The era of mindlessness is coming to an end on earth

TOPICS: Co-creating with our three higher bodies – Stepping outside your creation – How demons are created – Killing your own family members – Awakening the people in North Korea – Shattering the national demon of North Korea – North Korea is a world-wide issue – Clearing South Korea  – 

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Ascended Master Shiva, through Kim Michaels July 2, 2016, at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM indeed the Ascended Master Shiva. You know, of course, the name Shiva from the Hindu trinity of Brahma the Creator; Vishnu the Sustainer and Shiva the Destroyer. As an ascended master, I am far more than the images portrayed by me in the Hindu religion.

I wish to give you some understanding, based on the terminology we use today, of the relationship between Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. You may look at us, not necessarily as personal deities but as representatives of cosmic forces. There is, of course, the force that creates and it is the force that starts everything, that starts everything in manifestation in the world of form. This is  the drive to create, the drive to transcend, the drive to be more. This is the force that has started the manifestation of the world of form, but it is also the force that drives what we have called the River of Life, when the individual extensions of the Creator’s Being lock in to that upward force of self-transcendence.

Vishnu then represents the force that makes it possible to create a world of form that can be sustained for some time. Therefore, Vishnu is what makes it possible to have any form, as the many forms you see around you that you do not consciously know are being co-created all the time. Your conscious minds are not able to cope with this constant, ongoing co-creation, and therefore you have the illusion that a form is sustained over time whereas in reality, of course, a form is re-created many times during the interval that you call a second.

Shiva then is the force that makes everything transcend itself. Shiva truly does not destroy. Shiva is what makes it possible that a form that has been sustained over time can still be transcended at any time. However, the function of Shiva (or the force that I embody for earth as an ascended master) is to make sure that no form can be sustained beyond a certain time limit. For if that was possible, then, indeed, self-aware beings could get stuck in the forms they have created, could come to identify themselves with them so that they could not move on.

Co-creating with our three higher bodies

Now my beloved, we have given teachings that there are certain beings called elemental life. They are, so to speak, the creators of form, or we should actually say the generators of form. You, who are the self-aware beings, are the co-creators of form because what you envision in your minds is what is being superimposed upon the elemental beings. These beings then generate those forms, but what I want to point out here is that an elemental being does not actually generate a form that is separate from itself.

An elemental being that, for example, manifests a flower is not a being that exists independently of the flower and then creates the flower and then sits there and looks at the flower. An elemental being becomes the flower, it takes on the form of the flower. That is why even the images that so many people are attached to, of these gnomes and undines and sylphs that you think are very cute, are not accurate because these beings, although they exist at a certain level, are not what we truly call the elemental builders of form because the elementals take on and become the form that they build.

The reason why I am bringing up this teaching, my beloved, is that I want you to consider that you yourselves function somewhat the same way as the elemental. When you envision a form in the three higher levels of your mind, you actually do not create a separate form. You are also in your own way taking on that form. Now, you realize that you can, for example, envision a house and you can build that physical house and you know that you are not becoming the house when you build a house in the physical. You might question what I am saying, but I need you to distinguish between what you can create with the physical body in the physical realm and then how you actually co-create with the three higher bodies.

I want you to realize here that what you see in the physical realm is only the tip of the iceberg and it is only the smallest part of your total creation. Whatever you create in the physical octave, you have already created a much larger manifestation in the three higher octaves, in the three higher levels of your mind—and you are living inside that mind, you are inside your mind. Even though we have given you the teachings of the Conscious You that can step outside of the three lower minds or the four lower bodies; you have to realize that for the vast majority of people, they are completely identified with their minds. This means that, just like an elemental who takes on the form of a flower, you have taken on the more complex form of your mind, your total mind, the four levels of your mind and your physical body.

In a very real sense you become what you co-create for you are identified with it and you live inside of it. We may, therefore, say that the essence of the spiritual path is that you come to the awareness that you are not your mind, you are not your body; you are not what you have created. An elemental being does not have the capacity to do this but you do because you are co-creators.

Stepping outside your creation

You have a Conscious You that can step outside of your physical body, look at the body and say: “I am not that body.” The conscious you can also step outside of your emotional body, it can come to see that these are just emotions, they exist at a certain level of vibration. Even though you have been used to experiencing the world through these emotions, you are not the emotions. You have not become the emotions anymore than your physical body and thus you can say: “I am not those emotions.”

