Defending democracy against the enemy without and the enemy within 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. We have talked about the fact that when people rise to a certain level of humanity, they find it difficult to grasp, to acknowledge, that other people are not at that level. I wish to comment on why this is so.

Growth is a two-fold process

Now, we have said several times that you can learn in two ways on earth. You can learn through divine direction from within or you can learn through the school of hard knocks. But we have also said that all of you are experiential beings. In other words, you cannot take embodiment on earth and only learn from within. You could not, for example, create a mystery school on earth and have everybody or have some people go into that mystery school and stay in that mystery school until they were ready to ascend. That is not the purpose for a planet like earth. You need to have a certain amount of experience with life on earth, with the consciousness on earth, the collective consciousness on earth, before you grow. So, in other words, growth is a two-fold process, where you have both the outer experiences and the inner directions and that gives you the fastest possible growth.

Lower levels of consciousness

Now, what happens when you come to the point where you rise to a certain level? Now, you could say, some people, for example, many avatars have never descended to a very low level of consciousness. But there are people who have descended to a lower level of consciousness. Let us take a person who has descended not necessarily to the lowest level, but quite a bit below the 48th level. The person has then experienced what it is like to live with this state of consciousness, which basically means you feel that “Other people are out to get me”. You are not really paranoid. You are just thinking that everybody is out to cheat you. Everybody will take from you what you have gathered if you do not guard it and you are looking for problems. You are not trusting other people and so forth.

Take a person who has lived this way for several embodiments, perhaps many embodiments, and who has lived in, for example, medieval Europe, Asia, or other places where they had dictatorial societies, where in many cases there was not really any law other than might is right. So, you have a person now who has gone through this for a number of lifetimes. And you can say that this person obviously does not have a high level of Christ discernment because he or she thinks that it is perfectly justified that “I do to others what I know they are trying to do to me, and I, in fact, have to do to others before they can do to me in order to defend myself“. The person is in this state of consciousness and has been in this state of consciousness for a number of lifetimes. How can this person really rise to a level of humanity that is higher, that is distinctly higher, what we have called the basic humanity? How can you go from do unto others before they do to you, to do unto others what you want them to do to you?

Well, not everybody is like this, but the majority of the people on earth do this experientially. In other words, they have to experience the lowest state of consciousness for so many lifetimes. They have to experience so many negative consequences from this state of consciousness and this lifestyle that they eventually come to a point where they have had enough of it. They simply have had enough of it. Many lifestreams 2000 years ago had reached that level. They were looking for a different approach. They were looking for something better. They wanted something better, they wanted more than what they had experienced. And as the law is when the student is ready the teacher appears, that is why Jesus appeared in a physical embodiment and gave the teachings he gave for the multitudes. For example, do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

The shift towards “Do to others what you want them to do to you”

There were people back then who grasped this. They locked into it. They truly saw that they had had enough of the old state of consciousness of do unto others and they were ready for something better, a better approach. And they had this “Aha experience”, this epiphany, this almost like a conversion experience or a rebirth experience where they grasped: “Oh, I have to start changing the way I treat other people, then my life will change. Because if I wait for other people to change, it may never happen. What can I do? How can I take responsibility for myself and change my life?” I am not saying that these people said this consciously, but this is essentially what they went through. They grasped what Jesus was saying that if you do unto others what you want them to do to you, then society can come to a higher level, where all people are doing to others what you are doing to them. This then brings society to a higher level.

Now, this did not happen for a lot of people back then, and certainly not for a critical mass of people, which is why you did not see societies that suddenly were transformed and became these kinds of societies where everybody could do to others what they wanted others to do to them. But as you see the Piscean age progress, you see that more and more people grasp this. This culminated with the advent of democracies, the modern democracies, where a critical mass of people have grasped that if we all treat others the way we want to be treated, then we can have a society where might is not right, where there is actually law, there are principles that protect us. We can have a society where our government looks out for our best interest and will not take from us unjustly what we have brought forth.

