The selves that followed the primal self

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, June 20, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Buddha Kuan Yin, known to many people in this part of the world as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, yet I am far more than what people see me as in this part of the world. Naturally, I acknowledge and I take joy in the devotion that many people have for me and the love they pour into the beautiful chants, as you have done yourselves during this hour where you have truly accomplished a great work in terms of calming the emotional body of the earth.

The maelstrom of fear

My beloved hearts, what have the fallen beings done to the emotional body on earth? They have done many things but the primary thing I wish to bring to your attention is that they have inserted a whirlpool, a maelstrom of fear. This maelstrom is incredibly strong. If you look at people all over the world, you will see that many, many people have lived this entire lifetime having their emotional bodies being tied into, driven by and sometimes overwhelmed by this collective planetary maelstrom of fear in the emotional body of the planet or the collective consciousness.

Many, many people have lived in such fear, some of them for many lifetimes, that they have not in this lifetime been able to actually feel without having their emotional body dominated by fear. My beloved, you cannot become, you cannot be, the Christ in action if you have fear in your emotional body, certainly not if your fear is tied into this planetary maelstrom of fear. It goes without saying that you cannot be the Buddha if you have fear, but some of you have not actually realized that you cannot be the Christ if you have fear in your emotional body.

Therefore, I speak not just to you who are here but I speak to the student body worldwide. I speak to all who would call themselves ascended master students, whether they will recognize this messenger or not, and I speak to all people who are spiritual and open to the spiritual side of life and I speak into the collective consciousness: “You cannot be the Christ if your emotional body has a tie to this planetary momentum of fear.”

My beloved, why would your emotional body have a tie to this planetary momentum of fear? Well, it goes back to the teachings we have given you on the birth trauma. Some of you (not all of you but some of you), when you first took embodiment on earth, when you were exposed to a traumatic event perpetrated by the fallen beings, you were so shocked by this that there was a rift in your emotional body. This opened your emotional body to a rushing-in of these energy waves that rolled with the chaotic, disharmonious vibrations of fear.

We have, of course, given the teachings in the book about My Lives that many of you are avatars. Of course, not all of you are avatars. Some of you are the original inhabitants of the earth. You will also (after the fallen beings started embodying here) have been exposed to some kind of trauma that was so shocking to you that you could have opened your emotional body to an influx of this fear-based energy.

Keeping you tied to fear

What the fallen beings have been very clever, very aggressive, very persistent in maintaining is that you have a tie between your emotional body and this planetary momentum of fear. My beloved, fear is an emotion. Fear exists, primarily at least, in the emotional body. It is an energy, it is a vibration, it is a momentum. It is rolling, it is moving, often in chaotic and disharmonious ways. Once you are in it and you are overwhelmed by it, what can you do? Well, as some of you will know, once you are in it, it is not easy to get out of it. Because once you are truly in a vibration of fear, your emotional body is in such chaos that your mental body cannot fulfill its rightful position of having command over the emotional body. We have given you the teaching that the energy flows from your I AM Presence into your identity body, into your mental body, into your emotional body and then into the physical.

We have also given the teaching in the new book that on planet earth, you can be exposed to such trauma that you have the reverse energy flow where energy can flow, through the pain of the physical body, into the emotional body, up into the mental, up into the identity body, at least the lower part of the identity body. Once you are exposed to this trauma, you lose that original energy flow and it can be difficult for you to establish it until you have overcome this original birth trauma.

The original inhabitants of the earth

The teaching I give you here is that even though we have given you the teaching on the birth trauma for avatars, it also applies to those of you who are the original inhabitants of the earth because you were also exposed to a trauma. It was not a birth trauma in a sense that it happened in your first embodiment on earth. It happened after you had embodied on earth for a long time and the fallen beings were allowed to embody here. It is not, as such, a birth trauma but it is still a trauma. Whether you want to call it your birth trauma or just your trauma is a play of words but it applies to all of you who are spiritual people.

We know very well that when we give a teaching, we cannot give a teaching that applies to all people. The new book has been given in the context of an avatar coming here from a natural planet and therefore carrying a subconscious memory of what life is like on a natural planet. Naturally, there are teachings in the book that also apply to the original inhabitants of the earth, primarily the birth trauma but also, in a sense, the teachings about a natural planet. Those of you who are the original inhabitants of the earth, you will have experienced the earth in a higher state than it has been in since the fallen beings came here, and even before that. If the earth had not descended below that state of a natural planet, the fallen beings could not have embodied here, would not have been allowed to embody here.

What I submit to you is that those of you who are the original inhabitants of the earth, it is easier for you to have this rift in your emotional body than it is for an avatar. Those of you who are the original inhabitants, for you the earth is your primary frame of reference whereas for the avatars, the natural planet is often their primary frame of reference. Those of you who are among the original inhabitants, you are more tied to the earth. Therefore, you can more easily go into a vibration of fearing what happens on the earth, what happens in the physical octave. It is more likely that those of you who are among the original inhabitants have this tie to the planetary spiral of fear. If you do, it is very important, it is critically important, that you cut this tie before you can put on your Christhood.

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