Understand why civilizations rise and fall

TOPICS: An active flame of peace – Marxist, communist, socialist ideology is not the answer – The seventh root race in South America – The danger of labeling Indigo children – A few people will not save the earth – Study how civilizations become rigid and self-destruct – Why ritual cannot save you – The Inca civilization was not connected to the ascended masters – Western civilization is transcending itself – Use the teachings to teach others –

Ascended Master Great Divine Director, June 30, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

I have been known as the master R. I have been known as the Great Divine Director. But I come to give you an ancient name – the name Eutai [pronounced eeh-u-tay] – which is in an ancient language that is no longer in use on earth. Yet I desire to release this name at this time because the sound of this name, eeh-u-tay, can indeed unlock what needs to be unlocked in this place, that the Inca’s called Machu Picchu but which is the seat of a much older civilization of which there is – as yet – no record in the scientific field.

My Beloved hearts, this place is what has often been called a “power place” in the earth. But it is not a power place because of any physical characteristics, not even the spectacular mountains or the formations of the mountains or the formation of the stones that are laid here. It is a power place precisely because it is one of the places selected in ancient times after the sinking of the continent of Lemuria, which was located – as most of you know – in what is now the Pacific ocean. When it became clear that that continent could not be saved, certain groups of people – special initiates of the high priestesses – were given the task of each group carrying a particular flame of the twelve flames that were kept in the ancient temple of the Mother land. So one group came to this area that is now known as Machu Picchu and they anchored that flame.

This is the reason why this place is considered a power place. Not because of the physical characteristics but because deep within the bedrock of these mountains, there is an anchor for the flame. This is a flame of peace but it is not the kind of peace that you normally think of, for it is an active flame of peace, a joyful, ecstatic, bubbling, overwhelming sense of peace that truly, when unleashed, can wash away all sense of conflict, all contradictions, all of the squabbles that are so common among human beings.

This flame has been anchored deep within this mountain now for so long that it has almost died out for the simple reason that no one on earth have called to that flame. Yet I must tell you that it is time to re-ignite that flame, to fan it to a greater height and a greater intensity, so that those who are willing to call it forth can indeed magnify it greatly through their heart flames. This is indeed something that all of you can strive to attain, especially those of you who feel that your God flame may be one of the shades of peace.

An active flame of peace

I invite you to use the ancient name I have given you and invoke that flame of peace—if you feel called to do so from within your heart. Therefore, my beloved, let it be known that this marks a turning point, a potential turning point, for the earth and especially for South America. For indeed, what is the need of this land of South America? Is it not peace, and is it not an active form of peace that will awaken people from two things.

For the people need to be awakened first of all from the warring, even the warring in their own members, that has been going on for tens of thousands of years in the ancient cultures that are known to modern science. But even before them, where you see various groups fighting for this land, fighting for dominion, fighting for superiority, almost to the point where one must wonder how long this can go on, before people see that there is no point in the endless fighting.

Do you not see this fighting even today, where you see for example in the nation of Colombia the fighting amongst guerrilla groups. Yet there is no real reason for this fighting. You even see tension amongst some of the nations in South America. Yet what is the reason for this? Well, the reason for it is that people have been asleep, been asleep to the fact that they need to rise up and purify their hearts from conflict by invoking the flame of active peace, ecstatic peace, that is meant to be the guiding light for this continent of South America.

What you see is that instead of invoking the flame of active peace, ecstatic peace, joyful peace, the people have been lulled asleep and they have no ambition, no drive, no desire to self-transcend or to see their cultures and their nations transcend the current state of poverty and inequality and economic instability. This is the second thing from which the people need to be awakened. Their unwillingness, their inability to self-transcend, their unwillingness to mentally step outside of their current situation and look at their surroundings and look at their culture and say, “This is not enough. I want more. I want more than tradition. I want more than what was known to my parents in past generations.”

Marxist, communist, socialist ideology is not the answer

You see in many areas of South America this longing back to the past, whether it be to the grandeur, or the so-called grandeur, of the Inca or other past civilizations or even to Colonial times. My Beloved, it is necessary for the people to awaken. The Golden Age in South America cannot be brought in by an elite, for it is indeed the existence of power elites, going back through the millennia, that is responsible for the warring and the inequality that has led to the current state of poverty.

