Ask and you shall receive

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus.

How do you become the open door? By always striving for more. There is no status quo that God or the ascended masters want to maintain for earth. What is one of the greatest limitations for the manifestation of the golden age? It is this very old belief that goes far back beyond Christianity, but has been reinforced by many Christians, that there is some final Edenic state that God wants to manifest either here on earth, or by dissolving the earth and taking everyone, or at least the good Christians, to a higher realm. If you look at the collective psyche on earth, you will see that there is this current of people who are striving for some idyllic, ideal, Edenic state. They truly believe that there must come this final state. And either then this state will be maintained for a thousand years, or more. Or the world will be rolled up as a scroll and cease to exist.

If you consider, which, quite frankly few of those who call themselves Christians do, what I actually said two thousand years ago, you would see that in a sense, I called for drastic changes to society. I did not call for these directly in a political or revolutionary way. But I still called for drastic changes, because what I encouraged my disciples to develop was this sense of oneness between them, this sense of community, this sense of oneness with all life. What did I say? ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me’. Because I wanted to show that people are all part of the body of God. People all have the Christ within them, the Christ potential within them.

What does this mean when you truly look at it? Well, you go back to the society that existed in Israel, when I walked the earth in a physical body. What kind of society was it? It was a highly segmented society, with a clear class of people at the bottom and then various degrees of higher classes, reaching to the very top. You can debate which one was the highest class: was it the Romans, was it the Jewish priesthood, who was it? But nevertheless, there was clearly an upper class, some divisions in the middle, and clearly a lower caste of those who were considered outcasts by Jewish society. Why do so many of my parables talk about those who were outcasts, like for example, the Good Samaritan who helped a man when no Jew would help him? It was to show this, that we need to overcome, humanity needs to overcome this idea that human beings can be divided into separate categories, where some are good, some are evil, some are important, some are unimportant, some are worthy, some are unworthy, whatever classification you want to apply.

When you look at the world today, you see that very same kind of division of society, even division of the planet into different groups. You have many, many societies, in fact you have all societies where there is a clear elite. You have a democratic society that is based on the idea that all men are created equal, and that they have been given equal rights by their Creator. And yet you have a clear upper class, not only in the political establishment, but especially in the financial, economic establishment. You have in most democratic nations, some people who are poor. You look at the world, and you see that in many nations, most of them not democratic, but still, you have a majority of the people who are poor. You have billions of people in the world who live beneath the poverty level, who can barely feed themselves or their children. And this is clearly a segregation, a division of society into different classes. There is the smaller division within a society, there is a larger division on a planetary scale.

But this is not the kind of society that I encouraged my followers to create. I attempted to guide people into creating a more egalitarian society based on what? Well, essentially based on the Christ consciousness. What is it you achieve as you grow towards higher levels of Christ consciousness? Well, you achieve first of all, within your own psychology, the oneness between your higher being and your lower being, but also horizontally you achieve a sense of oneness with other people. And when you achieve this sense of oneness, how can you create, how can you accept a society with such clear divisions? It simply is not possible. The divisions will fade away, as the consciousness is raised.

This is what you have seen in many of the democratic nations, where there is less division in some of these nations than there was in the same nations 50 or 100 years ago. This is actually an expression of Christ consciousness, even though many of these modern democracies are secular societies, where most people do not even see themselves as Christians. But that is because they do not see themselves as Christians, based on a definition promoted by the official Christian religion. And they do not look beyond the Christian religion to realize the universality of Christ, and therefore realize that they have actually manifested a higher degree of Christ oneness than many of those who call themselves Christians.

If we look at this, we can realize that if my goal was to create a more unified, egalitarian society with less divisions between people, has the Christian religion helped or hindered that goal? And then we must, if we take a neutral look, say that the Christian religion has actually done more to hinder that goal, than to help it. What do you see in most Christian churches? A clear division in their minds between themselves as good Christians, and those who either are not Christians, or who are not good Christians, according to the definition of their particular church.

