03. Letting feelings flow

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels.

Kuan Yin is the name I have used for a long time in my service to earth. I have been known primarily in the East. Yet, I have long since attained the consciousness of Buddhahood. And when you do attain Buddhahood, you do so by transcending all labels that can be put upon one on earth.

Thus, even the very concept that there is a so-called religion of Buddhism and that this has some kind of monopoly on the Buddha and his teachings is a misnomer. For truly, when you attain the level of Buddhic consciousness, you become completely and utterly universal. You go beyond all labels on earth.

This is indeed symbolized in the story, which has been told many times in different versions, that I have a Prajna boat, a so-called wisdom boat, whereby I can take people across the raging Sea of Samsara. But why is the Sea of Samsara raging? Because it is churned up by the turbulent emotions of humankind, the turbulent emotional energies that have been stored in the collective energy field, the collective consciousness, for a very long time.

Navigating the sea of emotions

Thus, what is it you need in order to navigate this raging sea? You need the wisdom that enables you to neither go into this extreme nor into that extreme so that you stay on an even keel. You keep the boat on a steady course even though you sometimes navigate around raging waves coming against you. But you do not seek to fight them, nor do you submit to them and let them drift your boat. You keep your eye on the prize. You keep your eye on the farther shore, and you keep steering in the shortest way towards that shore where you follow the principle followed by water of going around any obstacle, so you gently flow through the raging waves. This is how the effervescent wisdom of the Buddha guides you to always find the Middle Way between extremes.

The Middle Way is to avoid the one opposite extreme, which we might symbolize by ice that is frozen. The Middle Way is to avoid the other opposite extreme, which we might symbolize by melting and melted lava that keeps boiling and bubbling at great heat. Yet the Middle Way is also avoiding the midpoint between these two extremes, which is indifference.

For the Buddha, of course, in his own time, was precisely met with indifference from most people. They were, in many cases, so completely convinced and preoccupied with the religion of Hinduism that they had but indifference towards this Buddha who claimed to have some new kind of wisdom that was beyond that of the Hindu brahmins. This is also why you saw many people ignore Jesus in his time and why you see people ignore the ascended masters today. Even though I can assure you that the fact that we can speak directly, in these worded dictations, through messengers in embodiment is indeed one of the major forces of renewal in the religious landscape of this planet.

Taking on a role

Let us take a look at the emotional body of man and woman. We have explained to you that you have four lower bodies. The highest of these is the identity body and then comes the mental and the third body is the emotional.

You need to understand that in the emotional body it is very easy to be pulled in different directions by two, often opposing, forces. Yet, in many cases, the forces are not perhaps as opposing as it might feel since they are in the end pulling you in the same direction.

Now, it is not the intention of us, who are the representatives of the Divine Mother, to go deeply into the existence of beings on earth who seek to control humankind. We have done so elsewhere, especially in our book, Healing Mother Earth, which you might find occasion to study if you are interested in more about this topic. Yet it is absolutely necessary for your personal healing and growth to realize that there are forces embodied and not embodied that are seeking to control you, and they do so by seeking to control all of your four lower bodies.

Thus, of course, you have the teaching that in order to even take embodiment, as explained by the Maha Chohan [Freedom from Internal Spirits], you need to start out by creating some kind of spirit that can integrate with the physical body. Those who are the manipulators of humankind have been very good at creating these predefined roles for what it means to be a human being in embodiment on earth. These roles then exist as spirits in the identity level of the planet, the identity level of the collective consciousness.

Many beings who have taken embodiment for the first time on earth, whether it was their first embodiment or whether they descended here from a different place, have chosen to take on one of these predefined roles almost as if they walked into an earthly theater, looked at the different costumes that were hanging on the racks, looked at the roles and what they would outplay and said: “I want to try what it would be like to be that one.”

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