01. You are more than your mind

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I AM. The Maha Chohan is the title I have, the name of the office I hold. It is not my name as an individual God-free being, but my name is not important, as my identity – individuality, characteristics – are not important for the office I hold.

Truly, when you hold this office, you are transcending the individuality and personality, as it can be seen from the vantage point of a being that is embodied on earth. You have left this separate self, this lower self behind. You have so integrated all of the seven spiritual rays that it is almost meaningless to talk about individuality, when you talk to and for human beings in embodiment.

You can indeed know me as an individual being. I do of course have individual characteristics, but you cannot know them through the perception filter of the separate self. You can know them only by transcending that perception filter, by coming into oneness with me. And of course, the same is true for each of the Chohans of the seven rays.

How to truly know a spiritual ray

How can you know a particular Chohan? How can you know a particular spiritual ray? Yes, we have given you certain characteristics, but if you focus your attention on those characteristics, they will actually become a hindrance to you knowing that ray. For the ray cannot be confined to the outer characteristics.

You can know a ray only by coming into oneness with it, into oneness with the Chohan or the Archangel or the Elohim of that ray. Then, when you come into oneness, you are not looking at a particular ray as you normally look at things on earth, where you look as if you were a separate subject studying a separate object from a distance, seeking to know its characteristics from a distance.

Instead you have made use of the most basic ability that you have, the ability of the Conscious You to withdraw itself from its identification with the lower self and instead come into oneness with something greater than that lower self. And of course, when you come into oneness with a particular spiritual ray, or the Chohan of that ray, you are not looking at that ray from a distance. You are not looking at it as an object for study.

You are forgetting yourself as a separate subject studying something distant from yourself, separate from yourself, set apart from your self. Instead, you have blended your consciousness with the consciousness of the Chohan. Thus, you are not looking at the ray from the outside; you are looking at it from the inside. You see what life looks like from the perspective of that particular ray.

This is how you get to know that ray. This is how you get to know what life looks like seen through that ray. When you blend into oneness with the First Ray, then the First Ray no longer forms a veil. Do you see, that as long as you are looking at the First Ray as a separate subject studying a distant object, you cannot see through the light of that ray? It forms a veil, and you cannot see through the veil; and thus you cannot see the spiritual realm, you see only the material realm.

Applying the rays

Although the material realm is made from the energies of the seven rays, they have been lowered in vibration to the point, where they have taken on a density that actually hides that they are expressions of the seven rays. So you may look at a rock or a mountain, and you cannot see that this seemingly solid substance is actually made out of light.  And it is not made out of only one kind of light, but a blending of all seven rays. And therefore, the mountain looks massive, looks solid, to you, and it obscures your vision.

Likewise, when you become aware that there are seven rays, they will at first seem like distant objects available for study. There is nothing wrong with taking the approach of studying the rays. However, as I said, it is possible for a spiritual student to focus so much on studying the outer characteristics of the rays, that you fail to see the light itself. You fail to come into oneness with the light, being so focused on studying the outer characteristics.

You see, when you look at the spiritual rays from the perspective of an unenlightened human being, you will see them as seven veils, that prevent you from seeing into the spiritual realm. You may realize – you may even have some intuitive experience – that there are energies beyond the material substance that you detect with your senses. But when you attempt to see beyond the veil of matter, you only see another veil, made up of the seven spiritual rays. So it is entirely possible to become so focused on studying these rays and their characteristics, studying an outer teaching, that you either do not see the ray, or that you forget to go beyond study and strive for gnosis, meaning “oneness with.”

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