We of course see a division of the Christian religion into many different churches and sects. Each believes they have the highest possible understanding of the message of Christ. Many of these Christians you see, are the ones who believe in the end times. Any day now, I am going to appear in the sky, judge the righteous and the unrighteous, send the unrighteous to hell, take the Christians into heaven, and roll up the world as a scroll. Well, what is the effect of this psychologically? It is of course, that it pacifies these Christians in terms of producing changes to society in the here and now.

Why should we really strive to improve society, when the world is going to end in a few years, even in our lifetime? What you see in these Christians is a very peculiar psychological mechanism. They have an Alpha aspect, where they think that they are saved, they are the saved ones. When the world ends they are the ones who will go to heaven. I will come, I will appear to them, and I will take them to heaven. Really, what striving do they need to do here on earth when they are already saved? They are already ensured to go to heaven. Why bother to help other people to improve society when you know you are going to heaven?

Then you have the Omega aspect of this, that when you believe that the world is going to end fairly soon, well why seek to make dramatic changes to society? What have these Christians done? They have managed to put themselves in various positions where they can work together, for example in businesses, support each other and create a very comfortable, materialistic lifestyle for themselves. They are comfortable materially, and since the world is going to end shortly, what does it matter that there are other people who live in poverty? We will just focus on our comfortable lifestyle, going to church every Sunday, and when the world ends, we go to heaven. What is there to strive for on earth?

You see that there are other Christians that do have some internalization of the message, that I wanted Christians to help others. But what kind of help are they trying to give? They are doing so-called charitable work. They are going out to countries where there is poverty, where there are various problems, and they seek to alleviate these. I am not saying this is completely unacceptable, or completely out of touch with my message. But there is eternally a difference between putting a bandaid on the wound or removing the condition that caused the wound to appear, again and again. There is a difference between giving a person a fish, or giving that person a fishing net. Why is it that Christians have become so passive in their form of charity? They are not really seeking to change societies. They are just seeking to alleviate the suffering. But the conditions that cause the suffering are seemingly beyond their power to change.

Ask yourself a simple question. When you see some of these afflictions that people are suffering from, do you believe it is beyond the power of Christ to change these conditions? Do you believe that Christ only has the power to hand out band aids? Or do you believe Christ has the power to create real changes that remove the cause of the suffering? If you believe the former, you have not grasped the power of Christ. For what is the power of Christ? The power of Christ is the raising of awareness. What do you see in these nations where poverty has largely been removed and replaced by a much better material lifestyle? This has come about as a result of what? A raised awareness. A raised awareness of the technological aspects of how to create a better society, but also the political and social aspects, where we do not accept that a part of the population in our country lives in poverty.

This is the power of Christ, working through people. There are many Christians in the United States who believe that they are the real Christians. They have the fundamentalist, literal interpretation of the Bible. They are the ones who are saved. They look down upon some of the European nations that have a social safety net, that have public healthcare. And they think these nations are not Christian because people do not go to church every Sunday, and many do not even see themselves as Christians. So how can these nations be Christian? But in reality, in their actions, these nations are far more Christian than the United States, where everybody is out for himself, including many Christians who are out for not themselves necessarily personally, but their community, their church.

When you look at the world at large, what is the one thing that I, as still holding the Office of the Planetary Christ, would like to see happen in the phase we are now moving into? Well, the main thing that I would like to see happen, is the eradication of poverty. What is it more than anything that prevents people from discovering the spiritual side to life, the spiritual path, raising their consciousness? It is the fact that when you live in poverty, how can you focus on things like that? Some people can, but most people cannot. The reality here is that what I, as the Planetary Christ, want to see happen is the eradication of poverty. Many other things of course, but the really big change that I would like to see happen is the eradication of poverty. How can this come about?

Well, one aspect of this is of course, technology. You take the magnificent discourse of Saint Germain, where he talks about the need for a new kind of energy technology. There is no way that poverty on a planetary scale could be alleviated completely, could be eradicated with force-based technology. There is not the energy, the fossil fuel, there are not the other resources that are needed in order to eradicate poverty for all of the more than seven billion people on the planet. It is clear that one aspect of eradicating poverty is to bring forth new technology.

