An Alchemical Shift in people’s perception

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

Most gracious ladies and gentlemen, I almost do not need to say anything, for you have already heard the core of my message. I am free because I am not defined by anything on earth. You will be free when you do not let anything on earth define you.

What is it that the fallen beings want? They want to be like gods on earth, and how do you become a god on earth? By tricking the people on earth to worship you as a supreme authority because then you can control how they define themselves. What has the Catholic church been doing since its inception? It has been attempting to cause those who thought they were followers of Jesus Christ to define themselves as the opposite kind of being to what Jesus demonstrated.

Original sin is a lie

Look at the concept of original sin: that you are sinners by nature, that God created you as a sinner. Could this idea ever have come from the mind of God? Nay, of course not. Why would God create you as a sinner when you have to make a certain choice in order to overcome that condition?

Do you not see that the fallen beings are not necessarily denying free will? They are saying you are a sinner and, in order to be saved, you have to choose to follow them. If God had created you with a capacity to overcome sin through choice, why would he create you as a sinner?

Why would he not create you as a free being so that sin is a result of choice and therefore can be overcome—not by making the outer choice to follow the fallen beings, but by making the choice to look at yourself and overcome the consciousness that keeps you trapped in a lesser image of yourself.

What is sin, if there is such a thing as sin? Is it not that you are imposing an image upon yourself that is not in alignment with what God created? You are making yourself a god. Instead of accepting the reality that God created you as an extension of its own being, of the one mind, you are imposing an image upon yourself that you are a limited, flawed being. Do you not thereby think you know better than God what God created? Are you not thereby making yourself as a god knowing good and evil, as the serpent said to Eve, and as the serpents indeed have said to every soul, every lifestream in embodiment on earth?

The need for repetition

They have managed to make you believe in this lesser image of yourself that causes you to think that you are defined by conditions on earth, that you are defined by your own past choices, or that you are defined by conditions over which you have no power. This is the essence of the illusion that you are meant to overcome on earth in order to be free to move on. I know, my beloved, we have said this before, but we will continue to say it because every time we say it, we go a step higher on the spiral staircase. Every time we say the same thing again, more people will be awakened by it being said in the physical. You may think that you have heard it before and you understood it the first time, but did you fully grasp it

When you look at the Buddha and how he talked, you will see that he repeated many things. There is a reason for this. It is that there are levels of your consciousness. You are not instantly freed from duality, for it has taken you a long time to create the outer self.

There is a dream perpetrated by the fallen beings, but reinforced and sustained by many spiritual and religious people, even many ascended master students: that of instant deliverance, instant salvation, instant transformation. There are some who believe that, in order to be enlightened, you have to just switch your mind in some magical way, and then you are instantly free. It cannot be done, my beloved. If it could be done, we of the ascended masters would have taught it thousands of years ago, and all human beings would have been free long ago.

Your aura is not confined to time

You are not a static, linear being. You are a spherical being. You have an extension in both space and time. Your consciousness is not confined to this physical body only. We have told you that you have four lower bodies, but what we have not really told you is that the four lower bodies are not confined to time.

You may think of your personal energy field, your aura, as being in existence around your physical body. Many spiritual people even think that the body produces the aura. You know that it does not, but you may still think that it is very much centered around this physical body. Of course, you think that the physical body lives in this time, in this present moment, in this location. This is true of the body, but it is not true of your mind, the totality of your mind.

You know that you can project your mind to a different physical location than where you are right now. You even know that some people have trained themselves to leave the body behind and mentally project themselves to a remote location. You also know that some people can do this by going backwards or forwards in time.

Your energy field, your aura, your total mind, does not exist only in the present moment. It goes as far into the past as you have any wound, any attachment, any unresolved belief or psychology. As Master MORE made you aware of this morning, you all received a trauma when you first came into embodiment on this planet. You have not resolved that trauma fully, or you would not be in embodiment still.

Therefore, your mind, your energy field, reaches all the way back to the first time you came into embodiment on earth. You are constantly being stretched by the fact that your conscious mind is moving on in time, but your subconscious mind is stuck back there. As you keep moving forward in time, you get stretched more and more.

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