The symbols behind the Easter story

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, April 8, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. What would be the reaction of most Christians if they heard that statement? They would say: “There is no mention of ascended masters in the Bible, therefore this cannot be the real Jesus.” What does this mean? Consider what I could say that Christians would accept. They would not even accept my name, my title, my present function in the cosmic hierarchy of God. Then what else could they possibly accept that I, the Ascended Jesus, could say? Did I not say two thousand years ago: “I will be with you always”? How could I be with you if you are not open to my Presence, or anything I could say through a human messenger or in other ways bring forth?

The shift from death to life

Consider those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Consider how often I said this when I walked the earth in a physical body. Those who have ears to hear had better hear. Do Christians today have ears to hear the Living Christ, the Ascended Christ? Do they have ears to hear? Most Christians think they would recognize me if I appeared in some way in this world. But consider a fact that anyone can read in the scriptures. Two thousand years ago when I appeared in a physical body, the vast majority of people, even those who met me in the flesh, did not recognize me as being anything special, certainly not as being the Messiah that many of the Jews were waiting for. Consider therefore how many of those who call themselves Christians today would recognize me when I appear in some tangible form. They would say: “This does not conform to our scriptures, our literal interpretation of them, our doctrines, our dogmas, our expectations. Therefore, it cannot be the Living Christ.”

Well, what was it that prevented people from recognizing the Living Christ two thousand years ago? It was that they were in the death consciousness. What is it that prevents most Christians from recognizing the Living Christ today? They are in the death consciousness. Why were people in the death consciousness back then? Because the Jewish religion said: “You, as a human being, cannot reach God or Spirit without going through the hierarchy of the outer religion.” But do most Christian churches say today: “You, as a human being, cannot reach God, Christ or Spirit without going through the outer religion and its hierarchy of priests”? Is it not the same claim? Is it not the same consciousness? And what is that consciousness? The consciousness of death.

Why is it so? Because where did I say the kingdom is to be found? Not through observation of the outer churches and rituals, for the kingdom of God is within you. If the kingdom of God is within you, and I did not say it was only in the priests or the pope or the cardinals, I said it is within you, meaning every human being. Then does it not stand to reason that you do not need an outer church to reach the kingdom that is within you? There is no outer ritual you can follow that will guarantee your entry into the kingdom. Why not? Because the kingdom of God that is within you is a state of consciousness, the state of consciousness that is in contrast to the consciousness of death.

It is the consciousness of life whereby you are reborn in Christ. You take in the body and blood of Christ, which is not an outer ritual. Somehow the bread and the wine is transformed into the body of Christ. It is an inner ritual whereby you absorb the spirit of Christ, the consciousness of Christ, and that is what transforms you so that you are reborn into life. This does not happen all at once; it is a process. It is a process that takes time. It has many stages.

The Living Christ vs. the mental image of Christ

The death consciousness was promoted by the Jewish religion at the time. The death consciousness is promoted by most Christian churches today. This is what most Christians would not even be willing to consider. They do not have ears to hear the Living Christ who always appears in some unexpected form. Consider how many among the Jews did not recognize me 2,000 years ago, why did they not recognize me? Because based on the doctrines and rituals and teachings of their religion they had formed an expectation of how the Messiah should appear, what he should do. Look at the scriptures and see how I said about the scribes and Pharisees and other people, why they rejected me because of this or that outer thing.

And today what have Christians done? They have taken my own words, the scriptures that were written down that were clearly incomplete, but they have still created this mental image of doctrines and rituals and expectations of how the Living Christ should appear in this world if he were to appear. And it would be impossible for me to live up to the expectations of most Christians. Why? What did I come to do 2,000 years ago? To demonstrate to people that there is a different state of consciousness than the one they are trapped in, that there is a consciousness that is not the consciousness of death but the consciousness of life. How could I demonstrate this to people if my appearance lived up to the expectations based on the consciousness of death? How could I then demonstrate to them that there is a state of consciousness beyond death, a state of consciousness that is life? And it is exactly the same dynamic today with Christians. They are as trapped now as the Jews were 2,000 years ago, and for that matter the Jews still are.

