Dare to question the unquestionable!

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin  through Kim Michaels, October 1, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Kuan Yin. I am also the Buddha Kuan Yin.

There will be some opposition to this from traditional Buddhist circles if they were ever to hear or read this, which of course they are likely not to do. Nevertheless, there would be opposition because they would refuse to consider that a woman could be or become the Buddha. This of course is one of these ideas that block the golden age. Not that this idea exclusively blocked the golden age, but it is an example of the type of ideas, this absolutist idea that something cannot happen.

I have traditionally been seen as the Goddess of Mercy. Well, what is mercy? Mercy is change. The essence of mercy is change. If you are in a terrible situation where you are suffering, naturally you want to get out of that suffering. But how can you get out of the suffering if there is no change? So when people cry out for mercy, what are they crying out for? Change. But how can change come about? Again, we have this traditional view: “There are gods and goddesses in the spiritual realm, they have all the power. We human beings have no power. But if we appeal to the gods and goddesses then sometimes at least, they will step in and produce some kind of miracle that gives us mercy and relief from our suffering.”

This very idea is truly one of the big blocks to the golden age, to an improvement of situations. For how can change come about on a planet where the absolute law, the only absolute law really is free will? Why do you have the conditions you have right now? Because of choices made by human beings. For example, in order to give you an example that most people should be able to see, why do so many people suffer as the result of war and conflict? What causes war and conflict? Is there some natural law that states that there has to be war and conflict? Is it God who creates war and conflict?

Well, some would say that in the past, the God of some religions have caused certain people to go to war with other people. But nevertheless, when you step back and look at the reality here, you will see that war and conflict is the result of choices made by human beings.

How could I as the Goddess of Mercy step in and remove war and conflict when in doing so would violate the law of free will, that I am committed to upholding as an ascended being? When people pray for mercy, they think I have some magical power to step in, but because of the law of free will what magical power do I have? Many will say: “But there are all these examples of supernatural events. Look at the scriptures of various religions of how there was always some supernatural miracles in the past and does this not prove that God has the power to step in?”  Well, why is it that most miracles are in the past? Is it not because miracles are meant to illustrate the power of the mind, not the power of God.

What is the essence of a miracle or what most people would see as a miracle? It is the setting aside of natural law, or natural conditions. That is how many people will see it. But is this reality? When the Buddha performed certain miraculous events “supposedly”, when Jesus performed certain miraculous events “supposedly”, many people see them as these very special people who were not like other people, who had the power with their mind to set aside natural law. But is this what a miracle is meant to illustrate? Nay, it is meant to illustrate that the mind has the power to set aside natural law.

There is a traditional view among many religious people that this or that is a miracle. If somebody walks on water, if somebody levitates into the air, if someone is healed mysteriously, if someone is protected or rescued from calamity, this is a “miracle”. But perhaps it would be wise to expand your view of what is a miracle. When you look at how people live today, in most modern democracies, compared to how many people live in those countries who are not modern and who are not democracies, would you not say that the change in living standard is a miracle? Certainly, I can assure you that if you go back a couple of generations and ask your own grandparents or great grandparents to look at the living conditions you have today, they would say it is a miracle.

Because the improvement that you see in your society and that you have been brought up to take for granted is something that they could not have envisioned. They would not have believed it was possible. They could not have accepted that this could happen to them. Why did it not happen to them? Was it just because the time was not right? You can observe it has happened to you. Why did not it happen to your great grandparents? Was it just because the time was not there? The time was not ripe? Ask yourself why time was not right for your grandparents. Could it be because they could not have accepted that they could live in such a society? Of course, I understand that they could not accept this because they had been programmed from childhood to accept the status quo of their societies and that things could not be radically different.

But if they had been able to make the shift in the mind that the current generation has made or has grown up with, would it not have been possible that a more advanced society could have manifested one hundred years ago? Certainly it would have. It is not God that decides the progress of human society. It is not natural laws that decide the progress of human society. It is the human mind collectively and individually that decides the conditions of any society. Society cannot shift until the collective consciousness shifts. Therefore, what does it take to be an open door for planet earth? It takes that you are willing to look at your society, to look at the culture in which you grew up and to look at what they consider impossible.