Likewise, you can come to step outside of the ideas and images and beliefs that you have built in your mental body. You can come to see that these are just ideas and that they could be changed at any moment and that they have no ultimate reality in God. They are all created in that mental level and even though you have for a very long time related to the world through those images and matrices in the mental body; you can come to step outside of it, look at it and say: “I am not those thoughts.”

Likewise, in your identity body you can come to see that this is an identity you have created in response to conditions in the world. It is not who you are, it is how you are relating to the world. You can come to see that this is not real either. It is simply a vehicle you have been using but it is very much created in response to conditions in the world. Since those conditions are not ultimately real in God, you can come to see that even your identity body is not who you are and it is not ultimately real. You can come to look at it and say: “I am not that human self, I am not that worldly identity.” This then is the very essence of the spiritual path, namely that you come to dis-identify yourself from these four lower bodies that you are using only as an interface to interact with the world.

Why am I bringing this up? It is because what is it you need when you come to the realization that you are not your four lower bodies? You need to find a way to dismantle the matrices in your four lower bodies that are pulling you into repeating certain patterns. You understand that the function of Shiva is to help you be free of what keeps you tied to these old patterns. These patterns that keep you tied are actually created by taking the force of Vishnu to an extreme. This is allowed according to the Law of Free Will, but it is taking it to an extreme where you are upholding a certain matrix in the four lower bodies to the point where you feel that your Spirit, the Conscious You, has to reside inside that matrix and can only experience and relate to the world through the matrix.

In order to break free of those matrices, you need the force of Shiva and that is of course what my decree is all about. You can therefore use this as a very powerful tool to break up the matrices in your own mind that prevent you from transcending yourself and moving on to higher levels of the spiritual path. Of course, you can also use the call, the decree, to Shiva and even just the mantra: “Shiva,” to break up matrices in the world around you in order to set other people free. You realize, of course, that you are essentially a spiritual being, but while you are in embodiment (so to speak) or least while you feel you are in embodiment, you have the authority to call forth the light, the Presence and the Spirit of Shiva and direct it into conditions in your own mind, but also in the world around you because this is also part of the mind.

When you are in embodiment (when you are focusing yourself in a physical body that is living in a particular location) then, in a sense, you are also taking on and becoming the matrices in the emotional, mental and identity realms that create your entire outer situation. There is, of course, matrices for the entire planet and all people who live on this planet are part of those. There are also matrices for specific nations, specific cultures and groups of people. Of course, you become part of those also when you are born into a body in a certain country, such as Korea, where you become part of the matrix that is creating the current situation.

You have the authority to call Shiva forth into that matrix and to therefore unleash the power, the fire, of Shiva that can consume these matrices in the emotional, mental and identity bodies of other people, and even of the collective consciousness, that keep people trapped in repeating the same patterns over and over and over again. My beloved, when you look at planet earth, you can surely see that for thousands of years in known history – and I can assure you for millions of years beyond known history – people have been trapped in repeating the same patterns again and again and again. Who can look at this repetition of destructive patterns and not feel a certain sense that: “When will this end? How long does this have to go on?”

Well, indeed, it has to go on until someone decides to stop repeating the old pattern. How can you make that decision when you are completely identified with the pattern because you have become what you have co-created and what your specific culture or nation has collectively co-created? When you are completely identified with it, how can you ever step back and say: “I no longer want to repeat this pattern.” You cannot my beloved and that is why those of you who are the spiritually aware people have a tremendous opportunity to make the calls to free those who are still completely identified with the pattern.

How demons are created

There is another aspect of this that is somewhat complicated but nevertheless not beyond your capacity to grasp. Surely, those of you who have studied our teachings have a foundation for understanding these teachings. We have told you about demons, we have told you about dark forces and you must realize that everything that is co-created in the material realm, in the emotional realm, the mental realm and the identity realm (the four levels of matter), everything has a certain matrix that is a thought matrix created. The matrix can only be lowered from the identity to the mental to the emotional to the physical by being infused with consciousness.

There has to be a self-aware co-creator that envisions a matrix, infuses it with consciousness and therefore brings it down through the four levels until it becomes physical. What you need to understand is that consciousness is consciousness. Consciousness has a certain life of its own. You are a self-aware being and we may say, just as a matter of illustration, that when you are envisioning a certain matrix in your identity body, you infuse it with consciousness as a pure force.

