Come what may! 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. Jesus talked about the fact that so many Christians see no connection between him and modern technology. Certainly, the same could be said for many Buddhists who also see no connection between the very non-technological appearance of me 2500 years ago and a highly technological Western society, modern society of today. Yet I hold a spiritual office for this planet as the Lord of the World. What is the goal of my office?

Obviously, to raise people up in consciousness and I am in full support of the goal of eradicating poverty. And of course, I am fully aware, as Saint Germain and Jesus have explained that, in order for this to happen, in order for people’s material standard of living to be raised, we need new forms of technology because there is only a technological solution to this.

You will notice that when I appeared 2500 years ago the entire population of the earth was very, very small compared to today. Therefore, most people at the time, at least in the area where I appeared, actually had a relatively comfortable standard of living based on an agricultural society. You have seen various periods in the world where there have been these agricultural societies where people might not have had an affluent material lifestyle, but they were not starving either and they were not really fearing where their next meal was going to come from. The price they paid, of course, was that they spent most of their waking hours working to maintain a physical standard of living, a physical living.

It is clear that in these societies the only real way that people could focus on spiritual growth was that they retreated to some kind of monastery or retreat setting where they did not have to spend all of their waking hours on their physical sustenance. This was the model that was fairly realistic at the time, but since then, of course, with the immense growth of the world population, you now have a situation where an agricultural society cannot provide a good material standard of living for that many people. Nor can of course, the material or technological society provide it. Nevertheless, it must be said that if the resources that are available were distributed more evenly than poverty, at least in its extreme forms, could certainly be mitigated considerably.

As always, the problem is not only technology, the problem is the mindset, the ideology and especially the ideology that takes on many specific forms, but that all of these forms validate the existence of a small elite that has a very different standard of living than the general population. You have these, what I call the general overall ideologies, that are beyond the more specific ideologies and elitism. And a division of society into separate categories or classes is precisely one of these underlying ideologies. This of course, was partly what I attempted to help people or societies rise above at the time. You will see that when I appeared on earth there was a society, an agricultural society, dominated by Hinduism and Hinduism had this very, very clear division of human beings into the four casts and you even see the caste system today carried on and supported by the Hindu religion. Naturally, what I attempted to do was to create a religion that would not accept or be based on such a division of people.

When you look at Buddhism you see that of course the consciousness of division has crept in and there are those who distinguish between Buddhists and non-Buddhists, there are different sects or variations of Buddhism. Some see themselves as superior, the other sects as inferior and so forth. And there are those who consider that the priest class of the Buddhist religion are somehow superior to the general population, but even the general population is superior to those who are not ready for any kind of spiritual teaching. Again, you find these divisions in society and this is, of course, what I attempted to help people overcome by helping them overcome the duality consciousness.

It is, of course, the duality consciousness that is the foundation we might say and also the method for creating this kind of division. I want to give you some teachings here that build upon what we have given before but go a little bit beyond it. You may look at some of the teachings we have given about fallen beings, the ones who really took planet earth into a downward spiral by bringing here a more extreme interpretation of duality. We have said that societies had slipped into duality before but not the aggressive forms of duality and this is what the fallen beings brought here. We have said that the fallen beings form a power elite in embodiment and they form various groups in the emotional, mental and identity realms. We have also said that their goal is to gain control over the earth, the people of the earth, as a part of their larger agenda to prove God wrong.

What I wish to discuss here is the topic of control. It may seem that there are certain societies on earth where there is a small elite that has near total control. This can be the dictatorships, you can see the communist nations, for example, the Soviet Union under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, China under Mao and many other examples, North Korea under the current regime. You may think, based on this, that the fallen beings are able to attain a very high degree of control over societies. There are people who think that the fallen beings have a high degree of control over the societies that came to be democracies and that these societies are really dictatorships, but the reality is that even in a country as controlled as the Soviet Union, the fallen beings did not have total control.

They never have had total control on earth and they never will have and why is this so? Well, it is because the fallen beings are victims of their own psychology. What have we said that the fallen beings have done? They have fallen into the duality consciousness, they have become completely enveloped in, overpowered by, blinded by, entrapped by, identified with, the duality consciousness. But what is it that happens in the duality consciousness?

You take the total area of human awareness, you focus on one particular area, and you elevate this to the status of being an absolute, it is true, it is a superior ideology, the superior religion, whatever you have. And you use this to say that here is the standard against which we are going to measure what is right and wrong, good and bad and you would think that the people who capture this, what has been called the privilege of defining the problem or formulating the problem, that they have control because when they control the standard against which everything is measured, they have the opportunity to control people’s thinking.