There needs to be more energy that is available in order to drive the growth in society that is necessary to give people a good material standard of living. Now, I know very well that in many of the more modern nations, there is a growing awareness among many people about environmental issues. So many people today have been pulled into this fear-based vortex, that the pollution created by fossil fuels has reached a critical mass, where there is about to be, any day now, an environmental catastrophe.

It is not quite so different from the Christian mindset that the world is going to end any day, they just have a different reason for thinking the world is going to end. But many, many people who actually could be part of this process of eradicating poverty have been pulled into this blind alley, where they think it is not physically possible to eradicate poverty. Because they think that the only way that poverty can be eradicated in the less developed nations, is through the same process that has been done in the developed nations, which means more and more energy consumption of fossil fuels. And since this is going to create more emissions, that is going to create more greenhouse gases, more global warming, then they do not even want this.

There are many of these people who consider themselves the more progressive, open-minded people, who if they were honest with themselves, would recognize that with the attitude they have to the environment, they do not want the ‘Third World’ to be raised out of poverty. They may not consciously think this way or say this, but this is the consequence of their attitude to the environment. They do not want the ‘Third World’ to be raised, because they think the environment is more important than human beings. The effect of what they believe is, that they are willing to keep the entire ‘Third World’ living in poverty in order to save the planet.

This is what Gautama Buddha so carefully described as the ideological mindset, where you create a theory of how the world is supposed to work, and then you want the world to live up to it. You have these, in their own minds, very progressive, very aware and concerned people, and they think that it is far more important that their rich countries use whatever resources it takes to combat emissions instead of using those same resources to combat poverty in the ‘Third World’. Now, it is clear that they have some basis for their concern, as I said: With force-based technology, you cannot eradicate poverty. However, these people are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem. Because in their minds, even though they call themselves open and progressive, they are not open to an alternative to force-based technology.

Tell me my beloved, why is it that these modern nations are devoting considerable resources into researching green energy, renewable energy, but they are not devoting anywhere near those resources, if any at all, into researching free energy, non-force-based energy, non-polluting energy? Well, the reason for this is that the progressive people in these nations are not even open to the idea. They have become trapped by the ideology of scientific materialism which says: There cannot be anything beyond the material universe. What are these people really saying?

They are saying we have a very serious problem in the material world. This problem is caused by certain material conditions. But the only possible solution to this problem is a material solution. Well, what is that mindset, my beloved? It is antichrist. Because what is Christ? Christ is the openness to something beyond the material universe. The most universal description you can give of the Christ consciousness is: openness to something beyond the material universe.

What power does Christ have on earth? Unlimited power. Because there is no material problem that cannot be solved by an influx of something from beyond the material universe. Christ, the Christ consciousness, in terms of higher awareness, can solve every material problem, but only when there is that openness to solutions that are not strictly materialistic. What you see is a peculiar phenomenon, where there are these people who consider themselves open minded and progressive, but they still have an absolute barrier in their mind. They realize there is a problem, they realize there is a need to find solutions. But they are not open to looking for these solutions beyond a certain barrier: ‘Oh no, there could not possibly be a non-material solution to a material problem’.

What is the effect of this? It is that these people who consider themselves progressive, are playing right into the hands of the power elite and ultimately the fallen beings.

What does the power elite always want? They want control and they want to profit unreasonably off the population. What is the power elite trying to do right now? They are trying to monopolize alternative energy production. What is the power elite doing on a larger scale? They are trying to use the environmental issue to restrict people. Do you see what the entire environmental issue is doing, and what the Christian movement is doing? They are based on this idea that there are some things that should be done, or some things that should not be done. In other words, there is a problem, and there are some things that are creating the problem, making it worse, and some things that can help the problem.

