You are already the Christ consciousness

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Ascended Master Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. Consider the topic of connecting to your spiritual teachers. Which spiritual teacher is the easiest teacher to connect to for all people on earth? It is in fact, I, the Ascended Master Jesus.

The Christ consciousness is in everyone

This will be a statement that would startle many if they heard it. Of course, those who are not Christians would say, “What do we have to  do with Jesus”? And many Christians would also feel that it is very difficult to connect to me. But why do I say that I am the easiest master to connect to? Because I am the master who represents the Christ consciousness to all people on earth, and what is the Christ consciousness? What does it say in the scriptures? Without him was not anything made that was made. Thus, the Christ consciousness is that universal consciousness, that universal, one, unified, united consciousness out of which everything is created.

And what does that mean? It means that the Christ consciousness is in everything and in everyone. Therefore, wherever you are in the physical realm on earth, no matter how dense the planet is or how dense your local area is, no matter how low your consciousness is, even if you are at the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth, then you are still immersed in the Christ consciousness.
You cannot escape the Christ consciousness. You cannot get away from the Christ consciousness and given that I am the master who represents that universal Christ consciousness in a personified form, I am the easiest master to connect to because I am not only with you always, I am with you everywhere and anywhere.

Of course, the fallen beings have done everything they can to prevent people from connecting to me, the ascended Jesus Christ. And what is the primary tool that the fallen beings have used for this purpose? It is, of course, the Christian religion. It is a deplorable fact that the Christian religion has done more than any other endeavor on earth to prevent people from connecting to their spiritual teachers and to the universal Christ consciousness.

A personification of the universal Christ consciousness

Now, of course, most people are not able to connect to the universal Christ consciousness. That is why they need a personification of that Christ consciousness, which is why I took embodiment at the beginning of the Age of Pisces in order to demonstrate to all people the state of consciousness where you can say: “I and my Father are one.“ The Father being the universal Christ consciousness and, of course, the Creator and, of course, ascended beings.

But first of all, that universal Christ consciousness that you as the Son, the S-U-N of God can become one with and therefore express and represent here on earth. And this is precisely the purpose for my embodiment, to demonstrate to all people that wherever you are in the physical, wherever you are in consciousness, you can connect to and in fact become one with that universal Christ consciousness so that you too become a personification of the Christ consciousness as you saw me personify the Christ consciousness.

The underlying reality of the Christ mind

The Christian religion has been used as a tool, especially from the very inception of the Catholic church, to project the image that you cannot follow my example, you cannot put on the Christ consciousness, you cannot unite with the Christ consciousness, you cannot express it, for only I could do it, for I was so special. But in the Christ consciousness, no one is ‘special’.

Why do I say that no one is special? Because no one being is more special than any other being because all beings are out of the one mind of the Christ consciousness and the mind of the Creator. If all come out of the Creator’s being, how can any one being be special? This is what you see with the logic of the Christ mind. But, of course, the duality consciousness has been used by the fallen beings in innumerable ways to obscure this underlying reality. And as you have given the calls and this invocation that you gave, you see that their primary means is to make some people feel special. They are above the law of man, but many even think they are above the law of God, that they can set aside that law, do whatever they want, get away with it. There are the consequences that apply to most people, do not apply to them.

You see so many examples of this and when you go into that state of consciousness where you seek to be special, then you cannot connect to Jesus Christ. For I am not here to make some people special by putting others down. I am here and the Christ consciousness is here to raise up all people into the kingdom of God, which truly is, of course, the state of consciousness where you have connected to the Christ within yourself and you come to the point where you accept that you are the Christ in embodiment on earth.
This is the kingdom of God on an individual basis and when a sufficient number, a critical mass of people manifest that consciousness, you will have the Kingdom of God manifest on earth.

And, of course, the fallen beings have done everything they could to delay this, but they cannot delay it forever. They cannot stop it for too many people are open to a higher reality, to a higher vision that goes beyond the official Christian churches and all of the other philosophies, be it scientific materialism or communism or Marxism or this-ism or that-ism that are created specifically to hide the underlying Oneness of all life, divide people up into groups and set some groups up as being special by putting all the others down.

This is the pattern that you see in so many disguises and it always comes out of the duality consciousness but ultimately the fallen consciousness and the fallen beings behind it, what we might call the forces of anti-christ, even the mind of anti-christ.