However, in duality, you can never have total control for the simple reason that when you take one element of a whole and elevate it to a superior status you are creating a fundamental and unavoidable imbalance. We have talked about the second law of thermodynamics that seeks to return everything to its lowest possible energy state, but we could also say that this actually is an illustration of the cosmic law of balance. It is not that the law of balance or even the second law of thermodynamics, for that matter, seeks to return everything to an undifferentiated state. The cosmic law is set up to ensure growth towards higher and higher states, but it is set up to ensure sustainable growth, continued growth, progressive growth.

What you do in duality, is that you separate yourself from this continued sustainable growth and you create an imbalanced state where you say that, instead of the growth of the whole, you want a localized growth of this particular ideology, this particular group of people, this elite, and this can only happen by taking something from the whole. In other words, a small group of people are taking something from the whole and this is what violates the cosmic law of balance, because when the whole is not in balance the cosmic law will pull it back towards balance.

There will always be a pull that pulls any imbalance back towards the state of balance. This is what we have described as a feature of the duality consciousness, that when you create one dualistic extreme, at the same time it generates an opposing dualistic extreme. This is what the philosopher Hegel described as the dialectic where one idea or a theory becomes a thesis which generates an antithesis, there is a struggle between them, the result of this struggle is a new state, a synthesis, but this synthesis becomes the next thesis that generates another antithesis leading to another struggle and so forth, and so on, ad infinitum. Now Hegel believed that this is how progress happens and the only way that progress can happen. This was the limitation of his insight.

This is only how things work in an imbalanced state because when you have balance there is still growth, but there is no struggle, there is no opposition, there is no tension between two extremes. Everything that happens in a balanced state on a natural planet seeks to lift the whole. It is only when you seek to lift one part of the whole at the cost of the rest of the whole that you have imbalance, opposition and the dialectic struggle. What Hegel and Marx did was to look at the imbalanced state that appears on earth and try to use it to create a more ideal society that did not have the conflict. This of course can never be done, one form of imbalance cannot lead to harmony and wholeness, it can only lead to another form of imbalance.

Why do I say that the fallen beings are not in control? Because whenever they take one particular idea, group of people, religion and elevate it to a superior status they are creating an opposite. That means that they can never attain the state that they dream about where they now have permanent control that can never be threatened. There will always be an opposition or threat to their control. This, of course is unbearable to the fallen beings so they must always seek to destroy the opposition. That is why you see all of these dualistic ideologies always contain the idea that there is a right and a wrong. There are those people who are working for the right, those people who are working for the wrong and those people working for the right must destroy the people working for the wrong, so there is an ongoing struggle. It is simply built into duality. But, now look at the psychology of the fallen beings. What is going on in the psychology of a fallen being? Well, like other masters have said, when you as an avatar came to earth you received the cosmic birth trauma, but when the fallen beings in the sphere where they fell were confronted with the ascended masters and the fact that there was a power greater than theirs, they also received a trauma or they created a trauma, which is really what you did as well.

Ever since then the fallen beings have been trying to compensate for this trauma where they felt a loss. They are attempting to attain control in order to get themselves into a state of mind where they can feel at peace so they are not divided, traumatized in pain because of their trauma. This of course cannot be done by the fallen beings because they are doing this through the duality consciousness, which must create opposition. There is always a pair of opposites. So, this means what?

It means that a fallen being, a particular fallen being, now goes into elevating a particular, let us say, religion as the superior one. It then believes that if it can create a state on earth where everyone is a follower of this religion and there is no challenge, no opposition to it, then it will have peace of mind. Then it will be in control. Then it can feel that it has all power, which is the only way a fallen being can conceive of having peace of mind. It is not really that a fallen being is striving for peace of mind, but it is striving for some kind of equilibrium where it feels it has control and the only way you can conceive of this is having unchallenged power. No matter how much the fallen being struggles, it can never achieve this state in the physical and therefore, it can never achieve the psychological state where it feels it is in control, it is in power, it is unchallenged.

What does this mean? This means that, as we have said that fallen beings, the psychology of a fallen being, is really the ultimate definition of split personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder. A fallen being may seem to be in control, as for example, Stalin was in a physical way in control of the Soviet Union because whatever he said people would do. But if you look at Stalin’s psychology you would see that he was absolutely not in control of his state of mind because he constantly felt threatened, he was constantly afraid, he was constantly seeking to eradicate potential threats by killing even his close associates. Mao, Hitler, much the same thing. What you see here is that the fallen beings are trapped in this obsessive compulsive need to seek to create a state of we might say, tranquility or at least not being threatened, but they seek to do this by destroying something else.