But what is it that can help the problem? It is that people stop doing what they are doing to create the problem. Whether you think the world is going down in an environmental disaster, or whether you think people, or the world is going to hell, it is all because there are some other people who are doing what they should not be doing. And the only solution is to restrict them and force them to do something else. So, we have to force them to stop using fossil fuels and use renewable energy. This, when you look at the world, historically, is what the power elite has done over and over again, create this artificial situation that people must be restricted, to avoid a disaster. So many ideologies have been based on this very mindset.

But now look again at the environmental issue. What is the problem here? Yes, you may say it is fossil fuel emissions, polluting the atmosphere, creating global warming. But what is the real problem? The real problem is that the world is imprisoned in a certain approach to energy generation. They think it can only be done through force, by taking energy that is already encapsuled in matter, and forcefully freeing it to do work. But as Saint Germain explained, there is a vast potential for stepping up to an entirely different approach to energy generation. Why hasn’t this already happened? Why are these modern nations not devoting whatever resources it takes to researching alternative energy? Because the power elite has managed to make the scientific establishment believe that such energy production is impossible, is ridiculous. Again, what is this? It is antichrist, the consciousness of anti-christ, the force of anti-christ.

Just allow yourself to imagine, I speak here of course into the collective consciousness, allow yourself to imagine that there was a source of energy that did not pollute, it could do everything that combustion engines, nuclear reactors and electrical machinery can do today. And it could do it in a way that does not pollute. Would you not want this if you are environmentally conscious? Why would you not want it? Of course, you want it. But who would not want it?

Well, the power elite, because the nature of this kind of energy is, it cannot be monopolized. It can no more be monopolized, than the light from the sun can be monopolized by a single corporation. This is what the power elite that currently controls energy production is frantically trying to do, they are trying to prevent the emergence of this form of energy, because they want to maintain a monopoly on energy production. This is the main reason why countries have not shifted into focusing on researching these alternative energy sources. What can bring about this shift? Well, imagine that all of the people who are environmentally conscious, demanded this shift. Would this not have an impact?

The reality is, that I as the Planetary Christ, as Saint Germain, as the hierarch for the Aquarian age, we both want the eradication of poverty. We both realize that this requires a certain technical solution. But it also requires a shift in consciousness, it requires many shifts in consciousness. And one of the shifts that is required, is something that may seem to be more Saint Germain’s area. But I am nevertheless the one who will talk about this topic.

And the reason I want to talk about it is because when you look at many Christians out there, even the ones who are a little more open to spiritual ideas, even many people in the spiritual movement, how do they look at Jesus Christ in relation to technology? Well, most people think that I have nothing to do with technology, because technology was developed long after the time when I walked the earth. They see no connection between Christ and technology. Many Christians think that much technology is actually anti-christ, is of the devil, and that they are meant to live a more pure lifestyle, pretty much like the Amish, or some of these communities that try to live like my disciples did 2000 years ago.

The reality is of course, that I, as the Planetary Christ, am very much in support of technology. And much of the technology that has been released during the Piscean age, was released through the office of the Planetary Christ. Saint Germain has been ultimately behind this technology, but he worked through that office before he became the hierarch of the Aquarian age. Christ is not against technology. I am for the improvement of people’s living conditions. And this is another thing that needs to be stated. I am not against the improvement of current conditions, material living conditions on earth. There is nothing inherently anti spiritual about improving people’s living conditions. On the contrary, as we have said, if you are spending all your time and energy, struggling to make a living, how can you have anything left over for spiritual pursuits? You need to have a certain comfortable standard of living, to have anything left over to pursue the spiritual path. And I want of course, all people who are willing, to have the opportunity to pursue the spiritual path.

Back to the technology. You have an ancient idea that is normally ridiculed by modern science, namely, the concept of alchemy. There is the idea that there is a ‘philosopher’s stone’, and if you can only find it, you can transform base metals into gold, and become incredibly rich. Now, as we have explained, there is actually some validity to the ideas that the ancient alchemists had. Many of them were not seeking to transform base metals into gold, they were seeking to transform the base metal of the human consciousness into the Christ consciousness. However, if you look at it historically, you will see that many of the people who were the early alchemists actually made discoveries that set the stage for the emergence of modern science. So is there really any point in ridiculing these alchemists?

