The judgment of Christ and your Divine plan

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 21, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus, and it is my intent with this discourse to give you some teachings that will not apply to all people, certainly not all people who in a wider sense might find this teaching. It applies to many of you, and I advise you not to sit there and judge with the outer mind whether it applies to you or not. You cannot know that with the outer mind and you cannot necessarily know it at your present level of awareness. You will know it when you rise to the higher levels of your Divine plan and have a clearer vision of these higher levels.

People who ignore or deny dark forces

Now, my beloved, if you look at planet earth today, you can see, as we have talked about earlier, that there are many different groupings of people who are at many different levels of consciousness, have many different belief systems, many world views. However, what I wish to bring to your attention here is that there is a segment of the spiritual field (the New Age, mystical, esoteric, open-minded people) who have come to believe that either there is no darkness, no dark forces, or that you, as a spiritual person, should not put your attention upon them because by doing so you give them power.

Naturally, we have given you, through this dispensation, many teachings on the fallen beings. We gave the teachings on the concept of avatars and how you come to earth and you are exposed to the trauma by the fallen beings. Is it, then, truth or reality what these people say, that either dark forces do not exist or that you should not put your attention upon them? Well, this is a delicate matter in the sense that there are a few people on earth for whom it is not necessary to put their attention on dark forces.

Actually, anyone who is an avatar, you have to put your attention on learning about fallen beings and what they do because they were the ones who attacked you when you came to this mission, they were the ones who caused you to create your primal self. As long as you are not willing to look at the existence of dark forces and how they could have influenced you in the past, well, you cannot free yourself from the primal self. If you do not free yourself from the primal self, then you cannot fulfill the highest potential of your Divine plan.

The sad reality is that there are actually tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people in the New Age field who have a high potential in their Divine plans, but as long as they maintain this attitude that they should ignore dark forces, not put their attention upon it, they have cut themselves off from fulfilling the higher potential of their Divine plans. They have gone to a certain level and they might feel very comfortable there, partly because they feel: “There are no dark forces attacking me.” Of course, the dark forces are not attacking them because they are not a threat to the dark forces.

What the dark forces fear most

What is a threat to the dark forces? What is it they desperately want to avoid? Well, they want to avoid that a human being in physical embodiment rises to the level where he or she can consciously acknowledge that you have a level of Christhood and because of that you have the opportunity and the authority to challenge the fallen beings and their presence on earth. This is what they are mortally afraid of because they know that once you step up to that level, it is impossible for them to stop you. They know that if they try to stop you, it will bring about their judgment.

What I am leading you towards is the realization that for many of you, and for some of those who will find this teaching in a broader area, it is the highest aspects of your Divine plan that you bring the judgment of Christ upon the fallen beings and their consciousness. When you look at my life, you see how I would confront the fallen beings, and you may look at yourselves today and then consider what this means for you today.

It does not necessarily mean the same as what you saw in my life, but it does mean that you need to come to a point where you acknowledge that this is part of your Divine plan. You notice from within—not because I am telling you, not because you are reading this dictation. I do not want you to read this and then decide with the outer mind that: “I’m going to go on a crusade and expose the fallen beings and challenge them.” It has to come from within and it will only come, my beloved, when you have resolved the birth trauma that the fallen beings used to paralyze you and prevent you from being who you are on this planet.

You are defined by your birth trauma

You understand, my beloved, that there is a certain mechanism that can come into play even when you have the teachings that you have had, up until the teachings on the birth trauma. It is almost as if, as a spiritual student, you can go into a state of mind where you think it is a matter of getting more and more understanding about the spiritual path, even more and more understanding about the ego, about psychology, about healing your psychology. It is almost as if you create a self that thinks you are making progress, but if you look carefully at this self, it also thinks that the ultimate breakthrough is out there in the future. Some day, it will happen, if you continue to do what you are doing now. As my beloved brother, Saint Germain, said: There is a time for evolutionary progress and there are certain times where you need to make a revolutionary shift in consciousness.

The revolutionary shift you need to make, if you want to step up to a higher level, is to recognize that what defines you as a being in embodiment on earth is your birth trauma. It has defined you from your first embodiment. All of these other things that you might have done (various therapies, studying various teachings, practicing spiritual tools) they have all been helpful in bringing an evolutionary change and you have progressed by doing it. But they will actually not truly shift your consciousness because they are not touching the birth trauma. It is as if they are circling around it but not getting to it. That is why you need to make the shift and realize that there comes that point where you know from within (because you recognize the truth in what we are saying) that the next step for you is to look at this birth trauma directly. You cannot walk around it and you cannot skirt the issue. You cannot focus on other things, you cannot think it just happens one day, that if you keep doing invocations and studying the teachings – poof – it is going to happen. It is not going to happen. You may need to make a conscious decision to confront this, to go right into it and to discover how the fallen beings paralyze you.

The book My Lives describes one way. Naturally, the fallen beings have various ways of doing this. Some of you have been given your birth trauma by being lured by your good intentions, by being lied to and then by being betrayed. There are other scenarios that come into play. Until you discover that birth trauma, you cannot actually manifest and accept your Christhood, you cannot accept yourself as the Christ on earth. Why is that? Because, my beloved, what was it in essence that the fallen beings did when they exposed you to the birth trauma? Well, they created a division in your being, in your four lower bodies. The core of this division is not actually fear, even though you might think it is. The core of the division is doubt. The most insidious enemy on the spiritual path is actually doubt.

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