Guidance at the Temple of Truth

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Ascended Master Hilarion, August 24, 2012 through Kim Michaels.


Hilarion I AM, and I am indeed the Chohan, meaning the Head Teacher, of the Fifth Ray. The Fifth Ray has often been called the ray of truth or healing but it can also be seen as the ray of wholeness through enlightened vision, purified vision. Thus, I wish to discourse to you on the opportunity that we extend to those who will dedicate the next month to using the Fifth Ray decrees that we have released. The dispensation I will extend to you is that if you will give a certain amount of decrees every day for the next month, the angels of the Fifth Ray will guarantee that you will each night be taken to the retreat of the Fifth Ray, more specifically the Temple of Truth located in the etheric realm over the island of Crete in the Mediterranean.

Here you will be given instructions suitable for your state of consciousness, and you may find that this may shift your consciousness dramatically in just one month. So the minimum decree requirement is that you give two of the Fifth Ray decrees per day. You must give each of these decrees nine times at least, but preferably 24 times. You may for example give the Archangel decree in the morning and the Elohim or Chohan decree in the evening before you retire.

This then is a dispensation, for I tell you that under normal circumstances, the vast majority of people on earth, including many of those who see themselves as spiritual people, do not qualify to enter the Temple of Truth. It will of course be a great help if you have completed a vigil to the first four rays before you start this vigil. Nevertheless, we will still guarantee that anyone who will give this vigil for a month will be taken to our retreat. The benefit of course will depend on your willingness to look at what you cannot currently see in your own state of consciousness.

The purity of your vision and God vision

Consider the old statement “Without vision the people perish.” The background for this statement is, of course, that your co-creative abilities are exercised by formulating a mental image, directing the stream of your self-awareness through that image, and thereby stirring the Ma-ter light to take on the form of the image. And where do you formulate the image? Well, you formulate it in the totality of your being, which involves all of your seven chakras. But it is in the third eye chakra that you finalize the image and then project consciousness through it. Thus, if there are impurities in your third eye chakra, you will not be able to formulate a pure image, an image that is in alignment with the higher principles used by the Elohim to create the material realm.

And if you formulate an impure image, then you will inevitably create circumstances in your life that are not the highest possible, and it will cause you resistance, suffering, perhaps even physical disease. For what is physical disease? It is in one sense when the cells of your body begin to vibrate with a vibration that is lower than a certain level. You have been brought up to think that the cells of your body are like miniature building blocks, small spheres with a membrane around it and complicated machinery inside. This is not an invalid view, but it is a partial view, for it focuses on that level of vision that sees everything in terms of matter, matter particles. Yet as you know, or should know, in 1905 Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity, which says that even though your senses detect what you call the matter world, that matter world is made from a finer substance called energy, and energy is vibration.

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