05. Acceleration is the key to wholeness

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, April 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Serapis Bey is the name I have been known under as an ascended master. I, of course, AM MORE than this. I am more than the hierarch of Luxor. I am not limited to a particular place on earth, or a particular pile of rocks.

I say this so that you can see that there is nothing on earth that is inherently sacred, in the sense of human beings calling things sacred. The pyramids and the temples of Egypt are just that—stacks of stone, my beloved. Unless they become the lively stones of the heart, by being endowed from within, they have no special vibration, no significance as such. It is not necessary or beneficial on the spiritual path to revere any outer symbol. It is necessary to go beyond the outer appearances and symbols and tune in, as has now been said from different perspectives, to the true vibration behind it all.

I come to give you the opportunity – if you will be healed – to tune in to the Fourth Ray. In order to be completely healed, to be completely whole, you must, of course, walk the path of initiation on the seven rays, going beyond to the secret rays as well. But even if you walk the path of the seven rays, you can attain wholeness, healing.

You can accelerate beyond any earthly condition

You have heard from the master of the First Ray how it is necessary to use your will power to consciously take back your power. You have heard from the Second Ray of how it is necessary to go beyond outer wisdom and study and to come into gnosis with the Spirit of Wisdom. You have heard from the Third Ray of how it is necessary to come into oneness with the flowing fount of love, the River of Life. Once you have passed the initiations on these three rays, it is necessary to take another step that many have not understood.

In order to be able to receive this release from my heart, this messenger had to pass a test himself. It has been a long several days for his physical body and even his emotional and mental body. Before he took this dictation, he went to his room, feeling his energies were low and thus, as is natural, thinking: “I need to rest for a few minutes.” He laid down to rest, and suddenly he was open to receiving the thought from my heart: “You do not need to rest, you need to accelerate your being.”

This is the essence of the initiation of the Fourth Ray of purity. You may walk through the initiations on the first three rays. You may have a sense of accomplishment. You may even feel so enveloped in love that you think you do not need to go beyond it. But I tell you, it is necessary to go beyond in order to reach the fullness of wholeness. In order to go beyond that level of the Third Ray, you need to accelerate, to step up.

This is one of the major blocks to healing. What do people naturally feel when their physical body breaks down? They are tired, they are in pain, they feel drained of energy. They feel, do they not: “I cannot possibly accelerate. I am too tired, too sick, feeling too bad.” But you see, this is unreality.

You are not tired, sick, or feeling bad unless you choose to step into one of the roles that the other masters have talked about and identify yourself with that role. You identify yourself as feeling bad, feeling tired, feeling drained, feeling sick, therefore by the very focus of your mind on that image making it a manifest reality, albeit a temporary one, in your physical temple.

Transmuting or removing energy

As the other masters have attempted to explain to you, there is the illusion created by the ego – and the dualistic mind and the entire mass consciousness on earth – that because of this or that condition you are experiencing, you cannot accelerate. You need rest, you need restoration.

There is no such thing as rest. You will not become whole by resting. This is not to say that you do not need rest. But I am saying that there comes a point where you need to recognize that it is not rest that you need at this particular stage in the healing process—it is acceleration.

Now, you can, of course, not say to an ill person: “Get out of your bed and accelerate.” The person needs to be taken through the steps of the first three rays. First, realizing what Master MORE explained so carefully, namely that you need to take back your power to make decisions. Then, having the wisdom to know what is real and unreal and that all these conditions and mental images are ultimately unreal. Then, locking in to the flow of love, knowing that no matter what mistakes you have made in the past, you can just walk away from it.

Let us go beyond that expression of walking away from something, for in reality, of course, you cannot walk away from anything. You cannot, as other masters have attempted to explain, rise above the duality consciousness by using the duality consciousness. Let us look again at the concept of purity and the need for purification. It is very easy with the linear, analytical mind to step into the image that you have a container – your aura, your physical body – that has taken in impurities from the world. Therefore, it needs to be cleansed, it needs to be purified by removing those impurities, by taking them out and putting them somewhere else.

This is logical to the linear mind. I understand that some of you will even use previous teachings to say: “But have we not talked about this very process, is that not the idea of the violet flame, to transmute the misqualified energy?” There is, again, a subtlety that the more mature students need to contemplate. The act of transmuting energy is not the same as removing energy.

As has been explained, you receive spiritual light from your higher being. You choose how to focus your consciousness, your awareness. You color the light with a higher or a lower vibration. The light that is colored with the lower vibration will eventually work its way down through the four levels of the material universe, until it reaches the level of your physical body. When it accumulates to a certain concentration, it will begin to burden the cells so they cannot function properly, and thus disease will manifest.

What is it that has caused the coloring of the light? It is the illusion of a separate self, the focus on you being separate from other people. This is the belief that you have a right to do what is best for you, even if it harms other forms of life—or other such beliefs that justify self-centered, egotistical behavior.

Now you recognize that you are ill, your body is ill, and it may kill you. Your first instinctive response is: Get rid of the disease, which means getting rid of the impure energies. Even though you sometimes take on energies from the world, you cannot take anything into your system unless there is already the state of consciousness that corresponds to the energies you are taking in.

If you simply say: “I want to take this energy that is making my body ill, remove it from my body, and dump it on the world,” then you have not truly come to a higher spiritual understanding. You are seeking to overcome a problem from the same state of consciousness that created the problem—namely the illusion of separation.

You see that many people, when they become ill, become very self-focused, very self-centered. They just want to be healed, no matter what. This, of course, cannot lead to true healing. It may lead to a suppression of the symptoms of the physical body but that, of course, is not the same as true healing.


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