Of course, any peace or equilibrium cannot be created through destruction but the fallen beings will never see this from the duality consciousness. In a sense, we could say that it may seem like a fallen being has control on the outer, but on the inner that fallen being is constantly reacting and of course, if you are reacting to circumstances beyond your control, how can you be in control? It cannot be done. The fallen beings are never in control of their own psychology. They are always reacting to real or perceived threats.

When I say “real” it is of course in quotation marks, although you may say that there are some threats that are actually physical and there are some threats that fallen beings simply make up in their minds. Really, when you as a spiritual student realize this, you realize of course that the psychology of a fallen being is not fundamentally different from the psychology of human beings. It is just more extreme. You as a spiritual student, as long as you have the birth trauma, you are also in this state of mind of reacting to circumstances that seem to be beyond your control and you are doing this to create some sense of equilibrium, tranquility, peace of mind.

When you realize this, you realize that there is a very old consciousness on planet earth, a very old momentum, even a collective beast that seeks to pull people into creating this sense of tranquility through a variety of means. One of them for example, is physical means where you seek to build a castle with thick walls that no enemy can penetrate, you seek to gather to yourself supplies so that you can stay in there for a very long time like the so-called leaders of medieval society did in their fear-based reaction. Or you may do it in many other ways, through science, through technology, by gaining insurance for this or life insurance or insurance for anything you can imagine or hoarding enough money so you think you can buy your way out of any problem. But you may also seek to do this through a religious or spiritual teaching. You see how Jesus was talking about the Christians who have gotten themselves into a state where they have what they think is a sense of equilibrium because they are sure they will be saved when Jesus comes back and they are sure all they need to do here is maintain their comfortable lifestyle and perhaps give some money to charity.

You see in Buddhism, how many people, even many of the Buddhists in monasteries have created a similar state of seeming equilibrium and tranquility because they think that all they need to do is to continue to live their monastic lifestyle and fulfill the requirements for prayers and chants and exercises and meditation and this and that. In other words, it is the outer path, the automatic path where you think that you can make it to heaven or nirvana without looking at your own consciousness and changing it.

Of course, as we have now said several times, there are students who have found ascended master teachings and have attempted to do the same thing with ascended master teachings and this is of course, possible. It is easier to do with previous dispensations, much harder to do in this one because this one we have, for the first time at least in recorded history, attempted to do everything possible to expose these psychological mechanisms so that the only way you can stay in this teaching and build a sense of tranquility is by ignoring or denying considerable aspects of the teaching. Those of you who are open minded will of course, realize that you cannot be a fully open door if you are using the teaching this way. You need to get yourself into a state, which most of you already are in, of being willing to continually look at your psychology, resolve what needs to be resolved, come up higher, so that you can truly be the open doors.

What you can also attain in this manner is of course, a more real state of inner peace. We have said that there will always be illusions you need to overcome until you ascend but we have also said that this does not mean that you have to live the rest of your time in embodiment in this deficit state of mind where you feel like you are behind, you are inadequate, there is always something you have not done or should have done. What you really can come to is this point of acceptance. Accepting yourself as a student who is willing to walk the path and always look for the next thing you need to see in yourself, in your psychology. Once you can get beyond this point where you have what we have talked about as the resistance to seeing something in yourself, then you will actually have a certain inner peace because if there is nothing you are afraid to look at in yourself, there is nothing you cannot overcome in your own psychology and if there is nothing you cannot overcome in your own psychology, there is nothing in the world that you need to fear.

Why do people fear external conditions? They have various reasons. They say I am afraid of falling ill, of being in pain, of this and that. Well, yes, understandable. But nevertheless, why do they fear an external condition that is not yet manifest? Because they are afraid of how it will affect them psychologically. As we have said before, it is not the external condition that causes you pain. The pain exists in your mind. Even physical pain exists in your mind, or at least elicits a reaction in your mind. That is what makes it unbearable. You are actually always fearing your reaction to external conditions rather than the external conditions themselves. But if you know that by looking at your reaction and the separate self behind it, you can overcome that reaction, why do you need to fear the reaction? And if you do not fear the reaction, why do you need to fear the condition?