In other words, we can have a society where you can build a better future for yourself, for your children, for your nation and you can trust that it will not be taken away from you. Many people stepped up to this. This did not mean they had any spiritual understanding, any sophisticated level of Christ discernment, but they had made this shift. Now, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this and would not have been able to explain what I am saying, they still had a certain memory. Even children who were born into a democratic society had a certain awareness from past lives that they have had enough of these lawless, might is right societies. They had the contrast. They were aware of the contrast between the lawless society and a law-abiding democratic society where they had rights. But they had this on an experiential basis. They had experienced the change because they saw that it was better for themselves. They did not really understand the dynamic of it, but they had shifted.

Not everybody wants freedom and democracy

As we have said before, once you shift into this basic humanity, it can be difficult to grasp that other people are not at the same level. You have shifted. You have had enough of a lawless society and so you think that everybody else must have had enough of it too. You have this thing in human beings where you think that everybody else can see what you can see, what is so obvious to you must be obvious to others. Many of you who are spiritual people will remember when you first found the spiritual path. You were absolutely sure that everybody else in the entire world was just waiting to find the spiritual teaching you had found. You were sure that if you told your family members and friends about this wonderful spiritual teaching or guru you have discovered, they would respond as enthusiastically as you had done. And of course, what did you run into most often? Rejection, denial, they were not interested at all.

What you see is that there is a tendency in democratic nations for many, many people to think that: “I have had enough of these lawless societies, these dictatorships. I see how much better it is with democracy. Surely everybody else sees the same.” And this, of course, is not the case and it is one of these experiences that democratic nations need to have, where they actually experience that other people do not want democracy, do not want freedom, do not want economic freedom. You have seen examples of this, after the invasion of Iraq, after the invasion of Afghanistan, where you saw that the people were not ready for democracy. They did not embrace democracy. They did not say: “Finally, we got rid of this dictator. Now we can become a democratic nation, which we have longed for all of our lives.” Because they had not longed for it all of their lives because they had not had enough of it.

Taking responsibility for your own state of mind

Now, you may say, why have not they had enough of it? Well, because they are not ready to do what it takes to step up to the higher level. Think about the shift between do unto others before they can do unto you and do to others what you want them to do to you. Think about the shift. What do you have to do to make that shift? Well, you have to, as we have said before, take responsibility for yourself. But what does that mean? It means that you actually say: “I observe that other people are still in a lower state of mind. They are doing various things and they might very well do something to me. I cannot change them, but I have had enough of the experience of being around such people. What can I do? Well, I can change myself. What do I have the power to change? I cannot change other people, but I can change myself. I can change my state of mind, I can decide that regardless of what other people might do to me, I will believe Jesus when he said: “Do unto others and the world, the universe, God will do to you.”

This means that you are taking responsibility for changing yourself instead of trying to change other people by forcing them, you are changing yourself first and then trusting that what comes back from the cosmic mirror will correspond to what you are sending out. This is a trust, but it is also taking responsibility for changing your state of mind. In other words, in order to shift from a lawless attitude and might is right attitude to a turn the other cheek attitude, you have to take responsibility for changing your own state of mind, regardless of what happens outside your mind, regardless of other people, what other people do.

Some nations are not ready for democracy

The reality is that many, many people on earth are not at that point. They have not had enough of being abused, suffering, whining and complaining about other people, about their leader of society, their dictator about this or that, or the next thing. They are complaining. They are projecting out that their problems are caused by external factors and there is nothing they can do about it. They certainly cannot do anything about it by changing their own minds. If people are not at the level where they are willing to take responsibility for changing their own minds, they are not ready for democracy. It is that simple.

That is why you saw that the people in Iraq could not really make democracy work, even though they had the opportunity to do so. The people in Afghanistan could not. The people in Russia during the 1990s could not, because too many of them had accepted, and that is why they had taken embodiment in Russia, because there was always the party who told them what to think and what to do and if they did what they were told, they would have a certain basic level of material standard of living. They had settled for this. They had sold their souls to the devil, so to speak, in order to have that freedom from making their own decisions, thinking on their own. Deciding what is right or not right and first of all, deciding how to change themselves regardless of the outer situations. If a majority of the people in Russia had been at a higher level, they would not have been in Russia. They would have incarnated in Western Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea and other democratic nations. You see here, this of course does not apply to all people of Russia because many people have incarnated there to bring Russia forward as is the case in other nations, but we are talking about the majority here.