The first challenge of Christ

But should that be the concern of Christians? Nay. Why are you looking at the splinter in the eye of your brother instead of looking at the beam in your own eye, in your own religion? This is Easter. What is it they always hear about Easter? The Easter story. What is a story? Look it up in the dictionary. It is a narrative designed to interest, entertain or educate the audience. It can be fictional or it can be based on fact or a true story, but it is still in the way it is told designed to create some change in the minds of the audience. What is the Easter story? It is a story. Is it meant to be an absolutely factual account of actual factual events? Or is it meant to have an impact on the consciousness of the audience?

What then was my entire mission for those three years designed to do? To have an impact on the consciousness of the audience, to help them shift from the consciousness of death to the consciousness of life. This is no more clearly demonstrated, that in the account of how I first say to Peter that I will give him the keys to the kingdom because he is the rock upon which I will build my church, and then just a few passages later say to him: “Get thee behind me Satan.” Why is Christ the open door that no man can shut? Because all people have the opportunity, the ability, to recognize an appearance of the Living Christ as being something beyond their own state of mind. Peter had that ability. There was nothing special about Peter having that ability. All people have it. I am the open door which no man can shut. You can ignore it, you can deny it, you can refuse to walk through it, you can refuse to look through it, you can even refuse to look through the keyhole but you cannot shut the door permanently.

The consciousness of Satan

The Living Christ can come and the Living Christ can disturb you and the Living Christ has a right to disturb you. And Peter was willing to be somewhat disturbed. He was willing to follow me and be one of my disciples but he was not willing to be disturbed enough to make the shift from death unto life. And that is why when I began to tell my disciples that I would go to Jerusalem and go through what is now known as the Easter story, he objected: “Be it far from thee Lord, this shall not happen to you.” And my response: “Get thee behind me Satan.” Why? Because he was the representative of the consciousness of Satan, the consciousness of death, which is that after you have recognized the Living Christ as something beyond your own state of consciousness, you refuse to let Christ take you beyond your current state of consciousness. That you use your own state of consciousness to project a mental image of Christ demanding that Spirit should conform to the image you have created out of matter.  That Spirit, who is the Living Spirit, should conform to the dead image springing from the consciousness of Satan, the death consciousness.

This is the dynamic that virtually no Christian minister has grasped for 2,000 years and certainly very few if any have preached from the pulpit. Why have they not grasped this? Because when the Catholic Church was formed, they institutionalized the Peter consciousness and they turned Christianity from a living religion into a dead religion, as the Jewish religion that had me killed. The Jewish religion killed Christ physically. The Catholic Church killed Christ psychologically in people’s minds. The killing of Christ had two aspects, the physical killing of the outer body and then the killing of my example that all people who believed on me could do the works that I did. Meaning they could walk the path that I walked until I had permanently attained the Christ consciousness and therefore, were living spirits in embodiment, Living Christs in embodiment.

The meaning of the cross

What happened in those 381 years from my birth to the birth of the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church? What happened was that when the Catholic Church was formed Christianity as a religion was crucified, and Christianity has been hanging on the cross since the year 381. I said everything is a symbol. Everything I did, everything I said has a deeper meaning. This is certainly scriptural if you consider that even the Bible says that Jesus taught the multitude in parables and expounded all things to his disciples. Clearly there are layers of understanding of the message of Christ. And how will you grasp it? Not through the intellectual mind as the scribes and Pharisees interpreted old doctrines and used them against me. You will grasp them through the Spirit, through the Holy Spirit, through the Comforter that God would send in my name and has sent in my name. I have upheld my promise, my end of the bargain. God has upheld his end of the bargain. How many human beings have upheld their end of the bargain and been willing to let the Comforter expound to them the mysteries that are hidden behind the outer symbols?

What is the cross? Well, the cross of course is a symbol, a symbol for what? Well, you cannot understand this unless you understand, and it might be helped by the discoveries of modern science, that everything is energy and energy has different levels so you can grasp that there is not simply the physical world here, heaven up there and hell down there. There is a spectrum of vibrations and above the physical material is the emotional realm corresponding to your own emotions. Then above that is the mental and above that is the identity realm and then above that is the spiritual. When you grasp this you see there are four levels of the material world. There are four levels of the mind, the human mind.

The cross symbolizes these four as you saw in the old teachings, mystical teachings about fire, earth, water and air, the four elements. The cross has a vertical beam. One end is anchored in the earth, obviously representing the earth, the material world, the physical world. The upper end of the vertical beam represents the identity level, the identity mind. Then the right is the mental, the left is the emotional as seen from a person who is hanging on the cross opposite when you are facing the cross.

