Being the Christ in Saint Germain’s Golden Age

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 24, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to discourse with you on what it means to be the Living Christ and the Living Buddha in action in the Aquarian Age. What did it mean to be the Living Christ in action in the Piscean Age? It meant to attune yourself to the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and come into some form of oneness with him so you could receive something from him, either for your personal life or for the help of others and society.

What it takes to bring forth a new idea

Now, you may look at what has been brought forth of change in the Piscean Age and you may see that all of the people who were able to bring forth some positive contribution in any area of life and society, have been able to have some attunement with the planetary Christ, with Jesus, during that age. This, of course, does not mean that all ideas that were brought forth in the last 2,000 years came exclusively from Jesus but they came through him as the hierarch of the Piscean Age. We can therefore say that if you look at many of the people who have brought forth new ideas in some areas, they had some attunement with Jesus, they were therefore open to receiving some idea.

Now, if you look at some of these people, you can see that many of them were not even religious or spiritual. Many of them may have had various unresolved psychology, various idiosyncrasies, even various beliefs that were certainly not in accordance or in alignment with ascended master teachings. Still, they had some attunement so that, through the clouds of all of this outer stuff in their minds, there was an opening where some idea could descend into their minds—as of course it will be in Aquarius. It is not so that in order to attune to the Ascended Master Saint Germain, people have to know that I exist, believe in ascended master teachings, follow ascended master teachings, practice ascended master teachings. They do not need to have resolved all of their psychology. The reason for this is very simple. Bringing forth a new idea on earth has an alpha and an omega aspect. The alpha aspect is that it comes from the ascended realm and therefore the people must be able to attune to the ascended realm. The omega aspect is that in order to receive an idea and implement it, people must have some kind of expertise in a particular field. If I want to bring forth a new idea in the field of education, I need someone who has some knowledge, some expertise, some experience in that field. Of course, I also need a person who is able to tune in to me, at least for a brief moment, and therefore receive that idea.

You have many, many people who have a genuine desire to see an improvement in a particular area of life. These people have the experience in their daily lives, they have studied and they engage their minds in the process of wanting to bring forth this new idea, this improvement. Now, in some cases they may have an imperfect understanding of their field or the improvement that needs to be brought forth but they have the genuine desire.

What you will see, even if you study some of the scientists that have brought forth new ideas in the field of science, is that sometimes they just get overwhelmed. It becomes too intense for them and they decide to take a break, to withdraw from their normal daily engagement with the issue. As they withdraw and let go, suddenly there is an opening where what they call a “flash of inspiration” strikes and now they see the issue from a new perspective. They see some new idea and then they are able to move forward.

Inspiration beyond the physical brain

Even the most materialistic scientists will recognize that they need a certain amount of inspiration. They are not particularly willing to speculate on where that inspiration comes from, but it does not take much speculation to see that it does not come from the physical brain. If the physical brain had been able to produce the idea, then certainly, in the period where the scientist was very intensively engaging his physical brain in trying to figure out the problem, then the physical brain should have brought forth the solution.

What brings forth the solution is that the scientist steps back, disengages the outer mind and now there is an opening for inspiration to come from a higher realm. This is, therefore, the process that in the Aquarian Age will become more and more known, more and more common, we might say, in the sense that people begin to understand and acknowledge that intuition is actually the key.

Intuition can often only be unlocked when you have gone through that outer engagement with an issue, of really seeking to understand it, really desiring an improvement and then you have the foundation. You have, in a sense (as the idea we gave during the Piscean Age of the chalice, the Holy Grail) the chalice that is raised up so that the elixir of Spirit can be poured into it. If there is no chalice, then you cannot pour anything into it, as it would just be wasted. There is that alpha and omega action: The omega is raising up the chalice of the mind and the alpha is to then open yourself up, using your intuitive faculties rather than the outer mind and opening yourself to an idea from above.

In a sense, this is what it means to be the Christ in action in the Aquarian Age. You attune to me because even though there may be other masters (and there certainly will be other masters that will be bringing forth ideas), they will come through the office that I am. Of course, if you are an ascended master student and you know you have an affinity with a particular master, you should focus on that master and not necessarily on me. This is not to say that you should exclusively focus on me but it is to say that they do come through the office that I am the leader of.

The result of the masters’ efforts

I now wish to shift gears a little bit, and I wish to look back at previous ascended master organizations that we have sponsored, as Master MORE did the other day. I wish to have you consider the question: Given that I stepped forward publicly during the 1930s and sponsored the I AM Movement and we have sponsored other organizations since then, what has been the result of these efforts? How many ascended master students have actually come to a point where they were able to express their Christhood, able to receive new ideas from the ascended masters and bring them out into some area of society? Well, it is not that I wish here to discuss numbers. What I wish to point out to you is that there certainly has not been as many as we had hoped for. I wish to have a discussion about why that is so.

What I want to point out to you is that we have, over the last couple of years, given you more insight into how we look at the issue of what we are doing in seeking to work with unascended humankind. We have talked about the difficulties we face, such as Jesus saying we are like the used car-salesmen using “bait-and-switch.” We have to appeal to people’s current level of consciousness to get them to even study the teachings. Then, when they come in, we can hopefully give them a higher teaching that will actually give them growth rather than appealing to their egos and making them feel superior to others.

What we had to do in previous ages – the problem we faced there – was that the collective consciousness was very, very dense. In order to engage our students (to even awaken them to the path, to get them to engage in the path), we had to instil in them a certain sense of enthusiasm, a certain desire to do something. Some of the students used to describe it by saying they were “on fire,” they were “fired up.” We had to do this to simply create a momentum that would allow people to break free of the collective consciousness, the mass consciousness. However, the inevitable downside of this was that many of the students became so on fire with changing the world for Saint Germain that they became very unbalanced. We have said before that many students have had a correct view of what needs to change but an incorrect or incomplete view of how this could be accomplished.

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