Can you love yourself

TOPICS: Loving yourself – What is a fallen being? – Does God love the outer self? – How you look at the outer self – Separating spirituality and daily life – Difficulties of being in embodiment – Hiding from Mother Mary – Why you need an outer self – Why you need to love your enemy – Making the outer self irrelevant – Mother Mary is not a fallen being – Spiritual pride – How to ascend – Stop judging yourself –

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This dictation was given by the Ascended Master Mother Mary on May 22, 2015 at an event in Holland.

Messenger: We are going to say several times, “Mother Mary, I love you.”

ALL: “Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you.”

My beloved hearts, I am indeed the Ascended Master Mother Mary.


I love you, each and every one of you. Can you believe that I love you?


Can you all believe that I love you?

ALL: “Yes.”

Can you truly believe that I love you?

ALL: “Yes.”

Can you believe with your heart and not with your mouth that I love you?

ALL: “Yes.”

Then answer me in your heart and not with your mouth. It is so easy to say the things you are expected to say, to do the things you are expected to do, to feel the things you are expected to feel, to think the thoughts you are expected to think and to see yourself as what you are expected to think you are.

Loving yourself

You can believe that I love you. You can feel that you love me. You can, some of you, feel my love for you but the big question that I put before you tonight is: “Can you love yourself? Can you truly love yourself? Can you love your self, not yourself?”

Do you see the need to make a distinction? You all think of yourself as yourself. You need to realize that there is an outer personality, an outer self and there is the inner being, the inner self. Then you can begin to accept that you can love your self, not the outer personality but the self that you are. Why do I ask you to make this distinction? Because so few people in the world and certainly so few people on the European continent make the distinction between the outer self and the pure self, the pure being. Why do they not make this distinction? Because they have been programmed over many, many lifetimes by the fallen beings not to make this distinction.

What is a fallen being?

What is the characteristic of a fallen being? They cannot make the distinction between the outer self and the real self. They are identified with the outer self, the separate self. If they were able to make the distinction, they would know they are not the outer self, they would know they are part of the One Self of God. Therefore, they would not be completely trapped in the fallen consciousness.

They want all of you to see yourselves as they see themselves. This is the definition of the spiritual false hierarchy, the so-called power elite. These are beings who long ago rejected the idea that God loves them, I could appear to such beings and tell them that I love them but they would not be able to accept it. If they were to accept it, they would be transformed by my love. They do not want to be transformed so their only option is to reject my love.

What have they done to you? They have made you believe that my love is conditional, is conditioned upon you living up to certain conditions that they have defined. Thereby they have made themselves god because they have said: “We are capable of defining the conditions that even God must obey before he gives love to the human beings in embodiment on earth.” This is all a lie, is all an illusion but how will you see this? How will the people of Europe see this when their leaders for so many centuries have been telling them something different?

You of course have started to see this. I am well aware of this but what I want to point out to you is that there are still pockets in your being – and this goes for all of you with no exception, including the messenger who is speaking these words – you have pockets in your being where you cannot fully love yourself. This is what I would like to address.

Does God love the outer self?

Now I have had you make the distinction between the inner self and the outer or the separate self. We do this for a reason because we realize that because of the heavy programming we cannot start you out having you love the outer self. You have been so programmed, so conditioned, to think that God’s love is conditional that you think you could not possibly love the outer self, that God could not possibly love the outer self.

You look at me as Mother Mary, as an ascended being, as the representative of the Divine Mother and in your minds you elevate me to being above you either in position or at least in consciousness. In a certain sense I am above you because I hold a position in the cosmic hierarchy that is higher than any unascended being can hold. I also have ascended so my consciousness is higher. I am not higher in the sense of the fallen beings and their value judgments. I am one with the One Mind, the All. You are one with that One Mind, but you have been programmed by those who deny this reality to think that you are not and so you elevate me in your minds.

You may look at the idea that I hold the immaculate concept for you. You may feel or think that I look at the highest possible vision, at your highest potential and how you would be in the fullness of your Christhood and this is what I see and this is what I love. Many of you have an often unrecognized desire to hide aspects of your human self from me. You think that if I saw that aspect of the human self, then I could not love that human self. You might even think that I would condemn you or reject you or scold you or spank you or however you see the mother. What I would like to do in this discourse is to challenge the view that you have of me and of yourself.

How you look at the outer self

It is true that you have to start out by realizing that you are more than the outer self, the outer personality. You have to start separating yourself from that outer personality. That is how you connect to your higher self. Most of you have started this process, some of you have made good progress on this process so what I give you here is the next step up. This is where you start looking at the outer self differently. You do not look at it as an enemy of your spiritual growth, you do not look at it as something so bad, evil or impure that I would condemn you for having it.

It is perfectly valid that we have given you the impression that your ego is opposing your spiritual growth, and it is something you need to get beyond, to transcend. We have in earlier teachings given you the concept of the “dweller on the threshold” that needs to be bound and slain. These are all valid concepts. I am not here invalidating anything said previously, but I am pointing out to you that in the process of progressive revelation, in the process of a progressive spiritual path, there are stages.

There comes a point where you need to question the teaching that you have used at a lower level of the path. It is not that you come to see it as wrong or invalid, but it is that you realize that any teaching given in words can only have certain limitations. It can so easily be interpreted in ways that can only take you so far on the path. It is as if that teaching can take you to a certain level but it cannot take you beyond that level. It can actually become a closed circle that keeps you at a certain level.

What I want to give you is a new way of looking at yourself, your outer self and your inner self. You may have situations in your daily life where you get upset over certain things. You may get irritated, you may get angry, you may be afraid, you may have other patterns. You feel that this is not your highest potential, this is not the way you ideally should be. You feel that you would rather that I did not see you in those situations.

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