In other words, you envision a matrix and through your self-awareness, you can draw the impersonal, the unaware, level of consciousness—the kind of consciousness that is not self-aware but it still has consciousness. You draw that into the matrix and you then release it into the mental, into the emotional and into the physical. In the process of doing this, most people lose the awareness of what they are doing. This means that when you create a certain matrix and infuse it with consciousness, you are so to speak, releasing it to take on a life of its own.

In other words, you may create a certain society. People may collectively create a certain society and they do this by creating a thought matrix and then infusing it with this level of consciousness that is not self-aware. As they feed their consciousness into this matrix, they are creating a spirit. It is not a self-aware spirit because it cannot step back from itself and choose to change. It will mindlessly keep repeating the same pattern. It does, after time, take on a certain consciousness. It is not self-aware but it is aware that it exists, that it needs energy in order to continue to exist and that it gets this energy from humans beings who are drawn into repeating the actions that created the spirit in the first place

Where this becomes important is, of course, that in a very general sense, everything that is created has a certain spirit that upholds it. We may even say that beyond the four levels of elemental beings, there is a whole level of these more complex spirits that are not nature spirits. They are the mind spirits created by the human beings, by the co-creators, in embodiment. There are, of course, many of these spirits who are benevolent and who are upholding the positive matrices that people have created. There are also some of those spirits that are what we have called demons and these were originally created, not by the co-creators but by the fallen beings. They used their minds, the four levels of their minds to envision certain destructive matrices and to infuse them with consciousness until they took on a life of their own.

Then, the fallen beings deceived co-creators into supporting their schemes and their causes, thereby feeding more consciousness into these demons until they have become very, very powerful. For every destructive manifestation on earth, you will see one of these spirits or demons that are mindlessly repeating the matrix and seeking to draw people into repeating the action. For example, you have, of course, a demon of war. You have many demons of war but they form a pyramid and at the very top is the overall demon of war that has become very powerful on this planet. It is so powerful that it can completely take over the minds of human beings in embodiment to the point where they are no longer functioning as self-aware co-creators. They are functioning as a kind of biological robots who are not thinking individual thoughts, but all of their thoughts come from these demons and they do not have the ability to step away from it and say: “I will no longer do this.”

What does this mean, my beloved? It means that this is the real explanation for the fact, you have seen repeated so many times throughout history, where you see people who are doing very inhumane things to other people. Mother Mary talks about it in her book about war [Help the Ascended Masters Stop War] of how it is a mystery for many human beings that you can get people to kill other people and how it only happens because people are blinded by the spirits, by the demons. Their minds are taken over and they are no longer thinking, they are no longer conscious. She talks about the fact that one of the deepest instincts that human beings have is for the preservation of their species. You have the preservation of the individual and the preservation of the whole of the species or at least of the group.

In order to get people to go to war, something must override this very basic instinct for survival. It is only when people’s minds are taken over by these dark beings, these demons and these spirits, that people can set aside their drive to preserve life and become, literally, killing robots who mindlessly carry out orders and kill other people without really being aware of what they are doing. Nobody who is fully aware of what they are doing can kill another human being. It simply is not possible, my beloved, it simply is not possible. Yet you see again and again and again how human beings act mindlessly to kill or torture their fellow human beings.

Killing your own family members

The reason I am bringing this up here is, of course, that when you look north of the border; you will see that you have one dictator at the top who, as Padma Sambhava explains has absolute power, but could he go out and personally suppress the entire population of North Korea? Could he go out and personally kill all those who oppose him or his reign? Obviously he could not. Padma Sambhava explained why the dictator is willing to kill anyone who threatens his sense of infallibility or his sense of power. Of course, in order to carry out this intent, he has to have people who are willing to kill their own countrymen, even their own family members in some cases, and who will do this mindlessly at the bid of the dictator or those in the hierarchy below him.

How do you get someone to kill their own family members or their own countrymen? You cannot do this by persuasion. You can do it only when people’s minds have been taken over by these demons. How can a person’s mind be taken over by a demon? It is because the person has given up the willingness to make its own decisions. How do people get to the point where they are not willing to make their own decisions? Only by being manipulated by the fallen beings over many lifetimes. A person is manipulated into supporting a certain cause and then experiences that this leads to disastrous consequences. When it happens over and over again that a person makes a certain decision and experiences disastrous consequences, then the person can become so wounded by this pain that the person no longer wants to make decisions for the fear of the consequences.