Mechanization men

What the citizens and leaders in democratic nations need to realize here is that they cannot anymore allow themselves to assume that everybody else wants democracy. You cannot allow yourselves to assume this. And what does that mean? It means you need to recognize that there are people who want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they actually want leaders who are dictatorial, who are abusive towards them, who are limiting their freedom, taking away their freedom, limiting what news they have access to, therefore, giving them an excuse for not thinking, not making their own decisions. These are what we in a previous dispensation called mechanization men. They are living in a mechanized way. They do not think about life. They do not think about any of the deeper questions of life. They do not think about their own state of mind. They are not observing themselves.

You who are spiritual people, most of you, are used to stepping back, looking at yourself saying: “Why do I feel this way? What is happening? Why do I look at life this way? Why do I run into these kinds of people all of the time?” and questions like that. But these people do not. You need to recognize that there are people like this. There are many people like this in Russia. Many people in China. Many people in the Arab world, in Africa. In South America, even though many nations in South America have some democratic governments. But you also find some of them in democratic nations. In some nations, you will find quite a few. Quite frankly, many of the people who follow Trump and are still following Trump are in this category. They do not want to think for themselves. They do not want to take responsibility. They want to project that the problem is out there with somebody else.

The essential step for democracies

What can you do with this recognition, with this awareness? Well, you can, quite frankly, realize that when it comes to other nations, you cannot assume that Russia is one day going to become a functioning democracy if you just buy the oil and gas and give them the economic foundation for improving society. The same thing with China – if you pump money into China, you create a middle class that will not want communism, one day, China will become a functioning democracy. Or rather, perhaps we should restate it. You can assume that this will happen one day, but not in the near future. It could take a very long time for this to happen.

That is why, as Jesus said, you need to come to this recognition that as democracies, “We need to stand united in defending democracy. Because these countries, even the people, just want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they have leaders who are actually attacking our democracies and we need to stand firm against this”. The other thing that you can do with this is to start looking within. One of the essential elements of democracy is that you are looking at yourself. As I said, you cannot really become a democracy until you shift into this basic humanity and in order to follow the call to do unto others without having any proof that this will benefit yourself, you have to take responsibility for yourself, be willing to look at yourself and say: “What can I do to improve myself?”

You have to recognize that this is a fundamental feature of democracy and a democracy cannot live up to its full potential if you have many people who have not grasped this. Therefore, as a democracy, you need to educate your people into what makes a democracy work. In order to do this, you actually have to educate your children into the basic functions of human psychology. And what is it that you need to teach your children at a young age? It is: What happens inside your mind is not the exclusive product of what happens outside your mind. If another child teases you – by saying you are fat and ugly and stupid – you do not have to feel bad about yourself and you do not have to become angry. You can choose a different reaction to this outer situation.

This is the basic thing. Now, you can say many people in democratic nations, they know this. But many people do not, and you cannot assume that everybody does. That is why as a democracy, it is absolutely essential that you step up and say: “We have to teach our children from an early age about the basics of taking command over their own psychology because this is the only way they are going to have a chance of having psychological well-being. It is also the only way we can prevent our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by mental illness, so it is in the interest of both the individual and society.”

The end of the blame game

But beyond that, once you have more children who understand the basics of human psychology, they can very easily – in their teenage years and older – be educated to grasp the basic principle of democracy. And this means what? It means that they can come to consciously acknowledge and accept that a democracy is a society where we do not blame each other. We are not pointing the finger. We are not looking at the mote in our brother’s eye, or the splinter in our brother’s eye, overlooking the beam or the mote in our own eye. A democracy cannot function if everybody is blaming everybody else. Why is that? Because what is a democracy based on? All human beings have equal rights, which really means equal opportunity to improve their lives. If you acknowledge that you have the same opportunity as everybody else, you cannot really blame others because they have done better than you have. What you need to do is look at yourself and say: “How could I do better?” The blame game does not work in a democracy. It cannot make a democracy work.