Thus, this elitism must be overcome, and it can be overcome only when a critical mass of the people themselves awaken. But they cannot be awakened through the flame of anti-peace that leads to revolution, for we cannot have South America turn to a left-wing, Marxist, communist, socialist ideology as has begun to happen in some nations. This will only lead to greater instability that will lead first to civil war and then war among nations.

And thus, a major war could indeed come upon this continent within the next two decades unless a critical mass of people are awakened through the flame of ecstatic, joyful peace. This is the willingness to seek peace but a peace that is based on self-transcendence, whereby the current conditions are not allowed to remain. Yet they are not allowed to lead to conflict and war but lead to a greater sense of peace based on constant self-transcendence.

The seventh root race in South America

Self-transcendence is indeed at the very core of every flame of God. For self-transcendence is God. There is no self-transcendence without God. Nor is it possible to be with God without transcending oneself. This is indeed the key to every divine quality, including the quality that I embody, that of Divine Direction. For what is Divine Direction other than the realization that you must self-transcend—and then the direction from Above that prods you to self-transcend, that prods you that there is something more to be known, something more to be seen, something more to be obtained, something more to be expressed in this world.

Thus, I must tell you that in the past we have talked about the coming of the seventh root race, and South America has been singled out as one of the places for the descent of the lifestreams who belong to that wave. Yet I must tell you that given the current conditions on this continent, as I have just outlined, it simply is not responsible for us to allow a large number of the seventh root race to embody on this continent. A few lifestreams have descended, the brave ones who have volunteered to be the forerunners. But I must tell you that given current social and economic conditions, it is not possible to have large numbers descend here. Therefore, we have indeed allowed a number of these lifestreams to embody on the North American continent.

The danger of labeling Indigo children

My Beloved, there are those in the New Age movement who have correctly sensed that there is an unusual group of souls coming into embodiment in the last few decades. They have sometimes been called the Indigo children. I come to tell you, beloved, that there is an underlying truth that a wave of lifestreams have been allowed to embody on planet earth in the last couple of decades, and they have a special attainment. Yet I must also tell you that most of the New Age teachings on Indigo children are not coming from the ascended masters and are in fact a very subtle mixture of truth and error, light and darkness.

It is unfortunate to try to label and single-out a wave of highly spiritual lifestreams that are coming into embodiment. For by trying to define characteristics, by putting labels on these children, it becomes very easy for their parents, and possibly even for parts of society, to put these children in a box. Yet I must tell you that the essential reason why these lifestreams are coming into embodiment is to break all the boxes that are holding the current and past generations back, preventing the New Age culture, the New Age mindset from coming into manifestation.

Thus, do you see the subtle plot by the forces of darkness, the false teachers of this planet? They know that the lifestreams of the seventh root race and the lifestreams that are coming in before the seventh root race are coming in primarily to break the boxes, the mental boxes, of their parents and society. Thus, the dark forces are attempting to get the most sensitive lifestreams in the current generation to put these incoming lifestreams into a mental box, labeling them as Indigo children, having such and such qualities.

This is a subtle plan to make it more difficult for the incoming lifestreams to fulfill their divine plans. And it is especially aimed at the older generation who, by labeling them as Indigo children and looking for them with specific characteristics, miss the opportunity to transcend themselves based on the wisdom and even some of the problems of these lifestreams. Do you see the importance that if you label the incoming lifestreams and put them in a mental box, you have already put yourself in that mental box? And thus, how shall you learn the lesson you are meant to learn from the incoming lifestreams, namely that you need to get out of your mental boxes – get out of all mental boxes – and manifest your Christhood.

For they have not come to solve the problems on this earth. It is most unfortunate to single out a group of lifestreams as being more superior than their parents, thus making it seem as if these incoming lifestreams are here to solve humankind’s problems. This is the same lie we have seen over and over again in so many disguises, including the idea that Jesus Christ is the only son of God.

A few people will not save the earth

My Beloved, the savior of planet earth is you. The savior of your generation is you. You cannot expect someone else to come and solve the problems for you, for the only way these problems can be solved is that those who have created the problems, and those who are serving to uphold them, transcend the state of consciousness that led to the manifestation of these outer problems.

Do you see, this is the only way that humankind can possibly grow? This is the only way that humankind has ever grown. And when you have seen cycles where humankind’s consciousness has indeed gone into a downward spiral, it is precisely because most people – including most spiritual people – have not understood this very principle, which is the very reason for the existence of the earth as a cosmic schoolroom.