They were simply experimentalists, they had a certain paradigm behind their experiments, but it was the best that they could come up with at the time. And it caused them to experiment and therefore, expand their awareness, make discoveries that then took experimentation and knowledge to a higher level. What is not to like? Is it not what scientists are doing today? They have a certain paradigm, that is the best they could come up with based on their level of awareness and their knowledge, and they use that as a foundation for experiments.

Now, there is one difference, in the sense that the early alchemists were much more open to learning from their experiments and questioning their paradigm, than many materialistic scientists are today. There is a vast difference between having an open-ended paradigm that you are willing to expand, based on your experiments, or having a closed ended paradigm, where you want your experiments to validate the paradigm. And if they do not, then you discard them, they could not be valid results.

What is the basic idea of alchemy, really? It is that matter is not a fixed substance. It is a pliable substance that can be transformed into different states, and perhaps one form of matter can be transformed into another form of matter. Well, what has been discovered by modern science since the time of the alchemists? Einstein came in with his simple formula, showing that matter is not really matter. Matter is a form of energy. Everything that people call matter, is actually made from energy that has taken on a certain state. What is energy?

Energy is vibration. Based on Einstein’s theory, it would actually be more constructive to adopt a somewhat alchemistic worldview, and say: “That beyond all of the visible forms, there is a base form of energy that has no specific form, no measurable, detectable form—at least not detectable with materialistic instruments. But it is this base energy that has taken on the various forms that we see as not only matter phenomena, but also as what we normally call energy”. This is essentially what many of the alchemists believed, 500 to 700 years ago. It has been ridiculed by modern science, but what is this ridicule based on? It is based on a worldview that is dominated by separation. Everything is made up of separate substances, matter is entirely separate from energy, the material universe is entirely separate from the spiritual realm. “Oh no, there is no spiritual realm. Matter, the matter forms, are inviolable. Lead will always be lead, gold will always be gold and never the twain shall meet”.

What the alchemists believed was, that matter is much more liquid, fluid, pliable, changeable. And when you look at the consequence of Einstein’s theory and quantum physics, you must ask yourself, if you are willing to be objective, you must ask yourself: “Wait a minute, why would not it be possible to transform one kind of matter into another, if we could find out how to deal with matter at the energetic level? In other words, if we can go to the level where the basic substance starts taking on a particular form, and if we could do something at that level, why would we not be able to change one form of matter into another? For that matter, why would we not be able to change one form of energy into another? Or rather, why would not we be able to bring energy from this basic level, into the material world, where it could now be used to do work, as electricity or magnetism can”?

If you look at the situation today, of poverty, you can say: “With the present energy production found in the world, with the energy resources that are found in the world, it would be impossible to eradicate poverty. It would be impossible to give all people on earth the same material standard of living as you see in most European countries”. Correct, this would be impossible. But as we said, if you had access to far larger energy sources, suddenly it does not seem quite as impossible, does it? But there are still people who will say: “Well, but there simply is not enough matter substance in the world to do this, to create this technological change. There is not enough iron ore. There is not enough precious metals. There is not enough other metals needed for computers and transistors and phones and all of this”. Again, correct, or at least there are not enough resources that have been discovered.

But what if you could, in the future, not so distant future, create a society where you are not dependent on the resources that are already in the matter realm, that are already found in the earth, where you do not have to dig mines that go deeper and deeper into the ground in order to get various metals? What if such a society was possible? How could it come about? Well, we are not talking about creating something out of nothing. But we are talking about taking a substance that is plentiful on earth and by manipulating that substance at a basic level, transforming it into another substance that is not as plentiful and that is more needed in order to raise the material standard of living.

When you look at Einstein’s theories, when you look at quantum physics, you must ask yourself: “Why would this not be possible”? True, we do not know how, science does not know how. But how will you ever find out how to do something before you ask how it could be done? How will you get an answer to a question when you do not want to or do not dare to ask the question?

