Everyone has a personal ideology

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. When we step back from the topic of ideology, look at it from a greater distance, we see that although there are many different ideologies, thought systems, belief systems that have been introduced on earth, and although we see that there are many thought systems that are not normally considered ideologies, we can actually see that there is one particular issue that is common amongst virtually all of them. I started out by saying that one of the things an ideology has to explain is why there is suffering on earth, why there is dissatisfaction on earth. If you consider a planet like earth, that for a very, very long time has been a dense planet (where the population has been in duality, has been manipulated by various power elites, and deceived by various ideologies), how can you explain the fact that people almost universally have a sense that they should not be suffering, that there should be a better way to live, a better society, that there should be a way to escape suffering? 

If you go back to the teaching I gave 2,500 years ago and look at the society in which I gave that teaching, and compare it to the more advanced nations in today’s world, you would see that the way people lived back then was so different from modern society that you almost cannot fathom the difference. You who have grown up in a modern society cannot even begin to imagine how people lived, how people looked at life, how people felt back then. You see that 2,500 years ago, I still gave a teaching based on the concept that there is suffering, but that there is a way out of suffering. Why could I give that teaching if it had not been for the fact that there is a universal recognition in most people that they should not be suffering, that there should be an alternative to suffering. 

The reason for this is of course that you are, as we have said, experiential beings. There is an aspect of experience that goes through all four levels of the material universe. You may say, you are having a physical experience in the physical realm because you are in physical embodiment. But there is an aspect of your experience that is in the emotional, one that is in the mental and one that is in the identity realm. When you look at humankind and the history of humankind, you see that, over this very long-time span (far longer than recorded history) where people have been in embodiment on earth, there are certain patterns, certain matrices, that have been created in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. We might, to use a different terminology, say that there is a certain collective memory that has been established. 

This memory actually goes back to when the earth was a natural planet. For those who have come from other planets, well they have taken with them some of the memory from those planets. This memory is not a theory. You may as a young child have touched a hot stove and burned your finger. You know that the stove is hot and it hurts if you touch it, which means you are not going to do it again. This is not a theory you have. This is not some kind of ideology you have adopted about hot stoves. You are not thinking about this. This is an experience, an experiential memory that you have. Likewise, humankind has a certain experiential memory, in the emotional, mental and identity realms. In the identity realm, there is a collective memory that there is an alternative to suffering.

Fallen beings can only create suffering

Now, you look at the fallen beings and you realize that they do not have this memory. When you fall to a different sphere, your memory is erased. You still have certain things you bring with you from the previous sphere: a certain mindset, certain beliefs, certain separate selves, a certain ideology, a certain state of denial, but the experiential memory is not brought with you. You start all over again, building a new experiential memory in that sphere, and the next sphere, and so on. That is why you actually have some fallen beings that do not have this sense that there should be an alternative to their present state of mind. They think it is the ultimate state of mind. Some fallen beings would not even admit that it is causing them suffering, even though it is causing them constant tension. They think there is no alternative to it. 

The vast majority of human beings on the planet, they have this sense that there should be an alternative to suffering. As I said, the basic question, we might say, on earth is: “Why is there suffering when everybody knows it should not be here?” This of course is what most ideologies attempt to explain because this is the only way that the fallen beings can control people. 

What you see is very simple. The fallen beings can only cause suffering. They are on earth, they have an agenda, it involves or necessitates controlling human beings by forcing them. When you force people into an unnatural state, it causes tension, it causes suffering. The fallen beings cannot exist on the planet without causing suffering. In order to convince people that a certain ideology is valid, superior, infallible, they have to attempt to explain why there is suffering. Of course, they do so, among other things, by pointing the finger at some other group of people and anointing them as the scapegoat who is the cause of suffering. 

What I want to point out here is that if you step back from this, and you look at the fact that there is this collective memory that suffering is not inevitable, then you can see that all ideologies are based on a very particular viewpoint, namely: Something has gone wrong on earth, something has gone wrong in the world, something has gone wrong in the universe. 

