Do you want to be right with Christ or right among men?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

My next installment is to talk about a topic that very, very few people in America have understood. There are many, many people in America who consider themselves Christians and who consider themselves to be part of a Christian nation. They consider America to be a Christian nation. They consider America to be founded on Christian principles.

Being right with Christ

Well, there is one particular principle of Christ that very few Christians in America, or for that matter anywhere else, have grasped. That it is a principle that can be illustrated in a situation where Jesus says: “What is that to thee, follow thou me?” What did Jesus mean with this enigmatic statement? Well, he meant that you have to choose whether you want to be a true follower of Christ or whether you want anything in this world. When we look at the current political debate and climate and situation in the United States, we can reformulate that question and say: “You have to decide whether you want to walk with Christ or whether you want to be right among men, do you want to be right with Christ or right among men?”

This is a question that very few Christians have even considered, have even grasped, have even understood the need to consider. For they think that they understand what Christ is all about, but they do not because they do not grasp the inner teachings of Christ. Now, if you take this and look at the American Constitution, the American political system, what is it that is the very foundation of the American political system? Well, it is partly the Declaration of Independence and the essence of this Declaration of Independence is that all human beings have rights that are given by a higher authority, meaning a higher authority than the government of the United States.

The government therefore, recognizes that there is an authority that is higher than themselves. Or rather, the government should recognize this. This means that there are certain things that the government is not allowed to do. There are certain rights that the citizens have, that the government is not allowed to take away or limit and this is because there is a higher authority, not only than the government, but even a higher authority than the people or any grouping among the people. In other words, if you want to talk about America being a Christian nation, then it should be a nation that recognizes that Christ is a higher authority than any individual, any groups of people, or even the government as a whole. The question is not really do you want to be right in a political fight or discussion with other people, but do you want to be right with Christ?

The standard of the fallen beings

And what did Jesus also say that relates to this topic? Well, he said: “Let the dead bury their dead.” And what did he mean? Well, as both Jesus and others have talked about before, it obviously does not make sense that Jesus was saying that there are dead people walking around burying other dead people. As in so many other things that Jesus said, there must be a hidden meaning, an inner meaning to this statement. And what he meant was, of course, that there are people who are dead in a spiritual sense because they are in the death consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ.

And what is the consciousness of anti-christ? Well, what have we said so many times? The fallen beings only have to do one thing to get everything on earth to go awry and that is to create the idea that there is a standard that can be defined on earth and that everyone should follow. It is a black and white standard and if you follow it, you will go to heaven; if you go against it, you will go to hell. If you follow it, you are right; if you do not agree, you are wrong. This is the standard that the fallen beings have imposed upon earth, but this is not the standard of Christ. But how many people, Christians included, have grasped this difference, which is an essential difference.

I am obviously here speaking into the collective consciousness more than I am speaking to you who are ascended master students, because most of you have grasped this, based on the many teachings we have given on this topic. But still, you can all benefit from considering this again and considering your attitude, your approach, even to the political discussion, the political discourse in America.

Is it really about being right? Is it really about being right, because how could you be right among men? You look at America, you look around the world, you see that the vast majority of people are trapped in the standard of the fallen beings. This does not mean that they agree, they do not agree, because the standard is dualistic. There are always two opposing polarities, at least two. You have people who are in the duality consciousness and because they are in duality, they polarize towards either this extreme or that extreme.

Hiding behind the facade of polarization and division

A typical example is Republicans and Democrats. Now traditionally there was not the animosity, there was not the hostility between Republicans and Democrats that you see today because the two parties were not trapped in black and white thinking. But today you see that both parties have become more polarized, one obviously more so than the other, but still there is polarization and so you have this typical epic mindset, black and white thinking, where you want to be right. Both sides want to be right by proving the other side wrong.

How can you be right among men in this climate? Very simple. Align yourself with one of the two polarities and you will have at least some people who will agree with you and who will think you are right among men. There will, of course, be some that will not agree with you, but if you go into the black and white mindset, you can ignore that because you see that they are absolutely wrong based on some standard.

What am I saying? I am saying there is only one way to be right among men and that is to accept the standard imposed by the fallen beings. Do you really understand what I am saying here? I am not saying that the fallen beings care about either of the two dualistic polarities. There are fallen beings in embodiment in America as part of the top 2% of the elite. They may support this party, they may support that party, but they do not care about either party. Then there are fallen beings in the identity and mental realms who also do not care about either party. Do you understand? The fallen beings, some of them at least, the more sophisticated ones, they are not trapped in their own standard in the sense that they are not for the Republican party or for the Democratic party.