If you look at some of the older democracies, you can apply this measure. You can see, for example, in some of the Scandinavian and northern European countries where you do not have the sharp divisions in the population where people are blaming problems on other groups of people. This is partly because they have – at least until recent years – had a more homogeneous population. But still, there is still the mindset – we do not blame others, we try to improve ourselves. But you also have a society where people are willing to take care of each other. They are saying “I am willing to pay taxes so that somebody else can go to the doctor without going bankrupt. Even if I do not benefit from this in my entire lifetime because I am healthy, I am willing to pay taxes for somebody else”. This is not possible if you are blaming others, because then you are saying: “Well, I am not going to pay for somebody else, that is their responsibility.” When you blame, you cannot have that sense of oneness—we are all in the same boat—and what is best for the whole is best for myself.

America is an experiment in democracy

Then you look at the United States and you will see that there has always been much more division in the United States which, in a sense, is natural because you have people from many different nationalities, many different backgrounds, many different cultures, many different races, or at least several different races, and so forth. It has been said that America is the melting pot. America is an experiment in democracy. Certainly, I sponsored America because I wanted to see if it was possible to make people come together and look beyond their outer differences. And this, in a sense, is what has always been the driving force in American democracy – transcending the outer differences, coming together, united we stand, divided we fall, all of these things.

But of course, there has always been the opposite force in American society that focuses on division, emphasizes division and it is based on this simple mechanism where you do not know how to take care of your own state of mind, take control over your own state of mind, so you blame somebody else for your suffering and your misery: “I am feeling bad about my life, it is those other people’s fault.” You see throughout history these two forces. You see it in the racial divisions.

There are white people who are blaming black people for their problems. There are white people who are blaming Hispanics for their problems. There are black people who are blaming Hispanics, Hispanics who are blaming blacks, all of them are blaming Asians and so forth. This is in complete opposition to democratic principles and to the very purpose of America. But of course, it is there, it always has been there.

America’s Turning Point

What I am saying is that America is at a crucial turning point, a crucial phase. I will not say that this is tied to one specific date. But it is clear that it has been brought out in the open by the development that has taken place over the last one or more decades, crystallizing in the Trump presidency. The Trump presidency represents the same as Putin’s attack on Ukraine. It is like the last desperate attempt of the dark forces to stop the progression of the golden age. What you see in the Trump presidency from the beginning is this us-versus-them mentality: “There is a problem in America, but we who are the good people are not the cause of the problem. They who are the bad people, they are the cause of the problem and they must be forced to see things the way we see them, then we can solve America’s problems.” Of course, this will not solve America’s problems.

But who can see this when they are hypnotized by this vortex of energy, created not by Trump personally but by the entire Trump presidency and the development in American society, especially by this white Eastern class that wants to maintain desperately what they think has control over America—which they never had to begin with.

This is as Jesus said, democracies can only prevail against an outside enemy if they are united. Likewise, they can only prevail against the internal divisions by being united. There is an enemy without and an enemy within and the enemy within is division. The friend within, the Christ, is unity. Christ stands for oneness, by seeing beyond the outer differences. That is part of Christ discernment, you see the universal human characteristics beyond the outer, non-essential divisions. So, there has been an increase in this division in America as anyone can see. Even in these mass shootings— which is also an expression of this division, this animosity, this epic mindset, this black and white, black and yellow thinking—where the white people think they are right, and that all other colors are wrong.

You see here that if you could look back at America 20 years from now, people will look back at this time and say: “How could this ever happen? How could we ever become so divided?” And they will not be able to understand it. But of course, it is because there are still so many people that have not made this shift of being willing to take responsibility for their own state of mind instead of blaming their problems, their life experience, on somebody else.

