think they are helping raise the earth but they are simply – they have stagnated at a certain level and stagnation my beloved, cannot bring progress.

The progress that happens on earth is a gradual continual raising of consciousness. You take a person who has stagnated at a certain level among the 144 levels, that person after a short time is no longer pulling up on the collective. Because in order to pull up on the collective, you have to transcend yourself, you have to go to a higher level, then for a time you are pulling up on the collective, but then you have to go to the next level up in order to continue pulling up on the collective. Only those who are continually transcending themselves, are helping to raise the collective consciousness, and those who have become comfortable, who are standing still at a certain level, are simply not raising the collective consciousness. They might feel very spiritual, very comfortable, but they are not growing and they are not helping the collective consciousness grow, they are not helping the planet grow. These are the kind of people that very often become open to false teachers of various kinds, some even the false hierarchy impostors who claim to be ascended masters but really are from the lower identity, or in most cases the mental realm.

The reason this is such an important topic to bring up, is that when you again look at the range of consciousness on earth, who are the people who have the greatest potential to pull up the earth? It is obviously not the people below the 48th level, it is not the people who are trapped in materialism. The people who have the greatest potential are those who acknowledge spirituality beyond traditional religion, those who are spiritual, but not religious, they are the people who have the greatest potential. The vast majority of these people, when they made their divine plans before coming into this embodiment, they made it part of their divine plan that they wanted to continue to grow throughout this lifetime. But once they came into embodiment, they were overwhelmed, as is natural, by the density of the energies in the physical realm, by the circumstances into which they were born, and so instead of connecting to this desire to continually transcend themselves, they have become, we might say, satisfied with less. They have become satisfied with being comfortable, with feeling they are spiritual and they are doing something.

It is actually the New Age version of the automatic salvation that so many Christians believe in: “If only I go to church, if only I pray, then Jesus will come and save me after this lifetime.” This is what they believe, “If only I am comfortable, if I only do these spiritual activities, then I will be okay after this lifetime.” Whether they call it the ascension of whatever they call it, this is what they believe. What they tend to do is, they tend to gravitate into these teachings that are designed by the false teachers to make people feel comfortable, to make people feel that they are doing the right thing, they are helping the earth grow by doing whatever activities they are doing.

But what you will see is, a common denominator for all of these teachings is, they do not require you to look at yourself, to work on your psychology. Some of them will require a certain rudimentary looking at yourself, but once you have overcome a certain hump, then you are in the clear, then you are one of the advanced people, the mature people, and now you do not need to look at yourselves anymore.

Well, what have we said consistently through this messenger now since 2002. There never comes a point where your growth stops, there never comes a point where you can stop looking at yourself. Because, you always have to look at the next illusion so that you can rise to the next level of consciousness. It is an ongoing process as long as you are in embodiment, and any teaching that does not talk about this, or that even denies it, or that has some kind of diversion, is not a teaching coming from the ascended masters. It simply cannot be my beloved, because we are the ascended masters – do you not realize? We have ascended.

How did we ascend? Not through an automatic process, where Jesus came and saved us at the end. We ascended because we continued to look into our own psychology, transcend illusion after illusion, hang up after hang up, until there was nothing left and there was nothing therefore that tied us to earth. This is the only way that anyone has ever ascended and a teaching that attempts to tell you differently, does not come from the ascended masters, because we know what it takes. We have experienced it, we have proven it and why would we give you anything less than what we know works.

We have given you teachings, we have given you tools through this messenger. The decrees, the invocations to protect yourself from dark forces. Some of you have experienced that doing this made a tremendous difference. Some of you have experienced that by giving the calls to me, consistently over a period of time, you were suddenly raised above certain mental illnesses that you had before.

