Embrace your body and demonstrate that you can be spiritual in the body

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 3, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I represent to all people on earth the Divine Mother. I hold the office of the Divine Mother for earth and regardless of the name Mother Mary associated with the Christian tradition, I am the Divine Mother for all people on earth. My Presence, my Being, is universal. It transcends Christianity. It transcends any other label. It transcends any other form.

The nurturing aspect of God

What is the office of the Divine Mother meant to do on earth, for the people on earth? Well, it is meant to do many things, but first of all represent the Mother aspect of God, which is the nurturing aspect. Nurturance. Nurturance. A concept alien to many people who do not feel nurtured, who live in poverty, who lack this, who lack that, who lack the next thing, and therefore do not feel that the mother realm, the matter realm, is nurturing. This lack is, as we have explained, partly manufactured by certain people who form a power elite and want the population to live in lack so they can have more, but it is also to a large degree produced by the people themselves who have come to accept a self-image as not being worthy of nurturance, not daring to expect that they will be nurtured.

What is it that I truly seek to give to all people? The acceptance that they are worthy to receive nurturance from the Mother. This means especially nurturance of the physical body. For what is the physical body made out of? Is it flesh and blood? Nay, it is made out of the Body of the Divine Mother, which is the Light of the Divine Mother, which is what we have called the Ma-ter light. Why am I talking about the physical body at a retreat meant to help you connect to your higher self and spiritual teachers? Well, is it not because one of the primary things that can pull you away from feeling a connection within is precisely the physical body, its aches, its pains, its needs, its demands, constantly pulling on your attention: “Give me this, give me that. I do not have enough of this. I do not have enough of that.” Giving you pain here, a weird sensation there, always pulling on your attention.

The hatred of the Mother

For many spiritual people throughout the ages, the body, the physical body, has been a major challenge, pulling them out of their meditation. Many spiritual people have for a very long time looked upon the body as an enemy of their spiritual growth, as something to be conquered, to be ignored, to be controlled, to be shut down. Many look at the entire physical octave, the matter realm, the mother realm, as an enemy of their spiritual growth. And again, as my beloved sister Kuan Yin explained, these are the dilemmas we face on earth. As ascended masters, we full well realize the intense, the immense suffering that people are experiencing in the Mother realm.

I hold the office of the Divine Mother for Earth. What does that mean? It means I hear everything of people’s experiences, of their complaints, of their animosities, of their sense of injustice, of their hatred of the Mother. It all comes through my office. I am very well familiar with everything that is happening on earth, all of the suffering, and I fully understand why it is difficult to trust the Mother realm. For how can you know what will happen and suddenly your entire life is changed or destroyed, or you lose your life, or you have a disease that causes you pain? I fully understand it. I experience it in my heart every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, now for many, many years that I have been holding this office.

Yet, the approach that spiritual people have taken for thousands of years to the physical body is not the most constructive approach. Is your body really an enemy of your spiritual growth? Only if you think it is. Only if you seek to escape the body while being in the body, to subdue the body, to control the body, to put down the body, to shut down the body, only then will it be an enemy.

Being in embodiment as an opportunity

Many years ago, this messenger had an out of body experience where he was taken out of his body into a light, and then he was sent back with great force, and he understood the message: “I am not in embodiment to have spiritual experiences. I am in embodiment to do something in the physical realm, to experience the physical realm, to change the physical realm.” Is your body, your physical body, an enemy of your connection to your higher selves and ascended masters? Only if you think it is, for what is a physical body? It is an incredible opportunity. An incredible opportunity to experience the physical realm from the inside and to be part of this co-creative process.

Yes, I hear all of the complaints, all of the objections to this statement from the collective consciousness. I have heard them for hundreds of years. I know them all backwards and forwards, yet who am I? Am I the one who is just passively listening to complaints, or am I the representative of the Divine Mother who is here to sometimes be the strict mother who says: “Enough of your complaining. Look at the opportunity, look at the body as an opportunity, look at being in embodiment as an opportunity.”

Again, I hear the suffering. I empathize with the suffering. But the suffering on earth has become a self-reinforcing spiral in the collective consciousness. And someone must break that spiral, and many of you have it as part of your Divine plan to help break that spiral, where you either complain about the body or you attempt to control it as the spiritual people have done. I understand that all of you who are spiritual people have a somewhat conflicted relationship with your physical body. I had it myself when I was in a physical body. Jesus had it. I certainly had it when I was standing there looking at him, hanging on the cross.