Turning Point for Americans focused on divisions

The question is simple if you look at it from an ascended master perspective. What is actually happening right here is a filtration process. Many of the people who today are caught in this division, in this vortex of focusing on differences, if they are not willing to shift their consciousness, it will be their last embodiment in the United States for a long time. There are enough people around the world in non-democratic nations who have made that shift that they can embody in America in the new generation and coming generations. And those who are still trapped in this divided mindset will go elsewhere to non-democratic nations, most of them. And that will then bring this renewal of the American people, the collective consciousness, that is needed for America to move into the golden age. Naturally, you cannot possibly think, if you are open to the idea of a golden age, that America’s present state of division can exist in the golden age, or can bring America into the golden age. You cannot possibly think this.

If you look at America and see the current division, this is a division between the people. It is not really clearly based on outer things. There are many white people that are in the Trump vortex, but not all of them are white. There are many traditional Republicans, but not all of them are traditional Republicans. You find them all over the United States because it is their level of consciousness, their level of self-awareness that causes them to polarize towards this. Now, I am not thereby saying that everybody who is in the democratic camp have all reached a higher level of humanity, they have not, but a large majority of them have. There are far more people in the democratic camp that have a higher level of consciousness than in the republican camp. This you can basically see if you just neutrally observe how people talk, how they look, how they dress, how they act, what they say about other people.

Undermining democracy in the United States

Where does this all lead to? Well, it leads to the fact that this division is artificially exaggerated and accelerated by the fallen beings who want to destroy democracy. Naturally, they want to destroy all democratic nations if they could, but their main target has always been America, because it is the largest and most powerful democratic nation. If they can destroy America, then it will be much more difficult for the other remaining democracies to withstand the onslaught from dictatorial nations. What you see here is that these fallen beings in and out of embodiment, have for a long time tried to accelerate and exaggerate these divisions in American society. It has especially been going on for the last 40 years. Which, if you have paid attention to what we have said before, corresponds with a shift, where the economy started turning towards more and more of an elitist economy, where the average person, the middle class, lost their standard of living, lost their income, their buying power, and more and more money was funneled towards the elite.

Really, what is the purpose of the dark forces creating this division in American society between two groups of people? It is to make sure that the people, the population, cannot be united against the elite, or united in stopping the elite. And you can see, if you care to look at it, how the division between Democrats and Republicans have gradually become worse and worse, and it has had the effect that nothing effectively could be done to stop the income inequality, the growth in inequality. And what does that mean? It means that the democracy of the United States, the democratic process in the United States, has been undermined by the financial, economic power elite.

This is not a takeover like you saw in Russia, which happened with violence and force, in terms of imprisoning people, shutting down media, news outlets and all of these things. It is a hidden, more subtle takeover that has happened through the economy, through the finances, by simply allowing all of these financial measures, not regulating the financial industry, giving them a free pass to experiment with absolutely anything. And then when they experiment with subprime mortgages and it threatens the breakdown of the entire financial system, then the government steps in and bails them out with taxpayers’ money, money that the taxpayers will have to pay for eventually. This is an attack on democracy that is as determined, as vicious, as malicious as what you see from Putin’s Russia and China. It is a deliberate aggressive attempt to destroy democracy by destroying equal opportunity in the economy.

Defending democracy against the financial power elite

What you need to recognize here is that democracies need to step up and realize that we do have an enemy without and we need to defend democracy against this. But we also have an enemy within and we need to defend democracy against this as well and we have tools to do this. And there are many countries who are much further along in this respect than the United States is. There are many countries that have a more regulated economy, where the government has lived up to its responsibility to protect the citizens from being exploited by an elite. They have not done it as much as they could, but they have done it to a greater measure than the United States, which is why you have a higher standard of living in some of these countries, you have a higher level of social services. And yes, you also have higher taxes, because you cannot have one without the other.

What truly is happening in the world after the corona pandemic, is that debt has been mounting. At the same time as the population and nations have more debt than ever, you see a small group of the financial elite who have more money in their accounts than ever. You see even many billionaires who benefited from the corona pandemic, made more money during the pandemic, whereas the general population made less and countries made less. So, everybody made less except the elite. Well, how could the elite make more money? Only by taking it from everybody else. They are not creating wealth, the elite, they are not producing goods, they are not providing a service. They have created this, as I have said before, the artificial economy, that is like a leech on top of the natural economy and they are simply siphoning money away from the natural economy where people actually do work that produces products, that provides a service, and thereby they are multiplying their talents, they are increasing the amount of wealth in a natural way.