Truly, what some of you are ready to begin to acknowledge is that there is no reason to fear any condition on earth. This is partly what Jesus demonstrated by allowing himself to be crucified. You might say that if being crucified and enduring this temporary pain was what qualified Jesus to ascend, was it not worth for him to go through this temporary pain? You may look at Jesus after he ascended and he could look back at those days in pain, but what would it matter to him? In the ascended state, what does anything you have encountered on earth matter to you anymore?

What have we said is the real purpose of the earth, of what you are going through on the earth? It is the raising of consciousness. Part of the raising of consciousness is that you have to overcome something in yourself—the separate selves, whatever. In order to overcome it, you have to see it. In order to see it, what needs to happen? Well, sometimes you can see it through an internal process. But there are some things you cannot see or that you at least can see faster when they are triggered by external conditions.

What is the purpose of any experience you could have on earth? It is to make visible inside yourself some condition that limits you—which is why you go into an unpleasant reaction—so that you can see that condition, resolve it and be free of it. And once you are free of the condition inside yourself, the outer condition is irrelevant. If you have no negative reaction to the condition, what does it matter anymore? It is not holding back your spiritual growth.

When you begin to contemplate this, you can come to this point where you can make a conscious shift and you can say, “Why do I fear all these conditions that might come to pass? Why do I need to fear all these conditions? Whatever may happen, will cause a reaction. When I see that reaction, it is an opportunity to look for the illusions, the separate selves that cause the reaction, resolve those illusions, let the separate self die and then I am free. Why do I fear that certain things would happen to me if they would actually serve in my ultimate liberation and my ascension? Why do I need to fear any condition? Can I not simply say, “Come what may! Come what may!”?

Try and sit down sometime in a peaceful setting, close your eyes, focus on your heart and then say, “Come what may.” And then look for the reaction that comes from outside your heart, especially from your lower chakras, from your emotional body. See what reaction you get. Try and follow that reaction. Try and see if you can identify a separate self. See the belief behind it. What is it you really fear? Why do you think, this is such a terrible condition that needs to be avoided? What is it in that condition that you are really afraid of and you will see that it is your inner reaction, but your inner reaction, you can do something about. You may not be able to do anything about the outer condition, but you can do something about your reaction. Isn’t that what our teachings are all about?

Why do you really fear it? Why do you think you need to fear it? And this can gradually and grant you it will take some time for all of you, it can lead you to the point where you can say, “Well, anything I encounter on earth is just an experience. It is not really real in the sense that it has power over me that it can define me.” And when you can look at anything that might happen as just another experience amongst so many experiences, then you can overcome this fear that so many people have associated with the future, where they fear that something might happen.

When I was in embodiment, I spent six years in the forest, sitting there starving my body, facing various conditions in the body. I learned through this, that no condition in the body has power over my mind unless I give it that power. I gained through this a certain detachment from the body and what could happen to the body. And beyond that, to what could happen to me in the physical octave. For the latter part of my service, certainly after I came back to teach, I had no fear of the future. You could say, “Well, that is easy enough, you had an easy life.” Yes, but I was still in embodiment in a particular collective consciousness and it was constantly impinging upon me as it does on everyone. And it was only because I did not react to the demons of Mara, that I was free of this.

Regardless of what happens in the outer conditions, you still have the potential to become free from your reaction and therefore, you cannot be tempted by the demons of Mara. What is it that causes a reaction? Why do you react negatively to some circumstances and not to others? It is because in your mind, you have a standard that says, “This should happen to me and this should not happen to me.”

When something happens that is in the ‘this should happen’ category, you feel a positive feeling. You have a positive reaction. But when something happens that is in the ‘should not happen’ category, you go into a negative reaction and you think this is the only way it can be. But why is this the only way it could be? It is the only way it could be in the duality consciousness, where you have a standard and a value judgment. But when you free yourself from duality this will fade away. Why would one circumstance be positive and another be negative? Why would one lead to an unbalanced ecstatic reaction and another to an unbalanced negative reaction? Why is there anything you need to try to avoid? Whatever may happen is an experience and whatever will happen to you is whatever circumstance that is suited to bringing something out in your psychology that you have not seen. Is not that a positive?

You may say, “But there are still experiences I do not want to have on earth.” That is understandable. But there is a difference between fearing something and seeking to avoid it and deciding I do not really desire to have that experience. When you do the latter, you can be willing to say, “Well, what do I then need to do to avoid this kind of experience? I need to look for what it is in my psychology that will be brought out by that experience and then I need to resolve the psychological condition so that I do not need to experience the exterior condition”.