What does it mean to be crucified? It means that you are fixated. When your physical body is nailed to a cross and a cross is hoisted up, you are fixated. You cannot move. You cannot get down by your own power. What does this mean? What is it a symbol of? It is a symbol of the fact that when people are in the death consciousness, they are crucified in their own minds. They are fixated in their own minds. They cannot move beyond certain boundaries. And it is because they have certain beliefs and images in the physical mind, certain feeling patterns in the emotional mind, certain thought patterns in the mental, and even at the identity level they have a certain fixed sense of who they are. They see themselves as mortal human beings who are sinners by nature and therefore they cannot overcome their state of sin, the consciousness of death.

What do you see even outplayed in the physical crucifixion? I could not take my body down from the cross. When you are hanging on the cross, there is no way you can move one hand to pull out the nail in the other hand or pull out the nail in your feet. You cannot physically take yourself down from the cross. How did I escape the cross? By giving up the spirit, by giving up the ghost. What is the ghost? It is your worldly sense of identity, your mortal sense of identity in your physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies or minds. The way you see yourself, the way you see God, the way you see your relationship to God, see the world and your relationship to the world.  It is these inner images that you have that crucify you. There is no external force that crucifies you. That is why when people focus on the crucifixion as they so often do around Easter, they miss the point. They miss the symbol of the story.

The mission of Jesus

Look at Christian churches today. How many of them have an image or a painting or a sculpture of the resurrected Christ or the ascended Christ? Some do, but the vast majority of them, what image of Christ do they have? Christ on the cross with nails in his arms and legs, a wound in his side and the blood running down. What are people indoctrinated with when they come into a Christian church? That the most important aspect of the life of Jesus Christ was that he was nailed to two sticks of wood and hung there for a few hours. Those few hours on the cross have overshadowed anything I said or did in the three full years of my mission and even in my entire life. They have been so focused on my suffering on the cross that they forget that I did not come to suffer. I did not come to show people how to suffer. Why would that be necessary when people already know what it is to suffer? I came to show them how to transcend suffering, how to be free of suffering. But how do you become free of suffering? What is it that causes you to suffer?

It is that you are experiencing life through the structures in your own mind. The ghost in your own mind, the mental images in your mind. And how do you become free of it? Not by some magic, but by you giving up the ghost, consciously giving up the ghost. That is the only way to be free. You may say, “Well Jesus could not free himself from the cross, he had to be taken down from the cross.” No, Jesus’ body could not free itself from the cross. It had to be taken down from the cross but Jesus was not the body. That is the whole point of my example. I am more than the body. You can kill the body, but you cannot kill the Spirit. How did I escape from the cross? By letting the ghost die souI returned to a state of pure spirit and that is the potential that all people have. And that is the only way that you will get into the kingdom of God that is within you, by letting the outer ghost die, the outer sense of self.

The role of Christ

Now comes the subtle part, for nothing is as straightforward as the outer mind wants it to be. You can let the ghost die, but you cannot do it alone. I am not, by what I have said so far, saying that you do not need Christ in order to enter the kingdom. You do need Christ, but what is Christ? Christ is more than any person. Christ is a universal state of consciousness. Christ is the only begotten son of God, because when God gave human beings free will, he knew they had the potential to use that free will to eat of the forbidden fruit, to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and therefore enter into the death consciousness, which is a state of mind where you think you can define reality. You even think you can define what God is like, which is why human beings have created gods in their own image and after their own likeness.

God knew this, God foresaw what could happen and therefore the only begotten Son of God is the Christ consciousness, which is the open door that no man can shut. Because no matter how deeply you go into the consciousness of death, no matter how elaborate the mental images you create, you can never lose the ability to step outside your own mind if only for a split second, and make contact with a greater mind that is beyond the outer mind that you identify yourself with. This is what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus. The scales fell from his eyes. He was able to step outside of the ghost that he had identified himself with, therefore make direct contact with the Christ mind, and through that he was converted.

Now Peter had that experience as well, but the contrast between Paul and Peter was that Paul was willing to fundamentally change his lifestyle to stop persecuting Christians and become one of my Evangelists, whereas Peter was not willing to do this evidenced by the fact that he denied me three times after my arrest. Evidenced by the fact that even when he was crucified in Rome, he insisted on being crucified upside down because he was not worthy in his own mind to do the works that I did. No, the outer mind is not worthy, so how can you say about yourself that you are not worthy? Only when you are still identified with the outer mind because you have not been willing to step out of it like Paul was, and some of the other disciples were. And as some people have been willing to do in the two thousand years, even some who were priests or ministers or monks or nuns, often called the Christian mystics.