Nevertheless, many of you have vowed in this embodiment to help pull up on the collective to a higher approach to the physical body. A higher approach of looking at the body as an opportunity. As an opportunity. While you are in the body, why reject the body? Why attempt to get away from the body? The higher approach is to look at this realistically and say: “Why am I in physical embodiment?” And you recognize that you chose to be in physical embodiment. You may not feel like you chose. You may look at your life and say: “I would not have chosen this. No one would have chosen my life, as difficult as it has been.” But you did choose or you would not be here. You did choose. You may have had limited options because of patterns created in past lives, but those patterns were created by you choosing.

And those of you who are spiritual people, who are ascended master students, you certainly chose to be in embodiment at this time to help Saint Germain bring in the Golden Age and facilitate that shift. Do you think that in Saint Germain’s Golden Age, people will have the same relationship with their physical bodies as most people have today, and have had during Pisces and previous ages? Do you not think there will be a shift towards a different approach to the physical body? Then is it not logical that you are here to help bring about this shift? But how can you help shift the collective unless you shift in your own mind first? I am not seeking to be insensitive to those of you who have suffered greatly in the physical body and have diseases of various kinds. But I am seeking to awaken you to the choices you made before you came into embodiment, specifically as they relate to the physical body.

Accepting that “I am this body”

You know, as a spiritual person, you are more than the body. Some people will say: “I am not the body.” You have a very old tradition going back thousands of years in India: “I am not this. I am that.” Pointing to something in the spirit world. Many people reject their body. Many people seek to ignore it or get away from it. But the higher approach that I wish to bring to your attention is to embrace the body. Embrace being in embodiment. Even coming to this point where you can say: “I am this body.”

Consider your reaction to this statement. Can you center in your heart and feel at peace saying “I am this body”? Or do you have a reaction? Well, then that reaction comes from a conglomerate of subconscious selves that you have most likely created in past lifetimes, for many of you who are avatars going back to the birth trauma, where you were for the first time in the physical body on earth, being attacked by the fallen beings who attempted to use your physical body to destroy you psychologically and spiritually. But we have given you the tools to work on this, to come to see these selves and let them die. And for some of you, it will be very beneficial to take some time to focus on the selves that you have created in past lives that relate to the physical body, to you being in the physical body, and to you accepting not only that you are in the body, but accepting the body. Instead of accepting or seeing yourself as being in the body, you accept that you are the body.

Why is it important to make this distinction? Because only when you fully accept that you are the body will the blueprint of your body, held by your I AM Presence, held in your identity, mental and emotional minds, become fully physical. There are many, many spiritual people who, because they have not accepted “I am the body,” they cannot bring that blueprint into the physical. It stops before it reaches the physical, and therefore they cannot have the healing that they need in order to focus on their spiritual growth. And of course, as the Divine Mother, I desire to see all of you healed inasmuch as is possible within the parameters of your Divine plan. But I certainly desire all of you to have the least amount of suffering from your physical body. And as Kuan Yin has said, if you are always trapped in the mind projecting out, you will not connect.

So it is time to try something different. So many spiritual people throughout the ages have rejected the body, tried to avoid it, push it away. Is it not time to try something different? And that is to embrace the body, to accept the body, to identify yourself as the body, manifesting the highest possible matrix for the body.

A practical tool for accepting the body

As part of our effort to help you connect, I offer you some practical tools for getting to a state of mind where your body, your physical body, is not preventing you from connecting to the ascended masters and your higher self, because the body is not pulling your attention outwards. You can have moments of peace in the body and go within. This is my desire, so I ask you to join me in some practical exercises aimed at helping you either change your approach to the body, or actually have the healing of the body.

We have said before that your physical body is made out of the Ma-ter light. We have said that the Ma-ter light is the basis for form, but it cannot take on form by itself. A matrix, a thought matrix, must be projected upon the Ma-ter light for it to take on form. That matrix is projected through your identity, mental and emotional minds that project it onto the Ma-ter light that then forms the physical body. This means that your physical body, as dense as it may seem, it is not dense at all. It is liquid. It is like plastic that can be molded, like clay that can be molded, but it is molded by thought, by identity, by emotion. And therefore, it can potentially shift in an instant. In an instant.

Now, you know that your physical body is made up of cells. If you have ever studied this, you will know that the cells are incredibly complex. There was a time when scientists had discovered cells, but thought they were kind of like the old days when they looked at the atom as something indivisible. They thought the cells are just the basic building blocks of the body and there is not much going on inside the cell. But when they developed tools to study the cell, they realized how wrong they had been and how complex the cell is. The cell, as some doctors have discovered, is very much attuned to your state of mind. The cells are, in a sense, radios that receive signals. They receive signals from your environment, from the collective consciousness. But they also receive signals from your emotional, mental and identity minds.

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