“Ask and you shall receive” is a fundamental spiritual law. Why is this so fundamental? What have we said, everything on earth revolves around the free will of human beings in embodiment. Christ, as a force, as a cosmic force, has the potential to transform the earth in ways that most people cannot imagine. But it cannot happen until people ask, and they cannot ask until their minds are open and they become the open doors for receiving the answer. And if they have allowed themselves to have their minds closed, either by the fallen beings, by the power elite manipulating them, or by the collective consciousness that wants to maintain status quo and be comfortable, then they cannot even ask.

Why do you still have poverty on earth? Why do you have environmental problems and think there is a global catastrophe looming? Is it because there is no power in the universe that could solve these problems? Nay, my beloved, it is simply because you have not asked. You have not asked the right questions. You have not been willing to enter a process of asking the questions that could shift your paradigm, shift your understanding of the world to where you could come to ask these very precise questions of how exactly do we use an unlimited energy source? How exactly do we transform one form of matter into another? If you had been willing to go through this process, you could already by now have been able to ask the questions and receive the answers. True, this does not mean that you cannot receive those answers, but it cannot happen until there is a critical mass of people who are willing to shift their consciousness and open their minds to even the potential of asking the question.

If you look at the Christian religion, what is the greatest irony of the Christian religion? Well, I actually came to set people free from the power elite that had them under control through the Roman Empire and the Jewish religious establishment. What has the Christian religion become? One of the most powerful tools ever created by the power elite and the fallen beings to keep people trapped in a limited state. What did I come to teach people? What did I come to demonstrate? There is a power from beyond the material realm that can come into the material realm and be directed into solving problems. Material problems do not have only material solutions. In fact, ultimately, they have only non-material, supra-material solutions.

This is the essence of the message of Christ. True, it was not stated that way 2000 years ago, but how could it have been, given the collective consciousness. But given that the collective consciousness has been raised, it is now possible to reinterpret the message of Christ and realize that I came to show people, there is a power beyond material power and it can enter this world through the minds of individual human beings, but you must open yourself to this power. Otherwise, it cannot do anything in the world because of free will. Ask and you shall receive. Ask not and you shall not receive. Not because God or some spiritual being withholds it from you, but simply because you are not open to receiving. How can you receive it if your mind is closed to the gift? How can you receive it if you do not think you need the gift, or if you do not think you want the gift?

You have Christians, millions of them around the world who sit there feeling holier than thou. They are sure they will be saved shortly when I roll up the world as a scroll, which by the way will not happen. And they are sure that they can be comfortable in their comfortable lifestyle, and be comfortable feeling they are doing something for charity and that is all they need to do. Then you have millions of non-religious, non-spiritual people who feel they are very progressive, because they are so concerned about the environment. They are also feeling holier than thou, being sure that they have the right way to look at it and that the only realistic way to save the world is to restrict the use of fossil fuels and restrict technology. None of these people are willing to acknowledge that by their very attitude, they are upholding the state of poverty that divides the world into a comfortable class, an upper class and a bottom class, the outcasts. And these people who call themselves progressive and holy, they are not willing to admit that they are the ones who are forcing a vast part of the world’s population to continue to live in poverty, simply because they have not been willing to ask for a different solution.

Now, you have people in Islam, in Buddhism, in Hinduism, who have their own religious beliefs. But what I am pointing out to you is that when you look at the world, you see many of these groups of people, who have an attitude, a mindset, where they are not open to dramatic changes in society. And by not being open, they are serving to maintain status quo.  Well, what is the Planetary Christ? It is the one who sees oneness, the oneness of all life, and therefore wants to raise up all life. I want to raise all people out of poverty, not just a few hundred million in the rich part of the world. But how can this happen? Only within the law of free will, which means that people must be willing to ask. I have the power, the Christ consciousness has the power, to raise people out of poverty, but somebody has to ask. Somebody has to ask for the technological solutions, the knowledge, but somebody has to be willing to make the shift in consciousness and accept that this can come about and accept that the dramatic changes that need to happen for this to come about, will happen.