What is it that they consider could not happen? What is it that they dare not, or cannot even envision could potentially happen? It may not be that people are thinking “Oh this is impossible”. It may be that they are not even thinking about it. What is one of the necessary shifts that you need to make in order to become an open door for planet earth? Well, it is that you need to look at your society and consider: “What was the view of life that I was given from birth, perhaps even for lifetimes embodying in a similar society and culture? What are the elements of that view that people consider impossible, or that people could not even consider as a possibility, because they cannot even imagine it?”

And then you need to realize that, if you want to be an open door, you need to question these things. You need to question these barriers that have been built in peoples minds, these walls, these iron curtains that have been built in the mind, the collective mind, but which affects the individuals. It may seem a paradox but certainly there are many paradoxes on earth. It may seem a paradox that, in order to become an open door for planet earth, you first have to go through a period of closing your mind to the collective consciousness. But you need to pull your mind away from the collective consciousness so you do not accept uncritically all of these barriers that are found in the collective consciousness of your nation, your area, your culture. There are so many of these barriers. They are so subtle, that there is hardly anyone, any individual on earth, who is aware of all of them. They are so varied, so subtle, but of course, there are some common elements. I could not possibly comment on all of them for every culture, but I can at least comment on some of them as I have already done so, in this release.

Now, one of the most subtle barriers found in the collective consciousness is that you have grown up with an experience of matter. You do not even realize what happens. But to illustrate this, there is a philosophical question that has been asked by philosophers. There is a rather universal agreement among human beings, in most societies, that the plants that grow on your lawn, on peoples lawns and is called grass has a certain color that in English is called green. Of course it is called differently in other languages, but they all have a certain word that they agree refers to the color green. All people have been brought up to see grass as being green.

There is a concept of color associated with certain plants or certain other things: this is “green”. But philosophers have for quite some time considered whether all people see green the same way. In other words, when you look at your lawn, do you see the exact same shade of green that another person sees looking at the same lawn? Is it possible that there is something in the mind of the individual that colors the way they see colors, so that they see slightly different shades of green, or perhaps even different colors?  You know, some people are colorblind, and they do not see green.

You have been brought up to look at matter a certain way. Wherever you grew up on planet earth, you have been programmed to look at matter a certain way. It is hard, it is dense, it can be changed, but only through a forceful process that involves certain tools, certain technology, but it is still force. There is a tree, a tree is hard, you can knock on it with your hands. But if you knock hard enough, your hand hurts, so you cannot knock over a tree. You cannot cut down a tree with your hands. What do you need to do?

Well, only when people invented the stone axe made of flint did they become able to cut down a tree. Later, they invented bronze axes, then iron axes, then saws made of iron. Now they have bigger and more powerful tools that allows them to cut down a tree. Once you have cut down the tree, you can take the wood, you can use other forms of tools or technology to shape it into different shapes. What is it based on? It is based on force. You are forcefully cutting down the tree. You are forcefully splitting or cutting or shaping or grinding or sanding the wood. It is all based on force. You have been brought up to accept that the only way to change matter is through force. You take matter and you break it down.

My beloved, look at most of the technology you have in the world today. Is it not destructive technology? It takes a substance. It forcefully breaks it down. How do you create this iron axe head that you need in order to cut down a tree? You must forcefully dig the iron ore out of the ground, you must forcefully heat it to a very high temperature so it melts, then you must cast it into an iron axe head, which you would then fit with a handle made of wood. By the way, how did they get the first axe handle when they did not have an axe to cut the wood with? But besides that, you force it. And then you force the tree. You cut the tree down forcefully. You shape it forcefully with other metal tools. What have you been brought up to think here? The only way to create something that is useful to you is to forcefully break down something else.

You are being brought up to believe that you live in a world where there are certain matter phenomena that were created by natural processes in the past or that are being created constantly by the natural process of growth. But the only resources you have available to you are the natural resources that were created in the past or are being created continually by plant and animal life. All you can do is take these natural resources and break them down, which means you consume these natural resources. Once you find a mountain that has iron ore in it, you must start forcefully digging out that iron ore, but there comes a point where the mountain has run out of iron ore. There is nothing left. Then you have depleted that resource. When you cut down a certain amount of trees, well, there may not be trees growing up fast enough, and there may be no trees left in large areas.