The Catholic Church and the Peter consciousness

Some people have grasped the reality I have just explained over these past two thousand years, but the vast majority of them have not, and why not? Because the Catholic Church has from its very creation promoted this false image of Christ, the Peter consciousness, the succession of Popes going back to Peter. Not that anyone can find the word Pope in the Bible, certainly I cannot. And so what do they really have to base this on? This one statement: “Thou art the rock upon which I will build my church, and I will give unto thee the kingdom, the keys to the kingdom.” This is what they base the church on, and what must they do to uphold the belief that the Catholic Church is the only true church of Christ and the only road to salvation? They must ignore, explain away and deny everything else I said, for so many things I said, including what I have mentioned here, contradict the claim of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is not the rock upon which I will build my church.  The Catholic Church is, get thee behind me Satan, it is the satanic consciousness. It has been so from 325, especially from 381. And it has been so throughout its history, reaching darker and darker stages as you see, the split from the Orthodox Church, the persecution of the early Christian mystics, the concept of heretics, the inquisition, the crusades, the witch hunts, all of these things that have been done in my name but surely could not come from the mind of Christ.

The one thing that is missing, or at least the one thing that might make Christians today think a little bit was if they would just imagine, what kind of beings are in the kingdom of Heaven? And if they would then look around on earth and look at people, surely they would all point the finger to someone else but if they would even look at themselves as Christians and other Christians that they know of. You have many examples of even those who claim to be Christians who turned out to do things that were clearly abusive of others. You have the Catholic Church and the sex abuse scandals. Certain fundamentalist Christian ministers that claim to be men of God, but clearly do actions that cannot come from the consciousness of Christ.

You have all of these examples and you can ask yourself: “Is the kingdom of God populated by people like this”? So what kind of beings are inside the kingdom of God? Well, certainly not people who do the things that many people do. But where do the actions come from? They come from a state of consciousness that is the death consciousness that make people self-centered and make them self-deluded, self-deceived. They think they can get away with this. An extreme example, here is a Catholic priest during the Inquisition. He spends his day torturing people in a most insane manner imaginable. And then after a day’s work, he is tired, he is fatigued, he is worn out, so he goes into his church, he kneels before the altar, he looks up on the crucified Christ and he imagines that I, the Living ascended Christ, am looking back at him with approval. He thinks I was approving of him torturing other human beings.

How can anyone think this unless they are in a fundamentally different state of consciousness than the Christ consciousness? Because in the Christ consciousness you cannot torture or kill other people, it cannot be done. That is why when Peter cut off the ear of the soldier I put it back on. How can you torture and kill other people and even believe that this is done in the name of Christ and that Christ approves? Only when you have completely deluded yourself, and what allows you to delude yourself? The consciousness of death, the consciousness of Satan, which can elevate any illusion, any lie to being truth.

Giving up the ghost

During this Easter period, Christians in many places, Rome, Jerusalem, the Philippines, they re-enact the crucifixion. Some even allow themselves to be crucified with nails hammered through their hands and feet. Some are tied to the cross. Others walk the Stations of the Cross. And again, what is the main focus for them? The crucifixion. But what is the real significance of the Easter story? It is the resurrection, but how was Christ resurrected? Because while hanging on the cross, he gave up the ghost and it was in giving up the ghost that I was set free to rise above the consciousness of death, the consciousness of Satan, even the physical plane and that is the significance of the Easter story.

That is what people should focus on: How can I be resurrected? Oh, I must come to see my ghost and let it die, give it up so that instead of trying to fight the cross, fight the crucifixion, I just let the ghost die because I realize nobody has crucified me except myself in my own mind. I am not physically crucified. I am psychologically, spiritually crucified in my own mind and I must give up the ghost before I can be free. Why do you need Christ then? Because you cannot give up the ghost unless you experience that there is something more than the ghost. If you are completely identified with the ghost, you will think that if you give up the ghost you will die, you will disappear. There will be nothing more to your identity than the ghost and then as an act of self-preservation, psychological self-preservation, you cannot give up the ghost.