There is no punishment here. There is no force in the sense that everything happens for the resolution of psychology. But if you resolve psychology, you do not need to have the outer event happen. Unless you are doing this to carry some kind of burden for others. There are always exceptions to every rule, but for the majority of you, if you resolve the psychological condition, you will not need to experience the external condition. It is that simple.

Based on this, you can see that it is possible and it is realistic for many of you who have applied this teaching for some time, to attain this state of equilibrium, peace. But it is not based on denial. I have said that many Buddhists have a sense of equilibrium, many Christians have it. But it is because they are denying something in their own psychology. They are ignoring it. They are refusing to look at it and therefore, they have the illusion of tranquility without real tranquility. But it is possible for you by applying our teachings to attain this state of mind. Where these outer things do not disturb you. You have no reaction. You can look at the demons of Mara parading before you and not react. This means you then have the mental freedom to actually ask yourself, “What kind of life experience do I really want for the rest of this lifetime?” And many of you will be able then to make a shift and realize “This is actually what I want to experience because it is part of my growth to experience this. It is a desire I have and by going through it and experiencing it, I can free myself from the desire”.

Many of you will find that you come to this point where you just know that it is time to make a change in your life, whatever it may be in your outer situation. You can make that change and you can have a vastly different experience than what you have had before. And this experience is part of your growth. It may also be part of you expressing the gift you want to bring as part of your divine plan. Some of you may look at: “What kind of experience do I want to have and say, I want to have the experience of expressing a certain idea.”

But in order to do this, you have to make some changes and then you can make those changes. I am not going to specify what kind of changes it needs to be. You, of course, will notice when you are ready to make the change. It is not something you force with the outer mind. It is just something that happens when you have attained that state of inner peace by resolving your psychology and then you consciously ask yourself the question, “What kind of life experience do I want, as the next phase of my life?”

Many of you will find that once you are clear, once you are undivided in your mind, circumstances will simply click into place and you will find yourself in a different situation. This is effortless manifestation of different circumstances. It is flowing with the River of Life, where you are not resisting anything. You are not trying to force something to happen. You are, so to speak, watching it happen. You are watching things unfold.

Now, is this just some fantasy I am setting up here? Is it just something that applies to a few people? No, it applies to all of those who are willing to apply the teaching and resolve the psychology. Why is this actually possible? Why is it possible that if you change your state of mind, it can have the effect of changing your external circumstances? This is not what people normally call mind over matter. You see an entire movement out there of people who are trying to gain this power of mind over matter where they can force the universe to give them what they want. They can forcefully change lead into gold, or this or that—whatever they dream about. But this is the fallen beings attempting to use what we have sometimes called black magic to materialize certain results.

What I am talking about is an effortless manifestation that has no force in it. You see, when you have the resolution of psychology, you no longer need to force anything. Because you are not seeking to avoid anything. You are not seeking to force anything on anyone, or to force something away from you. You are not seeking to force it to come to you or force it to stay away from you. Why is it possible that when you make the shift in the mind, external circumstances can click into place?

Well, it is possible because of a concept that I gave so many years ago of the interdependent originations. This is a very profound concept. We have talked about it before. We have encouraged you to contemplate it, and I encourage you again to contemplate this gradually. You need to recognize that you have grown up in a modern world, which is very much based on, not only a force-based look at life, a force-based paradigm, but also a paradigm based on separation. What did I say about the duality consciousness? Look at the entire tapestry of human existence—you pull one thing out of it and elevate that and at the same time, put other aspects down. You are creating an imbalance, but in the interdependent originations, there is no imbalance, everything is connected.

But you have been brought up with this view that things are not connected. They are separate entities. They exist separately. There are separate things that can be affected by separate causes. When you look at science, modern science, you will see that it is based on this separated view. You think you can look at the tapestry of the universe, you can pull out one particular event, one particular condition and you can isolate it and say, “This is an isolated effect and this isolated effect has this isolated cause. The effect is brought about exclusively by that cause and the cause has an effect exclusively on this condition.” This is the separate view, still promoted by Western science, even though it has been disproven by Western science, namely, quantum physics.

You need to perhaps spend some time contemplating this and realizing that the view of separate causes and separate effects was useful for a time. It was a necessary phase in the shift from the religious, medieval worldview to the more rational, scientific, modern worldview. It is not that you need to say that this was completely wrong. It was not wrong for society to go through this phase, but it is just a phase or at least, it is meant to be and it cannot take society or science beyond a certain level.