This is the view you have of your interaction with what you might call nature or your physical environment. You as a human being are separated from that environment, your mind has no influence on the growth of trees or the appearance of iron ore, therefore, you can only forcefully use the resources that are provided by the planet. And what does this lead to? It leads to the entire mindset, which is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, that one day you can run out of resources.

Now, what does this mean? Well, I am the Goddess of Mercy. When I look around the world today, I see that an increasing number of people, especially in the modern nations, are becoming more and more concerned about, on the one hand, running out of resources, on the other hand, polluting the environment, destroying the climate and ultimately, humanity. As the Goddess of Mercy, I would like people, at least as many people as possible, to shift out of this state of fear because is it not a state of fear? These people will say they are not afraid, they are concerned, they are engaged. But if you step back, if you look at their emotional bodies, you will see that they are driven by fear. Some of them have a legitimate concern and a legitimate love for nature and the environment, but they are still affected by fear because in the collective consciousness there are some very powerful energetic vortexes that pull people into this fear of calamity.

There have, if you look at history, been many different calamities that people have feared. People have feared the devil or hell, they have feared the wrath of the gods, they have feared war. They have feared famine, natural disasters. Many of these things they have feared. And there are some very powerful vortexes that have been created. And it is simply a matter of these vortexes, these demons, these collective beasts, morphing into taking advantage of whatever people fear in the present society. And right now, you see that going back 200 years, for example, most of the modern nations were far more fear-based because they were affected by a religion such as the Christian religion which promoted this kind of fear. Many people have gone through a period, many societies have gone through a period, where people raised themselves above this fear, their traditional religious fear, but they have been subject to other fears: the fear of war, the fear of nuclear war, and now the fear of environmental collapse and environmental disaster, the running out of resources.

But my beloved, what if I told you, as the Goddess of Mercy who would like to free people from their affliction, that this fear is entirely unnecessary? What if I told you that it is an artificially created fear that only has the purpose of controlling people? Who has created this fear? Well, what did Archangel Michael talk about? There is a realm beyond the physical. There is what we call the astral plane, the lower realm where there are demons that can only exist because they can steal people’s energy. You have in this astral realm these energetic vortexes. At the core of the vortex is a being that is semi-conscious. It knows it can only survive and grow if it can steal energy from people. And how does it do it? By brutally directing fear-based energy at people, individuals, so they are overwhelmed. And now they are sucked into this. They are creating a vortex in their own minds that opens them to these demons.

You have demons, you have fallen beings in the astral plane that only wants to steal people’s energy so they can survive. They are no more sophisticated than that. They just want to steal people’s energy. They are the ones who are trying constantly to suck people into these vortexes. But of course, people cannot be sucked in against their free will. They need to be open to the fear. Because fear is not just a feeling. Fear comes from something in the mental realm, even sometimes from the identity realm. There has to be a certain reasoning behind it. Fear might be said to be just an emotion. Emotion is raw without reasoning. But what makes people open to the emotion is a certain reasoning. There is a reasoning in the mental realm, there is a deeper reasoning in the identity realm.

What you have is what we have called fallen beings in the mental realm and the identity realm who are trying to pull people into fearing something. They give them some kind of knowledge, some kind of idea that cause people to fear. And what have these fallen beings done now for a long time? They have projected into the collective consciousness this fear of running out of resources, this fear of environmental disaster. Why are they doing it? Because again, they can control you. They also need the energy, but they also have some kind of agenda, as we have said, to just create chaos on earth. But there are also fallen beings and people in the fallen mindset, who are in physical embodiment, who are also behind all of this.

Now, there are some of these fallen beings who have a very clear agenda. They are the leaders of what are multinational corporations, and they have an obsession with making a profit, the biggest possible profit they can possibly make. Well, what do you have as the most basic principle behind the economy? Supply and demand. There is a certain amount of demand for certain goods. In other words, there is a certain amount of people who have money and who have the desire to buy a television set. The current economic theory is that when there is a demand, somebody will supply what people demand. Somebody will produce television sets. Why do they do this? They do this to make a profit.