Many, many people can experience this, and it is certainly valuable that those of you who have experienced positive results of this, witness to this fact—social media, websites, whatever you have, this is part of being the open door. It is not just a matter of you receiving ideas or energies, because what is the point of you sitting there, knowing something. In other words, if you are sitting there and you have the method for a new, low cost, unlimited energy source, and you are sitting there enjoying this wonderful technology that you have received but you are not communicating it to anybody, then what good does it do?

What you can do is, you can communicate the benefits, the results that you have had from the teaching, from the tools we have given. You can witness to the fact that this works, that it has had a positive impact on you, so that it can help others. This is not saying that you always need to promote this messenger or ascended master teachings if it is more appropriate for you to do it in a universal context, then by all means, do so.

But you understand what I am saying. Part of being the open door, the Alpha part, is receiving, the Omega part is communicating, is sharing, is giving out. Because it is only by giving out that you receive more. As Jesus explained in his parable of the talents, if you bury what you receive in the ground, keeping it for yourself, there is nothing for us to multiply and how can you receive more?

There are many, many people who have come to a point on the path after some years, where they feel like: “I am not growing as fast, there does not seem to be so much happening, I am not having these dramatic experiences that I used to have.” In many cases, it is precisely because you are not giving out what you have received. You are not sharing with others, you are not seeking to help others and therefore what is there to multiply for us? We are not just here to help you. We are here to help all people.

This is one of the subtle, dangerous challenges of spiritual students who have reached a certain level. There is this tendency to become comfortable at a certain level. To feel: “I know enough about spiritual teachings, I understand how the universe works. I have done a lot of decrees and invocations or other spiritual practices, and now I can coast a little bit, I can take it easy, I can be comfortable.” But, this means that if you are not using what you have received to help others, we cannot multiply your efforts because you are burying your talents in the ground.

And so, how can you continue to grow and have the sense that you are growing? If you do not have the sense you are growing, it is because you are not growing and that is because you are not seeking to help others. You understand? Perhaps you do not! But then you can come to understand that you ascend by attaining the full Christ consciousness, and the full Christ consciousness means you overcome the illusion of the duality consciousness, of the fallen consciousness. And what is the primary illusion of duality? It is that you are a separate being.

Christ is ultimately oneness between the Creator and its creation, but it is also the horizontal oneness between all beings who are part of that creation. You ascend by rising to that level where you experience the oneness of all life, you experience that you are part of a whole. In fact, you give up the sense that you are a separate being and you see yourself only as a part of the whole. This means that you now work on raising the whole.

As we have said, it is very understandable that as you are walking from the 48th to the 96th level, your primary task is to raise yourself above the collective consciousness and you do this as an individual, you have to stand apart from the collective in order to raise yourself to the 96th level. But the danger, the challenge is that once you come to the 96th level you have to be willing to let go of the self that brought you there. Because otherwise, you continue to reinforce the sense that you are a separate individual who is so spiritual, more spiritual than all other people. And you can continue seeking to build this sense, but this is not Christhood. Christhood is when you start working to raise the whole, working on helping others, instead of just being yourself or concerned about yourself and your own growth. There comes a point where you cannot grow anymore as a separate individual, you can only grow by seeking to raise the whole.

Where does this all lead us to? Well, of course, there are many more things that could be said here. But the reality is, that if you are a person who feels that the idea that you can be an open door resonates with you, then you need to take a very intense look at the teachings we have given on dark forces, how you protect yourself from them, how to cut yourself free from them. You need to use the decrees to me, to Astrea, other decrees and invocations to cut yourself free from this. Because if you have not done this before, you will be influenced by these dark forces who will want you to keep your door closed.

It is simply inevitable. It is simply a part of the path beyond a certain level, that you have to free yourself from this pull of the dark forces. What I am seeking to do here is help those people who have a resistance to this idea, break through and make the decision that: “I will do this, I will look at this, I will make an effort to raise myself beyond the downward pull of these dark forces from the astral plane.” Because as long as you are influenced by these forces, you cannot rise to a higher level and therefore you cannot open your door to new impulses and ideas from above. It cannot be done, my beloved.