Why do you need Christ? Because Christ is the only begotten Son of God, the very level of consciousness that is meant to maintain oneness between spirit and matter, that is meant to be the open door that no man can shut because no matter how much you have deluded yourself, you can step outside of that ghost and experience that you are more. And that is why Christ comes to earth and that is also why Christ can take on many forms to appear to people in different levels of consciousness, different aspects of the death consciousness and show them simply this one thing: There is more to life than what you call life! For what you call life is actually a state of death, psychological, spiritual death. And that is why I said: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it” because he who seeks to save this false life, this ghost-life shall lose it.

The lies behind the Catholic Church

You cannot enter the kingdom of God but he who is willing to give up his life for my sake shall find eternal life because if you are willing to give up the ghost, the outer identity, then you can be reborn and then you will not disappear, you will not die as a self-aware being, you will be reborn into a new sense of identity based on oneness with your own higher being, with your God, with the Christ mind. That is what Peter was not willing to do. That is what the Catholic Church has not been willing to do for 17 centuries. That is why if you go to Rome and look at this enormous citadel, this fortification that they have built, you can see that it is a completely false approach. It is springing from the death consciousness.

Why do you build these thick walls that can withstand even an attack from a tank? You might say it is to keep the world out. Yes, it is to keep the world out so no one can disturb their sense that they are saved but it is also to keep the Christians in so that they do not dare to look beyond the doctrines, the rituals, the dogmas and the claim that the Catholic Church will save them. And therefore they dare not question, they dare not see how nonsensical is the doctrines and the rituals, how they cannot explain their questions. They are trapped, they are crucified because they think they cannot question, they cannot go beyond because then they will not go to Heaven.

This is a lie as it was the lie when the Jewish religion made the same claim. That is why the Jewish leaders felt so threatened when I said: “The kingdom of God is within you” and when I gave my disciples the power to omit sins, they felt that their monopoly on God was threatened. But you see, no one in the physical realm has ever been given a monopoly on spirit and no one ever will. Christ, the universal Christ consciousness has a monopoly on spirit but not in the sense that you have to call it the Christ consciousness. There is a universal consciousness meant to bridge the gap between the Creator and its creation, between God and the self-aware beings that come out of God’s one mind.

The second challenge of Christ

It can be called the Christ, it can also be called the Buddhic consciousness or the Buddha nature as the Buddha called it. It can be called many other names and has been called many other names in both religious and mystical traditions. It is not the name that matters. It is the experience of that consciousness of oneness. That is what matters. If you have not had a direct experience of the consciousness of Christ, you are not a Christian. And if you have had the experience of the consciousness of Christ but you have crucified that experience through the mental images in your own consciousness as Peter did, well then you are actually worse off than if you have not even had the experience.

The consciousness of Satan is not the ignorance of Christ. The consciousness of Satan is the denial of Christ because you would rather hold on to your idol than follow the Living Christ into the kingdom. Accepting Christ or even being born again in Christ is not a one-time event. Nobody can be reborn instantly because you would lose your sense of continuity and identity. The only way to enter the kingdom is to follow a gradual path whereby you gradually overcome the illusions in the four levels of your mind and you are reborn many times over so that you never lose your sense of continuity. You are reborn into a new sense of identity but it is not such a shock that you do not know who you are. There are smaller steps on the path, there are bigger turning points but still it is not a one-time event. Paul did not instantly become elevated to a higher state on the road to Damascus. He had to walk a path that he described somewhat in a veiled form in some of his writings that really came from a specific person that had this real experience.

These are in a very concentrated form an unveiling of the symbols behind the Easter story. How many Christians would be willing to even listen to this, to read it, to study it and to consider it with a neutral state of mind? Why did I say: “Unless you become as little children you shall not in no way enter the kingdom?” What is it that children have? A neutral state of mind, an open state of mind, they are curious, they are inquisitive and they are willing to listen to the answer. They do not have a preconceived opinion about what the answer should be as you clearly saw with Peter. He had a preconceived opinion of what should and should not happen to the Christ and he would not listen to what I actually said. Most Christians are like that today. They could come across this and read it or hear it and they would find all kinds of reasons and excuses for why this cannot possibly be the Living Christ speaking through a human person.