How do you make the biggest profit out of making television sets? Well, you need to produce enough television sets to meet the demand. If you produce too many television sets, then there will be an excess and this will cause prices to fall. The entire economy is said at least to function based on this very delicate balance between supply and demand. But what is the best way to turn a profit? Well, one way to turn a profit is to simply go in, look at the demand, produce the item and sell it at the price that people are willing to pay. But for the fallen beings, this is not enough. This has never been enough, and it never will be enough. They want to make an extraordinary profit. And how do you make an extraordinary profit? Well, you have to manipulate the demand, and you have to manipulate the supply. If you can artificially increase the demand, you can make a greater profit by selling more television sets.

But what if you could make people believe that there was only a certain limited amount of resources, and therefore you could only produce a limited amount of television sets? In other words, there are not enough resources to produce a television set for everybody. Well, in that case, people will be able to pay more, so that they can get the television set and a neighbour cannot. This will then raise prices and thereby raise profits. Do you not see how this connects to the entire consciousness of the scarcity of resources? The more you can make people believe that there really is a scarcity of oil, the more they will be willing to pay for the oil that you bring to market.

This has worked very well since 1973 and the first oil crisis, despite the fact that more oil reserves have been discovered. There are now actually more known oil deposits today than there were in 1973. Oil prices have still gone up many, many times, because there is the perceived scarcity, the fear that we could run out. People are willing to pay more for oil than they actually need to, considering the production cost.

Do you not see that this penetrates all aspects of society, this consciousness of lack, the scarcity of resources? And it is all manipulated by a group of fallen beings who are not in the physical realm, and a group of fallen beings who are in physical embodiment, who simply have an agenda. Whether it is to extract energy or whether it is to extract money, it is nevertheless an agenda. They are willing to manipulate people by taking advantage of the scarcity of resources, the fear of lack.

Now, you can say, but is there not a scarcity of resources? Is there not a real danger of pollution from CO2 and greenhouse gases that could threaten the climate? But what does it matter that there is a perceived scarcity and a perceived threat? What do these conditions matter, if there was a different form of technology that could make fossil fuels obsolete, and therefore, remove the pollution produced by fossil fuels?

There was a time where, in many parts of the world, the only way to cook your food or heat your house was to burn wood. There was a time where in some areas, so much forest had been cleared in order to make room for agriculture and so much wood had been used for building houses and for heating houses, that there was a scarcity of wood. Back then, if there had been the kind of sophisticated society you have today, people would have very easily been manipulated into fearing the scarcity of wood. And if there had been somebody who had the technology to import wood from another country where the population was lower, and there was plenty of wood in the forest, then those people could have made a huge profit from importing and selling wood to those people who were afraid that it would run out.

Now, you know very well that if you go back to the stone age in Europe, there were certain countries where there was a scarcity of wood. But there were other areas in northern Scandinavia and in Russia or wherever, where there were enormous forests with plenty of wood. There was no scarcity of wood. But there was, in a sense, a scarcity, because there was no way to transport that wood from these other regions to the regions where there was a lack of wood. You see that there was a certain lack of wood. But it was because there was not the knowledge of how to use other sources of energy, or how to transport wood from one region to another. There are still nations in Europe, for example, and other places where they import wood for building, because there are other places where they have more wood than they need. Because there is now technology to transport the wood, all of the sudden, there is not that scarcity of wood.

You see that one of the forms of technology that made burning of wood to heat your houses obsolete was oil. Oil was, several hundred years ago, a worthless substance, because there was not a knowledge of how to use it. Now, you gain the knowledge of how to use oil, to make combustion engines and all of this other technology to certainly make transportation easier. And you see that there was a time where the steam engine was invented. And the steam engine was a tremendous progress, which most of you do not realize, because you have grown up after that period. But the steam engine was a tremendous progress compared to having animals do physical work, or humans do physical work. But the steam engine was based on burning wood or burning coal. There was always that scarcity of resources. Then, when a combustion engine was invented, when the idea for a combustion engine was released by Saint Germain, the equation shifted dramatically.