You can see this, as a very simple example, that you have a farmer who produces grain and he sells the grain at a certain price. And he does valuable work, because he tends to the fields, he sows the seeds, he harvests them. He is bringing forth something out of the soil that is more than was there before. He is increasing the wealth this way. But still, he only produces the grain, and then he sells it. But then you have some other companies who buy the grain and they refine it, they turn it into flour, and they sell that flour to people. They are increasing the value of the grain because the people themselves would find it difficult to use the raw grain, but it is much easier for them to use the flour to bake. Then you have other companies that buy the flour from the mill, and they bake bread, which they then sell to the people so that people do not have to bake it themselves.

You see how every time there is a refinement of something, this adds value. This causes the entire economy to grow. Everybody who is adding value by providing a product or service are causing the natural economy to grow. But what the financial elite are doing is that they are creating these artificial instruments that allow them to siphon money out of the natural economy without providing a product or service. They are not increasing the value, the total value of the natural economy. They are only concentrating value in their own hands and you can only do that by taking from the whole, by taking from the population or the government.

The market driven by the speculation

How do you do this? Well, they do it in many different ways. But the two main ones that I want to talk about here is, first of all, the money system. Money is created as debt. I have talked about this before. You can easily find information on this on the internet. When you allow banks to create money out of nothing and lend it out as debt, where the people pay interest, well, that money then can be taken out of the natural economy, not all of it is taken out of the natural economy. Some of it is used to buy products and services. But some of it can be siphoned out of the natural economy, concentrated in the hands of the few people who control the banks. As I have said, before, you have this artificial money system, where in a natural money system, there is a direct correspondence between the amount of money and the amount of products and services because money is meant only to be an exchange for goods and services, and a short-term storage of money while you are waiting for the next investment opportunity, where you are investing in producing products, or providing services.

But what the financial elite has done is they take some of that interest money out of the economy and use it to invest in things that do not provide a service or product and one of the things they do, which is the other thing I want to make you aware of here is speculation. Speculation is what I have talked about before as the gambling economy. You are, for example, saying: “I think there is going to be a lack of grain this summer. I am going to take the money that I have left over from the interest payments, and I am going to buy up tons of grain and put them in a warehouse. And then, because prices have not gone up yet, I can buy cheap, but then when prices go up, I can sell it and double my money.” Now this is of course, you could say, is not really such a big problem because what if prices do not go up? Then you are sitting there with this grain and you might have to sell it again for the same price or potentially a lower price than you paid for it.

But what happens when you have a financial elite that has accumulated so much money in accounts that they do not have to just say: “Oh, I think Putin is going to invade Ukraine and that is going to cut down on grain exports from Ukraine. Therefore, there is going to be a lack of wheat, and therefore prices are going to go up.” No, instead, they are saying: “Let us take some of this money we have sitting in our accounts, let us buy millions of tons of wheat and put it in warehouses. So, we take it off the market, then there will be a lack of wheat. We will create a lack of wheat and then when prices double, we will start selling and then we will make a huge profit.” In other words, they are not just trying to foresee conditions, they are trying to generate conditions where they can make a profit.

And this they do not only with commodities, not only with oil, not only with precious metals, but they do it with everything. They do it with stocks. They are saying, “Let’s buy a certain amount of a particular company’s stock. We can buy them today at a low price. But if we buy enough of them, then other investors are going to say: Hey, the price of Apple stock is going up. Let’s buy some”. And that is going to drive this investment trust from those who are not the big investors, but are the small investors who say: “Hey, we can make money on Apple. Let us buy Apple. And then when the price of Apple has gone up, we just quietly start selling the ones we bought at half the price and make a huge profit. And then when we have that profit, we find some other company that is undervalued, and then we start buying this.” And therefore, they are driving the economy.