People experience they are suffering. They have the memory that it should not be there. What the fallen beings do is they create ideologies and belief systems that say that the reason why there is suffering, that people know should not be there, is because something has gone wrong.

The ideology that something has gone wrong

Now, of course when you look at earth, you will see that the fallen beings have been very good at keeping their own identity, existence and presence secret for the vast majority of people. Even though there is some concepts of a devil and dark forces and this and that, it is still a very rudimentary understanding of this that basically hides the existence of fallen beings on the planet. Therefore, of course it hides the real cause of suffering. It also hides the duality consciousness because an ideology that springs from the duality consciousness cannot expose the duality consciousness. 

What you see is that you have this sense (that has been around for a long time on this planet) that something has gone wrong. Now, this sense that something has gone wrong is not based on experience. You have a previous experience that there was not always suffering so there is an alternative to suffering. Now, you have an experience that there is suffering. You do not actually have this collective experience or memory that something has gone wrong in the universe. You have a memory of the contrast between suffering and non-suffering, but even though you might say that there was a period of time where suffering started, people were not aware why suffering started. They experienced that it started but they did not experience the explanation, the reason why. There is no collective memory of why suffering started. That is why many people are vulnerable to the fallen beings creating an ideology that explains what has gone wrong with the universe, and what is the kind of program that is needed to fix it, what is the struggle that needs to suppress, force or eliminate the scapegoat that is the cause of the suffering.

Now, we have of course given many teachings that the real cause of suffering is that people have gone into the dualistic mindset that can only cause suffering because you act as if you are a separate being. Therefore, you are out of alignment with the basic design principles of the universe, you are resisting the universe, you are resisting what I have called this effortless co-creation, effortless manifestation. You think you have to manifest everything by force. This means that people do not have this deeper understanding that it is their own mindset, the mindset of duality, that causes suffering. As we have explained, the inhabitants of the earth had gone into duality before the fallen beings arrived. They experienced suffering before the fallen beings came, but it was milder than what they experienced after the fallen beings came. 

In a sense, you could say that the ideologies that are being created by the fallen beings have the specific purpose of explaining away the very suffering created by the fallen beings. This is one of the purposes behind the ideologies created by the fallen beings: to hide their own existence, and to hide that they are the cause of suffering. They want to portray that the reason people are suffering is either because of another group of people, or because something has gone wrong with God’s plan for the universe. Then, they furthermore try to portray that this select group of people, this special group of people, they have to do something to correct what has gone wrong with God’s plan because God cannot do it himself. Therefore, this particular group of people on this little planet (that is a speck of dust in the universe), they have to compensate and correct what has gone wrong with God’s plan. This of course is what the fallen beings believe: That it is their destiny to correct the mistakes of God and make the universe function the way it really should be functioning. They have projected this onto the people. In order to explain why there is suffering, they have created ideologies based on the mindset that something has gone wrong.

What is the effect of these ideologies? Well, when such an ideology becomes accepted by a large number of people, they are then beginning to allow this ideology to affect their identity, mental and emotional bodies, meaning that when the energy from the spiritual realm flows through these people’s minds, it is colored by the ideology. This of course can only increase tension. It can only increase conflicts between groups of people, it often leads to war, which of course creates even more suffering. 

Why ideologies cannot remove suffering

What I am seeking to point out here, which actually many people who do not know about fallen beings or ascended masters are ready to see from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, is that while most ideologies promise that they can take people out of suffering, it is a complete lie. It is a complete illusion. The very ideologies that are based on this idea that something has gone wrong, and that some people must correct it by forcing other people, they only increase suffering. 

What you actually see is that you have ideologies that have been developed to explain the suffering created by previous ideologies. This is partly what the philosopher Hegel saw when he talked about the dialectic. There is a thesis, one ideology created out of duality. This ideology, because it is created out of duality, must have an antithesis. There is a struggle between the two and this creates a new state, which he called a synthesis between the two. This synthesis then becomes a new thesis, which attracts an antithesis, and the struggle starts all over again. 