You understand that, or perhaps you do not understand, but you can come to understand, that there is a traditional image of God, that God is the angry, judgmental, being in the sky, that spiritual beings, whether it is Archangel Michael or Jesus or whomever, we are judgmental of you. But we are not. We are sitting here constantly letting it rain upon the unjust. We are releasing energy. I am constantly, every day, every second, releasing energy towards earth. But the Law of Free will says that the energy from Archangel Michael cannot enter the energy system on earth, unless there is someone who voluntarily chooses to open their four lower bodies, open the door to my energies.

The same with ideas. Saint Germain is not withholding ideas for the golden age. He is not judging: “Who is worthy to receive that idea? Are they the right people? Are they doing the right thing?” He is simply there with the ideas and it is only one thing that matters: “Is there an openness to receive?” And this is beyond our control. This is up to your free will. If you are not open, it is not because we are not sending anything to you, it is not because dark forces are forcing you to be closed against your will. It is because there is something in your will, at subconscious levels, that have chosen to close the door and keep it closed, or you can say you have chosen not to open it.

The reality is that your door was more open when you first descended into embodiment. It gradually became more closed. If you are a spiritual person listening to this, obviously you have gone through a period of gradually opening your door. But the reality is, that it is the choices you made in the past, and which are still sitting in your subconscious mind as these separate selves that are closing your door, that are blocking your door.

If the opening was there, you would receive energies, ideas, first to how you can improve your own growth, your own personal situation, but also how you could make a contribution to the whole. When there is an opening, you will receive. But there is a law, a spiritual law, that for there to be an opening, there has to be a chalice that it can be poured into. You understand that, or again perhaps you do not, but you can come to understand, the entire concept of the holy grail is that the grail is actually a chalice that you raise up, so that the wine of the Spirit can be poured into it without being spilled on the ground. There has to be something that can hold it.

For example, in terms of energy, there are people who are in constant conflict, as I said. Most of their energy goes straight to dark forces in the astral plane. There is a limit to how much energy we can give such people, because we know they will instantly misqualify it, they only receive barely enough to keep their physical bodies alive. For them to receive more, they have to create some kind of chalice in their minds where they can now receive something, without having it go directly to the astral plane. There has to be a receptacle that can receive it.

If you are to receive a new idea about some aspect of society, you have to know something about that particular topic. You have to know how to implement the idea, otherwise what good does it do? The same with just energy, you have to be able to maintain it for some time, instead of for example misqualifying it in judging others, or holding on to strong opinions.

What does this often take to receive a new idea in a field? Well, you may say it takes an openness to a new idea. But, what is it that makes you not open? It is the ideas and opinions you already have in your mind and which you believe, as Mother Mary said in her definition of fanaticism, cannot be or do not need to be expanded upon. If you have any firm idea that you do not think can be expanded upon, how could you receive a new idea which must go beyond the old, or it would not be new? The question again is: “Do you seek a higher understanding or do you seek validation for your present understanding?” What do you seek? What do you want? Of course, that is a topic that other masters will expound upon, as I have given you what I wanted to give you in this instalment.

Therefore, you have my gratitude for so many people being willing to tune in to this. I can assure you that by you being willing to listen, the impulse has gone out even in Korea, South Korea, North Korea. Because, what do you see in North Korea? There is a total closedness to new ideas. Because there is an absolute denial of the need to change, because what we already have and what we already know of how the system should work cannot be expanded upon.

And so this has been challenged by this dictation, by your willingness to be the open doors, by the calls you are making, the calls you will be making. You see the same in many other nations, especially China, you see this unwillingness to change, this unwillingness to recognize that China has long gone beyond the point where the ideology of communism is useful, or where the dictatorship of one person is a realistic form of government.

But again, with this, I have given you what I wanted to give you. Therefore, I seal you in this very joyful flame of the power and the will of God that I AM for earth.


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