This means that there is this financial elite who are driving the market, driving the economy. And they are not doing this for the benefit of the people, they are doing it for the benefit of themselves—they think. Because they are not smart enough to realize that what they are doing will destroy the economy and also, therefore, destroy their own fortunes. What happened when the stock market crashed in 1929? Yes, many smaller investors lost their money, but many of the big ones did too, unless they had diversified and invested in something that did not go down. Some had invested in real estate, which went down but eventually went back up. If you have enough money, you can afford to ride out a crisis and wait for prices to go back up. You can even drive that by investing, after some time, when you think prices have gone as low as they have gone.

You see that there is a financial elite, both in America but also internationally, who have accumulated so much wealth, that they can drive the market – drive the economy. And what is the result of this? They are siphoning money away from the people because what happens when they buy a million tons of wheat at a low price, creating an artificial scarcity that causes prices to go up and then they sell at double the price? Well, the people who buy that wheat in order to bake bread or make flour, they pay double and they have to pass that on to the consumers. The consumers end up paying more for everything driven by this speculation.

Oil prices, as Mother Mary mentioned in her dictation, have been artificially inflated for a very long time. They would be much, much lower, if there was a direct correspondence between the cost of extracting and refining the oil and the price at the pump. But there is not, because there is that artificial middlemen who take a part of the money. Now you will notice that, for example, in the United States, you will have some gas stations where they say the price of a gallon of gasoline is $4, but so much of those $4 is taxes. But what they do not say is that so much of the $4 is speculation. If they did say that, then people might see that it is not just the government they need to blame. In fact, they do not need to blame the government for imposing taxes. But they do need to blame the government for not reigning in the financial elite who are exploiting the population.

Freedom from exploitation

The next step that needs to break through here in the increasing Christ discernment of democratic nations is that, as Jesus said, there is an external force that is waging war against democracy. But there is also an internal force in the form of the financial elite that is waging war against democracy. What is democracy based on? Equal rights, equal opportunity. Well, there is nothing wrong with somebody becoming a millionaire, if he does this through honest work and providing a service, but when he does it through speculation and becomes a billionaire or a trillionaire, then there is something very undemocratic about this, because he is using the freedom that the democratic system gave him to limit or destroy the freedom of other people.

He is literally destroying the competition, because he has reached a position where he is in a position to do this. He can buy up other companies, he can destroy other companies, he can out-compete them by selling at a lower price artificially for some time, and take many other measures to destroy the competition. This is anti-democratic, this is against the freedom, the equal rights, the equal opportunity that a democratic nation is meant to guarantee all of its citizens. A democratic nation is not meant to guarantee the freedom of the elite to exploit the population. That is not a democratic freedom.

Unfortunately, as with so many other things, people do not learn from theory, they do not learn from ascended master dictations, even when they are projected into the collective consciousness. They only learn from experience. They will only learn from the school of hard knocks. You could say: “Why did Putin have to invade Ukraine?” Partly, so that the democratic countries could learn that they need to step up in defending democracy against an external enemy. This was not the only reason because the Russian people also have to learn and people in dictatorial nations also have to learn from the situation. But if they had been more willing to learn, then it would not have had to come to this.

Now you look at the economy, the state of the economy after the corona pandemic. First, you have these two years of shutdowns that severely strained the economy. Now you have this war and increase in oil prices that also puts an extra strain on the economy. And what is the whole purpose? It is to force societies to have their backs against the wall where they say: “Either our economies crash, or we have to do something differently. We have to do something we have not been willing to do before. We have to rein in the rich elite who are exploiting the population.” What will this mean?

Well, it will mean hardship for the consumers for some time. That is always the case. But then again, those consumers are voters and they could have demanded a better performance of their own governments. They could have voted differently. They could have made their voices heard by taking part in the democratic process, instead of always pointing the finger at somebody else. Somebody else is the cause of our problems. Well, when you say that, what are you also saying, you are saying somebody else needs to solve our problems – not us. But in a democratic nation, the people cannot say: “We are not responsible for creating the problem and we are not responsible for solving it.” That is not how a democracy works. This is your responsibility as a democratic citizen, to see how you can change yourself, to see how you can help solve the problems, or make your government solve the problems, the government that you elected.