And where does all this lead? It leads to the fact that when you look at an invention, you see that there is a certain time where an invention appears. A new invention is brought forth. That invention changes society. Perhaps an entire infrastructure is built to take advantage of this invention. But it has certain limitations. So, after some time, a new invention is brought forth that does not have as many limitations as the previous one. And therefore there is renewed growth in society.

Well, when you look at this pace of invention, you can say that, in some ways, the pace of invention has sped up. In some areas, the pace of invention has sped up. But in other areas it hasn’t, it has stagnated. The combustion engine found in most modern cars was essentially invented over a century ago. That is a very long time when you consider technological progress in other areas, such as computers. Yet the basic design of the combustion engine has only been refined in all of that time. It has not dramatically changed. And why is that?

It is because there hasn’t been the openness to consider, what kind of idea needs to be brought forth for us to go to the next level and transcend the combustion engine and fossil fuels. And why hasn’t there been this openness to consider this? Because people have been manipulated into closing their minds to this next level of technology, thinking it is impossible. There is a barrier that has been built in the collective consciousness. And most people in the world are completely overpowered by this barrier. They see it as an impenetrable barrier. They cannot even conceive that there could be another form of technology that could replace fossil fuels.

What needs to happen for the next level of technology to be brought forth? Well, someone needs to take a look at this and say, “What if this is not an absolute barrier? What if there is a way around it? What if there is a different way to look at this entire area of energy and energy production? What if there is an entirely different way to look at how we shape things, how we create things?”

And these are the kind of questions that of course, some people have started asking. But not enough people have started asking them or the technology would already have manifested, even though some of the technology has started to manifest. But it hasn’t gained the widespread use that it could have because in the collective consciousness of most people, they are not open to it. They are still programmed, brainwashed by these limitations set up to maintain the status quo, where fossil fuels and combustion engines are the basis for technology.

When will more and more people dare to question this? Well, you who are ascended master students can be among the forerunners that will pull up on the collective consciousness. But you need to be willing to question some of the beliefs, some of the barriers that you have so far, taken to be unquestionable. They do not need to be questioned, or they cannot be questioned, because there is nothing beyond it. Now beloved, many of you think, “I am an ascended master student. Of course I want Saint Germain’s Golden Age to manifest. Of course I am open to golden age ideas.”

But you do not realize how closed your minds are to these ideas, because you are still so focused on these barriers that you have not questioned. Every society, every culture, every historical epoch has had these mind barriers, that people either did not dare to question, or simply could not question because they did not have the imagination. But this is an artificially created situation. There are vortexes, there are collective beasts that pull people into this, not only acceptance, but fixation on status quo, where they think they cannot question it. They are not allowed to question it. There is no point in questioning it, because there is nothing else we can do. This is how life is. This is how matter is. This is how nature is. This is how the planet is. This is how the universe is. What can we do about this as human beings?

Well, what you can do about it is recognize that you are not living in a natural environment, guided by laws over which you have no influence. Nor are you living in a world created by a God upon which you have no influence. You are living in a reality simulator. The conditions you see on earth are not absolute, God-given or nature dictated. They are simulated conditions. What simulates them? Humankind’s collective consciousness simulates these conditions. What you are projecting into the mirror is what the mirror is reflecting back to you. Change what you project and the mirror will change what comes back. It has always been that way. It always will be that way. It can be no other way, so why do we have a better society today than 200 years ago? Because some people changed their minds and questioned the unquestionable.

How will you get a better society in the future? By you, changing your mind and questioning the unquestionable. It cannot be any other way. It never has been, it never will be. The limitations of the stone age were created by the collective consciousness of previous ages, which caused the collapse of vast civilizations that are more advanced to your own. But those civilizations can be recreated. The ideas are already there. But it takes that a critical mass of people can accept that change is possible. Also that a critical mass of people can accept that change is overdue. And we want it now, we will not wait, we will not postpone it. We want it now.

These are the thoughts that I wanted to give you as my contribution. Naturally, there is much more to say about this. Certainly, Saint Germain has more to say about it, as do other masters.

With this, I give you my gratitude, and I seal you in the joyful flame of mercy that I am. Kuan Yin, the Buddha Kuan Yin, I AM.


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