Call for the spiritual healing of children

TOPICS: You can heal all wounds – A thoughtform of the figure-eight Above and below

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 31, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I, Gautama, welcome the children – in all of you – to my heart. Many a time I have watched the children of the earth, their smiles, their laughter, their sorrows, their pain. I come to tell you that one of the greatest services you can render to life is to call forth the protection of the children everywhere on this planet. For truly, there is no greater abuse of life than the abuse of children.

Think about how many times a child comes into the world with great joy, enthusiasm and hope. Yet through parents, teachers, society and other adults – even sometimes their ministers in churches – they are abused, they are hurt and they are wounded. And they dare not express their God flames.

So the joy, the hope, that they had before coming into embodiment, the hope of seeing their divine plans – made with such care – unfold, those hopes are dashed, shattered. And instead, they end up spending an entire lifetime seeking to either heal their wounds or escape their wounds, running away from them through the various ways that people seek to numb their pain.

Many of you have experienced this in this lifetime. And surely all of you have experienced it in previous lifetimes. Thus, you know what a pain it is for the soul to see an opportunity come to naught because of some wound received in childhood. Truly, as the Buddha, it would be my joy to see all children of the world grow up with the opportunity to recognize their inner Christhood, their inner Buddhahood, instead of being condemned to a life of pain and suffering.

You can heal all wounds

When I walked the earth as the Buddha, I dedicated my life to helping people overcome suffering. Back then I gave the teaching – as one of the four noble truths – that life is suffering. Unfortunately, that is still true for many people on earth. Yet those of you who have discovered the spiritual path know that even if you still have wounds in your psyches, life does not have to be a life-long battle with suffering and pain. Truly, it is possible to heal your wounds. Indeed, it is possible to heal all wounds. For behind the outer appearances that caused your wounds, even behind the outer psychology that retains the wounds, there is a deeper reality, namely that everything is the Buddha nature.

What is the Buddha nature? It is the Father element of life—God’s consciousness, which is embedded within everything in the world of form. And thus, within everything is the potential to rise above all imperfections, to throw off everything that is not in alignment with God’s perfect vision and plan. Yet in order to overcome your wounds, you need to look beyond the healing methods that are available, even the best of them. For truly only by recognizing that everything is the Buddha nature, the force of God that acts upon the Mother Light, only by recognizing the interplay of the Alpha and Omega, the Buddha nature and the Mother Light, can you truly purify your beings from the wounds, and the wedges driven into your psyches by the forces of darkness, the demons of Mara.

My Beloved hearts, if we of the ascended masters would allow ourselves to feel pain, nothing would give us greater pain than to see so many people on earth who are haunted by their past, by some mistake they made, by some atrocious deed done to them or something they witnessed that has burned itself into the psyche with such force that they cannot let it go, they cannot forget it. They cannot prevent it from coming up and haunting them day after day, for an entire lifetime and sometimes even for many lifetimes.

This truly is what causes us to feel the greatest compassion for people on earth. For we have an infinite desire to help you overcome those hauntings of the past, as we have indeed overcome them ourselves. This is truly our main motivation for staying with earth, seeking to help you rise as we have risen.

This might seem to a human being like an unselfish endeavor on our part, and indeed it is unselfish in the human sense of the word. But in the greater sense, we are not unselfish at all. We are, in fact, extremely selfish in the sense that we realize that all life is one, and therefore as the Lord Christ did say, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.”

When you become a self-realized being, when you become a Christ or a Buddha or an ascended master, you realize that you are one with all life. So as long as any part of life suffers, then you cannot feel completely free and fulfilled in the joy and the peace of God. You desire to raise up all life so that all life can experience the joy that you feel as an ascended being who is no longer in the sea of Samsara, in the sea of suffering.

A thoughtform of the figure-eight

Thus, my beloved, I ask you to dedicate 2006 as the year of the spiritual healing of children, both the child in yourself, the child in other adults and all of those who are still in a child’s body, yet in many cases have a maturity well beyond that of a child.

And thus, I release to you a thoughtform that might help you establish a platform of oneness, that is the true key to healing. I ask you to visualize a figure-eight as a figure-eight flow between the spiritual realm and the material realm. And I ask you to visualize, that in the upper half of that figure is the one body of God in Heaven, namely the Ascended Host. You may visualize us as a bright white light shining from the center of that upper figure. I then ask you to visualize that in the lower figure there is a horizontal figure eight, symbolizing the oneness that you can establish here below through the oneness with your higher selves above.

This then is the thoughtform that will help you and guide you towards establishing the oneness between Heaven and Earth, that is the true key to healing all wounds, to raising up the children to become here below all that they are Above.

I also desire to commend you for your efforts throughout the year 2005, not only with Mother Mary’s rosaries, but with your personal growth, your study of spiritual teachings and your interactions with each other. I speak to the entire worldwide community of those who have found the teachings of the ascended masters in any form, who have followed and internalized those teachings. You have indeed, all of you, contributed to making 2005 far less of a disastrous year than it could have been according to the karmic records of planet Earth.

I will especially congratulate those of you who have given Mother Mary’s new rosaries, for truly, you have made an extraordinary contribution to adverting many of the calamities that could have come to pass in this past year. Thus, I congratulate you for your efforts and I say, “Be sealed in the peace of the Buddha who is with you always. For I am one with the Buddha nature, and the Buddha nature is in all life.”


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