Do not listen to the doom and gloom people

Again, I have spoken for a long time, you see that there is much to say about this and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to say it through a messenger in embodiment and to have you have this go out through your chakras and auras. But be mindful that it is not just your chakras and your auras that are reinforcing our message. Your decrees and invocations do as well. When you decree, so many people together, you are creating these very powerful energetic waves and impulses that are sent into the collective consciousness. And it is not just energy, they carry with them the entire message that we are releasing at such a conference. Everything works together, everything reinforces each other, so that we can create the most powerful possible impetus.

Now, let me end by saying, I know it can seem like a message of this paints a dire picture – so many problems. What can we possibly do about this power elite who are so ingrained? But I am an optimist about the future of democracy, about the future of the economy. My beloved, there are many pessimists in the world today that think that the world is going to end, the economy is going to crash, there is going to be a third world war, there is going to be a nuclear war. There is going to be global warming and all of these things. You can look at them and you can ask yourself a simple question: “Are there more pessimists today than in previous times?” And the reality is that there are more because there are more people that have been affected by the communications technology that makes it easier for the core pessimists to spread their message. But those who are generating the pessimistic ideas, there are not more of them than there have been in previous ages. There have always been people who thought that this is the end, the world is going to end, calamity is going to happen, disasters are going to happen. There have always been people who looked at the negatives.

Many of these are the same fallen beings who have incarnated again and again and again, spreading the same message of negativity in different disguises. There is a class of fallen beings in and out of embodiment who are dedicating their entire consciousness to simply spreading doom and gloom. Do not let them hypnotize you. Do not let them get you into a negative state of mind. You are ascended master students. Why would you be an ascended master student, claim you are an ascended master student and not listen to us, but listen to the doom and gloom people? Why would you claim to be an ascended master student, follow ascended master teachings, go to conferences, read our websites and yet you are not really listening to what the ascended masters are saying, but you are listening to everything that the fallen beings are saying who predict doom and gloom?

Choose life or choose death

Why are you sitting between two chairs? Decide where you want to be!  I do not have a problem with you deciding you want to be in the camp of the doom and gloom. You want to believe the world is going to end next week, I do not have a problem with that. I respect your free will. But then do not claim to be an ascended master student. And do not try to pull other ascended master students into your own doom and gloom mentality. Do one or the other. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Choose life or choose death. The choice is up to you. But I have chosen life a very long time ago and therefore, I can only help those who also are willing to choose life. And those who are not willing to choose life are not hearing me. They might read or listen to a dictation, but they are not hearing me. Why?

Because when the student is ready, the master appears. If the student is not ready, the master cannot appear. What appears to the student is a false master colored by his or her perception filter. You think you are listening to an ascended master. But you are listening to the false hierarchy imposter that corresponds to your level of consciousness. You are hearing the words that I am speaking through this messenger. Your ears are hearing them but your mind is not because they become colored in your mind by the perception filter you have. So, you overlook most of what I am saying. And you hear a few things here and there: “Ah, this confirms what I want to believe.” And then you will pay attention to that and ignore the rest. Why?

Just make a decision. Where do you want to be? And then go with that and get the experience you need to get from it. Should you at some point realize you have had enough of that experience, then you can always come back to the teachings. We always welcome people when they come back with whatever experiences they needed to have. But do not sit there between two chairs. Just choose – choose life or choose death. Experience death until you have had enough of it, then choose life. It is not ‘all or nothing’, it is not ‘now or never’. People have chosen death many times sometimes. Some people have chosen death many times until they have had enough of it and then they have chosen life. But once they choose life, they are on the upward path. Then we can appear to them, then we can help them and we are always happy to do so.

Choose ye this day whom you will serve—democracy or anti-democracy, the optimistic realism of the ascended masters or the pessimistic realism, so claimed by the fallen beings. Pessimism – the pessimism of the fallen beings is wishful thinking. They want disasters to happen. But the evaluation of the ascended masters is simply practical realism based on observing how millions of other planets have progressed. The earth is being pulled up by the rest of the universe, and no force on earth, in all four levels can withstand it.

As El Morya, Master More, has said for a long time: “We were winning from the beginning.”


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