Plausible deniability and denial of Christ

But you see, why was it that I appeared in a human form 2,000 years ago? Why didn’t I appear in the heavens in some manifestation that no one could deny? Look at how many Christians today dream about the second coming of Christ and they project these images that Christ will appear in the sky in some undeniable manifestation that no one can deny and therefore all people will wake up and realize that the Christians were right all along and they were the true followers of Christ. But why did not I do this 2,000 years ago? Because the law of free will must be outplayed. There must be the possibility that people can deny Christ. God has given people free will. God will not force your free will. Christ will not force your free will. Christ can challenge you and demonstrate that there is a higher state of consciousness but Christ cannot force you to recognize this and to be willing to follow Christ into life. You must make that decision and therefore there must be plausible deniability.

It must be possible for people to deny Christ and how do they do it? They take some of what they already know, some of their religious doctrines or their scientific materialist doctrines or their Marxist doctrines or whatever you have. And they create criteria that say that: “If this appearance really was the Living Christ he should live up to our criteria”. And this is allowed. It is allowed by the law of God which is why it was possible for people to meet me physically 2.000 years ago and not recognize me or not be willing to follow me as Peter demonstrated. And so the same today, if I were to appear in the sky in some undeniable manifestation it would be a violation of the law of God. Therefore I must appear through human beings who may speak the Word, the Living Word, who may be inspired by the Comforter or who may be trained to be a messenger and take a more direct dictation. But there are many ways that people can be the open doors for the Christ to express itself in this world but they all have the characteristic that it is possible, perhaps even easy for people to deny it and say: “Nay, this outer form does not live up to my expectations therefore it cannot be the Living Christ.”

But you see what I said, the Living Christ comes to free you from the death consciousness! If the Living Christ lives up to the expectations based on the death consciousness how can the Living Christ free you? The Living Christ must always challenge your ghosts! And those who are not willing to be challenged like the scribes and Pharisees have an easy way to deny the Living Christ and therefore the Living Christ can only say: “Those who have denied me before men then must I deny before the Father.” And this is not nearly as ominous as it says it simply means they cannot enter the Kingdom because they are not willing to let the ghost die, to give up the ghost and therefore they must remain in the outer kingdom where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. The Living Christ will never live up to the expectations based on the consciousness of death, the consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of Satan.

Thus there is only one way to deny the Living Christ and that is through the consciousness of antichrist. And the entire spectacle you see outplayed now by the Christian churches throughout the world, whether it be this church or that church, it is all a spectacle created from the consciousness of antichrist. They claim that they believe it represents Christ. How could it? Can this be proven? Could I make a statement here that would prove this to anybody? No, and this is what I have been trying to explain here. Christ is the open door, which no man can shut. It is not possible you could be so trapped in the death consciousness that you could not experience Christ, but you can only do so if you are willing to at least momentarily question your ghost, your view of life, your mental image. If you are not willing to question, you cannot experience Christ. But even if you do have a glimpse where you experience Christ, it is still possible to use the death consciousness to deny Christ, to deny that you need to change because you have encountered Christ. And it must remain that way because the entire purpose of the earth is to give people the opportunity to experience what it is like to define their own God, to define what Christ is like, to define what they are like, to define what life is like, to define how the universe works.

The scientific materialists are using science, which was actually meant to free people’s minds from superstition, to deny Christ, but the Christians are using the Christian scriptures and their interpretations of them to deny Christ. And the Christian, not so much the scriptures, but certainly the example of Christ, was meant to free them from the consciousness of antichrist. You can say it is an irony, you can say it is a tragedy, but it really is just the consequence of the law of free will. God wants people to enter his kingdom because in God’s kingdom there is no suffering and there is no death. Those who are outside God’s kingdom do suffer, and they do go through death. God would ideally like people, all people, to enter the kingdom but God does not want to force people to enter. God wants people to do this voluntarily, and Christ comes to demonstrate that there is a way.

Freeing yourself from the cross

You may know, it is a historical fact, that my early followers were not called Christians, they were called ‘Followers of the Way’ because what I expounded to my disciples, the all things that I expounded to my disciples, was to tell them about the Way. I AM the Way, the truth and the life and this is what has been lost in Christianity starting with the Catholic Church and the Emperor Constantine’s need to create this superior religion that the Roman people would accept as being superior to the old gods and therefore he had to create this all powerful God and the one who was representing this God also had to be powerful, therefore had to be special and therefore the Catholic Church turned me into the exception instead of the example to follow. The example that all people can follow if they are willing to lose their lives, their mortal sense of identity, to give up the ghost so that they can transcend the cross.