You, as a spiritual student, want to contemplate how to free your mind from this belief. You may say, again, why are you fearing a particular circumstance? Is it not because you think that there could be this separate cause that could affect you as a separate being and you as a separate being would have a reaction to that cause? And you as a separate being would rather avoid it, would rather avoid that cause? You are seeing yourself as a being who is existing in a larger whole. You know that. You are living on a planet with seven billion other people, there are various physical conditions, there is something called the weather and if it rains, and you go outside, you become wet. You know you are living in this whole, but instead of looking at the whole, you are focusing on specific aspects of the whole, and you are looking at yourself as a separate being that exists inside the whole and you think that this separate being, there are certain things that should happen to it, and certain things that should not happen to it.

You are seeking to bring into manifestation the things that should happen and seeking to force out of manifestation the things that should not happen, according to your standard. But you are not realizing that, in a sense, you could say that you are an individual being and you have individual free will, but you exist in a whole where there are seven billion other individual beings with free will. Does it really make any sense to think that you could isolate yourself from this whole and not be affected by the free-will choices made by other people? Is it really realistic to think this way?

Many people have thought this way. As I said, the ones who built these thick castle walls and attempted to isolate themselves, they thought they could isolate themselves from the whole, but of course, they could not. They might give the impression for time that they could, but in reality, they could not. The entire idea that you could isolate yourself from the whole, protect yourself from certain conditions—bring about other conditions—is an illusion. You are, whether you like it or not, part of this tapestry of humanity. What I am suggesting here, and what happens to those who rise to a certain level of Christ consciousness and begin to put on the Buddhic consciousness, is that you can shift your outlook on life.

You can start contemplating that there is a different way to look at life than looking at it from the viewpoint that I am a separate individual and I seek to avoid certain things and have certain others. You can realize that it really does not make any sense to say that as a separate individual I want this and I do not want that. Because the reality is that when everything is interconnected, this might very well mean that what you want requires someone else to not have it and what you want to avoid, requires someone else to have it. In other words, you could look at the fact that if everything is an interconnected whole, and you are in this whole, you are not really a part of the whole, because you are not apart from the whole. You are simply an integral aspect of the whole. It does not really make sense to say, “What do I want as a separate individual?”

There is an entirely different way to look at life, and it is to look at life as a connected individual, as one who is connected to the whole. This means that it does not really make any sense to say, “Could I raise myself up and become a billionaire, by taking money from others?” You might be able to do this as some people have done, but you are not really separated from the whole. When you are creating an imbalance in one way, you will experience an imbalance inside yourself. When you create an imbalance that affects other people, you will create a psychological imbalance that affects yourself. You will also create a physical opposite, which may affect you at some point in the future, but this may be delayed to another lifetime, so you do not see it. But you will experience the psychological imbalance and you will see that all of the people who have, for example, attained great wealth at the cost of others, they have psychological imbalances that are affecting them constantly.

There is a whole different view of life than the separate view that you have been brought up with, programmed with and been exposed to for many lifetimes. It takes some mental retooling to shift, but what I am giving you is the beginning stages of this. You can begin to contemplate and shift out of this. You can then begin to cultivate this awareness that you are not really here to raise up yourself, at least not in a way that creates an imbalance that affects others. You are here to raise the whole.

Now, how does this tie in with the spiritual path and the path to Christhood where we have said that at the beginning stages of the path, your most important task is to separate yourself from the mass consciousness? Well, it may sound as if you are separating yourself from something and in a sense, you are separating yourself from the mass consciousness. But what is the mass consciousness? It is the consciousness of separation. When you separate yourself from the consciousness of separation, are you actually separating yourself from something, going away from something, or are you going into the consciousness of oneness, of connectedness? You cannot really separate yourself from separation. You can only go into the consciousness that is beyond separation, which is oneness. You realize that in order to raise the whole, you need to separate yourself from the mass consciousness so you can raise your individual consciousness and as you do this, you create the pull that pulls up on the collective.

The subtle difference that comes in is that some students will be seeking to do this based on the motivation that they want to raise themselves as separate individuals. This is what we have said before that at the 96th level, you need to resolve that enigma where you are no longer seeking to raise yourself as a separate individual, you are seeing the connection to the whole. This is the Christ consciousness, not the ultimate state of it, but certainly the beginning stage. When you make the switch, you realize that everything is interconnected. In a sense, you could say that the psychology of all people on earth is interconnected. There are certain separate selves that almost all people have. There are few separate selves that all people have and there are many, many separate selves that most people have.