Their aim is to keep the people divided. That is their higher goal—to keep the people divided, and the Republican and the Democratic party are just tools for achieving this goal. So is, of course, any other division that can be created in society, except one. You will see that there are many divisions in society, but there is one that is not promoted by the elite and that is the division between the people and the elite, because the elite in America are trying to fly below the radar of the people so that they are not seen, not recognized.

Believing that a lie is Christ’s truth

And yet, in order to achieve this, they will claim to be the ones who represent a higher standard, even the standard of Christ, if that is something that will appeal to the people. They will, of course, say, some of them, Christ’s truth is what is stated by the Republican party. Other fallen beings will say Christ’s truth is what is stated by the liberals. The purpose of this is, of course, to polarize the people into divisions. As I said, the fallen beings do not even believe in their own—some do, of course, but the most sophisticated ones—they do not believe in the divisions they have created. They are not taking sides, because they are only on one side, their own.

You will see that there are people who have allowed themselves to be pulled into one of these polarities. There are people who will claim that Donald Trump stands for Christ’s truth and they will claim that this messenger is out of touch with Christ’s truth or the ascended masters by the dictations we have given through him. What can you do about this? What can you do about this mindset? If people are convinced that they have Christ’s truth, what can you do? Well, on the personal level, you can often do nothing because nobody has closed their minds more firmly than someone who believes that a lie is the ultimate truth. When you believe in an illusion, but you believe it is the ultimate truth, then you are not open to Christ’s truth.

The purpose of Christ

Why is that? Because Christ and Christ’s truth does not live up to the standard of the fallen beings, does not conform to the standard of the fallen beings.That is why Jesus said to Peter, when Peter wanted to impose a false standard upon him: “Get thee behind me Satan.” Christ’s truth is what is given to help people raise themselves above the dualistic “truth” of the fallen beings. What does this mean? Christ’s truth always pulls people closer to oneness, to unity. Unity between the person and his or her higher self and the ascended masters and unity among people horizontally. Divide and conquer is the goal of the fallen beings. Unify is the goal of the Christ mind. By the mere fact that these people are so convinced that they are right and that those who disagree with them are wrong, you can see that despite their claims, despite their beliefs, they are not actually coming from Christ’s truth. The entire purpose of Christ is to raise people above the consciousness of death, which is the consciousness of division and to raise them into the consciousness of oneness of unity.

You can do nothing on the personal level to help people who are in this state of mind. You can make calls for them to be cut free, to be given an opportunity to see a higher truth than what they see, but it will not work against their free will. If they are not willing to open their minds, then there is nothing you can do. What you can do something about is at the collective level, where you can make the calls, use the invocations we have given, such as the one you just gave and others, for the unification of the American people, and that a critical mass will be raised up to realize that there must be a higher approach to politics in America than the divided, confrontational, dualistic approach that has taken over American politics.

Bringing politics back towards the center

There is a critical mass of people in America who have already seen this or who are very close to seeing it and those people you can make calls for and those people you can help by speaking out in whatever way you can. There are people who are beginning to be fed up, as the saying goes, with politics that is so divided, so confrontational. They have had enough of it and they are longing for something more. And it is really a matter of galvanizing these people so they step forward and demand a higher form of politics, a higher form of public discourse and a higher form of government that is not so based on these divisions and animosities.

There is a need for the emergence of a balanced, centrist part of the Republican Party and a balanced, centrist part of the Democratic Party. There is a need for people who can look across the middle and not see it as a division, but actually see the commonality of those who are in the middle of the political spectrum. There is a need for those who can see that politics has become polarized and there is a need to bring it back towards the center. This you can make calls for. This can have a positive effect and it may even have a visible effect at the critical level as we approach the next election.

“Will I follow Christ to a higher level?”

Look at yourselves even as spiritual people. Be honest, be willing to consider whether you have been pulled into this divided, polarized view of the political climate in America and then consider what separate self you might have that caused you to be pulled into this. And then consider that if you want to step up to a higher level of your personal path, you need to come to see this self and decide: “Will I let it die so I can follow Christ to a higher level or will I hold on to it?” Which means you cannot take the next step up.

There are no Republicans or Democrats in heaven. There are only beings who see the oneness of Christ beyond all divisions on earth. You see, even if you go back to Jesus’s time, how he called his disciples: “Leave your nets and follow me.” This was not just physical fishing nets that he was talking about. He was actually talking about the nets that keep you trapped in a lower state of consciousness, which of course, is the separate selves. For all spiritual people and for all people who have an intuitive sense of the higher principles, the higher value of this nation, it is necessary to consider: “Do you really want to be right among men? How important is it to prove yourself right by proving others wrong?” Because these are the nets that prevent you from following Christ.