No external force can take you down from the cross, not even Christ can take you down from the cross because Christ will not violate your free will. You are fixated on the cross because of the choices you have made, the ghosts you have created in the identity, mental, emotional and physical levels of the mind and you will not be free until you voluntarily give up the ghost. Even I, when I was hanging on the cross, had some expectations that God would send his angels to save me from dying and thereby demonstrate another miracle. But as I was hanging there I suddenly realized God will not do this because I am the one who had to give up my last ghost, my last expectation of what my mission was like. And when I was willing to look at that beam in my own eye and give it up, that is when I was free of the cross. Because I, Jesus, who was embodied 2,000 years ago was not the only son of God, was not the perfect human being, I was not free while I was still in embodiment. I still had some human expectations based on the consciousness of antichrist. Even though I had made progress on the path of Christhood it was not until I gave up that last ghost that I fully became the Christ.

Anger against Christianity

This is, of course, what Christians would again call heresy, they would say this is of the devil, so you are now using some written down scriptures, some interpretations of these scriptures to call Jesus Christ the devil. Well, well, what can I do? You cannot with that mindset enter the kingdom so I must just let you stay outside the kingdom. And you will go through what so many Christians have gone through, where they have lived their lifetimes growing up in a Christian religion, they have believed the promise: “If you are a good Christian you will go to heaven after this lifetime.” Then they leave the body, the soul rises and they expect that St. Peter is going to stand there at the door to heaven because he has the keys to heaven, right? And he is going to say: “Go in, go in.”

Instead they find not St. Peter because he is not actually in heaven, having not yet ascended after 2,000 years. They find instead some other beings of light that say: “You are not ready to enter the kingdom, you have to go back into embodiment until you are ready.” And this has caused many people to become angry and feel betrayed. Some of the most prominent atheists you see in the world, they have believed in the Christian promise for lifetimes, finally got to a point where they became so angry that when they came into their next embodiment they were angry at the Christian church and they had this desire to disprove all religion because they felt they had been fooled.

And, of course, many other people who are not on a crusade to disprove religion have still become disillusioned with all religion, all spirituality because they have so many times experienced going out of the body and the Christian promise was not fulfilled. They have to go back in another body and live through this whole circus of growing up from an infant to an adult, having to make a living, being forced to make a living, being forced by outer situations in their societies into a certain role and they have come to resent it and therefore resent all religion. Which you can say: “Are they worse off than when they were believing Christians?” Not particularly, maybe some of them even become open to some teachings that are beyond religion, which is why you have many people today who call themselves “I am spiritual but not religious.” Which is much, much, closer to the childlike mindset than the vast majority of Christians.

The purpose of the Easter story

So what is the purpose of the Easter story? It is to educate those who hear it but how can you be educated? Only if you see that it is all symbols. It may be, as they say in some movies, based on a true story. But a true story is still a story and the purpose of any story is to have a transformative effect on those who hear it. You will see if you look historically that many civilizations have had their stories, their narratives, their epic narratives. All throughout history you see that any civilization that rose to a certain level of complexity, even more primitive societies, what you call primitive, have had a story. And what is the purpose of this story? Well, ultimately it is to help people go through a transformation of consciousness until they are ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

But you also see historically that many times these stories have become a trap. They have trapped people. Some of these stories are very focused on making a certain group of people seem like they are the superior people. They are, as the Jews believed and still believe, God’s chosen people and that is how people become trapped in the story. Trapped in the narrative because they are so attached to the outer narrative, that they do not see beyond the symbols to the real story that is behind it. Which is, how you can go from being a human being in the death consciousness to following a gradual path whereby you are reborn into your true identity as a spiritual being, as a son or daughter of God.

This is the purpose of all of these stories that you see in the world but unfortunately so many of them have become dead ends and, of course, the very story that claims to tell the story of the life of Christ has been turned into one of the most efficient dead ends ever seen on the planet. One of the most efficient tools for Satan, the forces of antichrist, the prince of this world to keep people trapped in this world. And therefore for the vast majority of Christians, when the prince of this world comes to them he has something in them and it is the Christian story. You may say it is an irony but from my perspective as an ascended master I have complete respect for free will and so I simply must bow to free will and once again say: “Those who deny me before men those must I deny before the Father” and thus they cannot enter the kingdom.


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