What is it going to take to raise humanity? What is it going to take to raise the collective consciousness? It is that the separate selves are resolved. Well, how can this process happen? It cannot happen collectively, because there is not a collective awareness, people are divided by the collective selves. There is no chance of ever creating this sense that, at least in the foreseeable future, we all have a separate self and we all need to overcome it. You do however, see certain collective shifts, but those collective shifts were brought about through a gradual process where a few individuals started shifting and then this created the momentum that eventually shifted more people.

Humanity is raised because some people are willing to look at their individual separate selves and resolve them. This creates a pattern, a track, a matrix, a momentum in the collective. If one person has seen through a particular separate self, there will be another person who finds it easier to overcome that separate self, because the first person did it. And then there will be a third person who finds it easier still and this will spread like rings in the water, until you reach certain collective shifts where suddenly this becomes almost common knowledge, or at least it becomes talked about. You can see even in your lifetime, most of you, how, in the field of self-help literature, there has been certain shifts where suddenly this becomes fashionable to talk about a particular issue. Right now, you can see how the topic of narcissists is becoming much more commonly known. But that all started because some people were willing to work on themselves and pull everybody up.

This means you can now go back to my concept that there are certain conditions you would rather avoid and then you can say, “Well, there is a condition that I would rather avoid but it happened to me anyway, so what does this mean?” Well, perhaps it means that even though I have wanted to avoid this with my outer mind, in my divine plan, I had actually vowed to take on this condition in order to help resolve the psychology behind it, and thereby raise the whole. In other words, what is happening to you is not something that is directed against you, it is not something you need to resist. It is something you need to embrace and say, “What can I learn from this? What can I see in myself that I needed to see from this? How can I help resolve something in the collective and thereby raise the collective?” It is again, part of the ‘come what may’. When you say ‘come what may’, it does not mean ‘come what may’ as long as it is pleasant. It means ‘come what may’. And I will meet it with a positive state of mind, seek to make the best of it, and be content that what I have endured, is part of raising the whole.

This will shift you into this state of mind where you are not resisting anything. And of course, you cannot have peace of mind when you are resisting or seeking to avoid anything. How could you? How does this tie in with a topic of becoming the open door? Well, is it not obvious that the more resolution you have in your psychology, the more open you are to saying ‘come what may’, the more of an open door you can be? It is always the challenge when we are in physical embodiment, that we are blinded somewhat by the whole circumstance we are in, the collective consciousness, our own four lower bodies, and we do not see clearly with a conscious mind what we put into our divine plans. We do not see the larger connection of how something we go through, something we experience helps raise the whole. What you can come to cultivate is this mindset that you are open to not only receiving these wonderful ideas from the ascended realm, but you are also open to going through whatever circumstances you decided in your divine plan that you wanted to go through and take on in order to help raise the collective. This can even be a disease that you take on.

What I am seeking to give you is this view that you can make peace with being on earth, even though planet earth is as dense and as difficult of a planet as it currently is. This does not mean that I am asking you to deny the conditions found on earth. As you raise your consciousness, you come to see all conditions more clearly. But you also come to see them without the value judgments of the duality consciousness and this is what some people have not understood. Some people have gone through what Saint Germain so carefully explained, with the beginning stages of Christhood, where you still think in black and white terms. You still think this is true, this is false. If this is true, then the opposite must be false. This is how you think at a certain stage. It is the beginning of discernment, but it is not really Christhood because Christhood is when you go a little higher, and you start seeing beyond the value judgment. As long as you are still in this black and white state of mind, you will have the value judgment that that which is false is also bad, it is evil, it should be avoided, it should not be here.

As you go higher in Christ consciousness, you realize that whatever is here is an outplaying of free will. As you go even higher into the Buddhic levels, you start losing this entire evaluation of what should or should not be here. When you connect to the interconnectedness of the whole and the out playing of free will, you realize that in a certain sense, from a certain viewpoint, there is nothing that shouldn’t be here. Because whatever is here is an outplaying of the consciousness of the people on earth and it is outplaying it to make it visible. Given the way the reality simulator works and people have gone into duality, whatever is here, is here as an out playing that makes something visible that otherwise is difficult to see. From that perspective, it should be here.

Now, you can take all the evaluations that many people take on the way to Buddhahood, where you might say that the process of going to Christhood and Buddhahood is that you start connecting to the whole and therefore, you go through a period where you also feel compassion for other people. You can look at the world today and you can look at many, many people. Some are in various religions, some are not in any religion and you can see that many of these, we might say progressive, well-meaning people, they are driven by compassion. They feel compassion for the suffering of others and based on their compassion, they are saying, “Oh, but this condition should not be here, it is wrong that people suffer this way. These diseases should not be here, this poverty should not be here, this torture, force, and warfare should not be here.”