The earth is not created so that one or a few can come and save the many. The earth is created so that the many can raise their consciousness and thereby ascend to higher levels of learning, as has indeed happened with the first three root races and with many lifestreams from the succeeding root races.

Do you see the point? The fall of humankind began with the fourth root race and many lifestreams from the fifth and the sixth root races have indeed fallen as well. Yet for these lifestreams to ascend and get back into a positive spiral, they must change their consciousness. They must self-transcend. They must want more. They must be willing to reach for the divine direction that guides them forward, that prods them forward, that pulls them up by their hairs if they are not willing to walk on their own.

Yet there is, of course, a limit to how much we can pull up anyone. And that is why there must indeed be a willingness to take what is given, to multiply that gift and to bring it back to the altar in its multiplied form, so that we can multiply it further and thereby create the upward spiral that is the only means for the ascension of the earth and the consciousness of humankind.

Study how civilizations become rigid and self-destruct

The Inca civilization that took over this place of Machu Picchu is indeed a good example to study, in order to understand how an entire civilization can become trapped in a rigid mindset, a rigid culture, being so concerned about maintaining their rituals that they are not willing to self-transcend. They are not willing to go within and bring forth a creativity from within the heart that can renew their rituals, their practices, even their entire belief system and world view.

Thus, at this place you will see certain rocks that are large and carved with great precision. On top of these huge rocks you will see smaller rocks carved with far less precision and stacked up with far less skill. This shows you that the Inca’s built upon temples that are far older than the Inca civilization. It also shows you that the Inca civilization was not that creative in itself but often copied what they saw around them.

The Inca civilization was very good at organizing, and that is why they grew and were successful and managed to conquer many of their neighbors who were not as organized. And this is indeed one of the necessary qualifications of any civilization. It must have organization because it creates stability. Yet stability and longevity are not the same thing. For you see, stability without self-transcendence, without creativity, cannot create longevity, neither in your personal life nor in an entire civilization.

And that is why, indeed, you saw that the Inca’s themselves – even though they had a very quick rise to power – also had a quick fall because their own rigidity, their own unwillingness to self-transcend, did indeed create the opposite force from the Mother Light itself that brought about the Spaniards who came in and very quickly conquered the Inca civilization.

Thus, one might say that the Inca civilization is a perfect example of a civilization that – even though it reached a certain height – simply was not sustainable from the very beginning, because it had too many contradictory forces. It had too much rigidity and unwillingness to go beyond rigid doctrines, beliefs and rituals. My Beloved, no amount of ritual – let me say this again – no amount of ritual can ever save a human being or an entire civilization.

Why ritual cannot save you

You can pick any spiritual technique or philosophy found on this planet. You can practice it with great determination, yet the practice of ritual itself will not save you, because the practice of ritual cannot guarantee the transcendence of your consciousness. For a ritual to be effective, it must be approached as only a foundation for self-transcendence. And you must then connect to the source of creativity in your heart, thereby adding your inner creativity to the outer ritual, so that you make it a living ritual. And that is precisely what will bring about the contact between your lower being – performing the ritual – and your own higher being. That contact can happen only through the open door of the heart, the secret chamber behind the heart chakra that is the connecting point between the lower part and the higher part of your own Being.

Unless you open that door of the heart through creativity and love, you cannot establish the figure-eight flow in your own being that is the very key to self-transcendence and spiritual growth. Likewise, unless a civilization opens that door of the heart of its people and especially of its leaders – and especially its spiritual leaders – unless that happens, that civilization cannot have the figure-eight flow that leads to self-transcendence and thereby longevity.

The Inca civilization was not connected to the ascended masters

If you will study the Inca civilization, you will see how the priesthood and the kings fell into the typical trap that you see in almost every civilization. Once they had ascended to power, they began to be more concerned about maintaining or even increasing their power than being concerned about maintaining the connection to the spiritual realm.

I must tell you that the Inca civilization never had a connection to the ascended masters. Their priests needed drugs in order to induce a “higher” state of consciousness, and therefore they could not communicate with the ascended masters, for we do not communicate with people through drugs or any other mechanical means. We communicate only through those who have opened their hearts through love.