Seeing the power elite for what it is

And there may be many people who cannot look at it in a Christian terminology, but it also prevents you from following the higher principles behind the founding of America—the fact that there is a higher authority that gives all people rights that the government cannot override.

And you see that there are many ways that the government is overriding the rights of the people. First of all, by allowing the elite to continue to accumulate wealth, to concentrate wealth in their own hands by taking it from the people who are doing the hard work. The entire accumulation of wealth that has been a result of the neoliberal philosophy is an abomination compared to the principles upon which this nation is founded. Some of the founding fathers could not even see this because they were so attached to their comfortable lifestyle that they had carved out for themselves, some of them by using slaves. But that should not stop people today, because today it is easier to see these principles than it ever has been. It is easier in the sense that the collective consciousness is higher than it was at the time of the founding fathers. It is more difficult in the sense that there is the polarization between the two wings of the political spectrum. But there were also divisions and polarizations at the time of the founding fathers.

You may think that most Americans supported the Revolutionary War, but there were many who supported the British and did not want British rule to be overturned and did not want the emergence of a nation. They wanted the colonies to remain under the British crown because they got advantages from the British crown. They got privileges. In a sense it was as polarized back then as it is today and you see many periods of American history where you see this polarization, civil war being an obvious example.

Many people in today’s age are ready to see this, to see the history of this, of how the people have been divided time and time again and then see that this division was always created by an elite who had a hidden agenda that they attempted to fulfill by keeping the people divided into these factions so they could hide. In medieval Europe, in feudal Europe, the feudal lords were sitting in their castles. They were clearly suppressing the people who lived on their land and the people felt oppressed.

Today the feudal lords, reincarnated in America, are suppressing the people not quite in the same physical way, but certainly they are doing it through money and through political influence, but they are much more hidden. They may have castles, they may have yachts, but they are not as visible as it was in the Middle Ages and therefore, the American people have not seen the elite for what they are and why have they not? Because they are so concerned about squabbling and fighting amongst each other, proving the other people wrong and proving themselves right. This consciousness is truly the biggest block to the manifestation of the golden age.

Recognizing higher principles and a higher authority

What is the golden age? There are some who might think: “Well, it is an age where the Republican Party and the most conservative people in America run the country. Then there will be a golden age.” But the reality is that the golden age is an age where a critical mass of people recognize higher principles, recognize a higher authority, however they see that authority. They do not need to recognize Saint Germain as an ascended master, but they need to be open to the potential to receive ideas from this higher authority and they need to be willing to implement them—that is how the golden age can be manifest.

If people hold on to a standard defined on earth that is not based on unity and the unification of the people, how can there be the golden age? Do you think a golden age is an age where some people are rich, some people are privileged, or is it an age where all people have a good standard of living and some people have a better standard of living because they are willing to work harder or be more creative? But it is certainly not an age where the top 2% control more than 90% of the wealth in the country. That cannot be a golden age.

“I cannot be wrong” consciousness in America

You who are the spiritual people can be forerunners for this shift. As I said, there is a critical mass of people who are ready to make this shift and some, of course, have already done so. But there needs to be more people before it breaks through. And you can be the forerunners, but you need to then lock into this—not deciding to be right among men, but to be right with Christ, right with Saint Germain, right with higher principles. Yes, this is a challenge. Yes, there are some who will claim they are right and that is why they are supporting this particular political candidate or this particular political party. But they have not understood what I have said in this dictation and what we have said in many other teachings.

Do not be concerned about this. Do not try to talk to them, to convince them, because you cannot prove that people are wrong if they are in this state of mind. And why is this? Because when people are in this state of mind, they have one overarching attitude: “I cannot be wrong.” There is right now in America a large group of people who are in this state of mind. And you will see, if you look at this neutrally, that Donald Trump represents this consciousness: “I cannot be wrong.” And the people who support him and who are absolutely convinced that he is right are also in this state of mind. That is why he came to the forefront of American politics, because he exemplifies and out-pictures this state of consciousness and he is therefore, you might say, the opportunity for a critical mass of American people to come to see this and decide: “No more of this. We want a different climate in the public discourse. We want a different political climate. We want different political leaders.”

Now, in a sense, you could say that Biden also represents some of this consciousness because he is a cold war warrior, as has been said and therefore, grew up in this climate of the Soviet Union and America, communism and capitalism and so you see that there is a need for America, a critical mass of Americans, to transcend this old black and white dualistic mindset. I am not saying that Biden is completely stuck in this mindset. I am just saying that he came from that kind of a background. So, you see that there is a need for the emergence of leaders with a different attitude, a different approach. But this cannot happen until a critical mass of people make this shift and consciously acknowledge that there must be a better way to do politics in America.

Only women can change America

There is no easy way out of the present situation. There is nothing that even I as an ascended master could do to easily change it. I cannot wave a magic wand and change America. There is nothing that a single person could do to change the situation very quickly and easily. It is a situation that has been there since the inception and the founding of America. It is a situation that has not necessarily gotten worse, but has become more visible, more pronounced, partly because of communication technology. And it is a situation that right now has reached this critical juncture where it needs to be played out so that people can see it and quite frankly, what is it that has the biggest potential to shift the situation?

Well, as I said, not a single person, but many people could do it and a part of the American population that could shift the situation is not exclusively, but primarily women. The only way that America can transcend this divisive mindset is that women step forward and demand a different political process. Men cannot do this because men are too trapped in black and white thinking. I am speaking in general terms. There are, of course, many men who can be part of this movement, but if there is going to be a breakthrough, it will have to be women who bring this about. It will have to be women who lock into the female, the feminine wisdom, the “Sophia”, as it was talked about in Gnostic circles. The practical wisdom that says: “This is not working, we must find a better way.”

Look at this Republican Party and the entire circus about first rejecting the speaker, then having trouble finding another speaker. Was there ever a woman who was nominated to be speaker of the Republican Party? How many women have any kind of leadership role in the Republican Party? For that matter, how many women have leadership roles in the Democratic Party? Well, there are more. There is a vice president, but nevertheless, ask yourself how many women are in Congress and the Senate, how many Supreme Court judges, how many people in the national committees of the Democratic and Republican Party? And then you can see that they are a clear minority and that is why the situation is stuck in this antagonistic confrontational approach.

Is it really a matter of one party being right and the other party being wrong, or is it a matter of doing what is the best solution for the American people? Right now, it seems as if the only thing that matters is that your party is right and the other party is wrong and the effect of this is that the elite can run the show behind the scenes. They are hiding behind the facade, running the show while the politicians are squabbling. Men will not be able to see this. The women need to step in and look at the practical reality. Look how many things are not being done because of all this squabbling and party politics. Look how there is a majority across the middle for many solutions, but it cannot be manifest because of this extreme polarization, especially in the Republican Party.

Again, there is no simple solution. But there is, of course, a solution, or rather many solutions, by many women and the more balanced men speaking out, demanding change. By the people demanding change. You may think that this is unrealistic, but right under the surface is this desire for something new and it is just a matter of it breaking through so there are some people who step forward, who are in a position who can vocalize this and say: “We must find a better way. We must find a better approach to politics.” And suddenly there can be a shift where people demand something different. And the politicians who are the fastest to respond to this, to lock into this, they can then get elected and therefore things can change quicker than you might think—quicker than you might think. For as the situation becomes so polarized, so extreme, there are more and more people who have had enough.

You might think I sound serious, I sound somber, but I am, as always, an optimistic realist and I see the potential that the political landscape in America can shift over the rest of this decade, which is the decade of women. There is a fundamental, crying need for women to step forward in all areas of American society, but especially in politics and the media and the economy and business and education and science and a few other areas. This is the greatest potential shift for America and for bringing the golden age, because it is a fact that when it comes to the practical ideas for manifesting a golden age, women are generally more open than men.

What you can do as ascended master students is of course make the calls for this, you can see how this fits into your Divine plan, or you might be one of these women who could step forward, or one of these balanced men who could step forward, because it will not be only women, but it will require a large number of women to bring about this shift. You can, of course, give all of the invocations we have given, especially the ones from the book about liberating women, and thereby help bring about this shift. It is a huge potential and if manifest, historians will later look back and see it as one of the most significant shifts in American history, much greater than any other shift you have seen so far. It will not be the greatest when you come further into the golden age, but it will be seen as a significant shift if it manifests its full potential.

With this, I have given you the impetus I wanted to give in this installment. I will have more to say and I am grateful for this opportunity to say it. Even though the messenger is across the pond, by so many of you tuning in in America, it has the impact that I wanted to have.

For this, I am grateful and thereby, I seal you in the flame of realistic optimism that I hold for earth.


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