And of course, you can take this viewpoint and say that, according to an ideal principle, according to how a natural planet is, no, these things would not be here if earth was a natural planet. But again, what is our goal with earth? Yes, ultimately it is to turn the earth back into being a natural planet, but this is not the real goal. The real goal is the raising of consciousness. We as ascended masters are not sitting here saying, “Oh, the earth is such a dark planet, we need to do whatever we can to turn it back to a natural planet as quickly as possible, come what may.”

We are actually saying, given that the earth is what it is right now, has the conditions it has, how can we use this to raise people’s consciousness by making visible the psychology that has created those conditions? And when you connect to that you can avoid being trapped in compassion because, truly, many well-meaning sensitive people are trapped in compassion. This messenger was trapped in this for the first years of his life, even the first years of his path, even after finding an ascended master teaching. Many of you can recognize the same thing. You will feel such a strong sense of compassion for other people’s suffering, that you are actually willing to use force to remove the suffering.

Why haven’t we, who are ascended masters and who supposedly also want to remove people’s suffering, why haven’t we used our immense powers to remove poverty from earth? Well, because as we have said, our primary goal is not to remove poverty, the outer condition of poverty, but to help people transcend the consciousness that precipitated that poverty. We are seeking to use the poverty to make that consciousness visible so that people can look at it and resolve it. This is our goal. This is how we work. Many of you have not understood this, but you can come to understand it, you can come to look into it and you can come to accept this, that you do not need to have your compassion become obsessive compulsive, where you feel driven to do something to alleviate a certain form of suffering, and you cannot be at peace until this has happened.

Many of these well-meaning people that I am talking about, even ascended master students, they go into this state of obsessive compulsion where they cannot be at peace as long as there is this or that problem. This messenger experienced a period in the Summit Lighthouse where they were making hours-long decree vigils to combat world communism, to prevent a nuclear war and to bring forth certain other changes. It is not that this was not necessary and valid work. But the messenger has realized that he was in an obsessive-compulsive state of consciousness, and he saw many other people do the same. You are not at peace when you are in this state of consciousness.

Surely, we want our students to make the calls for various conditions but have we ever said we want you to make them from this obsessive-compulsive state of consciousness? Why would we want our students to do things from a state of imbalance, when we ourselves are in balance? We want our students to have what we have, balance of mind. Surely, you can say that in the ascended state, we do not even have balance of mind because there was no imbalance possible. You are living in a different environment where imbalance of mind is possible and there are many, many forces that are impinging on your mind to pull you into imbalanced reactions.

But what we are seeking to help you attain is that you are free of all of these forces, the demons of Mara, so that you can sit under your bo tree and be unaffected by these demons of Mara, by the prince of this world who comes and wants his pound of flesh. We have given you the tools to achieve this, it will take time. But by being consciously aware of it and making it a conscious goal, you can attain it much more quickly.

Many of you are closer than you think, many of you are closer than you think.

As we have said before, ‘ask and ye shall receive’. Ask the master who is closest to you, to help you attain this to see what it is in your attitude that takes you out of peace. But do not forget to ask the messenger, who has also attained a high degree of this peace, and is willing to work with you to attain the same. Again, what does it take, ultimately, to be the open door for planet earth? Ask and be willing to receive.

As a final remark, I want to give you all our great gratitude for your being willing to take part in this process that this conference has been. By so many of you tuning in, by so many of you giving these invocations together, you have truly accomplished a magnificent work for raising the collective consciousness. You have gone beyond our original goal, you have exceeded that goal and for this, you have our gratitude. We hope that you also can feel in yourselves that this conference has raised your consciousness beyond what you originally expected.

Certainly, the messenger sits back, as he often does after these conferences, and is in awe about how much new teachings we brought forth. He sometimes feels that so much has been brought forth, how could we possibly have more but he is always happy to experience that we have more and we are willing to give it. We hope you have had that experience as well, that you are joyful over having experienced the flow of the Spirit, the unfoldment of these ideas. I hope you realize that some of you may feel that you have received something you did not ask for. But you have only received what you did not ask for consciously, you have surely asked for it unconsciously. And for this, again, our gratitude and therefore, I seal you and I seal this conference in the joyful peace of the Buddha.


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