Truly, you see many, many people who have come to this point. There are many people all over the world but, of course, when you see a country that has a dictatorial form of government, you will see that a majority of the people who are embodying in that country, precisely are at that point where they are not willing to make their own decisions. That is why they have placed themselves under the power of a dictator who will make decisions for them and who then demands that they be like robots who mindlessly carry out those decisions.

Awakening the people in North Korea

How then, my beloved, can this situation ever be changed once it has been established, once the majority of the people in the nation are under the power of these demons, who only want to perpetuate torture, warfare, conflict in order to gain the energy that makes them more powerful? Well, it can happen because there is no country (and there never has been) where all of the people in that country were completely taken over and were completely at the point where they were unwilling to make their own decisions. There will always be a certain percentage of the people in any nation that are at the point where they are capable of making their own decisions. Some of these people will, as they grow up in that country, forget who they are. They will set aside their willingness to make decisions because they realize that they simply cannot exercise it in the conditions of that country. Some will also forget.

What I am pointing out is that right now in North Korea, there is a certain critical mass of beings, of souls, who have embodied there and who are capable of very quickly rising to the point where they are willing to make their own decisions. The only thing that is preventing this from happening is that they are still so blinded by the collective demon and the many supporting demons that are upholding the matrix for the nation of North Korea. If this matrix was shattered, then these people could become free to again be able to make actual, individual, aware decisions and this could change the equation dramatically in the country.

Even the dictator himself is so overpowered by the demon that is upholding the matrix for the North Korean nation that he has limited ability to do what Padma Sambhava talked about, namely decide to change course for the nation. Even he could potentially be set free to make more aware decisions by the shattering of this demon, or at least the consuming of some of the lesser demons so that more and more people would be free. This, of course, is one of my points for bringing up this entire teaching.

You who are the spiritual people – both in South Korea and beyond, for this is a worldwide issue – you have the opportunity to make the calls for the shattering of the demons that are upholding the destructive matrix for the North Korean nation. You are, of course, by me releasing this dictation in the physical, authorized by me to call upon my name to do this. Surely, an invocation will be made based on this dictation but you are free to begin at any moment by making the calls to Shiva for the consuming of the demons that are upholding the destructive matrix for the North Korean nation and the North Korean people. This is something you can begin at any time, but what I wish to do here is to make use of the opportunity that you are all here listening to this dictation as it is being spoken. With your permission individually, I will use your chakras to magnify the calls that I am making and so I ask you to visualize with me as I go into this next section of my release.

Shattering the national demon of North Korea

I ask you to visualize the North Korean border seen from the South. Now, you visualize that I, Shiva, stand South of this border and you may visualize me as a fire that is so intense that you cannot look upon it with human eyes for it is like the sun in strength. It is a fire that nothing on earth can possibly withstand. Now, you will see that you are all standing behind me in a triangle where I am at the point of this triangle and you are behind me in this triangle. My beloved, you now visualize that the fire that I AM is at the head of the triangle but your individual fires are behind my greater fire. We form this triangle of fire and now, very swiftly, we move northward and we create this triangle, this wedge, that moves into the North Korean nation and it moves not only physically but in the emotional, in the mental, in the identity realm.

We move swiftly, and suddenly we are right there in the capital of North Korea. We are standing right there in front of this entire apparatus that upholds the government. We are standing right there in front of that demon. Therefore, I, Shiva, say: “YOU ARE NO MORE! You are consumed by the fire of SHIVA! SHIVA! You are consumed and you are no more.” Now, you visualize how this triangle suddenly begins to open up and encompasses more and more of the circle and it moves outwards like wings that are spreading, and it closes in and encompasses the entire North Korean nation. You see how all of these demons are fleeing from the fire, seeking refuge in the space that is left but as the arms of the wings close, there is no space for them. They cannot avoid coming in contact with the fire, and as they do, they are consumed instantly by that fire. Therefore, I, Shiva, stand as the angel of God, holding my wings over the North Korean nation, thereby consuming all demons and dark forces that are upholding the matrix of that nation.

This is an action that is instantaneous, but you need to understand that because of the Law of Free Will, I do not have the authority to consume all of the demons on a permanent basis. I have by this action consumed a certain portion of them. I have shattered the matrix of the central demon upholding the North Korean national matrix, but it needs to be reinforced by your calls in order to filter down through all four levels and begin to have the effect of setting the people free who are capable of making individual decisions. You understand, as we have explained, that we can only do what we can do but that the human beings in embodiment also need to make decisions in order for things to change.