You cannot have a situation as you have right now, where you have a small group of very rich nations who are sitting there, where the people are enjoying their comfortable material lifestyle, thinking the goal of life is to retain more and more luxury items that they do not really need, and at the same time eradicate poverty. You may say, again, like Saint Germain said: Is it really just our goal to eradicate poverty?’ Nay, our real goal is actually to raise consciousness. But how can this come about? Well, as we said, in the poor part of the world, the only way to raise consciousness realistically for the broad population, is to raise their material standard of living, so they have some energy left over to pursue spiritual pursuits. Many will not use it for several lifetimes, but eventually they will do so, as you see many people in the rich nations turning to what we have called self-actualization. We want to raise their consciousness and we want to do it by giving them better material conditions.

But we also want to raise the consciousness of the people in the rich nations. Their consciousness has been raised compared to what it was a hundred years ago, but we have now hit kind of a ceiling, where these people have such a high material standard of living, that the only way they can grow further is by either stop focusing on the material side of life and start focusing on a personal spiritual growth, or, as the Omega aspect, focus on how they can use their material good to help those who are less fortunate.

You see that we are not looking for some purely magical solution, where suddenly poverty is eradicated. It has to be eradicated, partly by the people in the richer nations, changing their attitude and reaching out to help others, because that is the only way they can raise their consciousness, by helping others. And those in the poor nations, they can raise their consciousness by being helped, by allowing themselves to be helped. This is also a broad and complex topic, because I am not seeking to give the impression here that it is only the people in the rich nations that are the problem. Or it is only they who have not asked. The reality is, that if you look at the psychology of many of the people in the poor nations, they also are not open to changes, because they are not open to changing their own psychology, their own paradigm about life, their own sense of identity, as being poor, as being disadvantaged and as being those who cannot really do anything, do not really have any choices in life.

And you see many of these people who have a particular religion, for example, that they are so attached to, that it actually blocks them from saying: “We have a real problem in our country, but there are other nations in the world who have solved that problem, could we not learn from them? Could we not ask for help? Oh no, we cannot, because we are a Muslim nation, and our religion is superior to these ungodly people in the West who have no religion anymore. We cannot ask for their help, we cannot learn from them because then we will have to become secular societies like they are, and give up our superiority based on our Muslim religion”.

You see, ask and you shall receive applies to all people around the world. Why is there poverty in a great part of the world? Because the people have not asked. Why is there great poverty in many Arab nations? Because Islam prevents them from asking. Why is there poverty in India? Because the Hindu religion prevents them from asking. Why is there still poverty in China? Because the communist mindset prevents them from asking, and so forth.

You can take this around the world and see, every nation, every culture, every group of people, they have a certain outlook on life that they are not willing to question, and therefore they are not willing to ask for help. And if you do not ask, you cannot receive, there is no basis for receiving. People are today, like those who have decided they want to hear the radio, they want to hear this radio program, but they do not have an antenna. Well, how can you then listen to the radio if you do not have an antenna to receive the signal?

My beloved, with this I have given you what I wanted to give you. Again, a very profound multi-layered message, that will take some contemplation. Those of you who will get the most of it are those who will consider it many, many times, consider aspects of it. But truly, how do you get the most of a message like this, and the other messages we have given? Is it only by listening to the physical form of the message? Is it only by reading it, even reading it over and over again? What have I just said?

Ask and you shall receive. Do not just take our dictations as: ”This is the final word, I need to listen to it, the physical form, I need to read it.” When you study a dictation, ask the master to reveal to you what is said between the lines. It applies to you as well, as ascended master students: Ask and you shall receive. Some of you still have ideas you are attached to, that prevent you from asking. But many of you have already proven to yourselves, that when you do ask for our help, you will receive. Certainly, this messenger has proven it for anyone to see if they are willing to look. For how could one person, one human mind, have brought forth all of this teaching? It must come from another source. And why did it come through him? He was willing to ask with an open mind, and what one has done, all can do. This is also a reality of Christ.


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