This is what has happened with the ideologies created by the fallen beings. They become often more and more complex, more and more unreasonable and illogical, in order to explain this suffering created by the previous ideologies. Many people are ready to see that this is actually an endless cycle where people can go on endlessly creating new ideologies that supposedly are the final, the absolute, the ultimate ideologies that can explain what the other ideologies could not explain. The alternative is to abandon ideologies, abandon the ideological mindset, and as I have described, use the scientific method to observe how the world works, and then also seek to use your intuitive faculties to receive some higher vision of how the world works. 

We have given teachings previously about this concept that something has gone wrong. We have said that, in reality, nothing has really gone wrong on earth. The earth is a reality simulator. It is created to give people any experience you want. It is perfectly capable of giving you a positive uplifting experience, but if you decide you want a different experience and go into duality, it is capable of giving you any experience you want because it simply out-pictures the collective state of consciousness. Based on this, based on this view that the earth is a reality simulator, what could possibly have gone wrong? 

In the reality simulator, the concept of right and wrong really have no meaning. When you consider free will, and people are allowed to experiment with their free will until they have had enough of whatever experience they are having, what could go wrong there? When you really understand free will, and the purpose of free will and the purpose of allowing people to have any experience they want until they have had enough of it, what could go wrong in God’s universe? Well, nothing. 

From an ascended master perspective, from the perspective of the Creator, you can look at the fallen beings and say: “Did anything go wrong when they fell?” No, because within the Law of Free Will, they are allowed to have that experience. Of course, the fallen beings in their mindset, they experienced that something had gone wrong because they were not allowed to continue to act as if they were the gods on a particular planet. They were humbled, they were confronted with the reality that there was a power greater than them. They consider this to be wrong. They are allowed to have that experience. It is a matter of how long do they need to struggle with this before they give up the struggle? 

Has something really gone wrong? Well, in their minds only. I know very well that if you look at most religions on earth, if you look at previous ascended master teachings, you would look at these teachings and conclude that something had gone wrong because these beings fell and there is all this manipulation and suffering and so on. In reality, nothing has gone wrong. 

The situation of avatars coming to earth

Now this, of course relates especially to those of you who are avatars and who lived on a natural planet, and then decided (when you had reached as far as you could reach on that planet) to come to earth. Before you came to earth, you looked down on this planet and you saw the immense suffering that is taking place here. You felt compassion for people suffering, you felt the desire to help them escape the suffering because you of course knew it was completely unnecessary. You came here with the desire to alleviate suffering because you knew it was not necessary. This does not mean that on a natural planet, you had the concept that suffering was wrong. On a natural planet, you do not have these concepts of right and wrong, but you did see that suffering was not natural, it was not necessary, it was not unavoidable. 

You saw that people were suffering. You felt the compassion for them, and you formulated the desire to help them be free of suffering. You decided to descend to earth and take embodiment here, which means you have to descend to the 48th level of consciousness. You cannot descend with the level of consciousness you had on a natural planet, you have to start at the level where the original inhabitants of the earth started. This means you now inevitably become affected by the consciousness of earth. Then, you experienced the original cosmic birth trauma, as we have called it—you experienced that shock. This is when you directly, on your own body, came to feel that it was wrong that you were exposed to this equation. You came here with the best of intentions, you should not have been attacked by the fallen beings, you should not have been rejected by the original inhabitants. Something happened that should not have happened—this was wrong. 

This is when you become open to being pulled into the fallen beings’  mindset: the dualistic value judgment that something is right, something is wrong. This is when you begin to think that, well, something must have gone wrong on earth since there are these appalling conditions here. Nobody should have been exposed to what you have been exposed to, nobody should be exposed to what most human beings are exposed to on earth. Something must have gone wrong. Then, you create these selves based on this idea, this view, that something has gone wrong. As long as you have these selves, you cannot ascend from earth because you have other selves that project that it is your job, your very purpose for being on earth, to correct what has gone wrong here. Therefore, you cannot leave until this has been corrected. Given that this could take a very long time, this means that your ascension is postponed indefinitely. 


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