North Korea is a world-wide issue

You need to continue to make the calls for this and you may use this visualization over and over again to consume more and more of these demons and set people free to begin to actually think, to begin to question. At the very basic level they begin to question why they are killing their own countrymen and family members. Why is it necessary to kill people and to imprison people in order to uphold a certain regime? Would it not be possible to change the regime, to change the system so that it is not necessary to continuously kill our own people?

This is the basic thought that needs to be projected, and you can visualize how you are projecting this into the North Korean people. Then, of course, from there they can begin to question many other things but this is the very  basis for change. When people begin to question why they have to kill each other in order to uphold the system, instead of changing the system so that the killing is not necessary, then change can begin to happen and it can escalate and spread from there.

I caution you, all people around the world, that this is a world-wide issue because North Korea has become a focal point for totalitarian forces. If it can be broken – and it will be broken in North Korea – it will have planetary ramifications and can very quickly have consequences for other parts of the world where totalitarian forces will begin to lose ground. This can be the beginning of a world-wide movement of shattering these totalitarian matrices that are found, not only in nations but in many other areas of the world, including the economy. You will therefore see that there can be the start of a new era where people can begin to wake up and actually think instead of mindlessly repeating the old patterns because their minds are taken over by the demons. I, Shiva, hereby seal this action, which is a mighty action and I permanently anchor a certain portion of fire over the North Korean nation.

Clearing South Korea

Now, as there is always an Alpha and Omega, I ask you to visualize that we are again standing at the border with North Korea but now we turn around and face South Korea. As you see me standing at the front of the triangle, you now visualize that we also go into the South Korean nation. Very swiftly, the fire of Shiva stands right there in front of the entire system and the power elite of South Korea. There is, of course, also a national demon of South Korea that is seeking to uphold the dualistic struggle between the two nations. Therefore, I also say: “I, Shiva, am sending my fire and therefore, YOU ARE NO MORE!” I ask you to visualize and make the calls that these dualistic demons of North and South Korea are both consumed and all the supporting demons are consumed and therefore the matrix of this divided nation is shattered.

How can you overcome division only by changing the North? Division must be between two and therefore the dividing forces are in both nations, in both divisions of the nations. Therefore, I ask you to also visualize and make the calls for the dualistic forces of South Korea, those who are forming a power elite that is enslaving the people of South Korea. This power elite is, in a sense, also making people mindless, not in a sense that they are killing fellow human beings but in a sense that they are willing to work countless hours and have their entire lives swallowed up by these gigantic corporations that are only looking to create profit and more profit. People mindlessly repeat those patterns that are only there to generate profit and nothing else, but nobody knows why they need all this profit. They cannot get out of the matrix and they cannot ask questions as to why do we enslave our own people in order to uphold this capitalistic system that is mindlessly generating more and more profit.

Again, I spread my wings from the border and I create now a smaller and smaller space where these demons are pushed together and the space closes in on them and they are consumed. Again, there is the action where a certain portion of the demons that are upholding the matrix of this divided nation are consumed. It is, again, up to you to make the calls to bring this down into the physical where the people can begin to question: “Why are we upholding the same matrix? Why are we seeing ourselves in opposition to North Korea who are our own brothers and sisters? Why are we seeing that the only way to create prosperity and that the entire purpose for our nation is to allow these big corporations to create more and more profit by enslaving our people so they never have any time, any energy, any attention, left over to question who they are and why they are in embodiment and what the purpose of life is and therefore discover a spiritual path.”

“What is the purpose of generating prosperity and wealth in South Korea if it is to keep people enslaved for their entire lives to these corporations? Is not the purpose of creating wealth that people have energy and attention left over to focus on their spiritual pursuits? Let us set people free, let us change the matrix for our nation so it is not focused on profit and corporations but is focused on people and so that we see that the essential resource that we have is the people. The purpose of our nation is to set the people free, not to generate profit for corporations, who do not need it, for surely they have no purpose in themselves, it is people who provide purpose for our nation.”

Thus I, Shiva, have spoken my peace, and I extend my gratitude to you for providing me this platform and for being willing to open your chakras to reinforce the action. Surely, I can do my work but it cannot filter down to the physical octave without you. You are the key to bringing change in the physical for you are in physical embodiment. You are Shiva in embodiment, as I am Shiva above. When you accept yourselves as Shiva in embodiment, as the fire, and that you have the authority to be the open door for my fire, then we together can bring change. Surely, we can consume anything that keeps people trapped in these old matrices. My beloved, the era of mindlessness is coming to an end on earth.


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