The false image of Christ

Why am I bringing this up when the topic is how to connect to your spiritual teachers?  Well, because if you have had any kind of Christian background in this life you need to consider what images have been projected by your particular version of Christianity upon me as a spiritual being because whatever those images are they will prevent you from connecting to me.

And, of course, you may also very well look at and say: “Well I have not had a Christian background in this lifetime.” But then what about previous lifetimes? Do you really think you could have embodied on this planet for these past 2,000 years without in some embodiment being affected by the Christian religion and its false image of Christ? It is not very likely I can assure you and thus you can all benefit from considering what images of Christ the Christian religion has put upon me and therefore shattering those images, discovering the separate selves that are holding on to these images because what is the effect of these images?

Well, it is that when you are presented with this image that Jesus was so special because he was the only Son of God then this will create a reaction in you because whether you realize this consciously or not the Conscious You senses that this cannot be true, that this is not right because the Conscious You has some sense that it is also a son or daughter of God, that it is also out of the One mind. So when it is presented with this very strong claim, this false image, you must react to it somehow and you react to it by creating these subconscious selves that can resolve this conflict within you and suppress it so that you can live with it and not be consumed by this conflict where you do not understand why God should create one Son to be so special and create all of these human beings in a lower state.

You can benefit from looking at these selves that you have, uncovering them and you can use many of the teachings and tools we have given, you can use some of my books that I have given to uncover your reaction to Christ and the image of Christ that you were presented with. And then when you can come to see these selves you can separate yourself from them, let them go and you can come to accept that you, the Conscious You that you are, are an extension of the Creator’s being. The outer self, the outer selves, the ego is not an extension of the Creator’s being but once you begin to experience that you are an extension of the Creator’s being then you can more quickly overcome these separate selves so you can accept that you are worthy to connect to me Jesus, that you are capable of connecting to me Jesus. And then you can of course decide, are you willing to connect to me Jesus or do you prefer to connect to an other ascended master?

I, of course, have absolutely no reaction to this, I am not in any way demanding loyalty from you. If there is an other ascended master that is closer to your heart then you focus on that master. But you can still make it easier for yourself to connect to that master by overcoming the idolatrous images of Christ. For people tend to transfer those idolatrous images to any ascended master, seeing them, seeing us as being up there beyond your reach and it is quite difficult to connect to a being that you see as beyond your reach, is it not?

“I am already the Christ consciousness”

What can help you close the gap? Well, once you have considered and overcome the separate selves that are a reaction to the Christian religion you can go a step further. What did I start out by saying? Without him, without the Christ consciousness was not anything made that was made. Well, without the Christ consciousness was not any individual being made that was made, or rather begotten, that was begotten. For you may remember that the Nicene Creed says that I was not made but begotten, the only begotten Son of the Father but this was not I, Jesus Christ, it was the Christ consciousness, of course.

The reality is here that you are all begotten of God, you are all out of that Christ consciousness, but what does that mean? Well, it means something very profound that it might take some contemplation from you to grasp.

What are you, the Conscious You? What are you made of? What are you made of? You are made of the Christ consciousness, otherwise how could you have self-awareness? For only the universal Christ mind has self-awareness so you are already out of the Christ mind, you are the Christ mind, you are connected with the Christ mind. You are one with the Christ mind. However you want to see it and you might start by seeing yourself connected to something and gradually work towards greater sense of oneness but the switch that you can make when you have overcome a sufficient number of selves is that you realize: “But I am the Christ consciousness for there is nothing else. Regardless of the forms that you see in the world of form, behind every form, within every form is the Christ consciousness. And when I realize that my Conscious You is not the outer selves, is not the ego, is not the outer personality then I can experience myself as pure awareness. And what is that pure awareness? Well, what could it be except the Christ consciousness? There is no other awareness but the Christ consciousness.” You may say: “What about the separate identity, the fallen beings, the duality consciousness?” But you see the fallen consciousness is not awareness, it is unawareness. You are unaware of the Oneness of all life. But still, the Christ consciousness is within you, for you cannot escape the Christ consciousness. You can create an illusion in the mind, but the illusion exists only in the mind.

The higher stages of personal Christhood

Those of you who will reach that level in this lifetime or have already reached it, you can benefit from contemplating this and realizing that you are already the Christ consciousness. The Conscious You is the Christ consciousness. Now mind you, I am not saying you are the Christ, I am saying you are the Christ consciousness and it is important to start contemplating this until you fully realize that you are the Christ consciousness. And then you can accept: “I am the Christ, I am the Living Christ in embodiment and I am here to be the open door for my I AM Presence, for the ascended masters, to be the open door for that flow of the Holy Spirit flowing through me.”

But this, of course, does not mean that you lose your sense of self, your individuality, for you are directing that flow and you can become more and more neutral in directing that flow and it will give you greater and greater joy as you become neutral and do not have this attachment to a specific outcome of what the flow through you should produce. Instead, you are just enjoying experiencing how that flow flows through you, goes into the world and produces whatever effect it produces. And this, my beloved, is that higher stage that we can call personal Christhood, being the Christ in action, where you are open to the flow.

It is almost as if you are just witnessing the flow for you realize: “I can of my own self, the outer self, do nothing” you even realize “I can of my Conscious You do nothing because the flow comes from above and it only flows through me. But it flows through me because I am that Christ consciousness and so I am the focal point in this world through which the Christ consciousness can flow.”

Overcoming the illusion of separation from Christ

This is an important shift to contemplate. I am not saying that all of you are ready to make this shift. Some of you are not and this is, of course, perfectly in order.  You can continue to use the tools and get rid of the selves that stand in the way. But it is still important to keep in mind that in reality, in the deeper reality you are not becoming something that you are not now.

I know that we have given images and teachings about the path rising from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness. We have talked about putting on the mind of Christ, putting on personal Christhood, becoming the Living Christ. But these are words, these are words that are adapted to a specific level of the path where you are not ready to make that switch because you still have too many of the selves that pull the Conscious You into identifying with them, perceiving the world through them.

But as you approach and go beyond that 96th level, you can begin to contemplate the switch that you are not actually becoming something you are not. For when the Christ consciousness is in everything and when nothing was made without the Christ consciousness, how can you become the Christ? How could you not be the Christ already? How could you ever be separated from that which is everywhere and in everything?

You see, it is really not a matter of overcoming a distance, going through a change. It is a matter of awakening from the illusion that there is a distance, to where you realize that you already are, you always were that Christ consciousness.

Now, you can, of course, at a lower level of the path understand this intellectually, but if you still have these too many selves, that pull you into seeing the world and yourself through that filter, you cannot make the switch in consciousness that I am talking about. Again, you continue walking the path, using the tools and one day you will come to that point where the shift happens. You cannot make it happen, you cannot force it, but you can certainly work your way towards that point by overcoming these selves and by transforming the energies that pull you into a reaction.

As other masters have talked about the enigmas of the path, well, this is another enigma. At a certain stage you need to have the image that you are becoming something you are not now because you cannot see yourself as the Christ at that point. You have the image, you are walking a path. You are walking a path, you are transforming energy, you are getting rid of selves and when you get rid of a self at the 48th level you rise to the 49th and so forth. You are walking a path, but when you come to the higher stages of the path, it is a matter of realizing that what you are really working towards is overcoming that illusion of separation, the illusion that you ever were separated because separation is an illusion.

What have I said now many times, without the Christ consciousness was not anything made that was made, therefore the Christ consciousness is in everything and everyone. There is no separation in reality. There cannot be, there never could be, therefore separation is an illusion that can only exist in the mind of self-aware beings with free will, who therefore have the option to use the duality consciousness to build in their minds this screen, this filter, this shield that hides the underlying Oneness of all life and makes them focus on all of these separate selves and the physical body seeing themselves as separate beings.

And again, as we have said before, this is within the Law of Free Will. It is perfectly acceptable within the Law of Free Will that people can have that experience of using their free will as separate beings. Of course, when you use your will as a separate being, your will is not free and the more choices you make based on separation, the more you limit your will, the more you limit the options you have. You are weighted down by your own karma until you are crucified and can no longer move.

The denial of Christ

But nevertheless, this is part of the experience that is allowed on a planet like earth and in fact at its present stage, this is one of the purposes of earth, to give people that experience. And you see so many people around the world, as it also says in the invocation you gave, who have built this sense of being special, often led by some form of dictatorship, be it a person or an institution like the Catholic church, who are making them feel that because you are following this dictatorship, you have submitted yourself to this dictatorship, you are special compared to those who have not submitted.

But you see that Christ never submits to anything on earth. This is what I demonstrated 2,000 years ago, that you do not need to submit. You have no obligation to submit. In fact, you have a right to not submit, to stand up to any dictatorship and let them do whatever they will do to you so that they bring the judgment of Christ upon themselves.

And this is what many people have done. This is what many people are doing today. Those who are protesting against dictatorships in one form or another, they are being the Christ in action, even if they do not have the concept of being the Christ in action. But nevertheless, this is what they are doing. They are not only standing up to the dictators, bringing forth the judgment upon them, but they also demonstrating to the people that it is possible to stand up to those who are the forces of anti-christ, who are seeking to suppress the people.

How do you suppress the people? Only by causing them to deny that they have the Christ within them. Only when they see themselves as separated from the Christ, the underlying oneness, can you suppress and control the people and thus, the task of the fallen beings has always been to get people to deny that they are worthy to be the Christ, to deny that they are already the Christ and that they are worthy to express it in this world.

They may not use the terminology of Christ, but look at religions, political philosophies and, of course, scientific materialism. They all deny that the Christ is within you. Or they deny that there is something called Christ, that there is anything beyond the material world. This is a denial, and you will always see that.

Whenever there is a dictatorship, there is an elite. For how could you have a dictatorship unless the dictator and the people around them are special? Then it would not be a dictatorship, but a democracy. There is always the sense that some people are special, and that the majority of the people are in the lower class, and therefore do not have even the option to object to the elite. They do not have the authority or the right to be the Christ in action.

And as I said, the primary institution for getting people to deny the Christ within themselves is the Christian religion. And for this, you have rightly called forth the judgment upon that religion that I have also pronounced several times. And it is necessary to do this because every time it is done, more and more of these dark forces are taken, more and more people are set free and can reconsider the images of Christ that they have been given since childhood by this Christian religion. The images of Christ that actually come from the mind of anti-christ. For it is an absolute fact that the Catholic church, from its inception, was taken over and controlled by the forces of anti-christ, and has remained so to this day, which is proven by the fact that it cannot reform itself. Despite the pedophilia scandals, despite all of the other things that are going on the Catholic church cannot reform itself.

Well, my beloved, the Christ consciousness can reform itself because the Christ consciousness is not the same yesterday, today, and forever, because the Christ consciousness is the constant force of self-transcendence.

For what is the purpose of life? It is that you start out as we have said, with this point-like sense of self, and you gradually transcend that. Reaching higher and higher levels of self, until you reach that sense that you are one with the Christ mind. You are one with all life. You are one with your Father in heaven and you overcome the illusion of separation, the illusion of being a small self that is confined to a very localized area on this little planet called earth. But instead, you experience that connection to the Christ consciousness that is the Oneness of all life.

This is what the fallen beings have denied in themselves. This is what they are trying to get everyone else to deny as well. But you, who are our direct students, you have the potential to overcome it and to demonstrate that you have overcome it, so that people can see that there is an alternative. There is an alternative. And thereby they can come to see why I actually came to earth 2,000 years ago, what it was I demonstrated, and they can therefore come to see that Jesus Christ is not the exception.

Jesus Christ is the example for all people, whether they grew up in a Christian culture or not and therefore you can help people overcome the denial of Christ, which is really a denial of self, a denial of who you are.

The Christ is within you

Bringing this back to the topic of this event and your own personal path. You are the Christ. That is why you can experience oneness with me, Jesus. It is not a matter of connecting to me. For as long as you see yourself as being down here on earth, and me up there in heaven, you will not connect. For I am not up there in heaven. I am everywhere. I am here with you and as long as you are looking out there, how will you see me? If you have a binocular in front of your eyes and you are looking for me at a great distance, how will you see that I am not even next to you, but within you?

For where is the Christ in the Kingdom of God? Where is the Kingdom of God? It is within you. That is where you will find me. I am not hiding from you. “I” am not hiding from “you”—you are hiding from yourself. I am not trying to force you to stop hiding. I am only saying, when you come to that point where you have had enough of hiding, you will discover me inside yourself. When you do not deny yourself as the Christ, then you will discover me as the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

With this my beloved, I seal you in the joy that I AM. The joy that is not a human joy that can be contrasted with unhappiness, but the Divine joy that has no opposite. For how can that which is everywhere have an opposite? In reality, Christ does not have an opposite. Anti-christ is not the opposite of Christ, anti-christ is the opposite of an other dualistic illusion, a dualistic image of Christ. That is what anti-christ can oppose. Anti-christ cannot oppose the real Christ.

So you see what have the fallen beings done? They have created both the false image of Christ and the image of a devil that opposes Christ. But both are unreal. For in reality, there can be no separation because without Christ was not anything made that was made. And with this, I seal you in that joy of Christ and I hope that you will bring that joy to the world.


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