So the Inca civilization was actually, from the very beginning, in contact with lower spirits. Yet I must tell you that even these lower spirits would have been able to promote some form of self-transcendence in the Inca civilization—if the priests had been willing to continue to heighten their contact. Yet the priests became so focused on the outer rituals and the rigidity of those rituals, and therefore they started having contact with lower and lower spirits.

And as they realized that there was no more the power in their rituals – in terms of giving them inner visions – they instead reverted to the traps seen in so many religions, including the Catholic Church and other Christian churches today, where they became more and more focused on the outer ritual instead of the inner experience beyond the ritual. And so the ritual itself became an end in itself rather than the means to an end. And that is why the Inca civilization, the Inca priesthood, became more and more rigid, which is indeed what led further and further into the downward spiral which quickly became irreversible. And the Spaniards were only the outer tool for this.

Western civilization is transcending itself

Of course, the Spaniards themselves were not a sustainable civilization. But I must give credit that the European civilization has been far better able to transcend itself than most other civilizations. Thus, you do indeed see – in Europe and in the United States today – a civilization that is very quickly transcending itself, having to a very large degree, abandoned the ritualistic rigidity of the past.

Thus, even though you see in modern western civilization many conflicts and contradictions, that do indeed threaten the longevity of this civilization, you also see the willingness to self-transcend on the part of many people. The willingness that is far greater than what you see for example in South America or in other cultures around the world.

My Beloved, what I want you to understand is that the Incas were too unbalanced in terms of being too rigid and not having enough creativity. What you see in the western civilization today is almost the opposite form of imbalance—where the western civilization has thrown off the rigidity of the Catholic Church yet has not found anything to put in its place, to give the spiritual stability that can counter-balance the innovation you see in technology.

Thus, you see indeed the unwise use, the unbalanced use, of technology because people do not have the inner contact of the heart—for they have no spiritual basis and foundation upon which to build their exploration of technology. What you see is a tremendous outpouring of creativity in terms of using the Mother Light in ever new ways. Yet you do not see that this happens under the guidance, under the Divine Direction, of the Father energy, the Father Light. And thus, you do not have, as of yet, a healthy figure-eight flow in the modern western civilization.

This is, of course, the main reason for giving you Mother Mary’s rosaries, which are meant to help people re-establish that figure-eight flow on a personal scale and on a larger scale, that can then bring society back to a more balanced state, where there is no longer the imbalance between the Alpha and Omega qualities, the Father and the Mother energies. And thus, a civilization can then use the Mother Light in the form of technology under the guidance of the spiritual truth of the Father Light. And thus, divine direction can come to play its intended role, where it sets the perimeters. And as long as people exercise their creativity within these perimeters, they will not self-destruct. Nor will their civilization self-destruct, as did so many civilizations in the past that did not have the proper balance.

This is indeed an essential teaching for those who are the spiritually advanced people in this age. Those who have seen the value of Mother Mary’s rosaries, those who have been willing to use them, those who have been willing to study the teachings. You are indeed the saviors, not only in your own personal lives and path but of your civilization.

Use the teachings to teach others

For my beloved, you have been given the keys, the master keys, to the abundant life that is indeed the characteristic of the Golden Age of Saint Germain, of the Aquarian culture. Use them on a personal level and then go out and teach them. Teach them to others—reach out. Simplify the principles. Personalize them so that you can speak from the heart and share with others without feeling like you are preaching religion to them. But simply share from your heart, giving witness to the realizations that have come to you in your heart, because of your study of these outer teachings and your practice of Mother Mary’s rosaries in a creative way that makes them your own.

This is our desire. And thus, as my final act, I do indeed come to add a mighty momentum from Above to the flame of Ecstatic Peace that is anchored in this place. Therefore, I say, “Let the fires be fanned, let the fires rise up and consume all lack of joy, all lack of peace in this earth so that people can be awakened and sense the new flame of freedom. The freedom that comes through peace, that is ecstatic in its love for the higher way of God that leads to a peaceful self-transcendence that never ends but continually reaches for the higher, for the more, for the River of Life. Thus, flowing with that River, becoming the overwhelming stream that washes away all the filth that covers the earth and prevents the awakening of so many wonderful hearts on this planet!”

Thus, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Holy Spirit of Divine Direction, it is done! It is finished! It is sealed in the earth, now and forever. Eutai! Eutai! Eutai! Eutai!


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels