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Ascended Master God Meru, July 3, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

It has been our aim from the very beginning to bring forth teachings, tools and techniques to raise up those who can be raised up to manifest their Christhood. For my beloved, there is only one thing that will transform the earth into the Golden Age of Saint Germain—and that is Christhood. Namely that a critical mass of people attain and express their Christhood, wherever they are on this planetary body.

There is no other means for bringing in a Golden Age. It is certainly true that part of bringing in a Golden Age is to bring forth new technology, new knowledge, new economic philosophies and systems, new political philosophies, new spiritual and religious philosophies. Yet, while these are necessary and are indeed the Omega aspect of bringing in a Golden Age, I must tell you plainly that no amount of technology, knowledge, political reform or social programs or religious programs can ever bring in the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

Free energy technology

For the Golden Age of Saint Germain is not a mechanical age and cannot be brought in through mechanical means. It is an age of Christhood. For Saint Germain has no desire to see his flame of freedom be perverted through the very technology that he has brought forth in order to give people freedom to pursue their spiritual growth—instead of spending their time and energy on eking out a living from the dry soil.

Thus, Saint Germain has decided that the release of new technology will be measured very closely to the increase of Christhood among the most spiritually advanced people on this planet. The technology that can revolutionize energy production and thereby every aspect of industry and life on this planet, is ready to be released by Saint Germain himself. But that technology will not be released until a critical mass of people have manifested a critical degree of Christhood, so that they can hold the balance whereby we can prevent that this new powerful technology will be misused for war and control, as we have seen every other technology released to humankind be misused by the power elite.

When you look at technology, you see how it is being used over and over again for the purposes of control, for the purposes of suppressing the people and concentrating power, wealth – even freedom – in the hands of the elite. This cannot continue, and thus it has been determined by our councils that if, indeed, it is necessary that the world will go through a major energy crises or a major war over oil, then this must be allowed to happen so that the people can be awakened to the dangers and the limitations of technology without Christ vision.

Yet, we would much prefer to see a scenario where those of you who are the most spiritually advanced people will make that last effort to heal your psychology, to expose your ego and to manifest and express your Christhood, whereby you can hold that balance, so that before a major energy crises – leading to a third world war – will occur, we can release the technology that will make oil obsolete in a matter of a couple of decades.

Freedom has many facets, and certainly one aspect of freedom is to have unlimited, free energy available for the development of every aspect of human society. Just imagine that on a remote island in the middle of this huge lake you could have a form of technology that produces electricity without burning fossil fuel. Thus, even on a remote island, you could build a thriving city, even a thriving spiritual retreat, for you would have independence from any monopolies of energy.

This is a vision I desire you to hold, for in the future it will indeed be an essential part of the Golden Age that we can have Golden Age societies in locations where it is not now feasible for them to survive. Thereby, the spiritual people can withdraw themselves from the hustle and bustle of civilization and build retreat centers that can hold the spiritual balance and allow people to escape from the cities, renew themselves, raise their consciousness, and then go back into the cities to administer to those who are not yet awakened.

Loving yourself is the essential key

My Beloved, what will it take for a critical mass of people to manifest the necessary degree of Christhood, to hold the balance in these critical early phases of the Golden Age? Well, it will take the healing of psychology. And here I would like to point out – in the strongest way I possibly can – that there is indeed a large number of people on this planet who have been pursuing their spiritual growth for decades. They have followed various practices, various teachers and teachings—they have made progress. But I must tell you that a substantial portion of them have not passed the critical point on the path, the critical point whereby they have healed their psychology to the point, where they are able to fully accept that they are sons and daughters of God in embodiment.

Accepting that you are a son or daughter of God means that you are perfectly able to love yourself. For if you cannot love yourself, then you cannot fully accept that you are a son or daughter of God. You cannot fully accept that you are worthy to be a son or daughter of God. You cannot fully accept that you are worthy to walk the earth as a Christed Being, and you cannot accept that you are worthy to express your Christhood, to express Christ truth, and to challenge the errors of the consciousness of anti-christ.

And if you do not accept that you are fully worthy to be a representative of God on earth, then you will be overwhelmed by the onslaught of the forces of anti-christ, even the forces of many well-meaning people around you, who will not accept that you come out and declare that you know Christ truth, whereas they for some reason have come to believe that according to this or that guru or spiritual teaching one is not supposed to make that declaration.

Yet as has been said by Jesus, Christhood that is not expressed in a selfless pursuit of freeing other people is not Christhood. It is not Christhood that is manifest. And thus, it does God and the ascended masters no good for you to sit in some remote cave, meditating twenty-four hours a day—even if you have reached a certain inner state of purity of meditation. What is needed in this time is that those who have manifested their Christhood at inner levels also dare to express it by helping others.

Unless you are selflessly working to help others, you have not truly manifested Christhood. And what will it take for you to clear that hump, where you are not longer focused on your own growth? What will it take for you to throw away that sense of self and work selflessly for the greater cause of the ascended masters, for the greater cause of raising the consciousness of humankind? Well, it will take that one thing, my beloved—that you come to the point of fully, finally loving yourself because you fully, finally accept that you are lovable and that you are loved by God precisely because you were created by God as an individualization of God’s very own Being. And thus you sprang from love, and you came from love and you are fully lovable.

This is the essential key. And I must tell you that the prince of this world, the forces of this world – working with your own individual ego – have managed to come up with all kinds of schemes, whereby they have made people believe that they should not love themselves. Yet if you do not love yourself, you cannot follow Jesus’ commandment. And what was his commandment, when he was asked about the most important commandment of the law? Well, he said that the first commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. And the second one is to love your neighbor as yourself.

In order to love your God, you must love yourself as God, as an individualization of God—so that you love God as your own higher being. You love God as your greater Self. And in order to love others as yourself, you must know that they too are extensions of God. And therefore, they are extensions of your own greater self, and therefore you are connected to them through your own connection to God. And thus, you can love others as yourself, as your own greater Self – in a horizontal sense – in the material world. This is the love that will transform this world into the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

There can be no Golden Age without love

There are those who have studied spiritual teachings for decades and who have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and vision envisioning what the Golden Age of Saint Germain will be like. Yet they have often focused on some of the visions of grand technology and grand cities with great temples, but I tell you that although these outer visions may indeed come to pass, they will come to pass only if they are built on a solid foundation, if they are built on the rock of Christ. And the rock of Christ is love—love for God Above, love for all men below.

There can be no Golden Age without love. It cannot be brought forth through technology or through mechanical means, as the false teachers on this planet would have you believe through many cleaver schemes. No matter how many people on this earth learned about the violet flame and gave violet flame decrees, it would not automatically bring about the Golden Age. My Beloved, could I possibly say this more clearly? Why am I repeating myself? Because your egos have already put in place subtle beliefs that make you think there is some mechanical means, through a spiritual technique, for putting in place the Golden Age.

So many of you believe that if you just follow certain outer practices, or if enough people start performing a spiritual technique, then the Golden Age will somehow manifest by itself. Jesus has told you this is not so. Mother Mary has told you it is not so. Saint Germain and El Morya have told you it is not so. And now, I God Meru, tell you that this is not so. Christhood is not a mechanical state of consciousness. It is a state of consciousness based entirely on love.

Be whole in loving yourself

Thus, surely we will bring forth the next invocation designed to help you overcome what prevents you from loving yourself. But I must tell you that not even an invocation will be enough. You all need to make a sincere effort to heal your psychological wounds, to help each other come to the point where each one of you can love yourself. And thereby, you as a group, you as a community, you as a movement can love one another as Jesus loves you, as we of the ascended masters love you because we know that you are part of ourselves. And then, when you have that love amongst each other, you can begin to reach out and administer to those in the world who are surely longing for that love, that sense of oneness and community. And thereby you can help them heal their own psychology.

We are not trying to start another religion or movement that will set itself apart as being superior to others. We are trying to start movements that will welcome people from all backgrounds without requiring them to foreswear their religious adherence or without requiring them to acquire religious beliefs. We are talking about a universal movement of spiritual healing that is meant to take people to wholeness, the wholeness of the psychology, the wholeness of the energy field that then closes off the person, seals the person, from the negativity of this world. Whereby the person can finally go within, contact his or her own higher being and then gradually come to accept that he or she is worthy to receive God’s unconditional love. And this acceptance then leads on to the point of experiencing that unconditional love—which is the perfect love that casts out all fear, all negative momentums.

And once you have experienced that love and begin to experience it on a daily basis, you will have no fears, no fear of expressing your Christhood, no fear of being who you are, no fear of stating Christ truth in whatever aspect of society you have expertise and experience. Nor will you have any fear of seeking to help others reach that state of wholeness, no matter how wounded they may appear to be.

An Aquarian Age movement for spiritual healing

On this day, July 3rd, 2006, I the God Meru with my consort, whom you know only as the Goddess Meru, announce that we will indeed sponsor a new activity of spiritual healing, of spiritual wholeness. This is a considerable dispensation, and I am sure that some will know and sense in their hearts the significance of this.

We are looking for those who are willing to set aside the outer life, the desire for material possessions, power, status among men, acquiring a comfortable lifestyle, or any of the other traps on this planet that take you away from fulfilling your divine plan. These are the ones we look for to come forward, to make the effort – the all-encompassing, totally focused, totally honest effort – to heal their own psychology and then become the worthy teachers and healers of others.

This is not an endeavor that can be completed by one or two people. Many are needed. Many are ready. Many are worthy. So therefore, we say, “Come forward! Use your creativity. Put your heads and your resources together. Form a school, a teaching mission, whereby you can help each other manifest Christhood and help each other to establish the right ways and techniques to help more people.” You must understand that the endeavor that we are beginning now is an Aquarian Age endeavor, and therefore we will not bring forth everything through a few people. For we do not desire to see another movement that is focused around one or two persons with the inevitable idolatry that accompanies this form of organization. This is a Piscean form of organization and it has had its day. It is time to move on.

It is therefore time for people to step up to the plate and say, “We have something to contribute. God in us has a contribution to make.” And thus, you can help each other and you can grow together. And in this growing together, by you coming together – being in one place of one accord in mind and heart – you can form the chalice whereby we will release what needs to be released through whomever will be the open door for a particular teaching or technique or tool. This is the Aquarian Age concept that we desire to see you espouse, to embrace, to accept—to accept that God within every person is worthy to be a messenger, to be an open door, for some new tool or teaching that can be brought forth in many different ways.

Thus I seal this release of Light. And I send a wave of Light to every person on earth who has the potential to manifest Christ consciousness in this embodiment. And I say to all of you, not just to the few, “The kingdom of God is at hand. This is the acceptable hour. Your Lord has need of you!” Your Lord has need of you to preach his true teachings in this age, the true teachings of the path to Christhood, the true teachings of wholeness, the universal state of wholeness that transcends all human divisions. Thus, wake up and come from wherever you are, from whatever background you come from, but come together and be of one accord in one place in mind and heart, so that you can bring forth the teachings of the New Age that will transform this planet and bring in the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

Rise up and overthrow the lies, the errors, the deceit of those who are working against the fulfillment of the mission of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the true mission of Saint Germain. Thus I say: “Be the Christ on earth! Be! Be! Be! Be! Be the Christ on all seven rays! Be the Living Christ in embodiment!”

And let your Light shine before men, that they may see that it does not come from you but from your own I AM Presence, the greater Being out of which you are an individualization. And so they can see that that Light is also within themselves and can be fanned into a mighty flame that will consume all unlike itself on earth. Thus, I charge you with the greatest release and outpouring of Light that has been seen on this planet for ten thousand years and I say, “Let this day mark the beginning of the countdown to the beginning of the Golden Age of Saint Germain.” Let it be sealed by the entire power of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. So it is finished!


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels