02. Using the mind or letting the mind use you

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels.

Nada, I AM. I am both the Chohan of the Sixth Ray and one of the representatives of the Divine Mother for earth. I am fully capable of fulfilling both of these offices for there is, of course, no conflict between them, as there is no conflict in my own mind. And this is precisely the topic that I wish to discourse on. For you see, the cause of all disease – mental, emotional, and physical – in your being is division. Out of division springs conflict between those two parts, or more parts, who are now seen or see themselves as being in opposition to each other.

The earth moves with the galaxy

Let me build on what Maraytaii gave you about the galactic perspective where you, from the vantage point of the center of the galaxy, can look out over the vastness of this space and see how many stars and planets there are, how they move in this beautiful coordinated movement—and then way, way down there is a little speck of dust, called planet earth. You see from the galactic perspective clearly that the earth is moving along with the gravitational fields of the entire galaxy and cannot hold up the galaxy itself.

Thus, the gravitational force, as you like to call it on earth, is indeed pulling on the earth constantly, no matter what you human beings on earth might do. You might decide, for example, that you would build giant rockets on one side of the planet and then you would fire them all so that the earth would move in the opposite direction from the direction it is being pulled by the galactic gravitational force. But no matter how many rockets you could build here on earth, you could not withstand the gravitational force of the entire galaxy. You might give yourself the illusion that you could withstand it, but in reality you could not.

Then, when you look at a galaxy and the entire material universe, you realize that the ultimate law is the Law of Free Will. The vast majority of the galaxies and the vast majority of the planets with intelligent life have all chosen to move upward in the upward, ascending spiral that we have called the River of Life and the Holy Spirit. These untold billions of self-aware beings have chosen to unite their minds – their individual minds – in this giant flow of the collective, upward-flowing mind.

Yet because of the Law of Free Will, there are certain planets in the cosmos where the majority of the inhabitants have chosen not to join in with the River of Life, the upward flow. Earth is, of course, one of these planets. And that is why you see so many conditions on this earth that are unbalanced, including conditions in nature where you have lack and natural disasters. Also, conditions in the physical bodies of human beings where you have fatigue and various forms of disease, be they physical or mental.

The division of opposing spirits

You see, then, that the cause of all disease is that there is a division in your being, which means that there are two divisions that are working against each other. This can happen at many different levels. Of course, there are the four levels we have talked about: the identity, mental, emotional and physical. But there are even different levels. For it is possible for you to have spirits that are designed to do one particular thing for you but then you have another spirit that works against it.

As an example of this, you have the fact that many people have from past lives created certain spirits that are selfish, self-centered, perhaps have a tendency to become angry in certain situations. But then, in later lifetimes, these people have adopted a religious or even a spiritual outlook on life. And now they have decided that it is not right, or spiritual, or Christian, or Buddhist to be angry. But rather than looking at their own minds, discovering the spirit that caused them to set up a pattern of reacting with anger in the first place, they have instead created another spirit which is designed to suppress the angry spirit. You now have these two spirits that are designed for opposite purposes, and they are from the very beginning at war with each other.

Often people are not aware of this war because in some cases spiritual people are actually so good at allowing the one spirit to suppress their anger that the anger rarely reaches the conscious mind. Yet I can assure you that no spirit created in the material realm can ultimately defeat another. You may have an angry spirit. You may have created a spirit to suppress the angry spirit. But the suppressing spirit cannot destroy the angry spirit. It does not have the power to do so. Why does it not have the power? Because it is not self-aware.

You created the angry spirit. The pure awareness that you are, the Conscious You that you are, you created the angry spirit. You created the suppressing spirit. And only you, who have created these spirits, can uncreate them, can dissolve them, can let them go.

My point here is this: The suppressing spirit may be so powerful in suppressing the angry spirit that you do not realize you are angry. You do not realize you have the angry spirit. Yet this angry spirit is still residing in your emotional body. There may be a component of it in the mental body and even in the identity realm. You think it is justified that life should live up to certain expectations and if it does not, then it is acceptable for you to become angry, for this is not the way life is supposed to be.

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